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Fit Mind Matters Podcast

Fit Mind Matters Podcast

By Fit Mind Matters

A Team from Northern Ireland trying to spread the Happiness message through Mental Health and Well-being.

No topic is off limits.

Health and Happiness - That's all that matters.
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Fit Mind Matters PodcastJul 18, 2022



Today I wanted to chat about alcohol on our relationship with it. 

Let me know your thoughts and you can email us on

Health and Happiness,

Fit Mind Matters.

Jul 18, 202205:27
Sunrise and Sleep
Apr 25, 202205:04
Let’s Get This Thing Moving Again
Apr 18, 202206:36
New Year (nearly February)
Jan 25, 202203:39


Seasonal Affective Disorder - What is It? Check out this episode to find out. Health and Happiness, Fit Mind Matters.
Oct 18, 202106:10
Pressure to Post?

Pressure to Post?

Lee chats about content and why we pressure ourselves to put as much of it out there as possible. Health and Happiness, Fit Mind Matters.
Aug 02, 202103:42
Jun 15, 202104:59
Jun 08, 202105:26
What If...
Jun 01, 202103:22
Mental Health Awareness Week
May 11, 202105:27
Care What People Think?
May 04, 202104:57
Morning Routine
Apr 27, 202106:05
You Can Say No
Apr 20, 202104:39
More Standing Less Sitting

More Standing Less Sitting

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Try and make little changes to sit less and stand more. We all know we sit too much, let’s see if we can change that. Enjoy. Lee, Fit Mind Matters.
Apr 14, 202107:28
Overall Health

Overall Health

Overall Health - What All is Included?

Don't forget Play and Job/Career also.

Thanks very much Everyone and Take Care

Health and Happiness
Fit Mind Matters
Mar 12, 202106:24
Pick Up the Phone and Call Someone
Mar 08, 202103:34
Jul 17, 202008:38


Today Lee and Warren had a chat about Choices.
Nutrition, Lifestyle, Training - All Choices.

If you would like to be on the Vodcast with us or have any ideas/questions/comments please email us at

Here are a few links that Lee and Warren chatted about:

Most Powerful Strategy To Reprogram Your Mind - Dr Joe Dispenza:

Lies My Doctor Told Me by Ken. D. Berry, MD

Health and Happiness
Fit Mind Matters
Apr 16, 202033:38
Vivian McKinnon
Apr 14, 202018:42
Apr 14, 202013:53
Jade Yap - Mental Health Foundation
Apr 07, 202026:58
Self Isolation
Mar 30, 202043:09
Mar 26, 202005:16
Are You in Control of You?

Are You in Control of You?

Hey Everyone, Warren here.

A quick question today 'are you in control of you? Do you look to better your health and have control of it? I'm in the middle of an experiment on myself and will be coming back in a few weeks on this podcast to share.


Health and Happiness
Mar 12, 202006:24
Health and Happiness in Copenhagen
Mar 03, 202010:19
Feb 27, 202002:05
Social Media Survey
Feb 12, 202006:41
Take Time to Appreciate
Feb 07, 202005:16
Trying New Exercise
Jan 30, 202028:02
Empowering People through Physical Activity
Jan 23, 202002:37
Aine Sutton - Yoga and Mental Health
Nov 21, 201930:55
Music and Mental Health
Nov 14, 201903:38
Challenge Done
Nov 06, 201927:55
Challenge Update
Oct 31, 201905:40
Fresh Air
Oct 24, 201901:47
Oct 18, 201908:39
Meet the Fit Mind Matters Team
Oct 04, 201905:01


Hello there Today's Podcast is about Fear and how we can eliminate it. I just finished a session in the Infrared Sauna and decided to record this while overlooking Carlingford Lough. In the Podcast I mention a YouTube video I recorded with one of our students at Platinum Training Institute - Below is the link to that video: Thank You so much for listening and if you have any comments/questions please email them to Have a Great Week Everyone Lee
Sep 22, 201905:20
Warren McKeown - Goals
Sep 18, 201927:46
The Hairy Lemon - From 2 Eejits and a Pint Of Guinness Podcast

The Hairy Lemon - From 2 Eejits and a Pint Of Guinness Podcast

Brought to you from the Hairy Lemon (Pub) in Dublin City Centre. As the Guinness settles the conversation starts. Lee and Warren talk about Time Zones, January, New Starts, Behaviours, Social Media, Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Bullshit and Everything in Between. The only rule is we don't stop until the Pint is Gone.

Look out for Episode 2 in another village/town/city in Ireland.

Lee and Warren
Jan 22, 201901:00:17
Mark Beare - The Collective
May 29, 201823:56
Gary McTeggart - The Collective
May 08, 201820:33
Bryan Falchuk - Do A Day
Apr 03, 201850:08
2 Lees in a Pod - Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness
Feb 06, 201821:50
Sarah Doyle - Be Your Own Best Friend
Jan 30, 201816:01
AWARE NI - Patrick Anderson
Jan 12, 201841:04
Fionnula McHale - Fitness and Mental Health
Dec 14, 201712:23
Lisa Hughes - Mindfulness into Every Day Life
Dec 10, 201738:06
Sarah Doyle - The Better Life Project
Nov 29, 201730:49
A Range of Topics with Keith Anderson

A Range of Topics with Keith Anderson

It has been a couple of months since Keith - - and I recorded a Podcast purely down to how busy it has been for me over the past few months. Moving house, moving office and also I have been completely floored with my energy levels.

Once the dark nights and mornings came in I have been a disaster. Lack of energy, no real desire to do anything and basically all I want to do is sleep.

S.A.D. otherwise known as Seasonal Affective Disorder was definitely something I decided to look into. Keith and myself decided to have a chat about lack of energy and also a range of other topics (forgive us as this is our first podcast back in a couple of months).


If you would like to get in touch just drop us an email - or check out our website - - We have a lot of awesome Podcasts and Blogs coming up over the next few months.

Health and Happiness

Fit Mind Matters
Nov 23, 201728:47
No Energy

No Energy

It's been a couple of months since my last Podcast so today I decided to record my first solo one. A short episode just touching on this time of year, low energy, lack of motivation and what we should do to help ourselves shake out of this low mood.

I recorded today in Skerries just outside of Dublin which is one of my favourite places to go to. I feel so at home by the sea, I often think I was a dolphin in a past life lol.

Plenty of Podcasts lined up over this next few months so stay tuned, enjoy and take care guys.

Health and Happiness.

Nov 11, 201703:12
Keith Anderson - Venting
Sep 12, 201731:37
Will Foster
Sep 07, 201701:00:03
Social Media and Mental Health
Aug 29, 201748:31
Unapologetically Angie - Mental Health and Lifestyle Blogger

Unapologetically Angie - Mental Health and Lifestyle Blogger

Today I chatted with Angela, also known as Unapologetically Angie. She is a Mental Health and Lifestyle Blogger who has also wrote a Poetry Book called 'Tired Eyes'. On Twitter she host #MHChatHour on Monday evening's from 7-8pm. Have a listen to our chat and check out Angela's Book and Social Media links below. Health and Happiness Lee Angela's book can be bought from Amazon in Kindle form: It can also be bought from Etsy in PDF form: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Bloglovin: Youtube channel:
Aug 27, 201716:28
Miss Anxiety - Beth And Her Inspiring YouTube Channel
Aug 14, 201720:37
On Tour With The Stones - Keith Anderson and Depression
Aug 11, 201739:41
Keith Anderson - Worth Living
Aug 06, 201722:59
Tracy Bell - Her Honest Thoughts on Mental Health in Northern Ireland
Apr 19, 201723:52
Sober is the New Drunk - One Year without Alcohol

Sober is the New Drunk - One Year without Alcohol

One of my Best Friends of 20 years, Ravi Tohani, decided to stop drinking alcohol exactly 1 year ago today (March 28th).

We had a chat about his journey over this past year and discussed some of the questions he has been asked throughout - What do people think of his decision? How does he feel today? What impact has this had on his Mindset and Mental Health in general?

Have a Listen and find out the answers.

Health and Happiness.

Mar 28, 201715:54
World Champion Andy "Taz" Young and Viv McKinnon - MMA and Mental Health
Mar 20, 201728:45
Laughter Yoga with Victoria
Feb 08, 201710:12
My Turn to be Interviewed
Jan 22, 201718:52
Paul - From Depression to Personal Training
Dec 13, 201603:32
Ravi - Running and Mental Health

Ravi - Running and Mental Health

Today myself and Ravi Tohani, one of my best friends for 20 years, met in Faughart Cemetery to have a chat about how he used Running as a catalyst to help his Mental Health state.

I can definitely vouch for this as I have seen Ravi turn his year around after losing quite a lot of weight and also completely change his Mentality.
Dec 10, 201608:48
Havening at Hydro-Ease
Dec 09, 201611:29
Eóin talks Movember, Social Media and Understanding Mental Health

Eóin talks Movember, Social Media and Understanding Mental Health

I sat down with Eóin Lennon from and discussed why he did Movember and also how deleting Social Media apps from his phone has helped to improve his Mental Health.
Dec 01, 201606:16