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Fred and Elle Talk Shop

Fred and Elle Talk Shop

By Fred and Elle Designs

Cosplay. Costuming. Propmaking. Creating. Fred and Elle cover it all. Fred and Elle Reed are award-winning cosplayers and creators from Jacksonville, FL. Together, they create cool stuff. Join us for chats about all things nerdy and crafty.
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Fred and Elle Talk CosPLAY

Fred and Elle Talk ShopDec 19, 2022

Fred and Elle Talk CosPLAY

Fred and Elle Talk CosPLAY

Fred and Elle talk about the fine art of cosPLAYING. It's not just putting on a cool costume and strolling around the convention floor. We're putting the play back in cosplay to discuss our recent experience at the Warhammer 40k Grand Narrative in New Mexico, where we fully immersed ourselves in our characters for an entire weekend. We'll also talk about how performance impacts cosplay competitions and our sometimes controversial take on it.

Dec 19, 202201:07:11
Fred and Elle Talk Sewing

Fred and Elle Talk Sewing

This week Fred and Elle are talking SEWING. Well, Elle is going to rant about how sewists don't get the respect they deserve, and Fred is going to stay out of the blast radius. They compare foamsmiths to sewists, and talk about their go-to sewing supplies and favorite materials. Elle gives her Seamstress's Manifesto and makes the case for why sewing in the cosplay world is hella fun and worthy of respect!

Oct 17, 202253:07
Fred and Elle Talk Conventions
Oct 10, 202247:35
3 - Fred & Elle Talk Makeup and Prosthetics
Oct 03, 202243:00
Fred & Elle Talk the Process

Fred & Elle Talk the Process

Beginning any new project can be daunting. Starting a cosplay especially so. Do I have the skill? Do I have the materials? How much is this going to cost? Will I have enough source material? On this episode, Fred and Elle talk about how they tackle the process and how different they are.

NOTE: The episode jumps RIGHT in because Elle forgot to unmute the first five minutes. Oops! Always an opportunity for improvement, right? 

Oct 02, 202236:51
Fred and Elle Talk Painting Techniques

Fred and Elle Talk Painting Techniques

When it comes to cosplay, how you paint and what you use is a hot topic. This week, Elle interviews Fred about his decades of painting both as a cosplayer and as a miniature figure painter. He shares his tips and tricks, talks about the tools he uses, and stresses the importance of contrast, contrast, and CONTRAST! 

Oct 02, 202240:56