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Find My Dragon

Find My Dragon

By Skyler and Kym

Two friendly dragons, Kym and Skyler, talk about random things.
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unsmart your smart speakers

Find My DragonApr 08, 2023

unsmart your smart speakers
Apr 08, 202357:27
i wanna try it
Mar 25, 202354:52
donut aliens
Mar 11, 202357:23
ducks ducks… ducks ducks ducks ducks
Mar 04, 202301:04:23
what is a blackout?

what is a blackout?

dragons continue to be surprised by how much Skyler is into proper football.

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Feb 26, 202354:12
aggressively blue sky
Feb 18, 202359:01
ice resurfacing machines
Feb 11, 202349:41
triangular show
Feb 04, 202357:19
kasting more zettels
Jan 28, 202359:39
good for them
Jan 21, 202354:28
the tinkering is endless
Jan 14, 202358:06
talking about vibe
Jan 08, 202301:37:48
two stressed dragons
Dec 03, 202238:35
who drinks coffee for the flavour?
Nov 12, 202256:00
finally, introductions
Oct 29, 202201:07:44
Oct 22, 202257:44
technically cheese
Oct 15, 202256:60
i like many types of cheese
Oct 08, 202255:29
no normal episode
Oct 01, 202202:27
not genre transcending
Sep 24, 202249:38
professional maximum
Sep 17, 202259:23
one year of fmd
Sep 10, 202258:17
ridiculously orange liquid
Sep 03, 202258:52
low contrast face
Aug 27, 202259:40
a pen that is also a vacuum cleaner
Aug 06, 202255:52
a podcast in letters
Jul 30, 202253:09
wwdc for ice skating journalists
Jul 23, 202246:00
brain candy for skyler
Jul 16, 202256:04
game dragon
Jul 09, 202247:20
this is the most serious
Jul 02, 202245:36
the clickiness is nice
Jun 25, 202259:51
reading muscle
Jun 18, 202248:36
i'm a tomato
Jun 11, 202253:55
what kind of pipe
Jun 04, 202201:02:47
is the m3 on fire or not
May 28, 202201:03:46
sunday morning radio show
May 21, 202201:23:57
how did we get here?
Apr 23, 202253:04
essays on a john green-centered planet
Apr 16, 202256:04
food smells and chewing sounds
Apr 09, 202247:46
naturally induced high
Apr 02, 202258:00
time capsule

time capsule

Kym's travel plan, and our travel habits

Mar 26, 202255:56
harry august is a tool
Mar 19, 202250:08
slow rise
Mar 05, 202257:30
a bit all over the place
Feb 26, 202201:02:29
do you know buddy holly?
Feb 19, 202201:06:54
yolo approach

yolo approach

Episode 20! Kym talks about figure skating and we have a discussion about gender expression.

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Feb 12, 202201:01:47
they're all cute

they're all cute

Sky tells their stories of being in the apple store, and why they always get AppleCare. Kym is a little anxious about the skating events.

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Feb 05, 202246:57
you are cranky today
Jan 29, 202253:50
a bit of a unicorn
Jan 22, 202256:01
UNEDITED BONUS: the figure skating spectatular
Jan 15, 202202:15:34
the figure skating spectacular
Jan 15, 202253:32
food is joy
Jan 08, 202243:56
the middle of nowhere
Dec 18, 202154:40
i don't like it but it makes sense
Dec 11, 202153:40
dorm rooms. how do they work?
Dec 04, 202151:01
lit bros
Nov 27, 202147:42
self-imposed torture

self-imposed torture

Sky turns into a morning dragon, and has also picked up a reading habit. Figure skating is now a regular segment.

Nov 20, 202141:60
dragons with bad memory

dragons with bad memory

Sky complains about youtube and tries to start a new reading habit. Follow up about pens. Sky finally watches a figure skating video.

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Nov 13, 202152:49
intro to pen hoarding
Nov 06, 202154:08
Oct 30, 202147:34
i don't wanna be that kind of hipster
Oct 23, 202155:30
bus with wings

bus with wings

Recording a day late, vehicles, measuring the efficiency of vehicles, packing lists, and airlines.

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Oct 17, 202159:25
refusing the gender game
Oct 09, 202146:52
casual homesickness

casual homesickness

Adventures in an apple store, moving homes, getting homesick, and remembering dreams.

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Oct 02, 202155:50
let's not go there

let's not go there

Skyler messes up geography, Kym has a story about walking in Orlando, and we get into politics despite our best wishes.

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Sep 25, 202146:41
beware of tuesdays

beware of tuesdays

how to sync a podcast, driving tests, superstitions, and more

Sep 15, 202101:42:24