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Fertile Body Yoga Podcast

Fertile Body Yoga Podcast

By Kerry Hinds

Join Kerry Hinds of Fertile Body Yoga as she reads and elaborates on her blog posts. Sometimes guests, sometimes not - just good solid musings on fertility and yoga.
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Fertile Body Yoga PodcastMar 28, 2023

5 Common Yoga Mistakes People Make When TTC

5 Common Yoga Mistakes People Make When TTC

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Today I share with you a few common mistakes that I see over and over again as Fertility Yoga Teacher.

1. Not giving your hot yoga practice

2. Giving up your yoga practice completely

3. Not syncing your cycle with your yoga practice

4. Expecting immediate and miraculous results after one fertility yoga class

5. Trying to figure it all our yourself

Links I referenced during the episode:

Is Hot Yoga Bad for Your Fertility

Increasing Feminine Energy

Research on Fertility, Stress, and Yoga

Apr 23, 202320:42
Spirit Babies with Justine Cohen
Mar 28, 202359:35
Endometriosis - a 27 year journey with Guest Heather Smidt

Endometriosis - a 27 year journey with Guest Heather Smidt

My first guest on the podcast is Heather Smidt of Wanderwell Acupunture. She is an acupuncturist, massage therapist, reiki master, cranial sacral therapist, and fertility expert.

Heather is also an endowarrior and has extensively researched, treated herself and others with acupuncture, and an advocate for endometriosis awareness!

This episode is for EVERYONE, no need to have endometriosis to gather valuable information. This could be especially helpful for those with unexplained infertility, multiple losses, or multiple failed IVF rounds.

We talk about a lot in this episode - from what endo is (and isn't), what sorts of surgeries and diagnostic procedures are available, and of course - endo and fertility.

Go see Heather for a Total Reset, or acupuncture of reproductive health!

Mar 23, 202355:28
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Is hot yoga bad for your fertility?
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Jan 07, 202317:56