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FAT Moon Podcast

FAT Moon Podcast

By Greene Moon Studios

A platform for creative therapists to connect and learn from each other.
In each FAT Moon episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing a creative therapist from around the globe.
The intention is to offer listeners insight into our peer’s pathways, professions, and interests in methodologies.
It’s my hope that this podcast inspires and educates the collective by building bridges between our disciplines, settings, experiences, and our cultures. You can support the show via a monthly membership at
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Jackie Schuld - Expressive Arts Therapist (USA)

FAT Moon PodcastSep 17, 2023

Jessica Calnan - Art Psychotherapist (UK)
Dec 03, 202329:58
Matilda Dawson - Art Therapist (Australia)

Matilda Dawson - Art Therapist (Australia)

Tilly (she/her) has been a registered and practicing art therapist since 2017.

Tilly came to art therapy from a merge of interest in her studies in Psychology and work in design. For the last 5+ years, Tilly has worked as an art therapist at the Children’s Cancer Centre at The Royal Children’s Hospital to deliver individual/group sessions in a family-centred care model for patients and their families across their cancer journey.

Tilly is also the art therapist at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre since early 2022. This role specialises in supporting the psychosocial needs of adult patients and their families through individual inpatient art therapy sessions. Tilly has also been a casual Academic at La Trobe University with the Master of Art Therapy since 2020.

Tilly’s areas of interest and applications in art therapy are palliative care, trauma-informed practices, somatic art therapy, supervision and the impact of architecture/design of the environment in wellbeing spaces.

Nov 26, 202320:59
 Miki Nishida Goerdt- Art Therapist (USA)
Nov 05, 202332:16
Oratip Nimkannon - Art Therapist (Thailand)
Oct 29, 202325:32
Noula Diamantopulous - Psychotherapist (Australia)
Oct 22, 202358:57
Gabriela Mendelson - Art Psychotherapist (South Africa)

Gabriela Mendelson - Art Psychotherapist (South Africa)

Hi, I’m Gabriela. I am a qualified registered art psychotherapist with an absolute passion and belief in the power of art therapy. 

After completing my undergraduate degree (majoring in English and psychology) at Wits University, I went on to do my honours in psychology at Wits, and then my masters in art therapy at the University of Roehampton in London, England.

My master’s degree was through a Jungian lens and I am very inspired by this creative way of therapy, as well as traditional Freudian psychotherapy. Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy has also had a major influence on me personally as well as in my therapy as it promotes finding meaning in all situations in life, through rather than despite challenges. My diploma in Community Art Counselling has helped me apply my art therapy skills in giving group therapy as well as what therapy looks like in a South African context.  Having said this, I aim to tailor my therapy for each individual and their unique needs and I bring in as many worldly elements as necessary to give each individual the most holistic experience possible.

As an art therapist, I have had experience working with both children and adults from all walks of life. Namely in various schools, at various NGO’s, and with children with special needs. I have also worked in a forensic psychiatric facility for adults, a chronic psychiatric facility for adults, and with Holocaust survivors. Over and above clinical therapy, I remained in the academic field and lectured in art therapy at a South African university.

The combination of art and psychology is unique, groundbreaking, empowering, and meaningful and I feel honoured to be able to facilitate this for the individuals that I see.



Oct 15, 202323:44
Kaori (Tayla) Mori - Art Psychotherapist (Japan)
Oct 08, 202324:15
Dr. Daphna Arbell Kehila - Expressive Arts Therapist (Singapore)
Oct 01, 202326:18
Claire Ganzon - Art Therapist (Australia)
Sep 24, 202334:32
Jackie Schuld - Expressive Arts Therapist (USA)
Sep 17, 202325:37
Rae Sabine - Arts Therapist (Australia)

Rae Sabine - Arts Therapist (Australia)

Hi, I'm Rae (they/them) and I'm an Arts Therapist, Psychotherapist, and Supervisor. I am non-Binary with a lived experience of Neurodiversity and Chronic Illness. I am very passionate about Disability Rights, the LGBTQIA+ Community, and Mental Health. I am also vegan and love animals. As a supervisor, I offer strong knowledge and experience in supporting LGBTQIA+ and Neurodivergent folks, including Gender Identity exploration, and can support you also to create a more affirming and inclusive practice.  

When working therapeutically, I use person-centered, strengths-based, and peer-support approaches to assist individuals to access their internal resources and building their resilience. I have received the Graduate Diploma in Therapeutic Arts Practice from the MIECAT Institute and the Bachelor of Arts Psychotherapy from the IKON Institute. I facilitate in a multi-modality capacity, offering other art expressions such as narrative, music, drama, and dance. I have memberships with ANZACATA (Australian Creative Arts Therapies Association), ACA (Australian Counselling Association), and AusPATH (Australian Professional Association for Transgender Health). I have also done Professional Development Training in a range of Psychotherapy Modalities such as IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy), and Rhythms and Regulation with Dr. Cathy Malchiodi.  

 I have experience working with a broad range of clients, from neurodivergent young people to elderly people with dementia. I also have facilitated Arts Psychotherapy workshops for female, trans, and gender-diverse youths at Amplified Victoria (AKA Girls Rock) and for staff members at DFFH (Department of Families, Fairness and Housing). Now I work with clients through the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), the DHHS (Department of Health and Human Service), and Private Practice. Before this, I was a group facilitator and offered helpline support for Family Drug Help at SHARC (Self Help Addiction Resource Centre). I also have worked as a disability support worker. My background also includes over 10 years working in Graphic Design and as a result, I am passionate about incorporating digital technologies into therapeutic spaces and my practice. 

Please contact me for supervision: 



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Aug 09, 202315:30
Sally Cuthbert - Art Therapist (Australia)

Sally Cuthbert - Art Therapist (Australia)

I am passionate about the integration of the arts into community services; health, education, and social care, and have maintained my own art practice for over 20 years. 
As a Registered Art Therapist (AThR) I specialise in art psychotherapy and have additional training in play-based therapies such as Theraplay®, Synergetic Play Therapy, and sand play therapy. I have a special interest in art therapy with marginalised populations, as well as individual and dyadic work with families, children, and young people. 
My therapeutic approach is gentle, arts-based, and relationship focussed, and is informed by evidence from neuroscience, attachment, and trauma research. I have over 10 years of experience working with teams in healthcare, education, family support services (including child safety and out-of-home care), and disability services, providing art therapy to people of all ages.  
I am a professional member of the Australian and New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association (ANZACATA), and having spent many years in Scotland, a member of the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) and a former member of the UK's Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). 

Sally is available for Individual Supervision, please inquire via email:


Expressive Art Group

Link to the boat sculpture discussed in the episode, which has been exhibited at Bundaberg Art Gallery in the Vault Gallery and also At Cooroy Butter Factory as part of the 40 Under 40 Exhibition.

ABC radio interview:

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Aug 02, 202328:14
Meredith Snow - Art Therapist (USA)

Meredith Snow - Art Therapist (USA)

Meredith is a therapist, artist, and cultural worker who develops and sustains innovative art therapy initiatives for the public and private sector.
I strive to provide culturally relevant art therapy.  Over the past several years, I have been actively examining my own bias, history, culture, and life experience as a therapist and teacher being raised in the U.S. with a Eurocentric lens.
I am a white-bodied, feminine of center, Queer person who has a continued practice in examining internalized harmful beliefs both personally and systemically.
As a senior art therapist at John Muir Behavioral Health Center I provided inpatient and outpatient care with a focus on adolescent psychiatry as well as addiction medicine.
In my private practice, I specialized in LGBTQAI+ teens, especially Trans and Non-binary youth, and provide group art therapy for medically ill children and their families, providing interventions in the hospital and at home.
I spearheaded one of the first art therapy programs in the Central New York area, securing funding, marketing, and obtaining clients from a broad variety of public institutions: academic, medical, and non-profits.
As an art facilitator at Stanford Hospital and Clinics, I provided end-of-life art experiential for patients and their families and presented to the university's Biomedical and Ethics Scholarly Concentration students and faculty on integrating the arts as therapy into the medical school curriculum.
At the San Francisco Department of Public Health, I served as a Trauma Informed Champion, was a wellness leader for staff, and developed and implemented their Vocational Rehabilitation Program.

I am part of and work within the LGBTQ+ community where I have brought nationally recognized individuals such as Ari Istar-Lev and Willy Wilkinson to present to healthcare professionals to ensure adequate care for trans-variant individuals and their families.

Currently, I am an art therapist at a skilled nursing facility working with individuals and groups that are persistently mentally ill.  I am also working on a paper examining the efficacy of art therapy at end of life with LGBTQ adults.

Meredith is available for supervision sessions and can be contacted:



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Jul 26, 202328:14
Nadiah Suhaili - Art Therapist (Brunei)
Jul 19, 202327:28
Ed Kuczaj - Art Psychotherapist (Ireland)

Ed Kuczaj - Art Psychotherapist (Ireland)

*Advising listeners that Ed briefly discusses child abuse within the education system during this episode*

Ed Kuczaj is the former Head of the Department of Arts in Health and Education at Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork, Ireland which is part of Munster Technological University, retiring in 2017. He started as a course coordinator there in 2000 when it was a PG Dip in Art Th, moving to MA level in 2004. 

In 2013/ 2016 he helped curate, along with Louise Foott/ Anne Boddaert/ Maeve Dineen, the Outside In and Perceptions exhibitions, which showcased the work of artists from supported studio settings internationally.

Prior to the position in Cork, he worked in the NHS in the UK, as a clinician and Arts Therapy manager in the area of learning disabilities. He has published a number of articles and contributed to books in this area particularly around the area of loss and bereavement. During his time in the UK, he was a council member of the British Association of Art Therapists and also Vice Chair for a number of years. 

Since retiring he has been involved in the Cork/ BVI Art Therapy Initiative, which worked in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, shortly after the occurrence of Hurricane Irma in 2017, working in schools and with community groups there. 

He was also chair of the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists in 2018 – 2020 and is still involved in the association's work. He also works as a supervisor and is an advisor for the Soearth Project in Kill, Co Kildare, as well as Academic Council Chair at the Children's Therapy Centre. He is also currently an external examiner of the MA in Art Psychotherapy at the University of Ulster. 


Ed also engages in his own creativity through photography/ painting and sculpture and exhibits occasionally in Cork and Co Waterford where he is based. 

Irish Assoc of Creative Arts Therapists


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Jul 12, 202355:07
Meghna Girish - Art Therapist (India)

Meghna Girish - Art Therapist (India)

Jul 05, 202326:51
Dr. Carla Van Laar - Creative Arts Therapist (Australia)

Dr. Carla Van Laar - Creative Arts Therapist (Australia)

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Carla is an Artist and Creative Arts Therapist based in Boon Wurrung Country, Inverloch, Victoria. She brings decades of experience working with people and the arts for well-being in community, justice, health, education, and private practice contexts.

Experiential ways of knowing underpin Carla’s therapeutic work, including embodied attunement and arts-based responding, informed by trauma-centered, strengths-based, existential, and narrative approaches. She loves to share creative practices as ways of knowing and being.

Carla’s book Bereaved Mother’s Heart (2007) broke social taboos about maternal grief. Seeing Her Stories (2020) presents Carla’s research into making Women’s stories visible through art. Her most recent publication is “Art Therapy First Aid: Growing Capacity with Art Therapists in Communities Affected by Australian Bushfires”(in Scarce, J. (Ed.) 2022).

An educator in the field of Creative Art Therapy since 2001, Carla received an Artist Fellowship at RMIT’s creative research lab, “Creative Agency” in 2018. She is a lead campaigner in the ACTivate Arts Therapy collective, and Founding Director of the Creative Mental Health Forum. Carla insists on being part of a creative revolution in which art re-embodies lived experience, brings us to our senses, makes us aware of the interconnectedness of all life, and is an agent of social change.

 Carla is the Convenor of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)’s College of Creative and Experiential Therapies, and in this role, she is dedicated to working for access to creative therapies for everyone.

Jun 28, 202350:48
Michelle Dixon - Art Therapist (Qatar)
Jun 21, 202329:17
Sam Leicester - Art Psychotherapist (UK)
Jun 07, 202337:20
Alana Stewart - Art Therapist (Australia)
Jun 07, 202327:46
Lama Majaj - Art Therapist (Jordan)

Lama Majaj - Art Therapist (Jordan)

Lama Majaj is an Art Psychotherapist, a visual artist, and an educator with seventeen years of program development and strategic planning experiences in arts education, healthcare, and humanitarian settings. Recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for program optimization, project management research, and development; Lama has held positions internationally in the Middle East, Asia, and Australia where she founded the Arts in Healthcare program at The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre (ONJCWRC).   An invited as a Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) consultant with global humanitarian organizations to implement trauma-informed care and build capacity for resilience in Kurdish-Iraq, Cambodia, and Dominica.   Lama’s art therapy practice integrates humanistic psychotherapy with bodywork, movement, and the expressive arts to support individuals. Clinical skills are based on psychotherapy and counseling practices, attachment theory, and mindful-informed approaches.    She is a certified Heartmath Mentor and coach HeartMath offering highly effective, practical solutions for increasing employee performance, reducing workplace stress, anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness, and increasing resilience, productivity, and performance.  Registered member of the Australian, New Zealand, and Asian Creative Arts Therapy Association (ANZACATA). She provides supervision for arts therapists and is a part-time lecturer at the MA Art Therapy Program at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore.   Currently, a Dynamic Embodiment™️ and BodyMind Dancing™️ candidate focused on integrating skilled touch, movement, & compassionate dialogue to help individuals relieve stress, find enhanced expressiveness, and balance all aspects of the body and psyche. In her free time, she enjoys biking along the coastline and spontaneous dips in the ocean.  Lama is available for Individual and Group supervision, please email for inquiries:

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May 31, 202332:37
Naomi Pears-Scown - Arts Therapist (Aotearoa / New Zealand)
May 31, 202332:58
Introduction to Host - Kirsty Greene - Art Therapist (Australia)

Introduction to Host - Kirsty Greene - Art Therapist (Australia)

Hello and welcome to the Fat Moon podcast. My name's Kirsty and I'm the founder of Greene Moon Studios, an art therapy and yoga studio. I thought to share a little bit about myself and the inspiration for this podcast. I'm an art therapist working with adults in an acute mental health facility here in Melbourne, Australia. Prior to completing my art therapy masters, I worked as a nurse and have been nursing for over 15 years. in areas such as acquired brain injury, palliative care, forensic community, and homelessness. I've also been interested in the yoga philosophy for over 20 years and I studied yin yoga 10 years ago. I've been leading classes, workshops, and retreats here in Melbourne, Argentina, and Spain. I currently run a peer supervision group as well as a group art therapy for Art Therapist's container. And what I notice is when therapists are together, they're always curious about each other's pathways and studies, as well as their current workplaces, client populations, and their practices and approaches. This realization birthed the Fat Moon podcast, and I wanted to create a platform for therapists to hear about each other's experiences from around the globe. I use the term creative therapists in the platform because it's open to all. It includes art therapists, music therapists, drama therapists, dance therapists, and more. It's my hope that we can inspire and educate each other through conversation. I'm very excited to engage with you all and I would appreciate any recommendations of creative therapists, or therapists that I can interview. And you can reach me at I'm currently funding this project. So if you feel like you have the capacity to support me, you can subscribe via Patreon, additionally, I've set up a subscription for people to be able to view the interviews on YouTube. So if you enjoy engaging visually, it's $20 a month, and any support is really appreciated. You can also support the show by giving it a like or a review on whichever platform you engage with it. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being curious and thank you for your support.

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** I would like to thank Denny Fackney⁠ for the Podcast intro and outro music @dennyfackney and I would like to thank Carolina Ñino Buro⁠ for the Podcast artwork @carolinaninoburo

May 31, 202304:16