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Firing Up Faith & Family

Firing Up Faith & Family

By Steph & Christine

Get fired up to take your faith and family to new heights and experiences. Homeschooling, work-at-home, and faith driven moms, Christine and Steph share advice and motivation to help you guide your family in the way they should go. Each episode will focus on the various roles of a mom like working from home, parenting topics, strengthening your marriage, educating your kids and other encouragement for your mom life.

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Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

Firing Up Faith & FamilyDec 23, 2022

Rooted in Your Heart
Nov 24, 202344:44
Trust That Passes All Understanding
Nov 15, 202339:55
Faith and Family Testimony
Oct 20, 202344:13
What God Has Given Us
Jul 28, 202345:27
From Bitter to Blessed

From Bitter to Blessed

We take a lesson from Naomi in the book of Ruth to face the difficulties in life with strong faith that responds to God’s promises. As 2 Peter tells us, we need to supplement our faith with many other values (i.e. gifts of the Spirit Galatians 5:22-23). We’re not always going to do the right thing or think of God’s faithfulness in our lives, but Naomi shows us that we can turn that bitterness to blessings by having a devoted heart to God–even if we momentarily waver.

Go and check out the show notes and share your thoughts and insight from this part of scripture:

Jul 03, 202335:20
Walk with God
May 19, 202333:59
Never Too Young

Never Too Young

As the mother of Timothy (who Paul calls his ‘true son in faith’), we learn that Eunice raised him in faith from birth. If both his parents were Jewish that may not be such an important point to raise, but his father was Greek (as noted in Acts 16:1-2) and his mother was Jewish. We can’t know how difficult it was to have Timothy know the Holy Scriptures, but through whatever method Eunice instilled in him a ‘sincere faith’. As mothers that is our purpose from God to raise our children with wisdom and knowledge from God, even though we may have struggles of our own that make that difficult. 

Go to and continue the conversation with us where you’ll also find the show notes for this episode. 

Mar 24, 202338:34
Treasure Them in Your Heart
Mar 03, 202332:56
A Family Set Apart
Feb 22, 202334:15
The Trusting Mother
Jan 25, 202325:07
Peace I leave With You

Peace I leave With You

Peace can flow through the things of the world (people, experiences), but true peace comes from the work of the Holy Spirit. It’s a state of mind that we can grow and foster to be our defence in any situation.

We are the instruments for God to bring peace on earth. Listen and learn about peace from scripture as Christine and Steph share some of their thoughts on what true peace looks like, how we can be peacemakers at home, and how we can teach our children to live peace-filled lives. 

Go to and continue the conversation with us where you’ll also find the show notes for this episode.

Jan 15, 202333:01
Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart
Dec 23, 202230:57
Strong and Courageous by the Word of God
Dec 06, 202238:30
Bear one Another’s Burdens

Bear one Another’s Burdens

Teaching ourselves and our children about compassion takes practice, practice, practice. And intentional effort to see others with the eyes of Jesus. We get so many stories of compassion in the gospels and that is a great place to start. Listen and be encouraged with the scripture and insights from Steph and Christine as they talk compassion.

Go to and continue the conversation with us where you’ll also find the show notes for this episode.

Nov 28, 202240:04
Blessed to be Generous - The Joy of Generosity

Blessed to be Generous - The Joy of Generosity

You were created to be a giver in all areas of your life. As parents we are often ‘giving’ of our time, attention, money, and more. Nurturing generosity in ourselves and our children takes intention though, so listen in to a few perspectives on how God directs us to be giving and how we can model and teach generosity in our home. 

Go to and continue the conversation with us where you’ll also find the show notes for this episode.

Oct 17, 202237:08
Love - Just Do It
Sep 23, 202250:41
Let it Go - Because God Did!
Sep 17, 202237:51
Why Kindness Matters
Aug 24, 202230:46
Who This Podcast is For

Who This Podcast is For

Hear the overview of what this podcast is about in less than a minute!

Jul 28, 202200:51
Watch that Ego! Lessons in Humility
Jul 28, 202232:07
Serious Fun with Scriptures
Jul 16, 202237:07
Seeing God in the Changes of Life
Jul 01, 202250:35
Family Games - Learning Through Play
Jun 21, 202241:03
Working from Home - Thinking Outside the Box
Jun 01, 202238:28
Easy Ways for Families to Boost Faith in Daily Life

Easy Ways for Families to Boost Faith in Daily Life

Be boosted in your faith and family life with one or more of these ideas that will easily mesh into your day. Christine and Steph share their experiences with different apps and audio options, because this is an easy way to get our families surrounded with God’s Word and ways. Here are a few of the things discussed and where you can find them online:

What are some ways we can boost our faith together as a family?

Adventures in Odyssey -


The Chosen -

Bible App for Kids -

Podcasts - search your favourite podcast provider for audios that you and your family would enjoy (e.g. stories for kids, family, faith, christian, etc.)

Audiobooks - you can find many free options with a library card and other great sources with a quick search. An HSLDA (Home School Legal Defence Association) membership, which is not very much and supports a vital organization, includes access to a large digital library.

What are some things to do on our own?

Bible studies


Worship albums - playlists for everyone in the family

Continue the conversation and add your input at - scroll down the home page to see the latest episodes and more about the hosts.

Mar 29, 202243:18
The Calling of Teaching Your Children (Homeschooling or Not)
Mar 18, 202236:44
The Focus of Family Faith
Mar 02, 202229:52
The Startup Story of This Podcast
Feb 19, 202204:22