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Our World Plainly Seen

Our World Plainly Seen

By Frank Kaufmann

Commentary on Society and Culture with Perspectives from Spirituality and Values
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The relationship between Spiritual and Practical pursuits

Our World Plainly SeenJul 09, 2021

Did I Just Say That Out Loud?
Sep 22, 202323:29
Sovereignty and Harmony by Dr. Frank Kaufmann
Sep 11, 202319:56
On Addiction by Frank Kaufmann
Aug 20, 202310:03
Sovereignty in Times of Radical Uncertainty 
Jul 23, 202315:32
Twelve Gates President Speaks at the United Nations High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development
Jul 23, 202309:10
Totalitarianism by Labeling Information

Totalitarianism by Labeling Information

This episode critiques the terms misinformation and disinformation as secret tools to criminalize dissent

Transcript here

Jun 28, 202309:56
Thoughts on Juneteenth, 2023
Jun 19, 202307:21
AI and the Singularity
Jun 14, 202322:21
Comments on the April 4 Indictment of President Trump
Apr 08, 202311:30
The Voice of the Voiceless: Twelve Gates President Speaks on Religious Freedom
Jan 17, 202318:53
2022 and 2023: Thoughts from Twelve Gates Foundation
Jan 01, 202308:14
Scholars Interview Series with Dr. Gordon Anderson - A Manifesto for an Integral Society
Dec 10, 202253:49
Twelve Gates President Offers Brief Thoughts on the Future of the Metaverse
Oct 09, 202208:38
Twelve Gates President's Speech at the World Peace Festival 2022
Sep 17, 202212:17
Scholars Interview with Dr. Bruce Tallman, Author of God's Ecstatic Love
Jul 10, 202201:00:36
Twelve Gates Foundation Offers Closing Remarks at the World Yoga Festival
Jul 06, 202206:53
Friends and Political Difference in Polarized Times
Jun 23, 202220:28
Misinformation, Disinformation: Who Should Check Our Facts?
May 30, 202249:22
Aging and Productive Life
May 22, 202226:06
Russia-Ukraine and World War in the 21st Century
Apr 02, 202225:30
Comments to the Interfaith Prayer Service in Celebration of Women's History Month
Apr 02, 202210:54
Our Times Our Life
Apr 02, 202219:26
On Speech
Mar 20, 202220:38
Interview on "People of the Book" with Professor Craig Considine
Mar 05, 202252:36
Twelve Gates President's Brief Remarks at Closing Ceremony of 37th Annual World Interfaith Festival
Mar 02, 202208:10
New York State Assemblyman, Nader Sayegh hosts 37th Annual World Interfaith Month Celebration
Feb 27, 202206:44
On Patience and Forgiveness: A message for World Interfaith Harmony Week
Feb 03, 202209:60
Urgent Action to Rescue Afghanis from Taliban Genocide
Nov 05, 202148:24
Evil and Harm: In me, and in society at large
Oct 17, 202116:20
Seeking Peace in Israel and Palestine: An Interview with Professor Alon Ben Meir

Seeking Peace in Israel and Palestine: An Interview with Professor Alon Ben Meir

Seeking Peace in Israel and Palestine: An Interview with Professor Alon Ben Meir

Sep 27, 202141:60
What to do in times of extreme transition
Sep 23, 202121:50
9/11, the Psalms, and Peace: An Interview with Professor Luonne Rouse
Sep 11, 202120:23
Lies and Power
Sep 06, 202122:10
Freedom and Environments
Aug 08, 202114:05
Love, Power, Addiction
Aug 02, 202111:50
Who is Running the United States of America?
Jul 28, 202110:29
Being, Doing, Dying
Jul 20, 202113:23
Skills, Goodness, and Spiritual Practice
Jul 11, 202113:27
On Relationships
Jul 09, 202109:30
Dreams and Reforms, Refining my Life
Jul 09, 202110:24
The relationship between Spiritual and Practical pursuits
Jul 09, 202112:24
Voces 2, What is the promise of a good or religious life
Jul 09, 202111:32
Voces de Fe, Is God All Powerful
Jul 09, 202111:52
On Being and Becoming

On Being and Becoming

This episode looks at purpose, Being, and becoming. Can they exist harmoniously in our lives?  Or do they work against each other?

Jul 09, 202110:14
On Love and Truth

On Love and Truth

This episode introduces three things: 1. Love and Truth are not as separated as most people think, 2. Truth seeking (like love) requires action. It is not attained from afar, and 3. Truth carries Love, it is the face of Love.

Jul 09, 202107:00
Americans, stay together

Americans, stay together

This podcast urges Americans to avoid slipping carelessly into internal hostilities 

Jul 09, 202108:41
On Crypto Currency
Jul 09, 202114:41