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Incurable Wanderlust

Incurable Wanderlust

By The Female Abroad

A podcast full of travel stories, tips and tricks from first hand travellers, and so much more.
While this many not cure your Incurable Wanderlust it may help calm it or cause you plan another trip!
**As of 2023, we are found on all major podcast platforms**
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How to find a Local, Authentic Restaurant

Incurable WanderlustSep 22, 2022

Summer Vacation
May 19, 202313:04
Best Airplane Seats
Mar 17, 202317:47
Fear of Flying
Feb 24, 202317:45
Airports: the weird, wonderful, and worst
Feb 03, 202316:12
Hotel Ranking Systems
Jan 26, 202318:23
Travel Advisory
Dec 22, 202209:37
Family Travel with Jenna
Dec 01, 202230:36
Types of Tourism
Nov 24, 202216:48
Travel Clinics & Vaccinations
Nov 17, 202211:58
Peru & Bolivia Trip
Nov 10, 202238:02
Travelling with your Dog
Nov 03, 202215:17
Halloween Around the World
Oct 27, 202209:31
10 Ways to Beat Jetlag
Oct 21, 202216:21
Vacation Booking Scams
Oct 13, 202226:38
6 Ways to Travel Cheap or Free

6 Ways to Travel Cheap or Free

How to save money while travelling is by far the question I hear the most, and luckily for you, you have found this episode of the Incurable Wanderlust podcast! Throughout the 6+ (well, more like 9+) tips and tricks, you will learn multiple ways that you can either save money on your travel or allow you to travel for free. If you are someone who loves to save, then this episode is for you.

Make sure to visit ⁠⁠⁠⁠ for more information to help with your trip planning as well as where to find all our podcast episodes. Also, make sure to follow and like our Social Media accounts which is @female_abroad on all major platforms (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc).

Oct 06, 202215:17
Packing Your Carryon
Sep 29, 202225:25
How to find a Local, Authentic Restaurant
Sep 22, 202217:07
How to Choose an Airport if there are Multiples in a Location
Sep 22, 202215:13
Basics of Starting Trip Research
Sep 15, 202222:56
Traveller vs. Tourist
Sep 08, 202213:49
Introduction to the Incurable Wanderlust
Sep 03, 202200:57