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Focus on Fabulous

Focus on Fabulous

By michelle bryant

An introduction to focus on fabulous podcast, celebrating everyday women and their personal and professional stories, offering motivating, encouraging & inspiring relatable content to the world.
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Life: It's in the bag

Focus on FabulousNov 14, 2021

Life: It's in the bag

Life: It's in the bag

“Is all that we leave behind what is ultimately left of us?” Things that once held meaning to us are now reduced to whatever price someone is willing to pay. Why do we put so much emphasis on material things, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, the labels we display? Instead, we should build our emphasis on the relationships we build, the stories, memories, and legacies we leave behind, on mending fences and giving whenever possible.

Nov 14, 202104:54
my sixty

my sixty

yes, it’s true, sixty is a number. but i can’t believe it’s my number. my sixty on the inside doesn’t feel much different from thirty. yes, there are some days i feel 18 while others i feel 80. in fact, i remember when my mother was 60.

Jun 21, 202111:56
paint your mood

paint your mood

Feeling blue? Paint yourself a different color. But give yourself permission to deal with whatever you're going through and then focus on the good that is among you each and every day.

Jun 14, 202108:03
Write your own headline

Write your own headline

As I was sitting with my friends chatting about what is going on in our world, about what some are choosing to call the “new normal it occurred to me that there has always been something. Something to fear, something to hate, something to worry over. But I want to take time to stop; to write my own headline.

Aug 31, 202011:09
Are you a cheetah or a snail?

Are you a cheetah or a snail?

Even though I utilized my quarantine time productively and seized every moment in my days, only venturing out one day a week and for just a few hours, I stayed protected, guarded, and distant, although foreign concepts for me. I felt comforted and safe. So, as I begin this new birth to the outside world on a regular and routine basis, I ask myself both personally and professionally, am I a cheetah or a snail? And which do I prefer?
May 24, 202008:58
distance makes the heart grow..

distance makes the heart grow..

Life will always provide challenges, but I find that our viewpoint and perspective can keep us from feeling defeated. Yes, some people are glued to the media, destroyed by the new normal and may even be entangled in the unwelcome effects that are occurring, but the truth is, there IS help. There is hope. There is love amidst the distress. People are reaching out; businesses are extending assistance wherever possible. It seems we actually miss the human connection.

Apr 21, 202005:24
Why Worry?

Why Worry?

Is there something you can change or control to ease the situation, stress or worry? If you can then what is the need for worrying? Just fix it. If you cannot solve it then what is the use of worrying? You read that right. If you CAN solve the problem, then why worry and if you can’t then why worry? It’s simple really.

Mar 31, 202005:19
Katryna Johnson- Mirelli Entrepreneur training for Women

Katryna Johnson- Mirelli Entrepreneur training for Women

Katryna joins us from Charleston, SC during the CoronaVid-19 quarantine with tips, tricks, and advice on keeping your small business alive during these tough times.

Mar 23, 202016:05
What will you do with your extra day? (a leap year segment)

What will you do with your extra day? (a leap year segment)

If you're like me, you are constantly needing more time. Saying things like, "If only I had an extra day." or "I need more time in my day." and so forth. Leap year gives us the gift of having that extra day. Embrace it!

Feb 28, 202002:17
Things are not as they appear

Things are not as they appear

Many works of art (in this case, needlework) are beautiful to the eyes that gaze upon them. But, rarely does the viewer consider the efforts endured, the mess it took or the flaws that may be covered in creating that beauty.

Feb 21, 202005:60
Because I said so

Because I said so

I think every child at some point feels like they know all the answers and their parents are too old to really “get it.” And in the debate of logic and reasoning, we plead our case with words like “Why not?” “Why do I have to?” or “So and So’s parents let them” and so forth only to hear “because I said so.” At the moment those words hit our ears we knew there was no more need for discussion let alone trying to persuade anything else. We knew we had made a great argument but had been overruled.

Feb 21, 202005:28
What is your green eggs and ham?

What is your green eggs and ham?

Remember Sam, I am from the classic Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham? After reading this to my grandson it occurred to me that we all have a green eggs and ham list. A list of things we will not do no matter what. Not here nor there nor anywhere.

For many of us, it may be something we refuse to eat. For others, it could be more complicated, such as public speaking. Think about it. What is YOUR green eggs and ham?

Feb 21, 202004:08
Stand up straight. Stop slouching.
Feb 21, 202004:04
Expose yourSELF-IE
Feb 21, 202006:43
Life is not posed
Feb 21, 202006:13
Never stop learning- the art of being teachable
Feb 21, 202004:59
be you..& let the world catch up
Feb 21, 202005:01
family forgiveness
Feb 21, 202005:52
mercy and grace…
Feb 21, 202004:25
reactions for actions…
Feb 21, 202005:05
be right or be happy...
Feb 21, 202004:06
pressing through pain & finding your purpose
Feb 21, 202004:57
patience and perseverance go hand in hand
Feb 21, 202004:50
so, you made a mistake. now what?
Feb 21, 202004:55
you get to choose...
Feb 21, 202005:18
embrace obstacles
Feb 21, 202003:29
Gather in the gratitude
Feb 21, 202006:09
fighting the demon of comparison
Feb 21, 202005:15
Stop complaining… start creating
Feb 21, 202004:38
Live by example (with purpose & intention)
Feb 21, 202003:33
Ladies of Justice with Robin Nazon

Ladies of Justice with Robin Nazon

In a matter of minutes RIGHT FROM YOUR PHONE, you can make money while attending your child's football games, recitals, school functions & more. Worry Less. Live More.

Robin Nazon 843.471.6056

Feb 21, 202013:04
Patience (small steps-lasting results)
Feb 21, 202004:01
the truth about criticism
Feb 21, 202001:41
the paradox of being bossy
Feb 21, 202006:22
be a rainbow in someone’s cloud
Feb 21, 202005:24
A nugget of blessing
Feb 21, 202004:43
You are pretty...
Feb 21, 202004:50
Positive journey toward growth
Feb 21, 202003:51
 Get close to the fire
Feb 21, 202004:32
Finding peace – through the storms
Feb 21, 202005:56
Be a little ‘Boulder'
Feb 21, 202004:34
The fight of perfection
Feb 21, 202005:19
Be so genuine and real, others want what you have
Feb 21, 202006:02
Be beautiful..and let the world catch up!
Feb 21, 202003:53
Seek the beauty over bombarded negativity
Feb 21, 202005:23
Your motivational mantra
Feb 21, 202002:30
Return the gift. Really!
Feb 21, 202004:17
Look at me. What do you see?
Feb 21, 202004:45
Living your life with purpose
Feb 21, 202005:23