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For Change Be Bold Podcast

For Change Be Bold Podcast

By Annakay Hutchinson

Las Vegas-based Podcast Host - Jamaican, Nevadian, listen out for the accent.
Listen weekly to hear how to step out and be bold!
It’s time to start living unapologetic!
It’s time to start choosing You!
It’s time to start making decisions you held back from!
Let’s chat! Let’s laugh! and Let’s make long-lasting friendships on the For Change Be Bold Podcast with your host Annakay Hutchinson.
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I'm just getting started - Makea Macaluso

For Change Be Bold PodcastMay 19, 2023

I'm just getting started - Makea Macaluso
May 19, 202319:35
Unstoppable You - Victoria Pelletier

Unstoppable You - Victoria Pelletier

Victoria is a 20+ year Corporate Executive and Board Director – currently a Managing Director at Accenture. Nicknamed the “Turn Around Queen” by former colleagues and employers, Victoria inspires and empowers her team and clients to change mindsets and drive growth in business, leadership, and culture. As someone who does not subscribe to the status quo, she is always ready for new challenges becoming one of the youngest Chief Operating Officers at the age of 24, a president by 35, and a CEO by age 41. 

Victoria was recognized as one of the Top 30 Most Influential Business Leaders in Tech by CIOLook, 2021’s Top 50 Business Leader in Technology by Insight Magazine, and a Mentor of the Year by Women in Communications & Technology in 2020. HSBC bank awarded her the Diversity & Inclusion in Innovation award in 2019, and she was IBM’s #1 Global Social Seller ranked by LinkedIn in 2019 and 2020. As a prolific motivational and inspirational speaker, Victoria has delivered keynotes discussing the importance of personal branding and its impact on professional growth, being an empathetic leader in empowering employees, the power of DEI on corporate cultures, and building a life of resilience. - Website  - Linkedin - Instagram 

Mar 03, 202325:28
What is the true meaning of Love ? - Kim Sorrelle
Feb 17, 202327:40
Social Media Hacks - Get the best out of your scroll with Shaily Hakimian

Social Media Hacks - Get the best out of your scroll with Shaily Hakimian

Shaily is the founder of Your Social Media Sherpa. She graduated from Indiana University with a degree and certification in elementary education K-6. She now uses those mad teaching skills to lead workshops, work with business owners 1-on-1 training them on social media, and has coached 200+ B2B consultants on how to use LinkedIn to grow their businesses. She guides companies on how to stay top of mind with their community and referral network using social media. I hold them accountable and boost their confidence in themselves, what they offer, and their social media abilities. She loves live streaming, event social media, live Tweeting, and comment engagement. Learn more about the programs Shaily Hakimian offers at She has spoken at Trunk Club, Fiverr, State Farm, Notre Dame, the University of Illinois, DePaul University, and the University of Chicago. She is a Persian-Moroccan Indiana University Grad who loves cheesy icebreakers, bubble tea, poker; reality competition shows like Big Brother and Survivor, TEDx conferences, magic, flea markets, the Jewish community, and her sequin closet.  Learn more about Shaily's adventures and hobbies by visiting & Follow Shaily on LinkedIn and Twitter, and don’t look too hard for her on TikTok. Social Links:  
Feb 03, 202301:00:31
Is Your Business Protected? Business Law/Top 5 questions to ask a lawyer -Jeremy Streten (Business Legal Lifecycle)

Is Your Business Protected? Business Law/Top 5 questions to ask a lawyer -Jeremy Streten (Business Legal Lifecycle)

Jeremy Streten is a founder and chief executive officer at Business Legal Lifecycle. He is the author of amazon's number one best-selling book, “The Business Legal Lifecycle.” The Business Legal Lifecycle is an innovative legal concept in the law tech space, to help business owners: 

Understand complex legal matters in a simple-to-understand manner. Understand why they need to take specific legal steps.  Help business owners develop a plan for the future. 

Jeremy lives in Brisbane, Australia is a dad of 2 awesome kids, and loves to learn and help business owners achieve their goals.

Grab a FREE copy of the book, "The Business Legal Lifecycle," and 50% off legal advice from Jeremy. Click the link to gain access.

Jan 27, 202324:01
The Birth Of A Butterfly - Prithvi Madhukar From Jobless to a Four Figures Business.
Jan 20, 202352:52
Jan 13, 202332:10
Could you work with your spouse? Partnership|Business|Love - Liz Cortes CEO of RebelFish Local

Could you work with your spouse? Partnership|Business|Love - Liz Cortes CEO of RebelFish Local

Robert got out of the restaurant industry and Liz closed her fitness business to open RebelFish Local marketing agency in San Diego California. For 7 years they’ve helped small businesses across the US get more local website traffic from Google Maps and Google Ads. In this weeks episode I had a heart-to-heart conversation with the founder of RebelFish Local Liz Cortes. Liz opens up on the partnership she shares with her business partner and spouse. Their dynamic flow that keeps their business running and the Do’s and Don’t a spousal/ business partnership.




Instagram: /  

Listeners get the 5-hack method from Rebelfish Local  

Follow our podcast  



Jan 06, 202335:01
Nuture And Explore Your Creativity Through Art with Fiona Valentine
Sep 10, 202231:47
Music| The Rachel’s Song | James Bond ! Touch by the music - Dave Combs
Sep 10, 202235:38
Break Through the Glass Ceiling / Life/ Faith - Tamara Kailany
Jun 03, 202201:00:44
It’s Our Anniversary 🎉🎉

It’s Our Anniversary 🎉🎉

Happy 3rd Anniversary For Change Be Bold Podcast !!!

Congratulations on your third year anniversary,  indeed you have made this world a better place by your contribution.  My life is definitely richer...cheers to many more years to come


Happy anniversary darling. This is my favorite podcast, and the host Annakay, keeps me informed and entertained. I'm so proud of you. Celebrating 3 years is a big deal, please continue to be great, looking forward to 3 more years. Way to go, FOR CHANGE BE BOLD!

Mar 04, 202218:19
The Takeover - Tonya Cross

The Takeover - Tonya Cross

Tonya Cross is no stranger to the podcast, she has graced the podcast before to talk about her company Accented Glory. Today Tonya Cross is taking over the podcast to share more on her coaching courses and tools. 

To learn more about Tonya visit 

Follow @Thevineevents for personal development and small business workshops 

Follow @Strategypreneur for marketing strategy and brand visibility. 

Follow @accentedglory for hair accessories and jewelry 

Feb 23, 202210:59
Accented Glory - Tonya Cross
Feb 11, 202224:32
Dr. Mae Jemison - Wake Up Monday
Feb 07, 202204:48
Owning Your Self-Talk with Rob Cressy
Feb 04, 202231:20
Speak Life or Speak Death - Wake Up Mondays

Speak Life or Speak Death - Wake Up Mondays

It's the end of one month and we are stepping into a new month this week! Your words are powerful, you can either speak life or speak death over your life. As you enter the new month, remember how powerful your words can fuel that inner energy. 

Follow the us on Facebook and Instagram @forchangebeboldpodcast 

Email us at 

Visit our website at

Jan 31, 202206:04
The Takeover - Pej. O (Part 2)
Jan 26, 202229:21
Wake Up Monday - Give Thanks In All Circumstances !

Wake Up Monday - Give Thanks In All Circumstances !

Today we looked at three bible scriptures. 

1 Tessalonians 5:18 " In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." 

Philippians 4:18 "I can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengths Me" 

2 Timothy 1:7 "For God Did Not Give Us A Spirit Of Fear But Of Power and Love and Sound Mind" 

Life throw so many curve ball at us that many days we aren’t always happy and smiling, laughing nor in the mood. But you know what's still happening in those moments, the gift of life. You have the choice to allow what test or trial your facing to defeat you or you can push through it with Gods help.

Always give God "Thanks" in the good times or in the bad times! 

Email the podcast at 

Follow the Podcast on Facebook and Instagram @forchangebeboldpodcast 

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Jan 24, 202215:19
Reframing Rejection and Taking Back Control with Kelli Calabrese
Jan 21, 202236:60
Wake Up Mondays - Community
Jan 17, 202205:57
Jamdung Vibes - Candace McDonald
Jan 14, 202220:28
The Takeover - Pej. O ( Part 1 )
Jan 12, 202223:41
Wake Up Mondays - You had the Experience but gain nothing from the Experience!

Wake Up Mondays - You had the Experience but gain nothing from the Experience!

This week on Wake Up Mondays #wayyupmonday we are chatting about setting intentions when we attend company events/ networking events. These events are put in place to help your growth in the business, foster and build relationship with other team members. 

Setting clear intentions on why this event would be a great fit for you, help you gain from the experience. 

- Partnership 

- Friendship 

- Future Clients/ Customers

Before you take the time off from work, or spend your money on a plane ticket to travel to an event, make sure your intentions are clear. 

Follow us on instagram @forchangebeboldpodcast, Facebook @forchangebeboldpodcast 

Use the hashtag #wayyupmonday 

Thanks for listening!

Jan 10, 202206:45
Wake Up Mondays - We got different taste !

Wake Up Mondays - We got different taste !

Welcome to the first episode of "Wake Up Mondays", I am so happy to see this idea around full circle! Wake Up Mondays is all about giving you that extra pump to kick start your week. The episode will be available every Monday morning to watch and listen.

Happy New Year! 2022 .... 

What a year 2021 was.. I am thankful for and every listener who have allow our podcast to reach top 100 in Entrepreneurial and Business category on Goodpod. We greatly appreciate you! 

So, todays reminder is that we all have different taste and what someone else deemed as bad or tasteless, another person see's the value, the flavor as amazing and worth it! So don't limit yourself to what flavor you can add to this world! 

Jan 03, 202209:03
Balancing the Scale : The Future of Women’s Leadership with Laura Belcher
Oct 29, 202145:58
Leveraging Marketing Techniques to Attract More Clients with Tim Fitzpatrick

Leveraging Marketing Techniques to Attract More Clients with Tim Fitzpatrick

Tim Fitzpatrick joined the podcast this week to chat about Leveraging Marketing Techniques to Attract More Clients. Tim has over 20+ years experience in marketing, business development, sales management and strategic planning. Just after graduating from college Tim had the good fortune of getting involved with a wholesale distribution company he co-owned for 9 years. The company grew an average of 60% a year before being acquired in 2005. Tim is the founder of Rialto Marketing.
At Rialto Marketing, they help service businesses in simplifying marketing so they can grow with less stress. At Rialto they do this by creating and implementing a plan to communicate the right message to the right people.
Social Media is a powerful platform, but we have learnt over the last couple of weeks that we don't own these companies. Tim share the importance of leveraging our social media platforms to drive people to our websites and sign up for our email list.
He share some keys points on how we can Leverage Marketing by :-

Understand Your Target Market
Messaging ( How will communicate your value? Is the messaging in your ideal clients words?)

Companies have to find the marketing strategics that best sues their needs, to reach their target audience/market and provide the right messaging to attract clients.
“When you don’t have a plan everything looks like an opportunity.” - Tim Fitzpatrick
"Bridges help get from a place you are now to place you want to go." - Tim Fitzpatrick
When it comes to marketing, it's so easy to fall prey to information overload.
Hey Listeners!!!
Tim has put together some FREE information to help you leverage your marketing! Click to learn more
Oct 15, 202137:59
The Light Through The Pouring Rain - James Ruvalcaba
Sep 03, 202129:27
Diving Into Your Dream - Jorge Solorzano Founder of Black Widow Print Studio

Diving Into Your Dream - Jorge Solorzano Founder of Black Widow Print Studio

From heat press to street wear, Jorge Solorzano is the founder of @blackwidowprintstudio and his journey started out at a kiosk at an outdoor mall during his high school years. Where he learned how to heat press and how to make vinyl stickers. 

Jorge had worked on Black Widow Print Studio as his side hustle for many years, but in California he work his side hustle after his 9 to 5 job.

Fast forward to unforeseen 2020 and the Pandemic that had disrupt majority of our lives, Jorge had being furloughed from his Job of over 16 years. The important lesson here was that Jorge had a side hustle grooming for years and make the best use of the pandemic to spread his brand to many people around the country. 

Jorge decided to go full time with BWPS. He took a leap of faith and called Black Widow Print studio is full time job.

Jorge walk us through his journey building and grooming his business, learning the daily struggles that comes with operating a business and providing words of wisdom to many entrepreneurs. 

Support Black Widow Print Studio by following on 

Instagram @blackwidowprintstudio 


Aug 27, 202128:38
Millennials The Generation Hustlers : Young Entrepreneurs Making the best use of the Pandemic - Cheyenne Parker (Topofthetopevents)

Millennials The Generation Hustlers : Young Entrepreneurs Making the best use of the Pandemic - Cheyenne Parker (Topofthetopevents)

Cheyenne parker has been voted top 25 entrepreneurs in Las Vegas in June of 2021 by the @lasvegasentrepreneurs

She is the founder of @topofthetopevents, an event planning company she started last year. She has achieved a lot during her entrepreneurial journey thus far and had a lot of growth . 

“Being a business owner isn’t easy but I love working for myself and supplying the best services for my clients”.

She has coordinated a 100+ guest wedding in a matter of 2 weeks . Which was a huge pivotal moment in Cheyenne business journey. 

She offers Event Planner, Decors for parties 🎉, Weddings and more.

To get in touch with Cheyenne Parker please visit her website

Follow her instagram page @topofthetopevents

Aug 20, 202113:19
Sonia Lewis - Ascribe Success

Sonia Lewis - Ascribe Success

From the classroom to now an entrepreneur. Our guest for this week's episode is the founder of Ascribe Success. With nearly 20th years of educational background as a History teacher. Sonia Lewis passion has always been educational equity, and she took the leap to start a business to  provide the much needed student services many school fail to have time or resources to deliver. Sonia Lewis have create  a content for students  that focuses on DEI - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 

Sonia Lewis consider herself a "Women Change-maker". Sonia launched a program designed for Organizational Leaders and Corporate Executives to provide the direction needed in brining Equity/Anti-Racism professional development to their team. Listen to the full chat to hear how Ascribe Success youths learn and growth in with the community. 

Follow Ascribe Success on Instagram @ascribesuccess 


Aug 13, 202143:11
Jenny Toh - River Life Coaching

Jenny Toh - River Life Coaching

Poised, grace and strength are just a few words to describe our guest for this week's episode. From the lawyers seat to now a certified life coach our guest Jenny Toh has the knowledge and tools to help shift your career goals and life goals from dead to life.
Jenny Toh is a christian and non-christian life coach and her mission is to help individuals align their career and life goals with their values and strengths.Jenny is an ICF ACC coach who is the director of River Life Coaching Pte. Ltd. She is currently working on her certification as a PQ Coach under the Positive Intelligence program run by Dr. Shirzad Chamine.
During the episode Jenny Toh walks through her journey in starting River life Coaching, getting certified as a coach, her niche and the programs she offers to her clients.
What can you expect from Jenny Toh :-

Listen to your ideas.
Explore that idea.
Check up on your progress.
Supports Your Plans.

Jenny Toh offers three coaching program from her company River life Coaching.

River Life Coaching Programs include :

River Signature Program
Stream Coaching
Brook Coaching

To all our listeners you will be given a Free 30 mins complementary coaching session with Jenny Toh.
Please note that you have to mentioned that you have listen to the podcast episode to be given the free 30 mins complementary coaching session.
Follow Jenny Toh on her social media accounts :
Visit Jenny website at
We want to extend a warm thanks to all our listeners for Nominating the Podcast for the People's Choice Award.
Follow the podcast at
Aug 06, 202126:40
Re-Center Your Focus

Re-Center Your Focus

We have 5 months reminding in the year, I want to share how re-centering our focus can help propel our business to a greater level than we think.
Re-Center Your Focus to help deepen your understanding of your purpose.
Re-Center Your Focus to help sharpen your end goals.
While your re-center can seem to others like a failure, it's not a failure, it's a comeback for a bigger audience, bigger fiance, and growth.
Set aside time in your weekly, monthly planning to re-center your goals.
Jul 30, 202121:15
John Davis - 5 "F's"
Jul 16, 202145:31
If they don’t fit in it, don’t let it end with them.

If they don’t fit in it, don’t let it end with them.

Your idea is worth working, it’s worth planning, it worth a trail period. Too many times we let our idea’s die at the hands of someone else. We are seeking that support or that partnership and we aren’t able to see that the idea is fuel by your fire and not someone else. Stop letting your idea die at the hands of someone else.
Jul 09, 202112:18
The Secret Sauce to Start -up Businesses with Tamara Shaw- Reid
Jul 02, 202132:45
Long Game - Sponsorship with Sheila Farragher-Gemma

Long Game - Sponsorship with Sheila Farragher-Gemma

The Long Game - Sponsorship, this week we have Sheila Farragher-Gemma (FG) sharing with the podcast. Sheila has an entrepreneurial spirit which leads her to the world of marketing consulting. Through her company, Connected Sponsor, she helps event promoters monetize their events by building long-standing relationships and partnerships with Sponsoring companies. Some events she’s helped are Traffic &Conversion, ProfitCon, Underground, and MFA Live. Sheila has gifted you our dear listeners an amazing free gift you don't want to give up! That's a Free 15 mins sponsorship training. Free Training click now. Along with the 15min training you are provided a one-pager from Sheila to help find sponsorships.  Check out Sheila on social media platforms, her website to learn more :-  Free Training Flagship Affiliate Link Facebook Page Linkedin   Website
Jun 25, 202132:23


Juneteenth marks the date when the last enslaved African Americans were free!

Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States.

The emancipation proclamation was issued on January 1, 1863, and not all slaves were freed until General Granger travels to Texas on June 19, 1865, to read the proclamation.

The Juneteenth celebration has been around for 156 years.

The celebration takes place on June 19th.

On June 17th,2021 Biden signed a bill making Juneteenth a new federal holiday.

Jun 18, 202110:58
G.R.I.T - Get Ready It's Time!

G.R.I.T - Get Ready It's Time!

Today's topic is one that has helped shape the minds and attitudes of many individuals, from the young to the elderly, from the level of energy each individual allows others to steal to the firmness of spirit.
In today’s episode, we’re digging into how we can emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally use the word GRIT to direct our life's through our business, family, work and amongst friends. You will learn from this week's episode on how to be firm, courageous, brave, persistent and bold.
So, if you are ready to start taking G.R.I.T in your life, business and amongst your friends, this is an episode to kick start that.
Today's topic "G.R.I.T - GET READY IT'S TIME" focuses on four words Guts, Resilience, Initiative, and Tenacity.
Here’s what you will learn in this week’s episode.

How to Build Guts
How to Build Resilience
How to Build Initiative
How to Build Tenacity

Don't forget to grab a copy of the Grit Free Workbook, now available to download on my website.
Click to grab a copy
Jun 11, 202112:57
The Ethical Crossword in Business - Rael Bricker

The Ethical Crossword in Business - Rael Bricker

From being 6000ft underground in a mine to start an education business (4000 plus students) to spending years working in venture capital, Rael has seen it all. Rael has listed companies on multiple international stock exchanges, and his financial services group has settled more than $3bn in loans over 19 years. Rael has a diverse work history combined with unique global research interviews with companies in more than 25 countries. Taking this knowledge and experience makes him perfect to advise people on growing and achieving excellence, as he has experienced the rollercoaster himself, and know-how to navigate the twists, turns, and loops.

Rael holds two Masters degrees; an MBA and an MSc (Engineering) and am currently a Fellow of the MFAA (Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia), a Certified Speaking Professional  (CSP)  (Professional Speakers Australia), and a Member of AICD (Australian Institute of Company Directors). Additionally, I am the first inspirational in Australia with Integrus Global and a Mentor with both Mentored With Mark Bouris and Mastermind space.

Rael is the author of the book "Dive In – Lessons Learnt since business School". The book is intended to guide for people to take Rael's experiences and to be able to put the lessons into practice.  As the blurb says: “Business does not have to be complicated, Business can be simple. Take a breath, dive in, and adjust the course while you are moving.

In this week's episode, we discuss ethical crossroads in a business. 

The business field in its self his very complex, but an important lesson that Rael points out in the episode is the importance of leaders taking the initiative to do what they would require of the staff. He provided a detailed example of how he realized the men's restroom gave off a bad odor and he decided to clean that bathroom, which allows his team to see him taking the initiative. 

Follow Real on is social media pages at @Raelbricker 

Get a free copy of Real's book at 

Visit Rael's website at 

Jun 04, 202154:50
Emotional De-Stress - The best way forward! - Mira Katyal

Emotional De-Stress - The best way forward! - Mira Katyal

Mira Katyal is a specialized Emotional De-stress Lifestyle Therapies joins the podcast this week. Mira Katyal uses the eastern wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga therapy, Reiki, and even astrology, I help deconstruct stress, and build up calm. 

There are three groups of emotional imbalances, knowing yourself, is half the battle won, in setting up strategies for calm. 

Calm is not merely a mental issue, it is a body constitution issue, and a lifestyle issue as well and a societal issue as well.

In this week's episode, we looked at three exercises the first one is Shaskank Asana. 

Here are the steps below to complete the Shaskank Asana Exercise. 

Kneel and place hands on your thighs allowing your spine to push back. Then open your knees so that they are apart.  Place your palms on the floor in between the space you have created with your knees.  Exhale and slide your hands on the floor and bend your torso forward at the hip level. Ensure to keep your hands, knees, and spine straight at all times.  Stretch down to touch the floor from the palm to the forehead, then breathe softly.  Inhale and gently slide your hand back using your muscles. 

The second exercise was the Pranayama Breathing. 

Here are the steps below to complete the Pranayama Breathing. 

Place your index and middle fingers of your right hand on your forehead in between your eyebrows. Rest your thumb onto your right nostril, ring finger, and baby finger onto your left nostril.  Inhale and exhale while interchanging the position of your thumb onto your nose, e.g close the left nostril with your thumb; inhale through the right nostril for a count of 5.  Then close both nostrils and hold count to 5.  Then exhale for 5 counts. Then repeat step 2 with the right nostril and breathe out through the left nostril. 

This will complete one round and you can continue and complete up to 5 more rounds. 

The third and final exercise we looked at was the Bhramari (Bee Breathing Technique). 

Here are the steps below to complete the Bhramari Breathing Technique. 

You can find a calm environment or a quiet spot in your home.  Sit into a Padmasana position, cross-legged sitting position.  Relax your body and clear your mind.  Ensure that your breathing is normal.  Place your finger on your forehead and remaining fingers on your eyes to cover them.  Now take a long deep breathe through your nose and make the humming sound. 

Find out more about Mira on your website

Listen to her podcast Zen Time with Goddess of healing .

Find on Facebook at Ayurconsultant

 Follow our show on @forchangebeboldpodcast

May 28, 202136:44
The 5 "E's" of leadership - Dominique Brightmon
May 21, 202130:40
How to write a killer content and build your personal brand - Sam Thiara
May 14, 202142:55
How to confidently execute your elevator speech to keep an engaging conversation - Katrina Roddy
May 07, 202141:12
Start Tha Business - Business Structures
Apr 30, 202113:21
Start Tha Business - Target Market and Market Research

Start Tha Business - Target Market and Market Research

Today we are continuing our series on “Start Tha Business” we are diving into Target Market and Market Research (Time for more Research). Let’s get into this week’s episode.
Have you subscribed to our Youtube Channel as yet? Please click the link to subscribe
Target Market
Having a defined target market is very important.

Know who will you target to purchase from you or use your service.
Who are your competitors targeting?
Choose your demographic.

Market Research is gathering information about your consumers and how successful a product or service will be or amongst your Target Market.

What will you offer to your consumers, clients, etc?
What will you offer to your clients, customers?
Will you be creating a product for customers to use?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @forchangebeboldpodcast
Want to be a guest on the podcast email
Apr 23, 202110:17
Start Tha Business - Planning

Start Tha Business - Planning

Planning stages of a business are very important!
"A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power" - Brain Tracy
Planning is the activity that helps you achieve your desired goals.
In planning, you need to first:-
1) Identify your goals
2) Write it down
3) Set a deadline to accomplishing your goals.
Planning is very important!
Apr 16, 202110:24
Start Tha Business - Research

Start Tha Business - Research

Over the next 6 weeks on For Change Be Bold I will be breaking down different areas of getting your business idea off the group. This week we are talking about Research.
You can go wrong with Research and there is no such thing as too much Research!
Four Steps tp Research :-
1. Understand the market your entering.
2. Understand your competitors.
3. Know who can help.
4. Research helps you sell.
The research will be a continuous process and not just one that happened at the beginning and stops!
Apr 09, 202112:33
Self Care Is Important - Your Happiness Is Important

Self Care Is Important - Your Happiness Is Important

Self Care Is Important - it’s more than just a list we create. Self is important for physical, mental and spiritual health.
Apr 02, 202114:12
Start Tha Business - Business Plan
Mar 26, 202127:29
Rejection- How To Deal With It!

Rejection- How To Deal With It!

Rejection is bound to happen. But we have to change how we accept the rejection. Learn more about the fixed mindset and the growth mindset when it comes on to rejection.
Mar 19, 202110:19
Strength Of A Woman- International Woman’s Day

Strength Of A Woman- International Woman’s Day

International Woman’s Day with our special guest Trace-Ann Gooden . Trace- Ann Gooden join us to speak about her take on Feminism, the woman that inspire her and also what challenges woman will face in the future.
Mar 08, 202110:55
Our 2nd Anniversary !!

Our 2nd Anniversary !!

Celebration Time!

Celebrate with
us as we enter year 2 of podcasting.

We are entirely grateful for the listeners, our guests, and supporters.

Year 2 🎉🎉🎉🎉

If you want to join in on the celebration. 

Mar 05, 202120:21
Dr. Morissa Schwartz -

Dr. Morissa Schwartz -

Dr. Morissa Schwartz has a Ph.D. in Literature and a Master in Communication she is the owner of – a marketing and writing company ranked in the top 1 social media experts in NY by Thumbtack, and – a publishing company, which has produced six Amazon bestsellers. She holds a doctorate in literature from Drew University and has a Masters's in Communication.

She has been featured on Forbes, MTV, broke a Guinness World Record for creating the World’s Longest Chain of Bracelets, is a bestselling author, speaks professionally about inspiring others through words and entrepreneurship, and was named the “Voice of Generation Z” by Community Magazine. She seeks to inspire others through words and a positive attitude.

Website - https://

FB -

IG - 

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @forchangebeboldpodcast 

Visit our website  

Subscribe to our Youtube Channel   

Do you know a Young Adult who wants to Start Tha Business we have a 6 weeks course just for them?

Feb 26, 202118:48
Sarah St John - Frugalpreneur
Feb 19, 202134:57
Five Steps To Changing Your Circumstances, By Changing Your Attitude!

Five Steps To Changing Your Circumstances, By Changing Your Attitude!

On this weeks episode we looked at five steps in changing your circumstances, by changing your attitude. This week episode focuses on our attitude improves our circumstances if only we start looking at life a little differently.
Feb 14, 202108:15
Dr. Kelly Henry - How to drastically improve customer retention
Feb 12, 202124:26
Charles Reads - GetPayRoll
Jan 29, 202129:32
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone - Oliver Lepki

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone - Oliver Lepki

If you don't plan it then it's more likely not going to happen!
For Change Be Bold Podcast had a chat with Oliver Lepki about his journey through the business world.
Listen to the First Episode of the New Year to hear how Oliver Lepki changes his life.
Jan 01, 202133:13
Happy Thanksgiving - Year of Enlightenment

Happy Thanksgiving - Year of Enlightenment

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
It’s Thanksgiving Day!!
This year has its ups and downs but we have learned a lot throughout this year! We have learned how to fight this year!
We have learned how to bond together!
How to love each other and most importantly we learned how to appreciate the people around us FAMILY!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 26, 202007:60
Nonprofit are messy..... So What??! - Special Guest Valerie Leonard

Nonprofit are messy..... So What??! - Special Guest Valerie Leonard

The non-profit organization has to serve amazing purposes in our society. They have created an outlet for many individuals to give back through donations, volunteering, and sharing. They are a pillar to the community with a program designed to support, educated and provide a sense of direction for many. But should you start a non-profit organization? Are you fully aware of what starting a nonprofit entail? Do you understand the importance of establishing By-Laws and having a board of directors? Do you understand the difference between a nonprofit and a for-profit?. This week's special guest Valerie Leonard has helped over 750 professionals through coaching, mentoring and creating Prospal for the development and growth of nonprofit. Valerie will use her expertise in the field to provide information our audience can utilize to develop a proper non-profit and also gain more information on developing a non-profit organization.
For Change Be Bold Podcast will have two segment
1) Word of the Month
2) Tech Talk
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Sep 25, 202028:58
Four Big Energy Blocks - Michelle Kuei
Sep 18, 202018:05
Plot Twist

Plot Twist

Plot Twist is a literary technique that is used to introduce a shift in direction or outcomes. This weeks episode focus on a Plot Twist within a business and 5 key areas needed to be address before a Plot Twist can take place. 1) What went wrong ? / Why is the changes needed ? 2) How can the business still offer services to the clients ? 3) Research new platforms that will help the business reach its goals and the goals of the clients. 4) Be Prepare for disgruntlements. 5) Be informed with new laws and regulations for business and changes to a business.
Sep 11, 202014:40
Remind Yourself.......
Aug 28, 202007:46
Miesha Riley - Our Roots Beauty
Aug 21, 202022:42
Raymond McLeod - TheGreat32t

Raymond McLeod - TheGreat32t

Mr. Raymond McLeod is known as TheGreat32t, is an American motivational speaker, author, and Founder and CEO of Inspir32 Creative Solutions. Inspir32 Creative Solutions provides solutions to individuals so they will have the courage to define their business, career, and life.

This week's episode Mr. McLeod shared more on his

 Breakthrough Conference Workshop (August 16th from 7 pm to 9 pm 

 7 Day of Greatness E-book (email us to get a copy) 

Follow Raymond on Instagram @TheGreat32t and @Inspire32


Aug 14, 202017:58
Double Tap

Double Tap

This week's episode I shared how we can Double Tap on the opportunities that are presented to us. Many times the opportunities are in our emails already waiting for us to accept, opportunities are in our social media inboxes.
Double Tap into the opportunities that are presented to you today.
Join our gratitude challenge today on our Instagram page. Share what your thankful for.
Aug 07, 202010:17
Solution Home Care LLC - Nyoka Hutchinson
Jul 31, 202005:44
Quotes To Keep You Moving!

Quotes To Keep You Moving!

“Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems.”- Brian Tracey

In this week's episode, I share some quotes with my listeners to keep them moving throughout their journey. Below you will find these quotes. To get your daily quote to follow my personal page @iamannakayhutchinson on Instagram.

"At your absolute best, you still won't be good enough for the wrong person. At your worst, you'll still be worth it to the right person. Remember this." -Unknown

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant." -Robert Louis Stevenson

“Beginnings are usually scary, and endings are usually sad, but its everything in between that makes it all worth living.” - Bob Marley

“If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.” —Morris West

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” -Albert Einstein ll

Jul 24, 202014:49
Natasha Knight - Crumbsy Cookie

Natasha Knight - Crumbsy Cookie

In today’s episode, we’re chatting with the CEO of Crumbsy Cookie Natasha Knight.  Natasha Knight started her company out of her personal mantra: Make Someone Smile each Day. Here happiness moments are spent cooking with her family. 

Did I mention that Crumbsy Cookie is also a local business in #lasvegas  so all my nevadian visit crumbsy cookie to get your delicious cookies.
No worries, you will be able to get your cookies if you're out of state, Crumbsy Cookies ships nationwide. 

Visit Crumbsy Cookies website

Follow Crumbsy Cookie on Instagram @crumbsycookie 

Shop Crumbsy Cookies delicious flavors such as:- 

Triple Chocolate Chunk  Cookies n' Cremes  PB+J Oatmeal White Chocolate Cherry  Vegan Cookie  Chocolate Peanut Butter Mixup 

Get to order your cookies for parties, family members, and for co-workers. 

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Take Back Control!
Jul 10, 202013:29
Shifting Lanes

Shifting Lanes

In today's episode, I used chapter 4 of my e-book titled "Shift Lanes" to break down the importance of asking yourself questions before shifting lanes. The short e-book "Embrace your dream: My ingredients for success" can be found on amazon.

Questions are important ways to assess the level of change we can take on in our businesses. Shifting into a new lane will require much-needed assessment and time to fully understand if the movement will help the business/brand in the long run.

Listen to the episode to learn more, also our good feeling story was centered around 21 Savage and is a new initiative.

I am back! and ready to make the rest of 2020 a great one!

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Jul 03, 202017:19
Differentiate Yourself

Differentiate Yourself

When building a brand you want to stand out from the rest, you want to attract people to use your service and experience your values. So, What differentiates You from others? Why does your target market need your services? How are you different? What sets you apart? What important about you?
May 15, 202010:37
Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day Special

A Mother’s touch, love and tenderness can never be replace! Mother Thank you! Mom, Mommy, Ma thank you! For Change Be Bold Family want to say a Happy Mother’s Day to all our beautiful Mommas. Thanks to each person who tried sending in a shoutout and to those who send a shoutout. Special thanks to Daniel Jackson for the beautiful rendition for our Mother’s. Please check him out on Instagram @danieljohn_soulmusic
May 10, 202011:14
What are you grateful for?
May 08, 202016:22
What's Your Label?

What's Your Label?

As humans we use labels to manage the gruesome world that we live in, to fit into a society or amongst a group of individuals we don't belong to. We use these labels to cover up our true purpose our true talents and who we are! Because the true purpose separates us from others.
We place the label on ourselves because we think that’s how we were created, that’s our purpose or it’s our mission and objective in this life because we believe we have no value.
Labels can trigger so many inflicted misery inwards. Constant unhappiness, an unwavering doubt, thinking you're never going to be seen for who you are, and never going to be taken seriously.
And these labels could be: -

You’re born unlucky
you're ugly

What's your label?
Did I mention a label that you've heard in the past?
Are you still hearing these labels?
These labels become powerful when we let them become powerful!
These labels start to take a root in or life when we start to let them take root in our lives!
But, are there labels that we can embrace?
Yes, not all labels are bad! There are some good labels.
The labels that we want to hold onto and embrace are labels such as:-
I am brave!
I am Unique!
I am worthy!
I am strong!
I will succeed!

What's your label?
What will you Embrace today!

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May 01, 202008:30
Importance of Checking- in (Personal Check-in, Family Check -in and Friendship Check-in)
Apr 17, 202012:18
Time Management Tips - Juliette Nelson
Apr 10, 202047:15
Strategies and tips as you work from home !
Apr 03, 202021:13
Let’s Share The Love - March 31st to April 3rd
Mar 27, 202008:34
COVID-19 - Lets Support Each Other!
Mar 20, 202022:53
Thank You - For Change Be Bold One Year Anniversary!!!

Thank You - For Change Be Bold One Year Anniversary!!!

For Change Be Bold is one year today! I’m so excited to share this amazing platform with each guest that has join the podcast and every single person who have listen to For Change Be Bold. Celebrate with For Change Be Bold and want to win amazing prices to celebrate the one year anniversary show. Check out my Instagram page for more information.
Mar 06, 202013:53
Challenge Yourself
Feb 28, 202019:00
Celebrate.... Good Times Come On!

Celebrate.... Good Times Come On!

Hello world! Happy Friday to all the For Change Be Bold listers .
Are you ready to kickstart this amazing day ? Doing amazing things!
Well .... one things for sure you are alive and well!
Second thing for sure.... it’s Friday!
And………. It’s almost the weekend! Yahhhhh

So today episode…… I want to chat to everyone this morning on the importance of celebration
Celebrate Good times Come On…
How can celebrating your achievements help you with your desired goals?

Celebrating help your mind!
if you fail to celebrate your many accomplishments, you are training your brain that what you are doing isn't all that exciting and important. - CEO of trepoint

Celebrating Colleagues and Business Partners Tightens Your Network/ relationship
You feel love …. they feel love

Celebrations Helps Attracts for Winner to join your Success
Wait if you don’t celebrate the wins… who will know about the wins….
yep exactly
Feb 21, 202014:51
Leonor Paulo - Las Vegas RnB Artist

Leonor Paulo - Las Vegas RnB Artist

So let’s get into today's episode, I am joined by the incredible upcoming RnB artist,  Las Vegas raised and Angola Born Leonor Susu Savimbi. Welcome to the For Change Be Bold podcast. 

Leonor has graced the stage of the BET Experience in Los Angeles, the Vegas Next Up Showcase. The Las Vegas raised singer-songwriter immigrated to the U.S. with her family when she was 4 years old and she has resided in Las Vegas ever since. Leonor executes genre-bending R&B, embellished with dancehall/afrobeat elements and jazz and melodic rap influences. 

From elementary all the way up to high school, Leonor has always been drawn to the spotlight; as shown by her participation in every performing arts production and talent show stage welcoming of new talent. Leonor EP "Island" is coming out on February 29th with 6 tracks.  

Follow Leonor Paulo on Instagram Like, Share and Subscribe! 

Feb 17, 202019:54
How to get over feeling “Intimidated” to execute your next social event.

How to get over feeling “Intimidated” to execute your next social event.

So today's topic was inspired by my recent experience networking with my peers. While out networking with my peers, I realize that most if not all had an issue with networking and confidently networking because they felt intimidated by the people within the room.
Therefore this week's episode focuses on the word “Intimidate”.
When you're intimidated “you become frightened and you become afraid or fearful”.
Many times we are intimidated by a person’s look, the way they dress, how they stand, and even how they speak. Today I shared my personal journey through intimidation, what my go-to methods are:-

The first method I mention was the mentally prepared ahead of time.

The second message that I shared plan ahead and what you're going to say.

The third method is to practice with someone else, or you can practice in front of a mirror.

The four things are to watch body language when you're talking to someone.

The fifth focus on the person you're communicating with.

The sixth and final things that I mention talk firmly and with confidence.

Feb 07, 202018:46
TIME - Let’s Readjust!

TIME - Let’s Readjust!

Time is invaluable! Time loss can never be regain. So in this weeks episode I am speaking about the importance of time. Readjusting and making sure your time is worth everything.
Jan 31, 202013:38
Master Your Financials For Entrepreneur - with Amanda Abella

Master Your Financials For Entrepreneur - with Amanda Abella

Today's topic is one that is very close to our guest's heart, Amanda Abella. Our guest has worked with many bloggers and millennials with a side hustle to increase their financial wealth. Financial wealth is a topic I am passionate about, while it can get very intimidating for many side hustlers and even business owners. It's very important for the growth and financial freedom businesses are trying to achieve. In today's episode, we're digging into how entrepreneurs, millennials and side hustlers can grow their business financially. You will learn from Amanda's past students' experience. So, if you are a side hustler who's ready to transition into a full-time entrepreneur this week's episode will provide you with the resources and tips to transition. Amanda Abella our guest joining the conversation in this week's episode is a Latina Millennials Finance Expert who has created an online community where millennials can learn how to make money online and actually enjoy their financial journeys. Amanda is featured in Forbes, the Huffington Post, Inc Magazine and Business Insider. Amanda launched her Amazon bestselling book, Make Money Your Honey: A Spirited Entrepreneur’s Guide to Having a Love Affair with Work & Money which has been featured in Yahoo Finance and Seventeen Magazine. The book has also appeared on top business and many finance podcast. So, are you ready to shift your financial journey? Then you have to listen to this week's episode. Here's what you will learn in this week's episode with guest Amanda Abella. Importance of finding a coach and a coach who has produced results. Getting over your fear of investment. Understanding that sales will not take place with the wrong pricing. Having a clear understanding of your target market. To be a lucky winner of Amanda Abella bestselling Amazon book "Make Money Your Honey: A Spirited Entrepreneur’s Guide to Having a Love Affair with Work & Money" Follow the following instructions to be a lucky winner! Follow @forchangebeboldpodcast on (Facebook and Instagram) Share this week's episode on your Instagram page and tag @forchangebeboldpodcast Subscribe to our podcast on Spotify. A winner will be announced on Monday, January 20th on our Instagram page. Follow our guest (Amanda Abella) on social media at Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Visit her website A new episode is going on every Friday! Follow us Facebook Instagram LinkedIn
Jan 17, 202025:20
Self - Investment
Jan 10, 202012:31
Power Of Vision Board - Chantl Martin

Power Of Vision Board - Chantl Martin

In this week's episode of For Change Be Bold, we are joined by the founder of Thrive Lounge Chantl Martin. Thrive Lounge, an online community that helps over 100K women annually to uncomplicate their goals, stop making excuses and achieve their dreams.
After rising from depression and living paycheck to paycheck, Chantl landed her dream job, tripled her income and paid off over 30K in student loan debt in 24 months. She is the author of The Vision Board Planner and Goal Doing: Practical Advice For Goal Setting Action Planning and Achieving Your Dreams.
She has a Bachelor's in Business, a Master's in Marketing Analytics and works full time as an analytics consultant running $10 Million-dollar campaigns for a fin-tech startup.
Chantl join our podcast this week to speak more on the power of vision boards and the ways she has used a vision board to help her achieve her dreams.
You can keep up-to-date with chantl blog.
Connect with Thrive Lounge:
Follow her on social media.
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Dec 27, 201932:51
Tech app’s - For Business and Personal Life.

Tech app’s - For Business and Personal Life.

Let’s Talk Tech is back for another amazing episode of all things Tech. This week episode our host ( Deana-Kay Stewart) share amazing apps she has used for her business and personal life to stay afloat with scheduling, creating contents on the go and keeping track of meetings. Let’s divine into this weeks episode.
Dec 20, 201916:21
Breaking the barriers of Mental Health - Michelle Dickinson

Breaking the barriers of Mental Health - Michelle Dickinson

In the United States there are over 19.1% of the population that experience mental Illness. Mental Illness has impacted the life's of many individuals whether its the populations that in poverty, the middle class or the rich populations.
Today's episode we are speaking with Michelle Dickinson a passionate mental health advocate, a TED Speaker, and a published author of the book "Breaking into My life". Michelle is also passionate about the growth and development of youths. Michelle has started a program called "Perfect Just The Way You Are" to help youths understand the importance of nourishing their body and mind.
Today's discussion on Mental Health is very important and its important to have more people speak out.
Michelle shared that in order for elders to start having this opening conversation they have to first accept it. Mental Health is not easy to process, but its sure far from being over. The work to help more and more individuals is to share more, speak up and speak out!
You can learn more about Michelle Dickinson programs on her website
Please follow Michelle Dickinson on her Instagram page @michelledickinson71
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Join every Friday for a new episode.
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Dec 06, 201924:08
Gobble! Gobble!

Gobble! Gobble!

It’s thanksgiving day! Happy Thanksgiving to all the listeners on For Change Be Bold. Eat and have fun, be thankful and just cherry the family memories.
Nov 28, 201908:04
The Power of Giving
Nov 22, 201915:12
Tips To Stay Safe While Shopping Online!

Tips To Stay Safe While Shopping Online!

The shopping season is approaching!!!! In this week's Let's Talk Tech I will be sharing tips on how to stay safe while shopping online. Tips include : - Shop at a trusted website. - Avoid public Wi-Fi. - Create a Strong Password. - Check website security. - Pay with a credit card. Let's Talk Tech is a collaboration with and For Change Be Bold. Join in every third Friday of the month to hear tips from our host Deana-kay Stewart on Technology and online presence. Join For Change Be Bold on Nov.24th at Craig Ranch Park for our Blanket Drive benefiting the Nevada Partnership For Homeless Youths. Help us provide Blankets to the Youths, visit Follow US Instagram page @forchangebeboldpodcast Facebook page @forchangebeboldpodcast Twitter page @forchangebebold Send us an email at to inquire about joining our podcast.
Nov 15, 201911:45
Embrace Your Dreams
Nov 01, 201916:54
10 things you need to know about the impacts of Technology on consumer privacy and information

10 things you need to know about the impacts of Technology on consumer privacy and information

As technology evolves the increase in data breaches has skyrocketed and has posed serious risks to consumers. This has sparked ongoing conversations around user privacy and information protection.  In this episode of "Let's Talk Tech" our host, Deana-kay Stewart (CEO and Business Tech Strategist for Ayir Tech) unloads some informative content on how we can protect our privacy and information while still enjoying technological advances in our day to day lives and Businesses. Here is what you will gain from this episode: An overview of how technology has opened up the doors for more serious actions towards privacy and information protection Tips on how to prevent your information and privacy from being impacted Data breach awareness in 2019 Tools that can help identify whether you were impacted by data breaches. Follow Ayir Tech on Instagram and Facebook @ayirtech Follow host Deana-kay Stewart on Instagram @deanakaystewart and Facebook @deanakayktstewart Website: Grab a copy of Annakay’s Book “Embrace Your Dreams: My Ingredients For Success” now available for pre-order on amazon.
Oct 18, 201916:52
Accept Your Emotions - Happiness is your birthright

Accept Your Emotions - Happiness is your birthright

Yes Yes!!! I can see y'all Jammin to the music!!! Hey!! Happy Friday! Welcome back to another episode on For Change Be Bold.  This week I have an amazing  Guest joining in to Talk about Happiness.  Happiness in our business! Happiness in our personal life! Our Guest For Today is Natasha Lalwani.  Natasha Lalwani is a life & Happiness Coach focusing on emotional health; creator of E-Motion Dance Therapy, Motivational Speaker and Podcast Host of Unfiltered Emotions Unplugged Podcast (in English and Spanish).  Key Points Natasha Share Today:  1) Happiness is the core of our lives and until and unless we do not integrate it into our personal and professional lives, we will not achieve the desired results we wish to. 2) We all need to be grateful for each and everything we have as it elevates our energies and only attracts good deals and clients in our lives. 3) This state of mind vibrates only happiness when you stay grounded to your goals. 4) Life is about attaining perfect balance; hence once you develop inner happiness you will radiate the same in all your relationships. Follow Natasha Lalwani Share| Like| Subscribe to our podcast.  Follow us on  Facebook @forchangebeboldpodcast  Instagram @forchangebeboldpodcast  Twitter @forchangebeboldpodcast  Linkedin @forchangebeboldpodcast  Email: for inquiries to be a guest on our podcast.  Until Next Week have a beautiful Friday. 
Oct 11, 201921:36
5 Quotes I Live By!

5 Quotes I Live By!

Hello and Welcome to episode 13 season 2. This week episode is focus on 5 Quotes I Live By! Follow us on Instagram @forchangebeboldpodcast, on Twitter @forchangebebold and send us an email @forchangebebold@gmail to showcase your business. Share topics you will like to hear on the podcast.
Sep 27, 201914:20
Should I Buy It??!! ...... Or Should I Save ??!!! - Money Management 💵🤑🤑⚖️💳📈💸💸

Should I Buy It??!! ...... Or Should I Save ??!!! - Money Management 💵🤑🤑⚖️💳📈💸💸

Hello and Welcome to episode 12season 2 of For Change Be Bold Podcast. This week topic is “Should I buy ??!!!.... or Should I Save”

It’s such an amazing day, amazing weather! Las Vegas I truly enjoy going outside!

Fall is coming/ fall fashion is coming / pumpkin everything is coming/
It’s almost thanksgiving
The shopping season is coming up!!!!!

My new book is coming out this “December” Title “Embrace Your Dreams : My Ingredients for Success”

So let’s get into the episode today!

I have some beautiful podcaster who will sharing in this week episode!

So welcome to Annakay and Friends Money Management 101”

What is Money Management?

It’s knowing how to spend your money and spend it wisely!

So why is Money Management Important?

It help you keep out of debt.
It help you to provide the necessary needs for your self and your family
It help you to take those vacation when you need.
It create a sense of security.
It eliminate the fear of missing out ( which it’s ok to miss out of things) but you are more likely to be actively engage in activities with friends, your family and even your co-workers!

So should I Buy ??!! Or Should I save??!!

Here are some Money Management Tips

Have a plan !
How will you spend your money this month ?
Is your spending within your budget?
Track your monthly Spending !
Look at what you need to cut ?
Expect the Unexpected!
Are you preparing for the emergencies ?
Car breakdown
Hospital bill
Sick child

Thanks to the Greener Thoughs Podcast , The Bromar Show and Future Tribe Podcast for sharing some help tips.

Thank you for joining on this week podcast, It’s always a pleasure to share with each and everyone.
Join in next week for all new episode!
Until then have a beautiful Friday!

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Sep 20, 201910:48
Knowing When To Let Go.
Sep 13, 201911:37
Douglas Vermeeren - Entrepreneur of Influence
Sep 06, 201921:36
Time Vs Money - Time is Money

Time Vs Money - Time is Money

Time is equivalent the number of hours spent doing something. Money is the amount earned from doing the work. Today’s episode focus on the topic Time Vs Money. Many times as entrepreneur we lower our cost to please our clients but if we put in the work we deserve the pay. Be confident in your work and set your price.
Aug 30, 201912:05
JAM ROCk - Culture , Diversity, and Passion.

JAM ROCk - Culture , Diversity, and Passion.

This week Episode is about Celebration. Jamaica has just celebrated 57 years since independence and this week you will hear music from different genre. You will learn more about the Jamaican culture and people.
Aug 09, 201907:58
Asking All them Questions - Asking the Right Questions when meeting with a Coach/ Mentor.

Asking All them Questions - Asking the Right Questions when meeting with a Coach/ Mentor.

If you look on the internet you probably find so many articles pointing to question a Coach should ask a client. But not too many pointing to questions Clients should ask a Coach. That’s what this week podcast is all about.
Aug 02, 201911:34
The Brave May Fall But Never Yield - Part 2 with Angelica

The Brave May Fall But Never Yield - Part 2 with Angelica

This week episode features podcaster Angelica from "A little Bit Of Everything With Me". She shares her life journey with learning disability, PCOS and about her home country Canada. This Podcast is filled with so much information for each of us to gain from.
Nominate For Change Be Bold for Podcast Award -People's Choice
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Jul 26, 201919:25
The Brave May Fall But Never Yield - Part 1 with Angelica

The Brave May Fall But Never Yield - Part 1 with Angelica

This week episode features podcaster Angelica from "A little Bit Of Everything With Me". She shares her life journey with learning disability, PCOS and about her home country Canada. This Podcast is filled with so much information for each of us to gain from.
Congratulation to the winner of the tickets to see LION KINGS 2 out today! @rednblue4life21 Congratulations.
Nominate For Change Be Bold for Podcast Award -People's Choice
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Jul 19, 201917:56
Building A Customer - Centered Culture

Building A Customer - Centered Culture

This week episode of "For Change Be Bold" will show us how we can all learn, live and strive off each by sharing our knowledge through the conversations we hold. By doing this we are imparting knowledge through our experience. Therefore, this weeks focus is on our Customers. They are Important to the growth of our business.
Jul 12, 201913:14
Home of the brave: What Mother Nature wanted!

Home of the brave: What Mother Nature wanted!

This week episode is all about my experience at the June Networking Breakfast, Fourth Of July fun’s and Earthquake that took place in California and Vegas.
Jul 05, 201920:11
The Serenity Talk : Entrepreneur Spotlight with Shakira Mills.

The Serenity Talk : Entrepreneur Spotlight with Shakira Mills.

Shakira Mills is a Culture and Gender Anthropology, writer and a motivator. She shares her passion with us (Serenity Motivated) the importance of having self- peace and the steps we need to take to get to self-peace.
Jun 28, 201922:50
That's What matters -Progress

That's What matters -Progress

Season 2,Episode 1 we are chatting about progress and it’s important. We are launching season 2 of the podcast. 

Jun 21, 201944:27
Do you dim your light to let someone else shine?

Do you dim your light to let someone else shine?

We have some to the last episode for Season 1 Episode 13. This week episode forces on Why we dim our light to please others! Also we chat about my morning devotion. I am leaving Jer.29:10-11 with you!
Jun 07, 201917:01
2018 Destinations- Plus Special Guest .

2018 Destinations- Plus Special Guest .

Let’s chat! I am talking all things travel today! Especially my 2018 travel! Also have a special guest today.
May 31, 201929:13
Jamaican Proverbs 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

Jamaican Proverbs 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

Jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲. This week podcast is all things Jamaican Proverbs and Saying. Listen 👂 your host Annakay share some Jamaica Proverbs and the meaning.
May 03, 201906:23
Daily Reminder With Annakay

Daily Reminder With Annakay

Daily reminder with Annakay is quote Annakay shares each day on her instagram page (Forchangebebold). Annakay will be sharing some quotes with her listeners today.
Apr 26, 201906:58
Business Week Continues with Loi-Renee

Business Week Continues with Loi-Renee

Loi-Renee is a Domestic Violence Advocate who birthed her business from her experience to provide for her daughter and to empower other woman who are going through similar issues as she has faced. Listen to Loi-Renee explains how important it is to be brave, be confident in your dreams, despite what other have to say.
Apr 19, 201931:40
FCBB Ep. 004 Business Week - Special Guest Norjah Witter

FCBB Ep. 004 Business Week - Special Guest Norjah Witter

It’s Business Week Here on For Change Be Bold with our special guest Norjah Witter owner and founder of Naji_Swimwear. Here How Naji_Swimwear came about and the future plans for the business. Her amazing story will move you to start building your very own businesses, because it doesn’t matter where you are in life you can do anything with the help of God.
Apr 12, 201916:34
FCBB Ep. 003 | Impact of “Attitude” For A Successful Outcome.

FCBB Ep. 003 | Impact of “Attitude” For A Successful Outcome.

This week episode was hosted by Deana-Kay Stewart. She is a wife, mother, certified Goal Success Coach , Business Intelligence and Analytic Management , Psychology and Co-founder of Ayir Tech. She focuses on topic Impact of “Attitude” For A Successful Outcome. What is your purpose behind your attitude? What is your attitude towards yours situation today?
Mar 29, 201909:16
FCBB Ep. 002 | Why is “Your Why” Important! - It’s time to make your list.

FCBB Ep. 002 | Why is “Your Why” Important! - It’s time to make your list.

This Episode is about “Your Why”! Haven’t you taken the time to look over “Your Why” recently! If you have never created a “Why” this podcast sheds much light into Why you should create a list of “Your Why”. Comment on our Instagram page @forchangebeboldpodcast on how “Your Why” is creating changes in your life.
Mar 22, 201912:43
FCBB Ep. 001 | For Change Be Bold - Welcome

FCBB Ep. 001 | For Change Be Bold - Welcome

Get to know me ! Learn more about my background! where I am from! And what to expect from this podcast - Episode 1
Mar 01, 201904:56