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Conversations with local experts and lovers of Evansville
about how we can pursue the flourishing of our city together.
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Bonus Episode: Innovation in Neighborhoods

For EvansvilleMay 01, 2023

S3 Ep17: Why does Evansville need beautiful spaces?
Nov 15, 202331:14
S3 Ep16: What is the Church FOR? Dreaming about the future Church.

S3 Ep16: What is the Church FOR? Dreaming about the future Church.

Do you feel restless from the tension between your dreams of what you think the Church could be and the reality of what your church experience is? You're not alone.

In our conversation with Tim Soerens, author of Everywhere You Look: Discovering the Church right where you are, we talk about the importance of asking the question, "What is the Church for?"

This hopeful and thoughtful episode has us looking forward to the future of the Church and how we all (not just pastors/leaders) have to daily ask "What is God doing here, right where I am, and what's my role in this?"

Show Notes:

Tim's book: Everywhere You Look

The Patient Ferment of the Early Church (book)

S3 Ep13: People Trust Jesus But They Don't Trust the Church

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Oct 02, 202352:51
S3 Ep15: Is your church producing comfortable consumers?
Sep 18, 202353:14
What does the VOICE of our region have to say?
Sep 05, 202338:22
S3 Ep13: People don't trust the Church, but they trust Jesus.

S3 Ep13: People don't trust the Church, but they trust Jesus.

71% of Americans have a positive opinion of Jesus, while 47% of Americans have a positive opinion Churches in their community.

What's the disconnect?

Since our mission is to advance human flourishing through the Church - this stat from the Barna Group really stood out to us. Why don't people have a positive opinion of Churches? What can the Church do about it? What can we do about it? Do our churches not reflect Jesus?

All these questions led our team to turn the podcast mics on and hash it out. We want you to join in the conversation - so head on over to instagram or youtube and let us know what you think - what could help change people's opinion of churches?


Barna Study (Nationwide)

Faith and Flourishing Study (Local)

Aug 28, 202356:29
S3 Ep12: The Loneliness Epidemic & how to get people to connect with each other
Aug 14, 202343:36
S3 Ep11: Gas station groceries and local farmers

S3 Ep11: Gas station groceries and local farmers

"When you bring people together around food, you create community - you create love."

Our guest this week is Robin Mallery, former Executive Director of ⁠Urban Seeds⁠. Her passion is food. Not just eating it, but bringing food justice into our community. That can mean a lot of different things - so she helps us unpack ideas from seasonal eating to local farmers to fighting for food equality for people whose nearest food source is a gas station.

A flourishing person and a flourishing city has access to healthy foods, so if we want to make Evansville a place where everyone flourishes, we have to look at the healthy food gaps in our area.

Jul 24, 202340:27
S3 Ep10: What is Community Policing?

S3 Ep10: What is Community Policing?

Sometimes we hear stories happening in Evansville that we had no idea were happening. So we bring in the people involved to share them with you. This episode is no exception as we sit down with Sergeant Josh Brewer and Officer Mario Reid.

They're involved with a number of programs in our community like mental health, homelessness, and addiction. Together they sit down and talk about the idea of Community Policing - what is it, who is involved, and does it work?

Jul 10, 202336:32
S3 Ep9: Evansville’s secret sauce according to Mayor Winnecke
Jun 26, 202331:12
S3 Ep8: Two Christians and a Humanist walk into a Coffee Shop

S3 Ep8: Two Christians and a Humanist walk into a Coffee Shop

At For Evansville, we inspire, align, and empower Christians to pursue common good in our city. So what happens when those Christians need to work alongside others that practice different faiths, or don't have a faith at all?

Today, we sat down with Zac Parsons from Honey Moon Coffee Co. to talk about pursuing common good together. What does it look like to bring your whole self to something and feel like you don't have to compromise your beliefs?

Thanks for listening! As always, like, subscribe and leave us a comment! Catch us for more conversation on our instagram account @forevansville or reach out to us directly at

Jun 12, 202301:00:22
S3 Ep7: Where For Evansville is Headed

S3 Ep7: Where For Evansville is Headed

For Evansville has a strong history of uniting the Church for the flourishing of the city. Last year, 81% of Church leaders we surveyed said they began addressing a community need because of For Evansville. 53% said they did so in collaboration with another church.

Now we're adopting an even more focused and hands-on approach to advancing human flourishing through the Church. We see this updated vision, mission, and strategic plan as a more focused expression of the change we've been pursuing from the beginning and the natural next step for For Evansville.

In this episode, Jonathan Boettcher, Sarah Inman, and the For Evansville Board Chair, John Benton, talk about where this new language came from, and how we hope to pursue it within our city in this exciting future.

You can read the updated language here:

May 08, 202336:53
Bonus Episode: Innovation in Neighborhoods

Bonus Episode: Innovation in Neighborhoods

Get connected with Neighborhood Revitalization

May 01, 202325:43
S3 Ep 6: They give a’zip: The heart behind Evansville’s beloved pizza place

S3 Ep 6: They give a’zip: The heart behind Evansville’s beloved pizza place

"We believe that to be a good, valued member of the community, we can’t just sell pizza. We have to give back. We have to contribute in ways that are tangible and make a difference." In 2021, Evansville voted for Azzip as not only the best pizza in town, but also the best business that gives back. We’re always looking to celebrate and share stories of people and organizations that are for Evansville.

As personal fans, we wanted to sit down with Andy Niemeier, Co-CEO of Azzip, and talk about their continually growing reputation. Not surprisingly, we were met with a story about the mutual relationship between the community and a local business. 

#azzip #pizza #Evansville #community #business #supportlocal #eatlocal #localbusiness #innovation #employeedevelopment

Apr 17, 202332:51
S3 Ep5: When our community wraps around homeless women
Apr 03, 202341:44
S3 Ep4: The Importance of Evansville's Early Childhood Development
Mar 20, 202337:48
S3 Ep3: Housing and Education are more related than you think
Mar 06, 202335:27
S3 EP2: People over Policy: Your internal work culture can have an external impact on the city
Feb 20, 202346:50
S3 Ep1: Music has no color
Feb 07, 202323:17
S2 EP13: “Nothing about us without us:” Awareness, Acceptance, Autism & Art.
Dec 19, 202236:59
S2 EP12: The only thing you have to change is everything
Nov 14, 202248:46
S2 EP11: Kindermusik and foster families: a common thread of deep connection
Oct 24, 202234:55
S2 Ep10: What is the State of Evansville?
Aug 29, 202234:43
BONUS EPISODE: Affirming Human Dignity with John Benton
Aug 22, 202230:45
BONUS EPISODE: Pursuing Justice with Roseyn Hood and Joann Hunter
Aug 15, 202226:51
BONUS EPISODE: Creating Beauty with Filmmaker & Hip Hop Artist Logan Miller

BONUS EPISODE: Creating Beauty with Filmmaker & Hip Hop Artist Logan Miller

Hear Logan's talk on the value of art and beauty in a flourishing city, recorded at the January 2022 Imagine Evansville event in downtown Evansville.

The second Imagine Evansville event is coming September 15th! Learn more and get your ticket at

We'll be back to our regular podcast episodes in a few weeks to talk about our city's needs and dreams highlighted in our upcoming State of E Report!

Jul 24, 202218:10
S2 Ep9: Toxic Charity
Jul 11, 202230:48
S2 EP8: Perfect conditions for flourishing: How world changing farming tech is growing out of Evansville
Jun 20, 202231:53
S2 Ep7: LGBTQ+ and the Evangelical Church: A story of common good
Jun 06, 202230:33
S2 Ep6: Disrupting Evansville’s Preschool to Prison Pipeline
May 16, 202255:32
S2 Ep5: The one where we talk about Roberts Stadium

S2 Ep5: The one where we talk about Roberts Stadium

Despite being torn down 9 years ago, Roberts Stadium is still talked about as Evansville's beloved arena. But if you loved Roberts Stadium, does that mean you have to hate the Ford Center? In this episode, we talk about why people still love talking about Roberts Stadium, constructive criticism vs. complaining, and a healthy way to think about our city as it changes and grows.

We'd love to hear from you! Send us a message at 

May 02, 202224:06
S2 Ep 4: You should talk about politics and religion over dinner
Apr 18, 202250:20
S2 Ep3: Lederhosen, Giants, and Boxed Stuffing
Apr 04, 202229:44
S2 EP:2 The City of Opportunity
Mar 21, 202234:44
S2 EP:1 The Elevator Pitch
Mar 07, 202233:18
21: More than a Podcast (Season 1 Finale)

21: More than a Podcast (Season 1 Finale)

We hope you've enjoyed Season 1 as much as we have, and we hope the conversations you've heard have motivated you to pursue the flourishing of our city in new ways.

In this final episode, Ross and Jonathan share about For Evansville's mission, initiatives, and goals for 2022, as well as what you can look forward to in the next season of the podcast.

Thanks for listening!

Do you have a story or guest you'd like to recommend for season 2? Let us know at

Dec 19, 202128:10
20: What’s it really like to experience homelessness?

20: What’s it really like to experience homelessness?

“Just after 6 o’clock in the morning. It’s 25 degrees. It’s cold. I didn’t sleep all that well. I’m exhausted…It’d be a very different experience if I didn’t know this was going to end.” That was the perspective of State Representative Ryan Hatfield as he participated in Aurora’s Homeless Experience Project.

In this episode, Aurora’s Executive Director Zac Heronemus talks with us about his 48 hours of homelessness as well as the needs and opportunities he sees for Evansville, both as a nonprofit director and a city councilman. Special thanks to Ryan Hatfield, Wayne Hart, and Zac Heronemus for allowing us to feature clips they recorded during their 48 hours of homelessness.

In this episode:

Zac Heronemus (In studio with us)

Ryan Hatfield (Facebook Live clips)

Wayne Hart (Facebook Live clips)

Have you ever had a conversation with someone experiencing homelessness? Or perhaps been in that situation yourself? We’d love to hear your stories. Email us at

Dec 07, 202134:24
19: What’s your neighborhood vibe?
Nov 01, 202150:43
18: These aren't issues, these are human beings that need food
Oct 18, 202145:47
17: The Truth Behind Grippos in Evansville
Oct 04, 202124:20
16: What skill do you have that others don’t?
Sep 12, 202128:52
15: These kids could be ambassadors

15: These kids could be ambassadors

We're launching this episode a few days early in celebration of HOLA Evansville's Latino Festival this weekend (August 28)!

We don't often think of Evansville as a multicultural city, but in Marisela's words: "Wrong! We've got it! We've got it here!"

She's been doing great work celebrating, exposing, and just genuinely enjoying the different cultures and people groups represented in Evansville. With great tips on how to start conversations to YouTube videos to salsa recipes, Marisela works hard to bring an atmosphere of multicultural celebration and peace to our city. 


Marisela De la Parra, Experience Facilitator at Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library 


Marisela's YouTube playlists with EVPL:
La Hora del Cuento (Marisela and her puppet, Pepis)
Salsa of the Month
Around the World in Evansville

Other resources:
Festival of Nations Facebook page
HOLA Evansville

Aug 26, 202145:28
14: When sewage isn't your life passion

14: When sewage isn't your life passion

Sometimes we don't find ourselves in a dream job, but for Lane Young, it's the personal connections and impact you have with people that matters most. In this episode, we talk about looking at the bigger picture of your vocation, the importance of bringing others along with you, and why living in a city on a river is pretty cool.   

IN THIS EPISODE:  Lane Young, Executive Director of Evansville Water and Sewer Utility

Aug 16, 202139:22
13: Are you going to die well?
Aug 02, 202136:58
12: Patisseries, Pizzaiolos and Pad Ke Mao - Talking Food Culture with Pangea and 2nd Language Founder, Randy Hobson
Jul 19, 202136:32
11: The one where we fail our own quiz

11: The one where we fail our own quiz

We've wrapped up the first half of our season, so Ross, Jonathan, and Adrienne are taking this short episode to recap what topics we've covered (that's where the quiz comes in). But we're not just looking back - we're really excited about the second half of this season, so we talk about the new direction our podcast is taking and why. Let us know what has stood out to you so far!

Jul 06, 202119:58
10: Growing the Pie

10: Growing the Pie

Our city's economy impacts every person and organization in Evansville in important and complex ways. What does it really take to grow the economic pie so that there's more to go around? Ross and Adrienne talk with two experts from the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership to learn more.


  • Greg Wathen, Co-CEO of Evansville Regional Economic Partnership
  • Audrie Burkett, Evansville Regional Economic Partnership
Jun 20, 202148:30
09: Our Surprising Startup Culture and the Future of Downtown

09: Our Surprising Startup Culture and the Future of Downtown

In this episode, we learn how quality places, nurturing relationships, and thriving startups contribute to the flourishing of our city.


  • Candace Chapman, Executive Director of Downtown Evansville Development Corporation
  • Bob Myer, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Board Member at Elevate Ventures
Jun 07, 202148:51
08: Housing isn't just about housing
May 17, 202153:29
07: When Your Neighbor Needs a House

07: When Your Neighbor Needs a House

Imagine living in a house that's missing a window or an apartment where the electricity in the kitchen doesn't work. Due to a lack of safe, affordable housing, many families in Evansville are paying more than they can afford to live in unsafe conditions. In this episode we learn what's being done about it, and how you can be part of the solution.


Serita Cabell
Executive Director at Memorial Community Development Corporation

Beth Folz
Executive Director at Habitat for Humanity

May 02, 202145:33
06: Stronger Families Lead to Flourishing Cities

06: Stronger Families Lead to Flourishing Cities

The best way to help kids face challenges and grow into healthy, resilient adults is to bring stability and love to their home. We talk with two local experts about how we can strengthen families and help parents succeed at creating healthy homes.


  • Parri Black, President & CEO of Youth First
  • Larry May, Indiana State Director of America's Kids Belong

Also featured in this episode:

  • Rasheeda Ajibade, Program Director at Memorial Community Development Corporation
  • Joy Howard, Assistant Professor at University of Southern Indiana
Apr 18, 202155:58