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Floating on a Cloud with Sarah Sparks

Floating on a Cloud with Sarah Sparks

By Sarah Sparks

You're scared you may look crazy if you use your spiritual gifts at work, in front of your family, and in every day life. Floating on a Cloud podcast is more than a podcast, it's a community where you come to be inspired, encouraged, and feel a sense of relief to know you can be both professional and spiritual. Tune in to know you are not alone and using your intuition in business is a VALID way of doing business.
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EP86. Andrea Trank- Can a news reporter be an empath?

Floating on a Cloud with Sarah SparksMay 24, 2022

S3 EP22. Sharon Saraga-Walters - Gratitude is the Way to Connect and Live= Have more fun!
May 30, 202326:40
S3 EP21. Cheli Grace - Can I be a Type A CEO and Spiritual?

S3 EP21. Cheli Grace - Can I be a Type A CEO and Spiritual?

Can I be a Type A CEO and Spiritual? Tune in to this week's episode and Cheli shares how you can be BOTH a Type A CEO and Spiritual! .

Cheli Grace is the Founder of the Book to Millions® Program and the Co-Owner of Delian Origin Publishers. Her company was created to facilitate the need for others to have a streamlined process to bring together Executive Book Coaching, Professional Self-Publishing and Business Strategy. She works with Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Service Based Businesses aligning their book with business strategy to create an impact, scale their business and brand, increase their income, and become the “go-to” expert.

She is a former award-winning innovative school principal for the Miami-Dade County Public School System, the fourth largest school system in the nation. Educating others and sharing knowledge along with her entrepreneurial leadership style led her to write a book for parents on school choice options and create an online education platform to offer courses and coaching. Expanding on the need for practical information, she created an educational book series (School Talk! Success Series) which turned into a 6X International Series published by Wiley, she became a professional speaker, and guest expert on National News sharing her knowledge and expertise scaling her company to 7-figures.

During her tenure as principal, she was one of 5 principals out of 500 selected to create a K-8 school and later one of the first to start a K-8 Preparatory Academy in Coral Gables, FL. Managing 150 people and being responsible for a 10 million dollar yearly budget. She started a coaching and mentoring program for new principals, was sent to study leadership at Harvard for two consecutive summers and was part of the Business School at FIU for emerging leaders. Her undergrad degree is in Education, she has a Master’s in Computer Science and Educational Leadership and studied Executive Coaching at the University of Miami. She left the district in 2018 to open her business and coaching practice.

She is very proud of all of the authors that have been published and continue to publish through the Book to Millions® Trademarked program and she continuously strives to promote them so their books can make an impact, leave a legacy and change the world.

She lives in Miami with her husband, loves to play tennis and travel.

Connect with Cheli Grace:

May 24, 202317:40
S3. EP20. Gwen Peterson- Where true happiness is and how you can achieve it.
May 16, 202329:44
S3. EP19- Sara McCready- Don't be afraid to do the healing work

S3. EP19- Sara McCready- Don't be afraid to do the healing work

Sara McCready is the owner of Illuminated Joy! She mentors successful Women in business, who have experienced emotional abuse & toxic relationships, at home, in the work environment, or with family. Through mentorship, she teaches women how to heal their heart, mind, body & soul and learn about their energy, so they can master their emotions, to move past the trauma, drama & chaos of a toxic relationship.

As a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Mentor & Meditation Guide, I share with my clients a depth of wisdom, knowledge and teachings gained from a life of lived experience. A survivor turned thriver, over emotionally abusive relationships, experienced during a 25-year period of my life, in January 2019, after having just been married for the first time in my life, and only for 2 years, with God’s grace and universal guidance, I pulled myself out of this 4th and final, highly toxic relationship and began my deepest, life- altering, healing journey.

During my emotional recovery, I healed generational toxic relationship wounds, experienced the grief journey of the “Dark night of the Soul” and used meditation, Reiki and other energy healing modalities to transform my emotional, physical and mental bodies. I know my client’s pain & story because I was there too. Turning that pain into my purpose, to teach & educate Women about emotional abuse, how to transform their pain into purpose, and align with their truest self is my Soul’s calling!


I am grateful & blessed to be able to share my journey with you.


Join me on the Eveolution Path, or inside our monthly membership community: Elation Collective, and transform your energy & your life!


May 09, 202330:48
S3 EP18. Stephan Kerby - How to Be Safe When Journeying with the 'God Molecule'
May 02, 202347:21
S3 EP17. Paula Martyn- Don't be so hard on yourself
Apr 25, 202325:48
S3 EP16. Dawn Santoriello- Manifest & Invest

S3 EP16. Dawn Santoriello- Manifest & Invest

Are you looking to step into the life you always dreamed of? Maybe a new job, more time, more fun, more money, more love? Learn how to clear the blocks (thoughts, emotions, old trauma) that are holding you back from living the life you always dreamed of... while having a blast in the Bahamas July 11 to July 15th. A few spots are left so email Dawn ( to reserve your place for this life changing experience.

Connect with Dawn at: Dawn Santoriello, CFP® is the founder and CEO of DS Financial Strategies, a fee-based financial planning firm that develops customized plans designed to maximize the efficiency of your money. Located just outside Philadelphia, Dawn is focused on empowering women, couples and entrepreneurs to reach their financial goals with peace across the U.S.                                                                                           


Dawn enters every client relationship with an entrepreneurial spirit and converts this enterprising desire into tangible client results. She utilizes a holistic approach to demystify the subject of wealth accumulation for her clients. While Dawn has established and grown many businesses over the years, her approach to connect her client’s life to both wellness and wealth has become her signature mark. 


As a Certified Financial Planner™, speaker and author, Dawn has refined her expertise and is able to quickly evaluate personal goals and provide relevant advice on how to meet your financial goals. She is dedicated to inspiring clients to pair their passions with understanding and to remove financial and emotional barriers that can be blinding to achieving their goals. DS Financial Strategies offers fee-based financial planning and investment management.  


Dawn is the author of The Spiritual Path To Prosperity…The Truth About Money Revealed and Manifest and Invest Live Your Best Life Get Your Money. She is also a member of Ed Slott’s Elite Advisor Group. She is a member of  David McKnight’s Power of Zero Advisory Group. Stay up to date with Dawn on YouTube (DS Financial Strategies) for Financial Fridays with Dawn! She has been published in CPA Client Advisor, Wealth Planning Advisor, South Jersey Mom, Route 422 Business Advisor, Let’s Talk Philadelphia and The Hollywood Times.  Dawn was featured in FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, Forbes, Investment Advisor, Market Watch, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.  

Dawn was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Long Island. She graduated with her BS in Finance from Adelphi University. Dawn currently lives in Yardley, PA. Away from the office you can find Dawn living true to her Wellness and Wealth lifestyle by hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, doing Peloton workouts and meditating.  

Apr 18, 202324:42
S3.EP15- Dr. Alison J Kay takes us deep into understanding the fierceness of the Divine Feminine.

S3.EP15- Dr. Alison J Kay takes us deep into understanding the fierceness of the Divine Feminine.

Saying woo-woo is naïve. But why? You can be both fierce and divine. Oh really? Listen in as Dr. Alison J Kay and feel your consciousness activating as she takes us deep into understanding the fierceness of the Divine Feminine.


Dr. Alison J Kay has secrets no one else uses to upgrade, inspire & disrupt old paradigms within her community & the collective. She is an Award Winning, #1 International. Best Selling Author and the Founder of the Vibrational UPgrade™ System. She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body and spirit. This is reinforced by her ten years in Asia studying subtle energies & ancient wisdom. With 20+ years working in & teaching Yoga, Meditation, Energy Medicine, MindBody Fitness, Longevity and Holistic Health with a specialized focus on the Chakra System, Dr. Alison brings a unique perspective that facilitates massive change.

Dr. Alison's mission is to support the next higher evolution of the collective & create change for the health of this planet and those who are ready to unleash every part of the magic within them. Backed by the potency of her Vibrational UPgrade™ container, she hosts a wildly popular Activate Your Magic monthly program synced with the potency and support of the moon and offering Group Clearings & Activations. Her signature program, Magic, Manifestation & Money Flows facilitates massive money, health, spiritual & life enhancing shifts to 100's of clients worldwide. While her advanced clients are supported by her Vibrational Upgrade™ Mastermind Group, Certification Program & International Retreat Programs. You don’t need to believe in this in order for it to work… that’s the beauty of what Dr. Alison accesses – as soon as you experience her work, you will feel the shift within you.


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Apr 13, 202345:07
S3 EP14. Carrie Briggs- You are Your Own Healer
Apr 11, 202327:03
S3 EP13. Candice Snyder - Remember Anything is Possible
Mar 28, 202327:57
S3 EP12: Judith Richey- Do you really want to heal?
Mar 21, 202335:38
S3 EP11. Liz Landon- Releasing Resistance: Power in the Pause
Mar 14, 202336:45
S3. EP10. Danielle Woolley- Making a Bigger Impact by Doing Less
Mar 07, 202327:58
S3. EP9. Medge Jaspan - You are Fabulous. Be Fabulous.
Feb 28, 202323:06
S3. EP8. Tonya Alberti- Are you ready to do the work to Manifest Your Soulmate?
Feb 21, 202327:49
S3. EP7. Safiyah Grace - A way to end suffering and create heaven on earth
Feb 14, 202327:53
S3. E6 Carlyn Rae Wei - Are you a starseed?
Feb 09, 202330:11
S3. EP5. Melissa Devine- Ground Yourself First, Then Ascend- What does that mean?!
Jan 31, 202322:38
S3.EP4. Petia Kolibova- Create Space for Yourself

S3.EP4. Petia Kolibova- Create Space for Yourself

As a business professional and entrepreneur, what would happen if you created space in your day for yourself? Petia Kolibova, an alignment women’s coach, shares how being her soul and making soul-aligned decisions has brought her the success she is experiencing. Petia is a remarkable coach, who guides women to intuitively connect with their inner vision so they can experience personal and professional magnetism and become unapologetically abundant. Petia gives immense clarity + exact steps to unlock women’s divine feminine and abundance mindset. Join us and let us know what you thought of the episode!

Connect with Petia: 

@petiakolibova on IG website

Jan 24, 202326:05
Season 3. EP3. Kristin VanGundy- Learning to Trust the Inner Voice
Jan 17, 202317:33
Season 3. EP2- Dr. Gayle: Discover Numerology and Transformational Techniques to Turn Your Business into Superpowers

Season 3. EP2- Dr. Gayle: Discover Numerology and Transformational Techniques to Turn Your Business into Superpowers

Jan 10, 202328:09
Season 3, EP1: Elaine Lamoreaux- It's ok! ~It is okay to be happy. It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to feel.
Jan 03, 202326:04
EP111. Margaret Graham- How to Connect Divine & Self
Dec 06, 202229:52
EP110. Vickie Gould- Healing by Understanding the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection
Nov 30, 202229:09
EP109. Katherine Dean- How can I teach women to have investment properties and this freedom that I feel?
Nov 22, 202227:43
EP108. Rebecca Whitman- From burned out, overwhelmed, and exhausted to balanced, beautiful, and abundant
Nov 15, 202217:04
EP107. Chirs McCann - There is no work life balance.
Nov 08, 202233:53
EP106. Keith Cross - The Needed Place
Nov 01, 202222:08
EP105. Nicole B. Gebhardt - Rule Your Throne: Own Your Queendom
Oct 25, 202218:03
EP104. Paul Quinton- Teaching You How to Heal Yourself
Oct 12, 202237:36
EP103. Patricia Lohan - Changing Your Life by Changing Your Environment
Sep 27, 202235:11
Ep102. Jessica Angileri - Are you too sensitive? Too emotional all the time? This conversation is for you!

Ep102. Jessica Angileri - Are you too sensitive? Too emotional all the time? This conversation is for you!

Ep102.  Jessica Angileri - Are you too sensitive? Too emotional all the time?  This conversation is for you! 

Jessica is a pleasure, feminine embodiment coach/facilitator. Guiding modern day women into awakening their sensual body to fully step into their radiance, sexual aliveness and inner knowing.

Jessica Angileri is a certified teacher with a master’s degree in education. She mentors women around the world, on embodiment, sexuality, sensuality, love and deepening their relationship to self and another.

For the last 15 years as a facilitator and educator, she has written and delivered visual meditations, embodiment and movement practices, and breathwork techniques for adults and children to help them deal with stress, overwhelm and more importantly come back into their body.

Jessica has guided many women by creating a sense of safety within themselves to reconnect with their hearts and use the body as a meeting point for their repressed and denied sense of self. She is devoted into using her expertise in erotic Brazilian movements combined with her own self-healing practices that she's acquired over the course of her life, along with Ancient Tantric tools where she now guides women into living their most unapologetic, sensual and pleasurable life in a sacred way.

Check out her new program starting 10/01/2022 "Come Home to Yourself" 

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Sep 20, 202224:46
EP101. Kathy Perry- Transformation after Personal Tragedy
Sep 13, 202233:13
EP100. Lany Sullivan - I'm a doer learning to be.

EP100. Lany Sullivan - I'm a doer learning to be.

Lany Sullivan is a biz ops expert with a track record of success spanning business development, systems, workflows, and event planning.

Her expertise is in stabilizing what’s working in your business so it can run without constant oversight; this requires choosing a tech stack that actually works (this part is magic) and developing sustainable processes & systems so you can onboard, hire, fulfill customer needs, and even take vacations without everything falling apart.

Lany has worked with some of the biggest companies in the biz, like Pepsi, Disney, Jeep, Aveeno, Dentyne, Walmart, XGames and more. She’s played the big corporate game, and now she’s chosen to work with heart-centered businesses who want to make both a profit and a positive impact.

Her offerings include powerful membership and group programs, DIY templates for small businesses & entrepreneurs, 1:1 consulting that offers support and insight on all things ops!

How do we connect with you?

Sep 06, 202231:54
EP99. Liz Lopez- Creating Your Amazing
Aug 30, 202223:50
EP98. Alison Van De Pol - Tuning in and Turning in
Aug 16, 202226:36
EP97. Sarah Haas - Surrender When Your Can't Control
Aug 09, 202221:58
EP96. Joy London- Courage Through Creativity
Aug 03, 202235:34
EP95. Marianne McGuire- Problems Don't Exist There
Jul 26, 202229:41
EP94. Serena Curran: Soul-Led Wealth
Jul 19, 202221:17
Sarah Sparks channels The Guided Message on Pure Love

Sarah Sparks channels The Guided Message on Pure Love

In this message, Sarah Sparks channels The Guided Message on Pure Love.

Press play to see why this is important for your life and business!

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Sarah Sparks is the highly sought-after Spiritual Business Mentor for Create the Spark. Sarah is a farm-raised, college educated, former local government employee, turned business owner, who is no longer ashamed of her spiritual woo-woo-ness. She guides fun, fabulous, fashionable females to build their soul-aligned profitable, successful, impactful business THEIR WAY. Sarah believes you have limitless power to live the life your soul came here to live, and she can help you tap into that! Let’s BE this!

To learn more visit

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Books: Hateful to Grateful - or Sacred Medicine -

Jul 13, 202208:42
EP92. Nicole Cramer- Balancing Your Masculine & Feminine Energy
Jul 12, 202228:39
EP91. Medge Jaspan - We need to embrace and enjoy our uniqueness
Jun 28, 202235:22
EP90. Deb Timmerman - Emotions aren't you, emotions are indicators
Jun 23, 202230:10
EP89. Shazna Jai - Healing Grief
Jun 15, 202237:16
EP88. Heather Phillips- The Healing Power of Willingness
Jun 07, 202240:21
EP87: Cheryl Meyer- Feel Good: Learn to Eliminate Toxins

EP87: Cheryl Meyer- Feel Good: Learn to Eliminate Toxins

Cheryl Meyer suffered from autoimmune disease. By eliminating hundreds of toxins, she reversed her pain. Cheryl has a BA from UC-Berkeley and is a health coach from IIN. Cheryl is an award-winning author, international bestseller, health coach, speaker, local tv host and podcaster. Cheryl has written 4 books on health and toxins available on Amazon that have won 24 awards combined and has her own podcast It Feels Good to Feel Good, Futureproof Your Health on Voice America.

Her website is She specifically works with clients with chronic illness giving them hope and helping them find solutions. It is never too late to start healthy habits.

Cheryl is available to speak about the toxins in our world that are making us ill. She is a sought-after expert on toxins, in our food, cleaning, water, minds, including toxic stress and toxic lack of sleep. She also talks about the impact of toxins for our children and our pet’s health.
Contact Cheryl for one-on-one coaching at Eliminating toxins is a crucial step to regain wellness.

You can find her books on Amazon
Listen to Cheryl on

Topics Cheryl speaks on:

How Not to Get Sick Dear Leaders- If You Don’t Feel Great, You Can’t Be Great

Food Quality Matters- Breaking the Confusion About Food.

What SHOULD You Be Eating for Your Health and Your Families Health If Only I Had Wonder Woman’s Super Powers- Fighting Dr. Poison and the Duke of Deception (Where are the poisons and toxins in your life? What can you replace them with?)

Stop the Treadmill, Lose weight without Dieting, and Never Diet Again

Toxic Stress- Simple Exercises to Significantly Reduce It and Increase Your Productivity If the relationship you are in is toxic, ditch it. There is a fabulous man out there perfect for you

Jun 01, 202226:03
EP86. Andrea Trank- Can a news reporter be an empath?
May 24, 202227:42
EP85. Safiyah Grace- The Importance of Trauma Informed Support
May 17, 202236:29
EP84. Rohini BV - Know Yourself
May 11, 202227:47
EP83. Sophie Zollmann - Find Time for You
May 03, 202227:54
EP82. Juan Lee - Love Made Simple
Apr 12, 202240:52
EP81. Nicole Woodcox Bolden - A Safe Space to Create the Real You
Apr 05, 202237:30
EP80. Janet Sandberg- The Key to Success is Patience
Mar 29, 202225:45
EP79. Sara McCready - The Path to EveOlution
Mar 22, 202217:12
EP78. Carol Ward- The Power of Emotions When You Transition Careers
Mar 15, 202226:04
EP77. Linda Babulic - Finding Your Way Home within Yourself
Mar 08, 202234:14
EP76. Janette O'Neill Burns - What can you INTENTIONALLY FOCUS on?
Mar 01, 202235:32
EP75. Zofia Rennea Morales - Life wraps the best gifts in the shittiest wrapping paper
Feb 22, 202235:30
EP74. David Rippy - Healing Today's Pain: The Importance of Past Life Regressions
Feb 15, 202248:35
EP73. Tabitha Cawthorne - Miracles Over Manifestations
Feb 11, 202241:51
EP72. Traci Mahan - Say No to Receive More Yes!
Feb 10, 202230:27
EP71. Laura Kasl - Astrology for Cosmic Business Breakthroughs
Feb 09, 202241:07
EP70. Celeste Rose - What am I resisting in my life?
Feb 08, 202220:56
EP69. Petia Kolibova- From Side-Hustler to CEO
Feb 07, 202236:30
EP. 68 Kristi H Sullivan - Stop Overworking and Start Overflowing
Feb 01, 202225:35
EP67. Carolyn McGee - Taking the hard or easy route?!
Jan 28, 202225:46
EP66. Megan Huber - Loosen Your Grip
Jan 27, 202237:55
EP65. Alana Heim- Is this really what I need to be doing? Is there more to life?
Jan 25, 202237:28
EP64. Atlantis Wolf - How to get your family back together
Jan 20, 202240:03
EP63. Cheli Grace - The Power of Surrender
Jan 19, 202219:59
EP62. Gwen Peterson - Stand Firm in Your Truth
Jan 18, 202236:56
EP61. Chelsea Lee Woudstra - "Heal them. Fix me."
Jan 13, 202240:49
EP60. Joy Resor - Your Presence is Enough
Jan 13, 202246:22
EP59. Stacy Eldridge- Intuitive Decision Making Used in Cybersecurity
Dec 09, 202125:40
EP58. Krista Carter- Thoughts Become INVENTIONS!
Nov 30, 202130:35
EP57. Julia Mae Hunt- A photographer with a side of woo helping express the real you!
Nov 23, 202124:28
EP56. Tresa Leftenant - What are your emotions telling you?
Nov 17, 202126:27
EP55. Kathy Goughenour- The Guardian Angel Who Came to Help Me
Nov 09, 202144:43
EP54. Melinda Cohan- Live Into the Question
Nov 02, 202128:51
EP53. Jude Hotep- Turning Away From What You Love
Oct 26, 202132:16
EP52. Dawn Santoriello - Secrets of Spirituality and Money Revealed
Oct 14, 202123:25
EP51. Kelly Rogers- How to Tap Into the Beings Around You
Oct 12, 202142:31
EP50. David Rippy - Past Life Regression Expert
Oct 07, 202150:06
EP49. Laurie Hunt - The Athlete Within...There is more in you!
Oct 06, 202138:53
EP48. Ashlee - Steps to Manifest a Soulmate, Clients, and Dream Home
Sep 30, 202141:41
EP47. Paul Quinton- Alignment Modality
Sep 28, 202148:30
EP46. Emilah DeToro- What Hanging By My Seatbelt Showed Me
Sep 21, 202138:58
EP45. Leslie Alpha Bestulic - Remembering Your Gift
Sep 14, 202143:00
EP44. Lisa Chin - Knowing Who You Are By Defining Your Truth
Sep 09, 202144:04
EP43. Harley Monte- Things are going to get better
Sep 07, 202142:23
EP42. Shannon Hinderberger - I knew I wasn't a good fit, but...

EP42. Shannon Hinderberger - I knew I wasn't a good fit, but...

Shannon Hinderberger digital & social media coach. I’m a digital marketing coach who teaches small business owners how to grow their business using simple digital marketing strategies so they’re less overwhelmed, get results, save time & make money. I coach biz owners from chaos to calm with their social & digital marketing strategies.

I have over 20 years in the online marketing space with a degree in broadcasting and I spent 20 of them in corporate marketing behind the scenes before starting my own digital marketing agency in 2016.

You can follow me at @shannonleestrategy on IG and join my Facebook Group Simplify Squad.

Sep 02, 202137:35
EP41. Dana Bridget- A Teacher Finding Pockets of Time to Just BE Changed Her Life
Sep 01, 202134:22
EP40. Julie Ann Speetjens - Depression = Disconnection from Source
Aug 24, 202127:41
EP39. Erin Tarr - Self-Conscious to Self-Confident
Aug 17, 202141:57
EP38. Carey and Laurel- Do you have a way to track your progress towards your goals?
Aug 12, 202134:59
EP37. Laureli Shimayo - The Power of Looking Into the Eyes of Another
Aug 10, 202145:24
EP36. Andrea Mastrobattista - Be Careful What You Wish For
Jul 29, 202132:34
EP35. Tammey Grable - Time is not money, Time is your life.
Jul 27, 202136:19
EP34. Barb Fletcher - Our Beliefs Have Power Over Us
Jul 22, 202135:03
EP33. Victoria Whitfield - Window of Opportunity
Jul 21, 202153:14
EP32. Denise Flood - Are the voices in your head lying to you or telling the truth?
Jul 08, 202130:11
EP31. Irma Burr- What is blocking you from having sex?
Jul 06, 202144:52
EP30. Heather Warren- Overcome the Need to Control the Outcome
Jun 29, 202138:55
EP29. Alyssa Williamson - Live Your Life Adventure
Jun 22, 202133:29
EP28. Violette de Ayala - The Self-Guided Guru
Jun 15, 202125:24
EP27. Dr. Pat Boulogue- Why are you sick, fat, and tired?
Jun 08, 202145:29
EP26. Jamie Ploog- Embracing Chaos and Loving Every Minute of It
Jun 01, 202123:18
EP25. Hannah Wilson- The Bold Path Less Traveled

EP25. Hannah Wilson- The Bold Path Less Traveled

Hannah Wilson. From Montezuma, Iowa. Wife & Entrepreneur. She's here to help us free ourselves from our own limitations! She's bold, brave, and freakin' fantastic. Enjoy her! Get to know her! Connect with her! 


Connect with Hannah: 




*Tune into your Divine Guidance with Sarah's (host) FREE Guide ~ Listen to Your Divine Guidance:

May 25, 202132:30
EP24. Lindsay Woods - Align with Who You Are to Grow Your Business
May 18, 202131:20
EP23. Karem Zafra-Vera - What is it that makes me happy?
May 11, 202147:30
EP22. Shazna Jai - Letting go of who you thought you needed to be
May 06, 202142:54
EP21. Nicole Colwell - Pieces of the Puzzle Start Coming Together
May 04, 202127:13
EP20. Candice Thomas- Creating Life Changing Wins
Apr 27, 202149:10
EP19. Carol Ward- What happened when she listened to her ego instead of intuition
Apr 20, 202121:51
EP18. Regena Rosa-Celeste Ozeryansky - Internal Peace Now

EP18. Regena Rosa-Celeste Ozeryansky - Internal Peace Now

Regena Rosa-Celeste Ozeryansky

Teaching, Speaking & Creating World Peace ☯


*If you want more "Floating on a Cloud" moments by Listening to Your Divine Guidance... here is Sarah's FREE Guide:

Apr 13, 202150:01
EP17. Lisa Pinnock - Nurturing Self-Love and Resilience
Apr 04, 202123:17
EP16. Linda Babulic - Stand in Your Power to Take Control
Mar 30, 202122:23
EP15. Stevie Lang - From One of Jehovah's Witnesses to Intuitive Guide
Mar 23, 202148:46
EP14. Lainie and Joanna - What if foods can talk?

EP14. Lainie and Joanna - What if foods can talk?

What if foods can talk? What would they say? In 2019, Joanna Salerno and Lainie Sevante Wulkan were having a delicious conversation about their respective reading and energy healing businesses when the subject shifted to their other passion – Food. As lifelong foodies both professionally and personally, a spark was ignited on combining their worlds into an entirely new oracle deck that would serve as a bridge for practical nutrition AND food for the soul. Knowing there was so much food had to say, they set out to create a nourishing platform for mind, body and spirit wellness and The Food Healing Deck® was born.

Creators of Food Healing Oracle Deck:

Joanna has had a passion for food for decades, owning an Organic Produce Store, working with Food Distributors and cultivating organic gardens. She is also a Spiritual Director, Healing Touch Practitioner, Craniosacral Therapist, Sound Healer and Akashic Records Reader/Intuitive. Joanna has long maintained that food is energy and we ourselves are made of energy. Knowing the right foods to fuel the body provides natural medicines that can lead towards prevention and healing.

Lainie is a Fourth Generation Intuitive, Advanced Theta Healer, Sound Healer, Spiritual Recording Artist and Author. She has had a reading practice in tarot and oracle cards for worldwide clients for many years. She is also a major foodie. With a degree in Food Science & Dietetics and an Advanced Food Healing Instructor Certification she has always been fascinated by the deeper wisdom that Mother Nature has to share about foods while living a life of holistic and natural well-being.

Connect with them at:

*If you want more "Floating on a Cloud" moments by Listening to Your Divine Guidance... here is Sarah's FREE Guide:

Mar 16, 202143:07
EP13. Michelle Butt- Facial Intelligence Expert
Mar 09, 202141:06
EP12. Irma Burr- The Miracle of Being in Grace and Joy
Mar 03, 202128:20
EP11. - Shoshana Chaim, when your dad is a shaman...
Feb 23, 202142:30
EP10. - Gwen Peterson, Ascending Insights
Feb 16, 202137:03
EP9. - Heather Phillips, Winning the Pain Game!
Feb 16, 202157:41
EP8. - Yvonne Decelis - How energy is healing
Feb 16, 202122:56
EP7. - Shazna Jai- What it takes to WAKE UP!
Feb 16, 202148:08
EP6. - Kelly Rogers- Traveling Between Worlds
Feb 16, 202147:36
EP5. - Heather Nardi, Empath Mama
Feb 16, 202154:02
EP3. Meredith Causton - What would you tell your daughter to do?
Feb 16, 202144:40
EP2. Leah Ackerman- spidey sense, emotional indicators, a ray of sunshine!
Feb 16, 202101:06:48
EP1. Kyanne Kerbel~ Leading me back to me
Feb 16, 202124:06
EP4. Brandy Gilmartin
Feb 14, 202141:44