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Frank Buck: Productivity for Total Control & Peace of Mind

Frank Buck: Productivity for Total Control & Peace of Mind

By Dr. Frank Buck

Most people are overwhelmed by the amount of paper and digital information in their lives. Frank Buck makes organization easy so you can increase productivity, decrease stress, and enjoy life. Global Gurus ranked Frank #1 in the world in the "Time Management" category for 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. If you're interested in total control over your time and the peace of mind that nothing is falling through the cracks, this is the productivity podcast for you. Learn more at
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How to Organize Your Day in Remember The Milk

Frank Buck: Productivity for Total Control & Peace of MindMar 16, 2021

The Effective Executive Revisited: How to Make Progress on What Matters
Nov 28, 202305:07
The Hoax That Nearly Hooked Me
Nov 21, 202305:05
What to Look for in a Paper Planner
Nov 14, 202305:38
From Chaos to Clarity: A Professional Organizer's Car Theft Journey
Nov 07, 202301:15:17
My Two-Step Secret to Making Productivity Easy
Oct 31, 202303:58
How to Succeed With a Paper Planner in a Digital World
Oct 24, 202306:36
Broken Promises and Empty Commitments: The Cost of Not Keeping Your Word
Oct 17, 202304:27
How to Celebrate "National Checklist Day"
Oct 10, 202306:10
Entering Tasks on the Go? Here's the Easiest Way. (It's Your Smartwatch)
Oct 03, 202306:10
Evernote Voice Journaling: A Powerful Way to Log Your Life
Sep 26, 202310:20
How to Complain and Win: The Secret is the Documentation
Sep 19, 202327:42
Scheduling Meetings Through Email? Gmail Just Made It Much Easier
Sep 12, 202306:15
Email Your Voice? "Vocal" Makes It Easy, Fun, and Fast
Sep 05, 202303:56
Creating Order Among Chaos: How to Tame the Whirlwind of Activity
Aug 29, 202324:43
Why Are You Late...Again? (And Help for How to Fix It)
Aug 22, 202303:58
How Calendar Invitations Reduce Stress and Save Time
Aug 15, 202305:42
What? We Can't Bring Our Phones to School? (Here's Help)
Aug 08, 202306:42
Call Yourself (But Get Ready for a Big Surprise)
Aug 01, 202305:33
Be More Productive with the Windows 11 Split Screen
Jul 25, 202305:18 Review of How to Create Short-Form Content Easily
Jul 18, 202305:18
Create Short-Form Video Easily with
Jul 11, 202305:20
If I Could Have Seen Land: A Story for Overcoming the Fog
Jul 04, 202303:58
The New Teacher's Big List of All the Little Things

The New Teacher's Big List of All the Little Things

🔔 Are you a new teacher or know someone who is? This post is a must-watch! 🍎

Starting a new role in a new location can be overwhelming, but we've got you covered. Join us as we provide a comprehensive checklist to make your induction process systematic and stress-free.

From getting to know the key people in your school to familiarizing yourself with important places and equipment, this checklist covers it all. Discover the essential systems, procedures, and records you'll need to handle, ensuring a smooth transition into your teaching career.

Don't miss out on these valuable tips and tricks. Hit that share button and help new teachers start their journey confidently. Remember, the little things add up to make a big impact! 🌟

👥 Topics covered in this video:

  • The people you will meet: Principal, guidance counselor, special education team, and more.
  • The places you will find: Office, classrooms, media center, and more.
  • The equipment you will use: Copier, computers, projector, and more.
  • The records you will keep: Attendance, report cards, professional development, and more.
  • The systems you will create: Substitute folder, portfolio system, gradebook, and more.
  • The procedures you will follow: School norms, transitions, discipline policy, and more.
  • The town where you will teach: Local attractions, nearby stores, and more.
  • The contact information you will need: Principal, mentor, parents, and more.
  • The learning environment you will structure: Bulletin boards, seating chart, supplies, and more.
  • The supplies you will need: Digital plan book, textbooks, markers, and more.
  • The cooperation you will foster: Classroom rules, newsletters, class website, and more.

Join us on this exciting journey and make your new teaching experience a resounding success! 🎓✨

For more, visit the blog post:

Jun 27, 202311:50
An Easy Way to Follow Up on What Others Owe You
Jun 20, 202306:19
How to Organize Evernote With a Better Tagging System

How to Organize Evernote With a Better Tagging System

IntroductionRecap of previous episode: Comparing Evernote and Notion tagging.Importance of filtering information to find what's needed at the time.

Segment 1: Notebooks vs. Tags

The ongoing debate in the Evernote community regarding organization methods.

The host's preference: Using both notebooks and tags.

Segment 2: Evernote Sidebar Overview

Description of the Evernote sidebar layout.

Inbox as a temporary holding place for notes until they are categorized.

Introduction to the "Current Projects" stack for works in progress.

Utilizing digital task manager "Remember The Milk" for project-related tasks.

Segment 3: Reference Notebooks

Exploring the list of reference notebooks.

Highlighting the stack for completed projects turned into reference material.

Segment 4: Sharing and Collaboration

The ability to share notebooks with others.

Limitations of sharing tags.

Segment 5: Benefits and Strategy of Using Tags

Primary use of tags as dividers within notebooks.

Creating tags corresponding to each notebook as placeholders.

Demonstrating nested tags for organizing subcategories.

Tag naming strategy: Prefixes for efficient tagging.

Importance of avoiding spaces in tag and notebook names for effective searching.

Segment 6: Evernote Organization Tips

Step-by-step guide to getting organized with Evernote:

1. Creating an Inbox for temporary note storage.

2. Establishing a stack for current projects.

3. Creating tags that mirror notebook categories.

4. Prefixing subtags for improved clarity.The benefits of a well-planned system for finding and rediscovering information.

Encouragement to add "clean up Evernote tags" to the personal to-do list.

For more, visit the blog post:

Jun 13, 202305:49
Tagging in Evernote vs. Notion. Which Result Looks Better to You?

Tagging in Evernote vs. Notion. Which Result Looks Better to You?

In this episode, we compare Evernote and Notion, two popular note-taking and organization platforms, to see how they handle data collection, organization, and filtering. We dive into the experience of a former band director and explore how his extensive collection of notes would look in both platforms. Join us as we discuss the plusses and minuses of each tool and discover which one might be the better fit for your needs.

For more, visit the blog post:

Thank you for listening to our Evernote vs. Notion comparison! We hope this episode has provided you with valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of these note-taking platforms. Remember to subscribe to our channel for more content on time management, organization, and productivity. Stay tuned for future episodes!

Jun 06, 202309:60
Evernote AI Note Cleanup: A First Impression
May 30, 202305:23
What is the Evernote "Temporary Trash Can"? (Glad You Asked)
May 23, 202308:44
Evernote: How to Solve These Two Automation Surprises

Evernote: How to Solve These Two Automation Surprises

We dive into the world of automation and discuss what to do when things go wrong. Automation can be a lifesaver when it comes to performing repetitive tasks, but occasionally, it can break down. Today, we focus automations involving Evernote, IFTTT, and TaskClone, and share personal experiences with unexpected surprises and their solutions. Whether you're a current user or considering these services, this episode will provide valuable insights.

Segment 1: Evernote Automation with If This Then That (IFTTT)Introduction to "Frank's Journal," an essential Evernote note for daily logging and calendar events.Demonstration of the automation process using If This Then That (IFTTT) service.Exploring the "Journaling with Your Voice Using Evernote" video tutorial.The convenience of having a date/time-stamped snapshot of the day with all relevant events and happenings.Surprise #1: The automation unexpectedly stops working.

Segment 2: TaskClone Automation for EvernoteIntroduction to TaskClone, a powerful automation tool for task management within Evernote. Use case scenario: Taking meeting notes with integrated to-do tasks.

Surprise #2: Multiple instances of the same task appearing on the task list.

NOTE: Pardon the several-second gap around 6:20. (Sometimes "done" is better than "perfect.") In the gap, I tell you when you apply the "TaskClone" tag to an Evernote note, close the note immediately.

Explanation: Conflict arising from Evernote's real-time editing feature.Solution: Adjustments to workflow and avoiding simultaneous editing of specific notes.

Conclusion: Automation can be incredibly beneficial, but it's crucial to be prepared for unexpected issues. In the case of Evernote and TaskClone, simple adjustments and best practices can help maintain a smooth automation experience. Whether you're currently utilizing these services or considering them, the insights shared in this episode will assist you in overcoming potential challenges. For more content and resources on organization and productivity, visit and join the email list to stay updated on future episodes.

Thank you for tuning in to this episode, where Frank Buck helps you get organized and make it look easy.

For more, visit the post at

May 16, 202307:08
The Amazing Legend of the 2-Cent Notepad

The Amazing Legend of the 2-Cent Notepad

In this episode, we explore the power of the 2-cent notepad as a tool for productivity and success. We'll discuss the story of a former student who credits his success to observing his teacher's use of the notepad, and the inspiring stories of other "devotees of the pad," from Leonardo da Vinci to Beethoven. We'll also delve into the importance of having a tool and using it consistently, and how it can earn you the right to forget about your ideas until the right time.

Segment 1: Introduction

  • Introduce the topic of the power of the 2-cent notepad
  • Provide an overview of the video's content

Segment 2: The Story of the Former Student

  • Discuss the story of the former student who learned the power of the notepad from his teacher
  • Highlight the importance of observing and learning from others

Segment 3: Devotees of the Pad

  • Explore the stories of other successful individuals who used notepads to trap their ideas
  • Highlight the universality of the practice across time and culture

Segment 4: The Right to Forget About It

  • Discuss the importance of having a tool and using it consistently to trap ideas and to-dos
  • Emphasize the value of earning the right to forget about your ideas until the right time

Segment 5: Conclusion

  • Sum up the main points of the video
  • Encourage viewers to try using a notepad or other tool to enhance their productivity and success
  • Provide a link to the full text of "The Technique of Getting Things Done" for interested viewers.
May 09, 202304:54
Evernote Real-Time Editing: It's New and It's Great
May 02, 202307:30
We Teach People How to Treat Us
Apr 25, 202305:25
My Own Thoughts: How ChatGPT Can Make Your Life Easier
Apr 18, 202313:15
You'll Never Believe Who Wrote This Article
Apr 11, 202303:56
The Educator's 6 Survival Strategies for Ending "May Madness"
Apr 04, 202308:55
Your Time Management System: Should You Junk It or Fix It?
Mar 28, 202301:03:26
Evernote: 4 Powerful Keyboard Shortcuts You Need Today
Mar 21, 202304:13
The Freedom to Forget About It: Could It Be Yours Today?
Mar 14, 202336:53
What's the Future of Evernote? (You Decide)
Mar 07, 202308:04
Save Time Daily with this Windows 11 Snipping Tool Secret
Feb 28, 202305:44
How to Handle Multiple Projects With Ease
Feb 21, 202302:24
I Can Only Do One Thing at a Time
Feb 14, 202305:14
"Just" is a Four-Letter Word
Feb 07, 202304:49
It's Groundhog Day!: How to Turn Monotony into Super Productivity

It's Groundhog Day!: How to Turn Monotony into Super Productivity

Do you type the same things over and over and over again? Use a text expander, such as Text Blaze, and make "Groundhog Day" a friend.

For more, visit the blog post:

Read the article on Read my other articles on Create an account on Text Blaze and get a month of Text Blaze Pro for free:

Jan 31, 202303:48
How to Detox Your To-Do List in 5 Easy Steps
Jan 24, 202304:47
How I Won Evernote's Great Expert Bake-Off
Jan 17, 202304:20
Here's the Simple Secret to Organizing Gift Cards
Jan 10, 202304:57
We're Not Where We Used to Be (Thank Goodness)
Jan 03, 202304:08
The Best of "Get Organized" for 2022
Dec 27, 202205:06
The Night Before Christmas For the Band Director
Dec 20, 202202:33