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Feel to Heal Breathwork

Feel to Heal Breathwork

By Traci Mahan

Your breath is one of the most intimate experiences we have with ourselves - we begin breathing as we are born, and it is the last thing we do before we leave this planet.

Begin breathing as a daily practice to rest, digest, and heal your body. Our innate bodies will begin to respond with more vitality, more creativity, more abundance, and more love.

We are all here for a reason, and to FEAL and HEAL our body, we all must breathe well too!

-Coach Traci Mahan
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Receiving Breath

Feel to Heal BreathworkJan 01, 2023

Receiving Breath
Jan 01, 202320:33
You & I - Humming and Breathing

You & I - Humming and Breathing

I love breathwork and how wise our body is. My favorite breath is one where I can slow down and BE PRESENT. 

Slow down with this episode and breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth, to a count of five for each. This is Coherent Breathing, bringing balance and harmony to your body. 

I add humming today. Sound, in its essence, is vibration. Humming activate your vagus nerve which activates your parasympathetic nervous system, your ease comes through and you can increase awareness through this act alone. 

Humming is a powerful healing force within your body and creates different vibratory frequencies can influence the mind and body.

Some of the benefits of humming include it’s grounding and centering effects, improvement of airflow in sinuses, promotes mental clarity, regulates breathing, calms the nervous system, lowers blood pressure, revitalizes the cells of the body and more.



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Dec 29, 202206:40


Coherent Breath with a flow to bring balance. 

Breathe in for 5 and breathe out for 5 to feel and heal in harmony. Consciously connect your inhale with your exhale, and relax. Allow your jaw to fall open if it is comfortable. 

Today is all for you, to receive your inhale and to release stress and anxiety. Enjoy! 

Dec 04, 202221:18
4,7,8 Breath - Count on Sleeping
Dec 04, 202207:30


Slowing down to count and breathe has a calming effect in your brain and body. 

Box breathing is used to calm an over anxious mind, and notice clarity after. 

Box breath counting is also helpful to use to fall asleep, as you count you retrain your brain to slow down too. 

Inhale through your nose, and exhale out of your mouth with a little more effort than normal. Placing one hand on your belly just above your navel and breath with your diaphragm to activate your parasympathetic system. 

Dec 04, 202210:03
A Meditation Breath of Gratitude and Thanks

A Meditation Breath of Gratitude and Thanks

Today is a day of Thanks, and this session is to remind you of your eternal LIGHT. May you remember you are pure love energy and always connected to Source! 

Nov 24, 202212:44
Breathe & Speak & Become Brand New

Breathe & Speak & Become Brand New

In this breath session I use a 1:2 breath.

Breathing in at a count of 3, and out for twice as long. 

Deeply breathe in, filling up your lungs all around you as if a balloon was filling up inside, and let your breath out all the way to your belly, and activate your diaphragm. 

Repeat, and feel your state change. As you change your breath, you move from a state of surviving to thriving. In this manner, you activate your parasympathetic and feel more ease in your body. You slow down, and are more present. 

I added decrees today to remind you of how powerful your thoughts are. 

Change your thoughts, you change your feelings, you act and see life BRAND NEW! 

Everything is possible, you can breathe, feel, and heal. 

Change your state, you change your fate! 

Please take a snapshot of your favorite breath session and share it on social media - and tag me! 






Oct 29, 202211:58
You Are Your Own Answering Machine

You Are Your Own Answering Machine

In this episode I use decrees and bilateral music for a depth of memory retention unlike anything else you’ve done! This is part of my own daily practice. I encourage you to put on some headphones, relax in a safe place, and remember you are your source of aligned wisdom and health!
Oct 14, 202217:52
God Breathed Me

God Breathed Me

I am giving thanks through song, word, and breath. may you remember you are capable, able, and strong.
Sep 30, 202231:10
Guided Breath with Holds, a Longer Practice with Retention for Stress Relief

Guided Breath with Holds, a Longer Practice with Retention for Stress Relief

Connect with me via email: Psychedelic breathing is when you combine conscious connected breath with longer breath holds. Today’s journey is intended to spark greater awareness in your body. Breath holds open up space for mental clarity, emotional release, connecting to your heart and feeling!
Sep 19, 202216:22
Feel to Heal Your World
Sep 12, 202223:23
Integrating Resistance to Bring Ease
Aug 28, 202211:38
Trust in Your Trust - Pure 💓

Trust in Your Trust - Pure 💓

Breathing in a coherent pattern to usher in harmony, this session is a breath meditation of remembering you are love. Soothing your body, deepen your practice of letting go and trusting you are divinely supported. In-Joy!
Aug 06, 202208:58
Breath - Ease for Digestion and Colon

Breath - Ease for Digestion and Colon

When we align our breath and body with our innate ease of receiving life as loving all we have created, we experience ease in ALL areas of life. Breath through releasing tension with today’s practice and letting go of what no longer serves you. -Coach Traci ❤️
Jul 11, 202206:24
Daily Intention Setting

Daily Intention Setting

Setting an agreement to a daily practice is where growth is. In-Joy!
Jun 25, 202204:27
10K Breath - Public Speaking

10K Breath - Public Speaking

This was inspired by a conversation with my business coach around how to show up as my best self for a Discovery Call. I was nervous, and breathing high in my chest, and my voice sounded even higher. After a coherent breathing pattern for about 10 minutes, I noticed I was calm, I was able to stay present, and I felt in control of the call. My prayer is this recording offers you a sense of ease in your public speaking, allows you to get out of your way, and for your message to shine through!
Jun 17, 202210:40
RISE! Wake Up and Write Your Story!

RISE! Wake Up and Write Your Story!

Every day is another day in your life story. The power of your breath stirs up our energy to embody your feminine creativity and design your Divine Day! Every emotion has a breath, set your intention for your day and breathe it into your world! When you change your state, you change your fate. Today can be a whole new chapter!
Jun 11, 202205:57
You Are A Creative Force

You Are A Creative Force

Imagine swimming in the Sea of Creativity. Water is the element of feeling, and in this episode you will breathe freely, swimming deeper into your own depths, and give birth to creative feminine desires. In-Joy!
May 27, 202207:22
Pain and Forgiveness - Letting Go.

Pain and Forgiveness - Letting Go.

I believe we are here to breathe in our feelings. All our feelings are valid, and all are also lessons. Pain is part of our human experience, and forgiveness is our gift to feel and heal. May this breath help you feel, heal, and reveal new ease in your body.
May 23, 202210:21
Resting on the River of Dreams

Resting on the River of Dreams

Life feels easy as you lay to rest and allow peace to flow with you down the river of dreams. Breathing yourself to a restful sleep, may you imagine a fragrant path to a deep slumber with todays breath passage.
May 07, 202210:01
Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities

Ask and it is given. The date of this recording is my 4 year kidney-versary. I am grateful for my health and the Infinite which made it possible for me to have another chance at living a full life! I’m curious, what are you asking for that seems far out of reach? Believe in Infinite Possibilities! You too are Worthy to receive that which your ask for. Breathe in Infinite ♾ Possibilities today!
Apr 21, 202208:45
Re-Pairing Mother & Father Healing Session

Re-Pairing Mother & Father Healing Session

*In this Feel, Heal & Reveal our unity of feminine and masculine energy is remedied. Conscious Journal session time included.
Apr 11, 202217:08
Breathe & Embody Your I Am Presence

Breathe & Embody Your I Am Presence

Breathe and Repeat theses powerful decrees to re-write and re-right subconscious patterns from dis-ease to bliss! Two Powerful words: I Am.
Apr 10, 202213:20
I Touch, I Breathe, I Stay, I Feel, I Love

I Touch, I Breathe, I Stay, I Feel, I Love

These 5 core decrees move me. They are a balm to my soul. Repeat these quietly in your mind, or out loud to activate your personal power today. I encourage you to find in decree to repeat to yourself, to feel rooted and grounded in your body for where you are. Love is the answer. 💗 May you remember.
Mar 31, 202209:17
Bare Breath - I Am Healthy & Full of Life

Bare Breath - I Am Healthy & Full of Life

A bare recording today!! No music, simply attune to your breath and feel IN to your internal guidance system. Listening IN and breathing in a cohesive pattern to bring IN Harmony & Well-BEing. IN-Joy! -Coach Traci with Feel to Heal Coching
Mar 26, 202206:49
Morning Breath

Morning Breath

Good morning! Breathing in and activating your parasympathetic daily and setting your emotional intention encourages you to feel, and stay in your healing all day long.
Feb 13, 202210:28
Breathing through your EMOTIONS in your BODY

Breathing through your EMOTIONS in your BODY


Your body IS Emotion. Your Breath is your inner compass. Your True North.

Your thoughts, words, and emotions create your reality.

The measure of how you breathe when you are experiencing different emotions can help you self-regulate, and bring harmony, health, and balance to your immune system.

Your emotions are energy in motion and carry a specific frequency. You regulate your frequencies, just as a rudder on a boat, with your breath. Anger, Fear, Greif, Apathy, Guilt, Shame, and Unconsciousness all carry low-level frequencies in your BODY.

It's all okay! Zero judgment, simply bring your awareness to your breath.

Breathing deeply activates your parasympathetic nervous system. With practice, you will begin to notice slight triggers in your world which up to now, may have brought on undesirable feelings: anxiety, worry, and yes even pain.

Learn to bring your attention to how you FEEL when you are experiencing varying emotions.

Your breath, if shallow and high in your chest, is your navigation tool. By shifting to a deeper exhale, you begin to FEEL more ease in your body and experience a very different response to the same trigger now. With practice, this is easier.

And it is all within your power! WE ALL BREATHE!

By attuning to your breath, you can self-regulate your nervous system. You can FEEL a trigger, and remember to calm yourself with a CHOICE of a new breath.

Your base breath is your True North. In today's session, you slow down and FEEL your base.

I will also review clues on how you may use more TOOLS OF TRANSFORMATION to hear which emotion is more dominant in your present moment of now. Your breath is your inner compass, and with practice, trust, and faith walking you will FEEL how easy you can vacillate between all emotions, and always be able to FEEL SAFE IN YOUR BODY.

-Coach Traci

Mar 26, 202112:25
The Perfect Breath 5.5 5

The Perfect Breath 5.5 5

Today's mini session is timed. You can relax and breathe, I take care of the timing.

The perfect breath!

Ideally, the perfect resonance breath is measured at 5.5 breaths per minute. The ideal time to do this practice daily is for 5 minutes. 5.5 for 5 minutes.

Like many repeating numbers, 555 is also a sign to deepen your spiritual practices, continue asking the angels and Universe for help, and listen to your intuition.  Trust that you are ready to uplevel your life, to look within for life's answers, and wake up your conscious brain. Remember you are always fully supported and protected by your guides every step of the way.

Breath Well!

Feb 27, 202112:56



For Faith to work, you will live with forgiveness in your heart. For whatever is in your heart, will also be evident in your words and what actions you take.

You can be free from the chains of unforgiveness.

I remember forgiving old family members and then of me being made wrong. My decision to speak resulted in me never seeing my father's side of my family ever again. That was 40 years ago.

It's okay, and although I wouldn't wish what happened to me to ever happen to another, I know it does. Childhood trauma is too common. It can lead to decades and a lifetime of hurt and pain.

It doesn't have to.

Let go and surrender the pain. It no longer serves you, my friend. You are worth so much more than what someone else does to you. Rise - claim your sovereignty. Claim your crown. Hold your head high, breath in deep.

Breath in and let go.

Feb 11, 202114:25
Go Deep My Friend - Life is For You

Go Deep My Friend - Life is For You


Breathe 5.5 breaths per minute for 5 minutes a day!

Go deeper than you’ve ever gone

So you can go higher and farther than you ever dreamed

Go God Deep.

Trust in God's Strength.

Trust in your God Source WithIn.

Trust in your God Beauty.

Allow life to be magical and special

And lean into newer levels of growth

Let spirit carry you to new depths of emotion

Trust to feel into your emotions

And heal old wounds.

Feel the Faith you display!

Continue to walk in your faith.

Allowing our mind and ego to chill

Old patterns to be circumstances we learn from

Zero triggers - Only Love.

We grow when we face that which is difficult.

And allow spirit to work

And find our internal growth and

Learn from new experiences

Lead to levels of expansion and relaxation

Beyond your known reality.

Feb 09, 202108:39
Ocean Wave Breath

Ocean Wave Breath

Email me: 1:1 private sessions available

This is a 3 part breath. When you start this breath - practice starting your inhale from your belly to your chest and exhale out once.

Try it a few times varying your inhale from your nose, and exhale, then inhale the next time your mouth.

How does each feel different?

I personally like this one more all mouth breathing - and for a reason. we are forcing your nervous system into overload, called our fight or flight.  This can sometimes cause you to feel a little light-headed, in some people even more anxious, or panic. It is ok - you are safe, and your body is too.

I am doing this on purpose.

Heavy breathing increases our metabolic needs, heats us, and can also increase peace, calm, and clarity.

Trust this and your panic will vanish.

When you exhale slowly we turn on the other half of your autonomic nervous system called the parasympathetic.

Doing this type of breath daily helps maintain balance in your breath and set your brain pattern of the resonance breath at the end by breathing evenly at a rate of 5.5 seconds per minute. Bliss Breath!

If you find you are still panicked, don't worry. With practice, you can reset your overwhelmed nervous system. Many clients notice anxiety and panic attacks lessen dramatically over time and most find they can breathe through any perceived threat now with ease.

Feb 06, 202108:31
Breakthrough to Bliss Breath

Breakthrough to Bliss Breath


When you are stressed, anxious, or angry, let's remember there is a sacred pause before going down the ways of your old patterns and make a new choice instead. Breathing to breakthrough your emotions is taking the charge off. Make it okay even. Ask questions, then LET IT GO. 

]Enjoy this while breathing at your own pace, consider inhale for 6 beats and exhale for 8 beats. Relax, there's no right or wrong here! 

Jan 31, 202108:17


TODAY'S EPISODE is low and slow. 

When you have walked through "THE VALLEY", through the darkness, and it seems like time goes so damn slow when all you really desire is to be on the other side already. 

You cry out for "Peace Be Still" moments. 

You are never alone. These times build strength and offer us an opportunity to test our ability to stretch. 

To TRUST YOUR FAITH. This is what I call Faith Walking. It's in those memories where you will REMEMBER your DIVINE STRENGTH WITHIN. 

YOU HAVE IT. We ALL have it. 

We can all do the hard, it is when you can FEEL the blessing in it when you HEAL and find peace.

Embodiment adds such a beautiful layer of moving through our emotions. From the low-frequency emotions, such as pain, anger, sadness, and grief, to seeing ourselves THROUGH to our light side, our joy, our pleasure, and yes, even enthusiasm. 

It's when we can experience any perceived darkness and love it, forgive it, forgive ourselves for holding on. Simply take a deep breath and make a new choice. 

We can continue to hold on to it. Resentment, anger, guilt, or chose to move through and see it as all as a lesson. Use it as a guide to move on with our life. Smile, breathe and be unavailable for that vibe. When we learn to greet threats with enthusiasm, we become Un-F*ckable. 

Shifting our smallness to bigness is our moving a perceived weakness into our strength.  

Fulfill your life's purpose by integrating your emotions versus stuffing them. You can use your own breath to shift your state and release what no longer serves you. 

Catch more mini breath sessions on Feel to Heal Coaching Breath to enjoy on a lunch break or in your in-between times. Consider some deep dive self-care and coaching with a 1:1. 

Amazing transformation comes for committing to coaching and integrative practice - consider jumping into a program or group session - Links are below. 

Live Well and Abundant! 

Coach Traci 

Join my private Facebook group for more of your favorite health and wellness tips and breathwork!

Jan 28, 202105:39
Welcome to our Virtual Breath Class!

Welcome to our Virtual Breath Class!

Welcome to Feel to Heal Coaching. My name is Traci Mahan and I have been working with clients for over a decade in the health industry. My husband and my eldest daughter are both chiropractors and I have been with them and helping our patients. incorporate nutrition, custom weight loss, and breath classes for improved health and balance. 

Since 2020, there is such a growing need for VIRTUAL breath classes. 

Now, it is my pleasure is to raise the awareness of the multiple benefits of switching into our state of ease and greater health and to help others reach their health goals! 

If you find this helpful to you, I appreciate your feedback and comments!

Thank you and Live Well! 

Coach Traci

Jan 27, 202107:45