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Fluid Labs

Fluid Labs

By Mia Jafari

Hosted by Mia Jafari founder of Fluid Labs and with guest speakers from the world of entrepreneurship and corporate innovation, this podcast series is about unlocking creativity, building purpose-led products and services, investing wisely and impactful technology solutions that can change our world for the better.
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The Pioneer's Quest: Unleashing Purpose-Led Innovation

Fluid LabsJun 07, 2023

The Intrapreneur's Playbook: Driving Change from Within

The Intrapreneur's Playbook: Driving Change from Within

In this exciting episode of the Fluid Lab's podcast, we are delighted to welcome Fritz Seidel as our guest. Join us for a captivating discussion as we delve into various aspects of the Intrapreneur's Playbook, exploring the following key topics:

[1:11 Mins] Fritz shares his personal journey that led him to his current work in the innovation space.

[3:21 Mins] We dive into the need for structural change to drive innovation, uncovering the essence of this transformation and practical strategies to achieve it.

[8:46 Mins] Discover what it means to be a purpose-led innovator and explore the importance of infusing purpose into our innovation projects.

[17:00 Mins] We explore the significance of building a culture of innovation and growth that emphasises creating shared value for all. Learn how this culture manifests and discover actionable steps to bring it to life.

[23:55 Mins] Gain insights into why corporations should collaborate with startups. We explore the advantages compared to internal innovation and discuss the pros and cons of each approach.

[28:53 Mins] Navigate the dynamic landscape of corporate and startup innovation as we uncover the synergies, challenges, and transformative possibilities that arise when these two worlds intersect.

[35:57 Mins] Fritz provides valuable advice for intrapreneurs aiming to drive change from within their organisations.

[42:32 Mins] Explore the tools and techniques that Fritz recommends to propel ourselves to the next level of innovation.


Don't miss out on this enlightening episode filled with actionable insights and practical wisdom! Tune in now!

Fritz Seidel Biography

With almost 20 years of experience in leadership and change projects, Fritz is a seasoned expert in cultivating an innovative mindset. As an intrapreneur, he has successfully revamped and developed various areas in marketing, sales, customer experience, and personal development. Additionally, as a (co-)founder and advisor, he specializes in building startups for success. Fritz's true passion lies in facilitating change and serving as a trainer and lecturer on innovation and new work models.

Connect with Fritz on Linkedin here:

Jul 19, 202351:26
Navigating the Uncharted: Succeeding in the Next Tectonic Shift of the Tech Landscape

Navigating the Uncharted: Succeeding in the Next Tectonic Shift of the Tech Landscape

In this episode of the Fluid Labs podcast, we will delve into the world of AI and explore how to cultivate the mindset and resilience needed to thrive amidst the upcoming tectonic shift. Our guest speaker, , Daniel Kozlov, Partner at Global Innovation Catalyst  and Co-founder at Innovera, will share his insights on the future of technology and navigating the unpredictable and unprecedented changes our world is set to face.

The world of technology is in a constant state of evolution, with unpredictable and unprecedented changes. With the exponential growth of AI, the future is uncertain. Whether you are an individual, entrepreneur, innovation leader, or working for a government organization, it is crucial to develop awareness and resilience to effectively handle these challenges.

In this thought-provoking session, we will delve into the next tectonic shift in the Tech Landscape and uncover strategies to navigate uncharted territory with confidence.

Key Topics Explored in this Podcast:

  1. Emerging Technologies: Explore the advancements in AI that are shaping the future of technology and their potential impact on businesses and humanity.
  2. Disruption and Innovation: Learn how to embrace disruption and the unknown, and develop mental resilience to stay competitive in a rapidly changing landscape.
  3. Strategies for Success: Gain practical strategies for embracing change, fostering innovation, and positioning yourself as a leader in the evolving tech landscape.

The AI tools Daniel Kozlov mentioned:


  1. Transcription/meeting notes –
  2. Building courses in minutes –


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Meet Your Speaker:

Daniel Kozlov, Partner at Global Innovation Catalyst and Co-founder at Innovera

Daniel is an internationally renowned expert in entrepreneurship, corporate digital transformation, education, and startup acceleration/incubation. He has worked with over 600 startups from 16 different countries and has spearheaded 42 acceleration and incubation programs, including more than 20 for large corporate clients such as IKEA, PepsiCo, IBM, Leroy Merlin, and the Department of Science and Technology of India, among others. Under Daniel's leadership, GVA has emerged as one of the leading global companies in acceleration and other innovation programs. In 2019, UBI Global ranked GVA as the World's #1 Private Accelerator, and in 2021, it received a Triumph of Innovation Award for its achievements during the pandemic. Based in the Bay Area (San Francisco), Daniel collaborates with experts from the world's leading startup ecosystems, including scholars from Stanford and Berkeley.

Apart from the US, he has lived and worked in Europe, India, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Daniel has also spearheaded several social impact initiatives in the field of education, including TeenStart, Impact Futures, and Sapiens Impact. Prior to founding his own companies, Daniel worked on projects for large corporations at the Boston Consulting Group and in the Digital Entertainment Industry at Streamline Studios.

Connect with Daniel on LinkedIn:

Jun 15, 202301:02:04
The Pioneer's Quest: Unleashing Purpose-Led Innovation

The Pioneer's Quest: Unleashing Purpose-Led Innovation

Welcome to another episode of the Fluid Labs podcast with your host, Mia Jafari and guest speakers from the world of entrepreneurship and corporate innovation. This podcast series is about unlocking creativity, building purpose-led products and services, investing wisely and impactful technology solutions that can change our world for the better.

This session we are joined by Oliver Durrer, the founder of SwissLEAP as we discover how to take a leap into the next level innovation and focus on holistic growth and the human element in innovation.

Some of the key themes we will explore in this episode:

  • The connection between personal and organizational leadership and its impact on innovation. We'll delve into the concept of "starting with the human in the mirror" and understand how it influences the innovation process.
  • Balancing faith and letting go as a leader. We'll discuss practical approaches to finding equilibrium in leadership, allowing for growth and innovation within teams and organizations.
  • Evidence-based Lean Startup and Effectuation. Navigating uncertainty is a crucial aspect of innovation. We'll explore how to create shared value through empathy and experimentation, drawing from lean startup principles and the concept of effectuation.
  • "Creating shared value" vs. "capturing value" vs. "building value." We'll examine these three approaches and delve into the question of who benefits from each strategy.


Join us and Oliver Durrer, a Swiss global citizen and epicurean explorer, as he shares his passion for personal and organizational development, technology, innovation, and social impact. With over 20 years of experience as an intrapreneur and entrepreneur, working with renowned enterprises such as Nestlé and Migros, Oliver brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His mission is to empower purpose-driven pioneers to unleash their full potential in creating sustainable shared value.

Connect with Oliver Durrer on ⁠LinkedIn⁠ or ⁠Twitter⁠ and continue the conversation.


During the episode, Oliver will reference several resources that have influenced his thinking. Below are some of the references he mentioned:


"Letting go. The pathway of surrender" by David Hawkins

"Das kollegial geführte Unternehmen" by Claudia Schröder and Bernd Österreich (available in German)

"Nonviolent Communication" by Marshall Rosenberg


"The Wisdom of Trauma" featuring Gabor Maté


"The Power of Vulnerability" by Brené Brown


Andrew Huberman's Huberman Lab Podcast, featuring Stanford Professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology, Andrew Huberman.


Connect with Fluid Labs on Linkedin and Instagram and continue the conversation.

Jun 07, 202341:20
Episode 15: Marjan Najafi - From Surviving To Thriving
Oct 01, 202234:52
Episode 14: Reggie Hubbard -  Fearless Compassion & Embodying Purpose

Episode 14: Reggie Hubbard - Fearless Compassion & Embodying Purpose

Yoga is an ancient practise to help us connect our feelings, thoughts and physical movement in a way that allows us to be the best version of ourselves. When we follow this ancient practise and embody the yogic mindset we see our universe as abundant and infinite. We learn to approach the world with the mindset of being of service to humanity and our planet. We learn to open our hearts and minds to new opportunities, to getting out of our comfort zone that allows us to live fearlessly and create new partnerships, products, services and ways of being.

This podcast episode with Reggie Hubbard, the founder/chief serving officer of Active Peace Yogawill explore what is authentic yoga and what it means to live a yogic lifestyle and the benefits of being a Yogipreneur in our work and business.

This podcast explores:

  1. How having a stable and consistent yoga practise can positively impact the work we do through enabling us to bring our ‘whole self’ into our work.
  2. How sustainable success is rooted in internal transformation which is what yoga promises.
  3. How having a daily physical and meditative yoga practise will help us cope with challenges and be present and see opportunities’ to saw the seeds of our creativity and to harvest these seeds.
  4. How the future of business will be rooted in radical awareness of what is happening whilst still being compassionate and having open optimism to what can be created next.
  5. The future of business is all about creating companies which are peaceful, loving and aware whilst having hope and optimism to solve problems collectively.

Reggie Hubbard

Founder/Chief Serving Officer of Active Peace Yoga

Reggie is an internationally recognized yoga and meditation teacher and the founder/chief serving officer of Active Peace Yoga. His yoga and meditation practice have served as a sanctuary of peace and perspective while navigating the stresses of being a black man in the world and serving in pressure filled jobs at the height of politics. He began his contemplative practices under extreme emotional distress at work and now works with all walks of life in service to helping people navigate this thing called life with more truth, grace, peace and ease..

Through Active Peace Yoga, he offers asana and meditation classes to help others nurture peace of mind, creativity, equanimity in spirit and physical health - helping people nurture well-being as foundational, rather than an afterthought. Reggie has taught Members of Congress, Congressional Staff, major labor unions, leading progressive organizations and individuals from all walks of life.

Reggie's life work sits at the intersection of bringing more peace and balance to activists; guiding the wellness community toward being more engaged, concerned citizens; and, enhancing the well-being of all walks of life. Achieving this balance is how we catalyze transformative change in our society, which we are desperately in need of at this moment.

Instagram: @oreggiegloble

Linkedin: @reggieglobal

Note: This podcast was recorded during a live conversation cafe with purpose-led entrepreneurs. If anything discussed resonated with you and you have any comments, feedback and thoughts that came up during the session please reach out to us.

Sep 02, 202229:28
Episode 12: Sadiq Gillani - The Art of Jungian Psychology for Decision Making

Episode 12: Sadiq Gillani - The Art of Jungian Psychology for Decision Making

“Patience is not sitting and waiting, it is foreseeing. It is looking at the thorn and seeing the rose, looking at the night and seeing the day. Lovers are patient and know that the moon needs time to become full.”


We invite you to join us with your favourite cup of tea to hear and share insights, openings and discoveries on how decision making is influenced by a myriad of Jungian psychological factors and how to protect our decision-making from negative influence.

The Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung's ideas have become such an integral part of business that many don't realise they were his in the first place. From branding to psychometric testing, to the meaning of work, Jung was there first.

In this conversation café with Sadiq Gillani, Senior Vice President at Emirates and Lecturer at Stanford University we will discuss the art of Jungian psychology for the workplace:

Elements of our conversation include:

  1. Inviting Synchronicity Into Our Decision Making  [8:05]
  2. Cultivating Patience and Foreseeing Change [10:20]
  3. Using Dreams to Access Messages From Our Subconscious [13:30]
  4. Interpreting Metaphors Within Our Hero’s Journey [16:10]
  5. Learning to Pivot / Being Prepared for Turbulence / Reinvention [20:00]


Sadiq Gillani Senior Vice President at Emirates | Lecturer at Stanford University

Sadiq heads the in-house consulting team of Emirates Group, reporting to Sir Tim Clark and was formerly the Chief Strategy & Innovation officer of Lufthansa Group. Sadiq is also a Lecturer in Management at Stanford and sits on the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council for Travel.

He is a thought leader on the Future of Air Travel, Sustainability, Career Development and Diversity. He has visited 124 countries and made his passion his profession.

Follow him on Instagram for tips on taking your career to cruising altitude and insights into the future of air travel @sadiq.gillani

Check out this wonderful FREE booklet recommended from Sadiq on The Interpretation of your dreams:

Jun 18, 202152:50
Episode 11: Louise Le Gat - Art of Alignment

Episode 11: Louise Le Gat - Art of Alignment

On aligning to our purpose and staying resilient and inspired so that we can make our visions real:

What being told she could never walk again taught Louise about living in alignment. 

Louise's framework for creating alignment with her purpose through her work and business. 

Why the road towards living our purpose can be filled with setbacks.

How to create a life that aligns to our personal purpose which fires our passions as well as contributes towards global change and transformation.


Quotes mentioned: 'One of the things we absolutely know about energy is that when higher/faster energy comes in contact with lower vibrations. they're converted into higher energy. Thus, light introduced into a dark room not only eliminates the darkness, but converts that darkness into light also.  

Page 125 -  'Living an Inspired Life' by Dr Wayne Dyer 'Ramakristina, a great saint who lived in India and inspired millions of others with his God-realised perspective, once offered this observation: 'Saints are like big steamships, which not only cross the ocean themselves but carry many passengers to the other shore'. May you too be like those big steamships - but if you are not, then by all means allow yourself to be one of the lucky passengers'  Page 141 - 'Living an Inspired Life' by Dr Wayne Dyer 


Louise Le Gat Biography 

Louise is the Founder and CEO of Positive Energy Leaders and works with leaders who are called to contribute to the transition to the sustainable world of tomorrow where we can all flourish.   

With 20 years experience in Career And Leadership Development, Louise's supports mission driven Visionaries, Intrapreneurs, Pioneers, Change makers and Social Entrepreneurs. to align to their unique purpose, mission and impact. And staying resilient, inspired and on purpose as changemakers. So that they can make their visions real. Louise does this through The Positive Energy Leaders' Academy - a next generation leadership school for changemakers to create fulfilling meaningful work and become the inspiring leaders of positive transformation they are meant to be. Louise is also a Retreat Leader and Facilitator on Acceleration Programmes for High Potential Corporate Leaders, Internal Change Agents, Intrapreneurs and Social Entrepreneurs. 

Louise bridges a mix of worlds - multinational corporations, humanitarian organisations and social enterprises. This has included clients like Nestle, Nespresso, Allen & Overy LLP, Adobe, SAP, General Mills and also working with the Global Fund and UNICEF. 

Learn more about Louise: 


Linkedin: @louiselegat 

Instagram: @louise_legat

May 20, 202101:00:42
Episode 10: Gustavo Carriconde - Making Decisions of Value

Episode 10: Gustavo Carriconde - Making Decisions of Value

On making decisions of value, following your intuition and seeing the challenges that turn our lives upside down as the catalyst to solve real world problems:

How chaos and the pandemic created the opportunity to initiates change and transformation. [1:34]

How to start with creating the seed of the future we are standing for, rather than attempting to fix the past. [3:36]

Training for unprecedented situations and how we can be prepared for uncertainties by improving our ability to make better decisions. [6:23]

Balancing processes of migrating risks and strategic thinking with trusting our intuition. [7:21]

Identifying weak problems when the situation is not clear and solve them through creativity, leadership and synergy. [9:51]

How to build trust with our relationship with ourselves and how we analyse and react to our feelings through whole body decision making.  [14:15]

Learning to identify the difference between our intuition and our ego, fear and laziness etc. [16:15]

Why is building a resilient mindset important for entrepreneurs -  COVID has disrupted old systems and the need of the hour is to have leaders who can lead the future and it starts with leading ourselves.  [23:10]

The challenges young entrepreneurs in Brazil face in solving real world problems. [24:11] Solving real problems related to mental, spiritual and physical well-being [27:54]

More capital, more investors and more innovations - Gustavo’s visions and hopes for the Brazilian start-up ecosystem. [33:21]

Gustavo’s legacy to support entrepreneurs to find their internal inner flame and build inner resilience regardless of external challenges. [35:40]



“Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.”

Carl Sagan


Gustavo's startups and projects:

▸ Founder and host of ResumoCast, a PodCast for Brazilian entrepreneurs.

▸ Founder and manager at accelerator for marketplaces and multi-sided platforms

▸ Startup investor, mentor, and consultant.

Areas of expertise and experience:

→ Platforms and marketplaces
→ Go-to-market strategy
→ HR recruiting and selection
→ Virtual assistants and remote teams management
→ Entrepreneurship education
→ Aviation and education
→ Marketing and customer/user acquisition
→ Pitching training

Connect with Gustavo on Linkedin @gustavocarriconde

Connect with Gustavo on Instagram @gustavocarriconde

May 12, 202138:03
Episode 9: Kalojan Georgiev - The Call To Action

Episode 9: Kalojan Georgiev - The Call To Action

On building humility and instead of seeking external success focusing on building inner harmony and getting ready for our call to action:

How a global crisis such as COVID is the best time for smaller companies and start-ups to create their start-ups [1:24]
Build self-confidence to create action as an entrepreneur [9:08]
Let go of fear by building trust in ourselves to know that if we lose everything we can build again [12:40]
How to sell our vision to employees, partners and investors [16:31]
Being humble and know your place in the system and focus on building inner harmony to allow life to happen with us [25:35]
Realising that life is bigger than us and to create with life from a place of co-creation [30:58]
The Nest - Importance of being part of ecosystems that feed our body, mind and soul [35:06]

Episode Notes
Kalojan Georgiev is the founding partner of K-Pharm Global Group (KPGG), а $100mln+ group of pharma-trading companies. The company is a one-stop-shop, offering services such as logistics, distribution, marketing and regulatory support for pharmaceutical manufacturers, covering over 50 countries in Africa, Europe and Asia. He has 20+ years of experience in building huge companies from scratch - including a low-cost airline carrier and a telecom, acquired by Deutsche Telekom.
Since 2018 he is the CEO and Founder of Colibra which offers a unified flying experience by combining all elements of the flight process - including booking flight tickets with no upfront cost, providing auto check-in, incorporating boarding pass wallet, securing instant compensations by flight disruptions, and receiving real-time data about flight changes.
Since the beginning of 2020, Kalojan is building a vacation resort in Zanzibar, Tanzania, which includes a hotel base with a residential part, kitesurfing school, coworking spot, yoga and various sports activities.

Don't forget to follow and message us on these platforms:
Instagram: @yogipreneurs / @mia_jafari
Linkedin: @yogipreneurs.
Apr 23, 202141:25
Episode 8: Dagmar Spremberg - Shine Your Light

Episode 8: Dagmar Spremberg - Shine Your Light

On building inner trust and following through with our intentions by taking everyday steps that allow us to step into and shine our light. Overcoming self-limiting beliefs. [2:45] Moving out of our comfort zone. [5:52] Self-actualising through our work & creating a our lives in our own terms.  [9:52] Service over ego.  [14:30] Using yoga to re-connect to each moment & our intentions & intuition. [20:48] Building Inner integrity and personal trust. [22:25] Aligning our masculine & feminine energy to create action. [25:00] Creating financial abundance by cultivating inner trust. [30:25] __________________________ Episode Notes In this episode we meet Dagmar Spremberg the founder of Montezuma Yoga in Costa Rica. While growing up in Germany all Dagmar could envision for herself was a life in the sunshine and under palm trees. After 20 years of soul searching and many detours that let her explore city life in Los Angeles and New York, she found her dream life by the beach in the lush tropical nature of Costa Rica. Through her own experiences she learned and believes that everybody can live their dreams and that our work is to become clear and open to receive the gifts we all deserve so we can shine our light. Jungle Meditation: Dagmar has created this beautiful jungle meditation for a strong belly and soft heart to help us with the process of shining our light: Getting to know Dagmar: To learn more about Dagmar please visit her personal website: To learn more about everything Dagmar offers in Costa Rica please check out her company website Don't forget to follow and message us these platforms: Instagram: @yogipreneurs / @mia_jafari Linkedin: @yogipreneurs
Apr 20, 202143:44
Episode 7: Roberto Croci - Resilience for Entrepreneurs

Episode 7: Roberto Croci - Resilience for Entrepreneurs

In this episode we meet Roberto Croci , the Managing Director of Microsoft for Startups in the Middle East and Africa Region and explore how entrepreneurs can become the best version of themselves. To Transform. To Succeed. To Create Impact.

We talk to Roberto about his own inspiration and what gives him a sense of purpose and what he feels about this new generation of entrepreneurs who are not only looking to create financial success but also align with their authentic purpose to create success on their own terms.

We deep-delve into resilience for entrepreneurs and why cultivating strong mental and wellbeing is crucial for entrepreneurs to succeed and create their visions and what the future of entrepreneurship in the middle east will look like.

Connect with Roberto Croci here:

LinkedIn: Robertocroci

Twitter: RobertoCroci

Instagram: Robertocroci

Apr 09, 202146:41
Episode 6: Sequin Kay - Healing & Growing Through Experiences

Episode 6: Sequin Kay - Healing & Growing Through Experiences

In this episode we meet Sequin Kay, the British artist whose multifaceted artworks explore a higher sense of perception, metaphysics and quantum reality.  Her signature artworks offer a window into the power of unseen energy, exploring transformative power and the nature of healing, destruction, personal chaos.

We discuss the nature of such healing, growing and learning from these experiences and how this is a journey of transformation, in which we have to let go of the old structures we hold, and we have to step into and grow into something new and what support systems we need to put into place to allow for this transformation to take shape.

Sequin shares how she nurtures herself to allow the birth of her new ideas and how as an artist who puts so much of herself into her creative practice how this is an constant evolution and she shares what she has learnt about cultivating emotional, physical, financial and spiritual wellbeing.

Visit Sequin Kat's artwork on Instagram @sequinkayart

Apr 03, 202135:16
Episode 5: Peter Harper - Rising Through Challenges

Episode 5: Peter Harper - Rising Through Challenges

In this episode with Peter Harper, the co-founder of the Drunken Monk we explore the challenges Peter has personally faced over the last 12 months as an entrepreneur and how he has built a vibrant virtual sanctuary that supports it's members to stay centred, focused, positive and connected to creating their destinies.

We discuss how Peter’s own spiritual work has enabled him to not only survive but thrive as an entrepreneur and by cultivating trust and courageously manoeuvring uncertainties we can all create our lives in a way that far super exceeds our own expectations.

Mar 26, 202138:29
Episode 4: Aya Sadder - Act Your Truth

Episode 4: Aya Sadder - Act Your Truth

In this episode we will be talking to Aya Sadder, Founder of BOLT – A Dubai based company for start-up hackathons, workshops and programmes.

Aya defines “entrepreneurship” as turning challenging circumstances into creative solutions and through BOLT Aya wants to help the next generation of entrepreneurs find their inner superhero.

In this episode we will explore how by building our capacity to self-reflect and through developing consistent daily rituals we can engage with people in a more meaningful and authentic way – the superpower all entrepreneurs need to succeed.

Mar 15, 202129:02
Episode 3: Chikky Sirish - Being in Flow

Episode 3: Chikky Sirish - Being in Flow

In this episode, we meet Chikky Siresh, a transformation engineer, energy healer and life coach based in Dubai. We explore how we all have the potential to change, to be better, to be amazing; and, all we need are the tools to help discover the possibilities within us. We identify the energy balancing tools that are available to us to help us allow more flow into our lives and have the right opportunities’ come to us. 

We will map out how coaching NLP and hypnotherapy have the potential to be the best version of ourselves as well as how we can utilize sound, movements, creativity and energy healing to tap into our feminine energy. 

Follow Chikky Siresh: 



Get the playbook to live your life with clarity, purpose, inspiration, joy, and creativity:

Mar 11, 202127:42
Episode 2: Cornell Thomas - Be Your Purpose

Episode 2: Cornell Thomas - Be Your Purpose

In this episode, we meet Cornell Thomas, speaker, author and social entrepreneur from New Jersey, USA. Two weeks away from playing professional basketball in Europe, Cornell suffered a career-ending injury that derailed his dream and left him questioning his purpose. In this interview with Cornell we explore how to make your setback into opportunities for growth and how to be ready for them and how to get past “Why Me” to “What Now”.

Follow Cornell Thomas:


Get the playbook to live your life with clarity, purpose, inspiration, joy, and creativity:

Mar 04, 202137:46
Episode 1 : Meet the Best Version of You

Episode 1 : Meet the Best Version of You

Welcome to our inspirational talks with creatives, entrepreneurs and leaders on how to develop spiritual tenacity to support you to build humanity+ businesses whilst falling in love with your life and seeing it like you have never seen it before.

Get the playbook to live your life with clarity, purpose, inspiration, joy, and creativity:

Mar 03, 202114:11