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First Generation Burden

First Generation Burden

By Rich Tu

*Webby Award Honoree* First Generation Burden was created in 2016 and focuses on the intersection of immigrants and the creative community. We celebrate the unique and diverse immigrant population in America through longform interviews. Basically, it’s just a bunch of fun conversations with good people. Hosted by Rich Tu.

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83. 'It Starts With Us' w/ Alvin Cailan, Author, Chef and host of The Burger Show

First Generation BurdenJan 16, 2023

83. 'It Starts With Us' w/ Alvin Cailan, Author, Chef and host of The Burger Show
Jan 16, 202301:23:56
82. 'I'm Always a Student' w/ Rashad Rastam, founder of Dahsar & Host of 'Wear Many Hats'
Jan 09, 202301:22:56
81. 'We Design With An Accent' w/ Beatriz Lozano, Designer and Educator
Jan 02, 202301:02:02
80. 'Soft But Not Vulnerable' w/ Eva Zar, Director and Photographer
Dec 26, 202201:24:59
79. 'If I'm Gathering a Gang, I'm Getting Librarians' w/ Lauren Tamaki, Illustrator and Author
Dec 19, 202201:27:34
78. 'The Beauty of Being Self Employed' w/ Haruko Hayakawa, CG Artist & Creative Director
Dec 12, 202201:15:08
77. 'Every Artist is Constrained in Some Way' w/ Mamadi Doumbouya, Photographer
Dec 05, 202201:07:31
76. 'We Can Express Ourselves Through Work Ethic' w/ Jeffstaple, founder & creative director of Staple and Reed Art Department
Nov 28, 202201:09:01
75. 'There is No Playbook to Success' w/ Danica Tan Lijun, Animation Director
Nov 21, 202201:16:09
74. 'Just Make It Art' w/ Gabriela Namie, Art Director at Google, YouTube Music
Nov 14, 202201:11:19
73. 'Success is Defined By How Many People I Can Help ' w/ Walt Geer, Chief Experience Design Officer at VMLY&R
Nov 07, 202201:03:37
72. 'Chronically Online and Made of the Internet' w/ Kim Pham, co-founder of OMSOM
Oct 31, 202201:04:08
71. *LIVE* 'Don't Wait, Just Produce' w/ Esteban Serrano, creative director for Yo! MTV Raps
Jun 21, 202201:06:51
70. 'We Can All Speak ETH' w/ Bobby & Ben Hundreds, founders of The Hundreds
Feb 28, 202237:26
69. 'If You Knew What You Had Was Rare, You Would Never Waste It' w/ Melody Ehsani, Fashion Designer
Feb 22, 202253:21
68. 'I Stopped Trying to Put Myself in a Certain Category' w/ REO, Music Producer and Visual Artist
Dec 13, 202144:20
67. 'I Want to Evoke an Emotion, I Want to Touch a Button' w/ Walshy Fire of Major Lazer
Dec 06, 202136:36
66. 'It's Burnt Wood on More Burnt Wood' w/ Anna Park, Fine Artist
Dec 02, 202139:15
65. 'Unity Within Our Community Creates Opportunity' w/ Daniel Buezo, co-founder of Kids of Immigrants
Nov 29, 202138:35
64. 'Be Comfortable in Your Discomfort' w/ Cris Ramos Greene, Author of "Embrace That Girl"
Nov 30, 202050:58
63. 'The Story Will Always Glorify the Hunter, Until the Lion Learns to Write' w/ Dometi Pongo of MTV News and True Life Crime
Oct 26, 202001:08:02
62. 'Seeing Brown Faces in Film, and the Making of ULAM' w/ Alexandra Cuerdo, Director, Filmmaker, Writer
Oct 12, 202001:03:26
61. 'Pursuing Quality Over Quantity, and Going Bi-Lingual' w/ Michael Coveto, Singer-Songwriter
Oct 06, 202052:20
60. 'Question What You're Teaching and How You've Been Taught' w/ Juan Villanueva, Type Designer at Monotype
Sep 28, 202056:28
59. 'From Rolling Stone to Broadway, and the Importance of Flying Your Flag' w/ Gail Anderson, Designer, Author, Educator
Sep 21, 202001:04:04
58. 'Taking Ownership of Your Narrative, and Stopping White Supremacy' w/ Shayla Lawson, Author and Poet
Jun 15, 202001:01:20
57. 'BeAwesomeFeedSomebody & the Future of Hospitality' w/ Luck Sarabhayavanija, founder of Ani Ramen
May 26, 202036:50
56. 'Poetry and Fatherhood' w/ Beau Sia, legendary Slam Poet and Gavin Alaoen of MTV
May 11, 202058:57
55. 'Diversity of Place & Scale of Impact' w/ Laura Mueller-Soppart, founder of Built Interest
May 04, 202036:56
54. 'How to Throw the Best ZOOM Quarantine Party' w/ Adam Garcia, of Apple Music Team
Apr 30, 202049:32
53. 'The Tension Between Mathematics and Artistry' w/ Nicolas Chidiac, Chief Strategy Officer at Rokkan
Apr 27, 202041:02
52. 'Indie Mags and All Things AZN' w/ Kathleen Tso and Vicki Ho of Banana Magazine
Apr 23, 202033:44
51. 'The Importance of Sports and Creative Diversity' w/ Diego Guevara, Global Design Director at Nike
Apr 20, 202043:53
50. 'Teaching in the Pandemic & the Importance of Creating Gender Non-Binary Work' w/ Shreyas R Krishnan, illustrator and educator
Apr 16, 202027:12
49. 'Staying Afloat in Survival Mode, and the Importance of Deliberate Decision Making' w/ Kervin Brisseaux, Design Director at Vault49
Apr 16, 202023:34
48. 'Reading the COVID-19 Sex Guide' w/ Zipeng Zhu, Creative Director
Apr 15, 202028:13
47. 'How to Creatively Pivot and Stay Focused in Isolation' w/ Ricardo Gonzalez (ItsALiving), Designer and Artist
Apr 13, 202024:51
46. 'Staying Positive When Someone Close to You is Affected' w/ Florencia Massu, MTV Motion Designer
Apr 13, 202024:12
45. 'The Value of Escapism and Processing' w/ Sandie Cheng, Host of Now in Color Podcast
Apr 13, 202025:19
44. 'I Didn’t Know the Concept of God Until the War' w/ Veda Partalo - VP Brand & Marketing at Spotify
Mar 09, 202001:37:49
43. 'I'm a Part of This Painting Forever' w/ Ché Morales - Curator and Founder of ABSTRKT

43. 'I'm a Part of This Painting Forever' w/ Ché Morales - Curator and Founder of ABSTRKT

Ché Morales is a Brooklyn-based curator, experiential designer, and self-proclaimed art junkie with an insatiable appetite for unique, mind-blowing aesthetics. He's also the founder of ABSTRKT, a collective that focuses on large-scale murals, art installations, and branded cultural events for hte likes of Adidas, Nike, The Standard, and The New York City Ballet. Rich and Che talk about his upbringing in California in a Puerto Rican and FilipinX family, the indie art scene in 2000s New York, and how he likes to get his hands dirty when he's doing an install. Also, we chat about the artistic influence and legacy of Kanye West.

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Sneaker Wars Podcast ( Beige 2 Brown (

Check out for all the episodes. Follow us @firstgenburden and Rich Tu / @rich_tu Recorded at Listening Party (@listeningpartypresents and @canalstreetmarket) Thanks DesGin for their support.
Mar 02, 202001:12:19
42. 'Try to Be the Change' w/ Alissa Nevita - Streetwear and Brand Storyteller
Feb 24, 202001:36:07
BONUS EPISODE - 'SEO AMA' with Sophia Chang
Feb 20, 202044:30
41. Sophia Chang RETURNS - "If You've Got Something Great, Why Keep it From Someone Else?"
Feb 17, 202001:09:10
40. 'If You Want to Wear That, Wear That' w/ fashion models Kadeem Hudson & Joanna Pauline
Feb 10, 202001:35:19
39. 'Trying to Find a Narrative of Resistance' w/ Isometric Studio (Andy Chen and Waqas Jawaid)
Feb 03, 202001:28:39
38. 'I Saw a Female President' w/ Mara Lecocq - Brand & Community Director at Fishbowl, founder of Secret Code
Jan 27, 202001:21:48
37. 'The Dichotomy of Wild and Mild' w/ Adam Garcia - Apple Music Team and founder of The Pressure
Jan 20, 202001:23:21
36. 'Success isn't Finite, it's Infinite' w/ design geniuses Nicole Jacek & Noreen Morioka
Jan 13, 202001:25:55
35. 'Be a Part of Making 'WHAT’S NOW' w/ Nontsikelelo Mutiti - Artist and Educator
Jan 06, 202001:41:12
34. First Generation Conversation (LIVE): MTV Edition (*Webby Award Honoree)
Oct 01, 201901:11:54
33. "Give Them the Ability to Discover You Exist" (LIVE) w/ Benjamin Evans - Inclusive Design Lead at Airbnb
Sep 19, 201901:17:33
32. 'He Did It For the Memes' w/ Gavin Alaoen - Art Director at MTV Digital
Sep 02, 201901:39:50
31. 'Typography is the Center of the Religious Experience' w/ Shira Inbar - Designer at Pentagram
Aug 26, 201901:34:06
30. 'We Grew Up in a Partially Analog World' w/ Kervin Brisseaux - Design Director at Vault49
Aug 19, 201901:47:50
29. 'Saying Bye for the Last Time' w/ Ksenya Samarskaya - Designer, founder of Samarskaya + Partners
Aug 13, 201901:00:40
28. 'Reclaiming Our Time and Our Power' w/ Ekua PM - Host of Afrolit Podcast
Aug 05, 201901:11:43
27. Sunday Afternoon's Ahmed Klink & Juan Carlos Pagan RETURN pt 2 - 'How Can You Get Good Work Out of People if They’re Scared?'
Jul 29, 201954:42
26. Sunday Afternoon's Ahmed Klink & Juan Carlos Pagan RETURN pt 1 - 'This is My Pantone Swatch'
Jul 22, 201951:27
25. 'Create What You Don't See' w/ Leyla T. Rosario - Producer, Director, and co-creator of 'The Gig'
Jul 22, 201901:07:28
24. 'One Foot is Here, One is There' w/ Wael Morcos - Designer, Typographer, co-founder of MorcosKey
Jul 08, 201958:18
23. $6.99 Per Pound X First Generation Burden

23. $6.99 Per Pound X First Generation Burden

This is a special collaboration with $6.99 Per Pound Podcast and First Generation Burden. Rich Tu sits down with Jaeki Cho and Joann Park to talk about their origins in South Korea, the commonalities between Korean and Filipino culture, and what it means to be the "other". We're gettin' real #immigrantexcellence up in here.

$6.99 Per Pound is a podcast featuring interviews with leaders and professionals from a wide variety of fields. Paying homage to Korean-owned hot food delis in New York City, the inquisitive duo Joann Park and Jaeki Cho treat listeners to a buffet of HOT takes on career, culture and community.

Jaeki Cho is a Queens native whose insight on race and culture have been quoted on MSNBC, The New York Times, BBC Radio, MTV, and Forbes. He co-produced the feature documentary Bad Rap, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and is currently streaming on Netflix. He’s a partner and creative director for lifestyle boutique Alumni. Before his entrepreneurial pursuit, he was a music journalist, writing for Complex, VIBE, Billboard, and working as an editor for XXL.

Joann Park is a Content Strategist, Producer and Community Builder based in New York City. By day, Joann works at CNN’s Great Big Story, a cinematic media company, where she oversees content programming and audience development. She has also worked for MTV, CBS & Kore Asian Media. In 2018, Joann was also honored as a Cynopsis Rising Star, an title that recognizes emerging leaders under 30 in the media industry. Joann has organized and moderated panels for CNN, Vox Media, Phillip Lim and The Cosmos to advance the creative Asian American community.

Check out for all the episodes Follow us @firstgenburden and Rich Tu / @rich_tu  Thanks DesGin for their support
Jul 01, 201901:29:40
22. 'A Niche Culture that Speaks to Me' w/ Sophia Chang - Artist, Entrepreneur, Art Director of UNDO
Apr 14, 201901:14:18
21. First Generation Conversation LIVE w/ Eugenia Mello, Kelly Shami, Zipeng Zhu
Apr 14, 201901:30:17
20. 'Smashing Bamboo Ceilings' w/ Sandie Cheng - Host of 'Now in Color'
Apr 14, 201901:35:54
19. 'The Importance of Presentation' w/ Ty Turner - Fashion Stylist
Apr 14, 201901:14:43
17. 'Be Able to Visualize Anything' w/ Bashan Aquart - Executive Creative Director at AKA NYC
Apr 14, 201901:23:15
18. 'There's a Lack of Humanity' w/ Derek Roberts - Designer and Art Director
Apr 14, 201901:20:36
16. 'What Drives People is The Root' w/ Ro The Show - Fighter, Jiu Jitsu World Champion
Apr 14, 201951:01
15. 'Leopard Print is a Neutral' w/ Kelly Shami - Jewelry Designer, Creative Director at Parkwood
Apr 14, 201901:10:31
14. 'In New York, No One Asks Where I'm From' w/ Andre Andreev - Director, co-founder of Dress Code
Apr 14, 201901:12:30
13. 'It's a Reminder, Be You, We Love You' w/ Ida Woldemichael - Designer, Creative Director
Apr 14, 201901:23:14
12. 'Shame Makes You Way More Interesting' w/ Alexandra Beener - Digital Producer
Apr 14, 201954:47
11. 'I Never Knew Until I Was 22...' w/ Joe Carolino - Creative Director
Apr 14, 201901:27:59
10. 'If You're Not Controversial, What's the Point?' w/ Zipeng Zhu - Designer and Illustrator
Apr 14, 201901:24:51
9. 'Every Pinky Has to be in Place' w/ Christine Sienicki - Radio City Rockette
Apr 14, 201901:01:15
8. 'Kids in the Hood Ain't Wearing Spandex Pants' w/ Khary Randolph - Marvel/DC Comics Artist
Apr 14, 201901:38:00
7. 'The Nuance of Culture' w/ Nishat Akhtar - Creative Director at Instrument
Apr 14, 201901:20:46
6. 'Using Light and Near Death at Art Basel' w/ Shane Griffin - Visual Artist and Director
Apr 14, 201901:18:40
5. 'Leaving Vietnam and 90s Nostalgia' w/ Matt Vu - Designer at Nike Lab
Apr 14, 201901:17:13
4. 'From Skating in Mexico to Murals All Over the World' w/ Ricardo Gonzalez (aka @ItsALiving) - Artist and Designer
Apr 14, 201955:27
3. 'Designing Pinterest and Granddad the Political Refugee' w/ Juan Carlos Pagan - Creative Director, co-founder of Sunday Afternoon
Apr 14, 201901:00:12
2. 'Working with Nas, and Living a Dream at DefJam' w/ Leslie Rosales - Marketing Director at DefJam
Apr 14, 201955:05
1. 'Escaping Civil War and getting a PHD' w/ Ahmed Klink - Photographer, co-founder of Sunday Afternoon
Apr 14, 201956:15