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Fil the Elephant

Fil the Elephant

By Emily Duran

Hello friends! This is Fil the Elephant’s mini-podcast, a podcast featuring short stories and adventures based on Fil’s mini-elephant blog series.

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Fil's New Notebook

Fil the ElephantOct 22, 2021

Fil's Day in the Snow - New Children's Book
Nov 19, 202103:04
Fil Makes Chocolate Chip Cookies
Nov 13, 202103:43
Fil Builds a New Website
Nov 05, 202103:04
Fil's Pumpkin Carvings
Oct 31, 202102:49
Fil's New Notebook
Oct 22, 202102:40
Decorating for Halloween
Oct 12, 202102:55
Fil’s Trip to the Apple Farm
Oct 12, 202103:29
A visit to the pumpkin patch
Oct 08, 202101:23