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The Hungry Table

The Hungry Table

By Fatima Saib

Welcome to The Hungry Table, where conversations about food, health and wellness flow freely & where you'll get to listen to and learn from some of the most trusted voices in these industries. It's no secret that food & health is the biggest connectors that we have & it's something that I can talk about for hours on end. Join me as I satisfy my hunger for knowledge and get to know some of the well known faces (and voices) who are changing the way we think about these important topics. Expect conversations about food, literature & living your best, holistic life. Hungry yet? Dig in!
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Conquer stress and find your flow with Nicky Rowbotham

The Hungry TableAug 18, 2022

The power of manifestation with Octavia J Hendricks
Sep 19, 202233:31
Get to know LORNA MASEKO
Sep 09, 202218:14
Conquer stress and find your flow with Nicky Rowbotham
Aug 18, 202249:44
WELLNESS - Living an Ayurvedic life with Dr Suresh Vassen
Aug 15, 202242:24
HEALTH - Dr Leila on the different types of energy, nurturing your body and living a more holistic life
Jul 18, 202240:31
HEALTH - The benefits of acupuncture for PCOS and overall wellness with Dr Prinisha Jugroop
Jun 06, 202231:41
WELLNESS - Self-love, disciplining the mind & trusting yourself with OCTAVIA HENDRICKS
May 23, 202258:20
HEALTH - Eat for fertility & heal your PCOS with AIMEE RAUP

HEALTH - Eat for fertility & heal your PCOS with AIMEE RAUP

Fertility expert, acupuncturist, and health coach, Aimee Raup is the fertility goddess you never knew you needed. With 4 best-selling books, an online coaching program, and an incredible team of herbalists, acupuncturists, and fertility specialists, Aimee has made it her life's mission to help thousands of women fall and stay pregnant naturally, cure their hormone issues and heal their bodies. She's a licensed acupuncturist and holds a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Her work has been featured on a myriad of incredible sites like Martha Steward, Goop, Allure, and The View.
Her latest book, The Egg Quality Diet has changed the lives of so many women and was definitely a huge help during my own fertility journey. Aimee believes in eating the right fats, eating lots of veggies and ensuring that you get enough protein into your diet (along with some lifestyle changes). Purchase her other books below:
Yes, You Can Get Pregnant
Body Belief
Chill out and get healthy

Be sure to keep up with her on Instagram and visit her website to learn more about her work.
May 09, 202237:15
HEALTH - MELISSA DELPORT on PCOS, fertility and how to eat to beat diseases
Apr 17, 202201:27:24


Woolworths Taste Food Editor and Eat Out Chief Judge, Abigail Donnelly shares her career journey and inspiration. I've looked up to Abigails work for more than 9 years and she's been a dream guest to have on this podcast for months, so imagine my delight at getting to share this with all of you today. Abigail chats about how she got started in food, shares some of her favourite food books and brings a wealth of knowledge about the food industry. Join us at we talk about good food, good writing and what she loves to buy at Woolworths This is one episode not to be missed.
Apr 07, 202253:16
FOOD - Getting to know QUEEN FINXA, the Queen of Sorghum.

FOOD - Getting to know QUEEN FINXA, the Queen of Sorghum.

With an impressive academic background and a thrill for leaning new things, Zandile Queen Finxa is the best kind of person to have in one's life. In this episode, we chat about her Sorghum Agenda, how she got into food and the importance of eating for nourishment. Queen is a chef, food scientist and studying to become a doula - making her a powerhouse of note! Follow her on Instagram @queen_finxa to keep up to date with what she's doing. The Hungry Table podcast is here to nourish you with great conversation all about food and wellness. We will be chatting to some of the biggest influences in food to learn more about their journey and the role that food plays in their lives. Be sure to follow @fatimasaib on Instagram and subscribe to the podcast.
Feb 04, 202232:47