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Fine Things Well

Fine Things Well

By Fine Things Well

A biweekly Our Flag Means Death podcast, where with a dash of f**kery, we talk the show through, as a crew! Hosted by co-captains Elayna & Abigail, you can find us on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram (@FineThingsShow) or visit our website,!
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Ep. 1 | Same Energy, Different Gays

Fine Things WellApr 24, 2022

Ep. 10 | The Real Widow Bonnet
Sep 05, 202201:10:38
Ep. 9 | Wayward Seamen
Aug 21, 202246:40
Ep. 8 | Stede Is Very Gender
Aug 08, 202239:48
Ep. 7 | The Loot of Love
Jul 24, 202246:14
Ep. 6 | The F**kery of Fandom
Jul 10, 202251:27
Ep. 5 | We're All Real Pirates
Jun 19, 202251:17
Ep. 4 | The Infamous Ed
Jun 05, 202201:02:19
Ep. 3 | The Gentleman PR Major™
May 22, 202252:15
Ep. 2 | Kindergarten Pirates

Ep. 2 | Kindergarten Pirates

Join Abigail & Elayna for episode two, where they talk about Stede's Big Kindergarten Teacher Energy, the importance of letting marginalized characters *just exist*, and how Olu might as well be staring into the camera like he's on The Office.  Find us on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram, where we're @FineThingsShow, or visit our website,
May 09, 202256:26
Ep. 1 | Same Energy, Different Gays
Apr 24, 202246:11
Fine Things Well Trailer

Fine Things Well Trailer

Avast, ye! Welcome to Fine Things Well, a podcast about the David Jenkins series, Our Flag Means Death. Join us for biweekly fuckery, while we talk it through, as a crew! Episode one premieres April 24th, 2022!

Apr 20, 202201:21