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Femmes Reading Filth

Femmes Reading Filth

By Femmes Reading Filth

Join friends and co-hosts, Jess and Emily, as they talk about books, fanfiction and all the fun (and sometimes filthy) tropes they share!

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FRF Live Show and Merch Store!

Femmes Reading FilthMay 30, 2023

FRF Live Show and Merch Store!

FRF Live Show and Merch Store!

Femmes Reading Filth has all the fun news! We're not only doing a live show but also launching a merch store!!

Come down to Otherworld Theater on June 27th and see the FRF team (plus special guest Sarah Murphy) in our first ever live show!

The theme will be Fated Mates and you know its gonna get interesting!

The show will start at 7:30 and seating is limited so grab your tickets here

Tickets are $20 with every $5 being donated to Midwest Access Coalition!

We've also opened a lil ole merch store! Head to and show your FRF Pride by buying our stuff!

We love you guys and your feedback so if you have any ideas for designs, let us know!

May 30, 202301:54
The Season 2 Finale: Goodbye Will

The Season 2 Finale: Goodbye Will

The time has come for us to say goodbye the only way we know how...with a bracket of course!

Listen to our recap of this past season with our trope bracket! There may also be some surprises and heartfelt thanks involved as well so BUCKLE UP!

*Special Announcements *

We are doing our first LIVE show on June 27th at Otherworld Theater in Chicago! Grab your tickets now at

We've also opened A MERCH STORE!!!! Go check it out at and support our show!

May 23, 202301:24:45
2.8 Omegaverse
May 16, 202302:06:15
2.7 Married in Vegas
May 09, 202301:53:51
2.6 Green Light
May 02, 202301:52:33
2.5 Shared Secrets
Apr 25, 202302:25:51
2.4 Bully Romances
Apr 18, 202301:43:21
2.3 Sexy Bets and Wagers
Apr 11, 202301:26:01
2.2 Amish?!
Apr 04, 202301:24:28
2.1 Wounded Soldier
Mar 28, 202301:27:16
FRF Season 2: Hi Will!
Mar 21, 202323:22
Holiday Episode: FRF Does Valentines Day!
Feb 14, 202301:21:04
Holiday Episode: FRF does New Years Eve
Dec 27, 202201:20:32
Holiday Episode: FRF Does Christmas!
Dec 20, 202201:18:04
Holiday Episode: FRF does Thanksgiving

Holiday Episode: FRF does Thanksgiving

Break out the stretchy pants and grab a cloth to wipe those meat sweats because its the Thanksgiving Episode!
The FRF gals, along with special guest Sammy Mull, talk about their favorite tropes, chef-centric stories and whether the critic from Ratatouille is actually in one of these books.
To jump ahead:
Jessica's Ao3 Fic Mis en Place by Tarthiana starts at 17:10
Emily's KU Some Like It Spicy by Robbie Terman starts at 39:27
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Nov 22, 202201:10:41
Holiday Episode: FRF Does Halloween!
Nov 15, 202201:18:56
The Season 1 Finale!
Nov 08, 202258:37
FRF Episode 8: Sports Babyyyyy!
Nov 01, 202201:15:47
FRF Episode 7: Office Romance
Oct 25, 202201:15:11
FRF Episode 6: Only One Bed
Oct 18, 202201:11:53
FRF Episode 5: Fake Dating
Oct 11, 202201:08:00
FRF Episode 4: Oooh Reverse Harem!
Oct 04, 202201:13:23
FRF Episode 3: Royalty/Tall Dark Handsome a.k.a. A Non-Blonde Prince
Sep 27, 202201:14:14
FRF Episode 2: Persades
Sep 20, 202201:02:53
FRF Episode 1: Knife Play... or Consensual Stabbing
Sep 13, 202201:03:15
Introducing FRF: Hi Sean!
Sep 12, 202217:35
Introducing FRF: What are we even doing?
Sep 06, 202245:16