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Flaunt Performance

Flaunt Performance

By Flaunt Performance

Flaunt Performance is THE podcast for the voluptuous, fat, curvy, plus size runner. Whether you're a weekend warrior, ultra marathoner, or casual runner; you are a RUNNER and this is your space to vent, grow, learn, become a better runner, and become a better person.
This is a no judgment zone. Also, our focus is not on weight loss. Our guests may mention it sometimes. But that's not our focus. Our focus is on self love, self acceptance, and the beautiful things we give ourselves when we run. We'll also be going deep. The things we talk about on this show will not only make us better r
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DJ Khaled and Fat Shaming?

Flaunt PerformanceMay 31, 2018

DJ Khaled and Fat Shaming?

DJ Khaled and Fat Shaming?

To the personal trainer who fat shamed DJ Khaled on Instagram for working out!
May 31, 201807:14
Staying safe and runner self-defense with Black Belt, Instructor Yasir
Oct 22, 201730:30
Are BMI Measurements Racially Biased?

Are BMI Measurements Racially Biased?

KiKi Janae from Keyed to Fit joins us to talk about racial biases in BMI measurements, the importance of core and arm strength for runners, and more!

Special thanks to DJ Stak Chip for the music
Sep 30, 201739:43
Fat Acceptance, Trauma, Childhood Fatness with Harry Minot
Sep 25, 201736:24
Kevin Moore of The Reembody Method
Sep 10, 201741:42
Can't stand the "Dreadmill?"  You'll love treadmill training after this.
Aug 12, 201722:08
Are you Skinny?  Stop Assuming that Makes You a Privileged  Runner
Jun 08, 201707:17
My issues with HAES
May 30, 201709:25
Do you have limiting beliefs that are stopping you from being the athlete you want to be?
May 29, 201707:12
Showing up completely yourself with Jessamyn Stanley
Apr 29, 201743:55
100 half marathons before age 65!
Apr 15, 201738:14
Murder, Mayhem, Depression, and Running
Apr 01, 201734:51
Running Injury Free with Reiki- guest Jackie Linehan
Mar 25, 201736:21
GIVEAWAY ALERT!!!  EXCLUSIVELY for YOU, FLAUNT SQUAD!! read show notes for correction

GIVEAWAY ALERT!!! EXCLUSIVELY for YOU, FLAUNT SQUAD!! read show notes for correction

We're giving away something fantastic!! Listen for info.

***CORRECTION- This is a giveaway to the TRAP YOGA class, not BLACK OUT!!
Mar 20, 201703:42
Yoga is for YOU...even if you really don't think so.
Mar 18, 201743:18
Running and Entrepreneurship?  What do THEY have to do with each other?
Mar 11, 201740:35
Discrimination, Lies, and Health at Every Size
Mar 04, 201740:32
Crazy adventures, fun, oh and running.
Feb 18, 201733:01
Let Go of the Excuses! There is No Age Limit for Running
Feb 11, 201730:09
Barefoot Running, Fallen Toenails, and Injury Prevention
Feb 04, 201741:54
Fat Activism, Fat Phobia, and Death Threats
Jan 28, 201742:19
Suicide prevention and pushing through your darkest moments.
Jan 21, 201734:41
Loving your body against all odds
Jan 14, 201731:30
Stop asking for permission.  Stop downplaying your greatness.
Jan 07, 201742:46
Redirecting your mind away from scarcity

Redirecting your mind away from scarcity

Happy New Year Flaunt Squad! On this episode of Flaunt Performance, I discuss letting go of scarcity and being open to accepting abundance in our sport and in our lives.
Dec 31, 201608:39
You Don't Have to Fix Yourself.  You have Everything Inside You
Dec 24, 201632:22
Does BMI really matter? Have you ever been prejudged by doctors because you're a plus size runner?
Dec 17, 201632:29
Why you NEED to add jumping rope to your training.
Dec 10, 201629:44
Big Girls Running- Closet Running & Battling Your Inner Mean Girl.
Dec 03, 201632:02
Do Athletic Apparel Companies Hate Fat Athletes?
Nov 26, 201629:51
Bullying, Weight Gain, Triumph, and Pole Dancing
Nov 26, 201601:17:40
Knees, Safety, and Using Cross Training to Push Beyond Pre-Conceived Limitations
Nov 26, 201627:42
Preview Episode of Flaunt Performance!!!!!  (Starting Line)
Nov 11, 201603:48