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How to Corporate

How to Corporate

By How to Corporate LLC

The How to Corporate show, with host Fela Abioye, is dedicated to helping you advance your career. We decode the intricacies of corporate America to help you identify what's holding you back. In each episode we dive into varying real-world topics such as navigating office politics, negotiating your worth, building your brand, creating opportunities, and more. The interview-driven show reveals the truth that people don't usually talk about in the workplace, but need to know to get ahead. Let's build together!
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32: Run a Career Experiment

How to CorporateSep 20, 2023

32: Run a Career Experiment
Sep 20, 202338:51
31: Career Mobility
Apr 19, 202334:29
30: Working Single Parent

30: Working Single Parent

Navigating Corporate America can be quite the challenge for anyone, but this is especially true for parents with young families at home. Our careers can be demanding. And if you add in the unique demands of single parenthood… that’s when things really get interesting.

My guest, Crystal Smith, is Financial Literacy and Career Coach that focuses on single parents. She herself is a single parent and understands all too well the hardships that come with balancing a household, a business, and a thriving career.

In this episode, Crystal shares her unique perspectives on the following areas:

- Her definition of Organized Chaos and how to work through it

- Importance of Communication along with Examples

- Analyzing what you can or can’t sacrifice

- Remaining flexible

- Anticipating the outcome and pre-planning

- Creating Efficiencies

Together we discuss real-world common obstacles that single parents face when looking to get ahead at work, and provide strategies that can help make their professional goals more attainable.

For more info, you can check out Crystal’s podcast here; So you’re a Single Parent Know What –

Or visit her website at Six Figure Single Mom

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Apr 05, 202330:22
29: Who are YOU at work?
Feb 08, 202342:25
28: Counter-Offers
Jan 25, 202343:51
27: Visible vs Invisible Work
Jan 04, 202329:31
26: Stay Ready
Nov 18, 202239:45
25: Finding Your Voice
Nov 04, 202241:06
24: Be Intentional
Oct 19, 202239:56
23: Introvert in a Extrovert World
Oct 05, 202226:56
22: Imposter Syndrome
Sep 21, 202240:34
21: The ReCap - Season Finale
Sep 07, 202214:23
20: Energy is Everything
Aug 17, 202240:07
19: Transferable Skills
Aug 03, 202238:04
18: What is Sponsorship?
Jul 20, 202239:46
17: Entrepreneur's Journey
Jul 06, 202239:22
Welcome BACK!
Jun 21, 202209:27
16: Rejection - Part of the Game

16: Rejection - Part of the Game

We don’t always get the opportunity or role we want on the first try so what happens if you don’t get it?

Do you stop trying and convince yourself you weren’t a fit? Do you settle back into your existing role? Does anything change?

Your career is a long and winding road but far too many times we quit at the first sign of failure.

In Episode 16, my guest Will Womble, MBA, Sales Leader in Big Pharma, says “we have to accept that rejection is a part of the equation.” Will uses his personal story of facing rejection to showcase how your response to adversity makes the real difference between winning and losing.

We also discuss interview preparation and tips to make you stand out, finding commonality when building connections, how to maintain decorum at work functions, navigating office politics, and more.

Below is a link to Will’s LinkedIn page and list of his recommended reads:

Talent is Never Enough by John Maxwell

On Becoming a Leader by Warren G. Bennis

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

How to Win Friends, Influence People and Succeed in a Changing World Book by Dale Carnegie

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Feb 01, 202238:56
15: How to Lawyer Up
Jan 25, 202239:57
14: How to Corporate Overseas Pt 2
Jan 05, 202237:36
13: How to Corporate Overseas Pt 1
Dec 30, 202139:01
12: How to Be a Producer
Dec 16, 202139:53
11: How to Invest in Real Estate Pt 2
Dec 07, 202125:11
10: How to Invest in Real Estate Pt 1.
Nov 24, 202134:33
9: How to Navigate a Banking Career
Nov 17, 202141:41
8: How to Maintain Mental Health

8: How to Maintain Mental Health

In Episode 8, we discuss how mental health awareness has evolved and the impact it has on our careers. Dr Kimberly James, a licensed psychologist, leadership coach, and counselor provides great perspective on the mental health challenges that came about during the pandemic and how we’ve learned to cope as a society. Mental health awareness applies to all of us regardless of your career. Below is Dr James' contact info and resources reference during the show.

Directory of Psychologists and Mental Health Professionals Psychology Today:  

Crisis Text Line:; If you are having a crisis, Text HELLO to 741741  

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255  

Dr. Kimberly A. James, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist The James Consultancy Group: and  

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Nov 10, 202158:55
7: How to Succeed in Healthcare

7: How to Succeed in Healthcare

There is way more to a healthcare career than just clinical practice. In Episode 7, Dr Kecia Kelly breaks down her 30+ year career in healthcare from her military service to working in pharmaceutical sales to working as a nurse and leader. Her journey to the C-Suite as a Senior VP & Chief Nursing Officer of a hospital system hasn’t been easy, but her story is a testament to her determination and will to grow as a leader.

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Oct 28, 202139:52
6: How to Build Your Brand Pt. 2

6: How to Build Your Brand Pt. 2

Do you control your brand narrative? We continue our discussion from episode 5 on effective ways to build your brand with Dr Delonia Cooley. 

Click the link below to Dr Cooley and Dr Yancy’s book on being your best career architect. 

You can reach out to All-Star Sports & Promotions, for uniform and screen printing, Dr Cooley business at  

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Oct 19, 202129:06
5: How to Build Your Brand Pt 1
Oct 13, 202134:54
4: How to Leverage Soft Skills
Sep 28, 202137:28
3: How to Build Relationships
Sep 21, 202138:38
2: How to Negotiate Your Worth
Sep 14, 202138:10
1: How to Resign

1: How to Resign

In Episode 1, we talk about "The Great Resignation" and how working remotely has completely changed Corporate America's traditional work environment. We dive into the intricacies of how to resign from a job as well as what to consider before making the big decision. 

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Sep 06, 202135:09


This is the start of something special...

Aug 25, 202102:02