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Food + Feelings

Food + Feelings

By Edlin Choi

A podcast about food and feelings in the context of population growth, climate change, and technocratic feudalism.

From the perspective of an ex-tech worker who turned to agriculture, this podcast hopes to examine the many challenges of food and farming and explore potential solutions that include everyone, not just the elite.
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Rebecca Hu on Plastics, Robotics, and Waste Management (Ep 002)

Food + FeelingsNov 01, 2022

Rebecca Hu on Plastics, Robotics, and Waste Management (Ep 002)

Rebecca Hu on Plastics, Robotics, and Waste Management (Ep 002)

Recycling robotics founder Rebecca Hu joins me to talk about her career arc and founding story, finding herself in the waste management industry to automate materials sorting, and why so many items fall out of the recycling stream.

Find the full show notes at for a rough outline of topics and time stamps along with sources and references from the show.

Other topics include the "single most eye-opening experience I've ever had," how exactly recycling fights climate change, the economics of recycling plastics and why recycling glass isn't always profitable, the Tetra Pak paradox, PFAS chemicals and contaminated compostables, the sustainability of aluminum vs. glass, Rebecca's "red pill" moment, the most surprising thing she's learned about waste management, industry mafia rumors, and the one takeaway she wants everyone to know about recycling.

And, of course, we also get into some feelings: what drives her decision making, the emotional rollercoaster of founding a company and how she self-regulates, emotional intelligence vs. emotional maturity, and what gives her hope around climate change.

Nov 01, 202201:26:43
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