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FIVE12 FM mixes branding and business with pop culture and current events. Owner, Clarissa Nash, digs into living in this crazy world while trying to juggle sanity and pursuing your dreams. FIVE12 FM brings you interviews with other creatives and small business owners, giving their advice on topics that impact brands daily. Subscribe and rate below and make sure to share with every. It's what Beyoncé would do.
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What does "Body Positivity" Mean?

FIVE12 FMJul 10, 2019

The KarJenner Body Effect
Oct 25, 202201:03:48
Being Quiet is Never a Bad Idea (Shut Up Kanye)

Being Quiet is Never a Bad Idea (Shut Up Kanye)

Kanye won't stop talking and it has nothing to do with his mental health, so let's squash that. Also, Lisa Rinna gets boo-ed at BravoCon, Southern Charms ends on a downer note, and one of the Sister Wives has moved into an RV? Overall, leave Lizzo ALONE.

TW: Talk of anti-semitism, homophobia, slut shaming, fatphobia, unaliving, mental health, etc. Please don't listen with your children around. Thanks!

Oct 17, 202201:16:02
Where’s My Third Arm?
Sep 30, 202202:07:21
Everyone is Cancelled

Everyone is Cancelled

There’s a lot of debate about the effectiveness of cancel culture. Some argue it’s deserved, while others believe it doesn’t allow a person to grow. In today’s episode we’ll talk through the two because it is not easy.

***Just a heads up. There will be mention of transphobia, homophobia, sexual assault. Please protect yourself and skip the episode if you are easily triggered


Questions: email


Jul 10, 202001:31:28
You're Doing Too Much

You're Doing Too Much

It’s been a month since the social uprising started. While talking about White Fragility and White “Guilt” is fine, the movement is becoming too much about that and not about the injustice of Black people and POC in the US. A mud mask episode of Golden Girls is now offensive, Mad Men has a disclaimer about Blackface in an episode, and actors are in their feelings about voicing cartoon characters. It's honestly way too much. Things are getting too nit-picky and we need to stop.


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Jul 03, 202001:17:23
Brands and Black Lives: Why Now?

Brands and Black Lives: Why Now?

Black Lives Matter has been a movement since 2012. Black people have been around and dealt with injustice for 400 years. Today though, brands are jumping on board that Black lives actually matter. ***I said Daddy's Girls in reference to Beyonce and The Chicks. I meant Daddy Lessons. It was late. Forgive me.


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Jun 26, 202001:33:45
Let's Talk About Race: Allyship
Jun 19, 202001:34:02
Talking 'Bout My Generation

Talking 'Bout My Generation

Why do Baby Boomers react differently to the same ads Generation Z celebrates? Is it fair to call Generation X the forgotten generation?

Are Millennials really entitled or are they breaking the rules set by those before them? Why do Baby Boomers prefer Facebook to the likes of Instagram or Snapchat? Why are Millenials and Gen Z are in love with inclusive and diverse branding? How did Gen XD set marketing trends that we still use today?

Keep your ears out for new episodes of “My Generation,” coming to you VERY soon.

Jan 06, 202000:59
The Creative and Mental Health: Live at Alt Summit (2019)
Dec 31, 201916:32
Solopreneuring It Solo, and Other Things (Season Finale)
Aug 08, 201939:05
The Hills New Beginnings: In This House Linda Thompson is a Queen w/Rachel Moffett
Aug 02, 201901:41:30
Eff Your Beauty Standards w/Kayla Greaves
Aug 01, 201958:05
Instagram Baby, What Is You Doin? w/Christina of The Social Butterfly Gal
Jul 24, 201901:30:42
Yes the World Sucks, and That's OK
Jul 18, 201919:35
The Hills New Beginnings Episode 3: Get it together
Jul 12, 201947:47
What does "Body Positivity" Mean?
Jul 10, 201931:08
The Hills New Beginnings Episode 2: A Boulder of Crystals
Jul 03, 201938:16
The Hills New Beginnings Episode 1: Out with the Old, In with the Old
Jun 25, 201938:39
The Hills OG Season 6: Seems Fake, But OK w/Rachel Moffett
Jun 21, 201901:53:49
The Hills OG Season 5: A Shock to No One, w/Rachel Moffett
Jun 21, 201901:44:06
The Hills OG Season 4: Truth and Time Tells All w/Rachel Moffett
Jun 18, 201901:48:59
The Hills OG Season 3: I Want to Forgive You, and I Want to Forget You w/Rachel Moffett
Jun 18, 201901:55:32
The Hills OG Seasons 1&2 : I Knew You Were Trouble w/Rachel Moffett
Jun 07, 201902:37:48
Your Brand + Politics
Jun 06, 201926:35
The Rest is Still Unwritten: Recapping The Hills (Intro)

The Rest is Still Unwritten: Recapping The Hills (Intro)

Well hell hath frozen over and The Hills will be on MTV June 24. The show that, in my opinion, changed everything, deserves a recap treatment, so here we are.  Join me and few friends as we talk about the show that changed and shaped our generation, one drama-filled episode at a time. 

May 31, 201901:00
Guess Who's Back? Business and Life Update
May 22, 201921:59
Can the KonMari Method Work for Your Business?

Can the KonMari Method Work for Your Business?

Can the KonMari method work for your business? Think about it: is your business sparking joy? Are the services you're providing making you feel miserable about your business? If it doesn't work, throw it out. 

Also--did I use KondoMari throughout the podcast? Also yes. I'm not editing it out. Love me through this, OK?


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Feb 13, 201921:55
No, you should not just quit your 9-5
Feb 06, 201929:33
Fyre Influencers? Not quite.
Jan 30, 201946:43
Getting Social with Social Butterfly Gal
Jan 23, 201901:27:51
Well, This is It
Jan 14, 201921:45