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Free Range Thinking - A Neurodiversity Podcast

Free Range Thinking - A Neurodiversity Podcast

By Free Range Thinking - A Neurodiversity Podcast

Your hosts Sharon Leigh and Alex Kahl take Neurodiversity as a starting point for the conversation. Aaaaaand go right off into the weeds and down different rabbit holes ;)

One of our first goals with the podcast is to find some languaging and words around the whole topic of Neurodiversity.

So please send us your feedback, your questions, your experiences with Neurodiverstiy, your languaging around it and everything else you think we should talk about.

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S02E24 - Just a short Hello ;)

Free Range Thinking - A Neurodiversity PodcastJul 17, 2023

S02E24 - Just a short Hello ;)

S02E24 - Just a short Hello ;)

We just chatted on this one and just recorded these short greetings :)

Jul 17, 202305:03
033 - How imagining takes the shock away - Jane McGonigal

033 - How imagining takes the shock away - Jane McGonigal

travelling as a neurodivergent

being overwhelmed by people


by expectation

preloading energy

segway into


by Jane McGonigal

course at stanford

muscles for imagination are very well developed in sharon

Sparring in Martial Arts takes the Shock away

like imagining takes the shock away

preparing for blackouts, anxiety

Prepare to being rediculous

Nature and Nurture

Raise kids being on the spectrum

it bothers us but it doesnt stop us



female human animals are people pleasuers

trust own instincts and trust their own selfs

- freunde finden, freunde verlieren, angst davor ablegen, alleine sein

neurodivergent have more experience with taking a punch into the face

"thats the way society is"

as a neurodivergent in FRANCE

with all that kissing on the cheek :)

how much energy it takes to meat the demands of sucial and cultural



a Mediator

"What is your wicked problem?"

TV Series like Scorpion

underapprciated skillsets

like seeing around corners

Penetration testing for Business Models

Jul 17, 202301:28:38
032 Resources for Neurodiversity

032 Resources for Neurodiversity

Don't take anything as gospel!

Analogy: Neurodiversities as Flavors

paté de canada with corn chips and sour cherry

keep your mind open - you know you! you GET TO know you!

ADD/ADS without the Hyperactivity

back off from diagnosis self assessment get to know yourself

don't be too serious about it

self-diagnosing bashing

mac gyvering your way through life

ask on reddit: what neurodiversities do you have that are lesser known?

sharon's mom knew SO much AND was SO competent in using that knowledge 

NEVER tell them they are stupid but find out how they understand the world in a different way

so since most people haven't won the life lottery like sharon with her mom we have more tips:

Sharon's sister: "You are two-faced" and meet yourself for the first time

if a teacher tells you "you cant do it" you can answer "maybe you are just not the right teacher for me"

IMPORTANT: think about your expectations for example: what do you usually do... imagine yourself at home, at work, at a party and what would you do 8 times out of 10? Do you like to be in a ballpark, in a swimming pool or on a race track?

you need the permission to call bullshit

let out who you are is helpful for example to find out HOW to deal with it, how people might react to that, how you can use it

search ADHD on instagram and go down the other hashtags

watch youtube videos and find people you like and can relate to

there is NO one size fits all

laboratory of US

the world is much more aware and you have unlimited ways of discovering and finding your preferred way of communication

Sharon's Calendar Moca

what is useful / works for you?

Thrive and not just survive

if something doesn't feel right: question it!

  • Wanting - Luke Burgis

  • Range - David Epstein

  • Interviews with Richard Branson

  • Ed Catmull from Pixar - Aphantasia

get into communitiesa TON of informationwhat does MINE feel like?be your own scientistbe curious and find out what fitswhere would you look to find out more about which Neurodiverse-Attribute could beAlex Tipsin Kids:think back your childhood (and life) if there is a pattern when people said something about youchoose your teachersHannah Gadsby Body of Work is a great resourceMBTI Test - with a grain of saltthe journey is precious and important!advice from the pregnancyWhy don't you just use...You have to be careful with lists, experts, therapists, research!Resources

Jul 11, 202301:13:48
S02e23 - Flow, Autotelic and Exotelic and the ability to selfcalm

S02e23 - Flow, Autotelic and Exotelic and the ability to selfcalm

Rereading Finding FLow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Incorporating Knowledge over time

The Maid - autistic and OCD detective in a hotel

Explosion of research around everthing neuro

Autotelic and Exotelic

selfgoals and outside goals

intrinisic and extrinsic desiries

Wanting, by Luke Burgiss

Art of Impossible by Steven Kotler

Why are we motivated to different goals

and how much is it effected by being on the spectrum?

The Courage to be disliked

Montessori Method and Trust in themselves

Parenting with Games

Emergent purpose

Evaluation languaging


10 years ago how much would this have effected me?

The normal people and the notnormal people

The ability to selfcalm

acknowledging emotions but going through them

oh that is interesting or an adventure

There is only one way to find out: TEST

view yourself from the outside

asking myself what kind of neurodivergent feats might be at paly here

How do we develop our selfcalming and flowstates in workplaces

Deciding a group isn't for you

use an intro YOU design for yourself and test it

not as an identity

but as HELP for others

introducing yourself as a neurodivergent

s interesting for others AND makes it easier for them

People who are rolling their eyes about others feeling special

Jun 28, 202301:29:24
031 - Shame, Reward and Punishment

031 - Shame, Reward and Punishment


Hackupy Scham CO2 Fußabdruck Seth Godin

"What did I do to deserve this?"

Reward and Punishment

instead of WOW this is amazing

positivity vs negativity

churches and religion

the bible is like Tarot Cards


pass along cultural norms


the problem when you are really good at pattern recognition

and contradiction

and what is NOT working anymore

and what is a blatant lie


back then help the less fortunate

together we are faster and better than alone

From the Church as a Shame Machine

we get to

How people project things on neuro diverse people

Writing down all Ideas to talk to Sharon about in a HEY SHARON file :)

all people Sharon talks to in the last weeks are ALL neurodivergent

Label / language yourself

it gives indescribable freedom 

Labeling is something powerful

Being labeled by others is great for Alex

then he learns about himself

giving the labels an AMAZING meaning

projecting something on others


not being self confident

people don't show the inner work

being on the spectrum and having the luxury of being able to develop a sense of self naturally




teachers in montessori

empathy in medical studies

Sharon's Mom: council for extraordinary children


running forward or backward


Test and Measure Creativity

George Land - NASA 

retain creative capacity

cultural punishment factors


losing the pathways in the brain

how can we help other people to reconnect

- meditation

- sport

- taking time and being in nature

reconnect with childhood creativity

behavior modification bracelet


Shame and Church

Jun 28, 202301:21:22
S02e22 - Ideas for Workshops, a Platform for Neurodivergents and: You can send us messages!

S02e22 - Ideas for Workshops, a Platform for Neurodivergents and: You can send us messages!

Greetings Friends!

You can send us Voice Messages on the Spotify Page!

Pleeeaaase try it out!

And you MIGHT end up in one of our episodes :)

What Sharon threw off guard this week.

And how other people reacted to it

aaaand sharon observed herself during it

Saskia and Sharon as Guiney Pigs for a training.

Drama and emotional intelligence

Navy SEAL Team of Coaches

Emotional Intelligence

Let's build a Platform for Neurodivergent Coaches and Trainers

Getting support in recognizing some really shitty family dynamics :)

What is normal and from what power structure does it come from?

Pathfinder Mindset and the level of discomfort

Homework for Alex :) - when do I put myself in a wandering situation

Difference between searching and wandering

Alex found his style of wandering

The ones that got away

THE cello musicians for Sharon an dALex

It plays into what I observed last week: ADHD Ripoffs

cheap Notion Planners

little ebooks that seem really put together very unmotivated

Especially when it is REALLY expensive

Navy SEAL Team of Coaches

IDEA Workshop Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence?

A Workshop as a Emotional Intelligence Gym

Self Permission

instead of

Self Sabotage

Perspective and distancing

not taking things personal

How could you advertize that to a company?

IDEA: Let's build a Platform for Neurodivergent Coaches and Trainers

Idee und Technology von Creare Pausa

Train them to do coaching and workshops with neurotypicals

I offer the Platform my help to make the EXCEL Sheet into a Google or EXCEL Form

A database of neurodivergent Coaches - for neurodivergent coachees - and for neurotypical company people

Jun 20, 202301:31:42
030 - What are DAOs and are they interesting for Neurodivergent working at one

030 - What are DAOs and are they interesting for Neurodivergent working at one

Greetings Friends and welcome to this technical sounding Episode of FRT! But: It is not that technical as you might think :)

Sharon and Alex talk about Dezentralized Autonomous Organizations - short: DAOs

Are they communities Is it a forum? Or a company? Or a univserity? something for learning?

some are VERY loosely structured can be frustrating and slow for some people

  • concentric circle -

is there a blueprint for DAO?

  • housekeeping and decision making by a coregroup can be smoother - when there is enough emotional intelligence - understand to work with people
  • Future of Work
  • Sharon'S tkae: a group of really smart people

Is it more about the people or the technology

it is more about building a community to solve problems its not about the tools

come up with challenges and problems the want to solve contact the DAO Group and get into a meeting

DAO sounds a bit like a German "Verein" - Club Alex comparison to the Montessori Club in his town

Jeremy was hired to talk at DAOs how to get started with their structure

The Shopping List of DAOs

DAOs ask: "How do you think to fit in here?"

Tiny House Bielefeld eV 

You need Patience

The passion of the DAOs...

you can move humanity forward only globally otherwise its colonization 

Culture and Borders of the Group

Living Documents

  • how do you work?
  • what gets on your nerves?
  • what makes you progress?
  • what is the vision
  • what are the rules
  • why are we doing this and that
  • how did we get to this point?

some DAOs recommended by Sharon

what are DAOs?What differentiates DAOs from a website or Forum?Example: Fashion Design around Ballroom DancingAlex Voice Message StoryDocument and tell your story consistentlyWhere to go from here

Jun 19, 202301:27:20
s02e21 - Chris Marshall talks with us about Gin, the Science of uncertainty and how he helps people to be optimistic about change and the future

s02e21 - Chris Marshall talks with us about Gin, the Science of uncertainty and how he helps people to be optimistic about change and the future

Greetings Friends! Meet Chris Marshall: A behavioral and uncertainty scientist with an endlessly curious Oldschool Aspie personality.

Find more about Chris Marshall on

His Website, on his own Podcast Transitional Matters, his Book DECODING CHANGE or on LinkedIn.

And of course on the Forager Distillery Website where he works as a Master Distiller. ;)

- Discover his passion for brewing and distilling Gin, including a memorable moment in a Belgian bar where he asked for the bartender's favorite drink.

- Hyperfocusing on gin and the creation of Foragers Gin, inspired by juniper bushes along the M25.

- Embracing uncertainty as the fundamental skill for navigating the Age of Awareness.

- Exploring the layers of the world and the impact of slow updates versus fast updates.

- The influence of artificial stress, suspense, and fear in various aspects of life.

- Delve into the concept of uncertainty as unlimited potential and the what influenced Chris's thinking.

- Understanding the stress response and the importance of becoming the master of your own stress response.

- Introducing the Pause, Pause, Move framework as a physical and mental tool for stress regulation.

- The significance of awareness, radical self-truth, and reframing procrastination as a white lie.

- Reflecting on the Stone Age and the need to reduce overload and complexity in modern life.

- The relationship between state of mind and environment for optimal thinking.

- The Tolerance of Uncertainty Quiz and the role of self-awareness in managing uncertainty.

- Practical tips for accessing your best thinking, such as taking important questions with you to the shower or car.

- Exploring the Pathfinder Mindset, resilience, and the pillars for successfully navigating change.

- The synthesis of the Pause, Pause, Move model and the role of joy in decision-making.

- Contrasting joy and happiness, with joy being the magic formula to returning to a default state of well-being.

Jun 13, 202301:23:21
029 Unlocking sustainability and circular economy through Neurodiversity

029 Unlocking sustainability and circular economy through Neurodiversity

Greetings Friiieeeends! :)

This Episode holds for you:

Rewriting the LinkedIn Bio with a focus on company culture and living documents

- Importance of making the story repeatable for sustainability, neurodiversity, and circular economy

- Need for diverse thinking from people on the margins of norms and around the corners

- Critical role of creativity and faster thinking for the future

- Sharon's Flow State and balancing coaching and artwork for a surf startup

- Exploring the use of NFTs and meeting deadlines with AD(H)D

- Pressure and motivation: self-imposed or from others in the context of company romance (CoMance)

- Understanding DAOs, power dynamics, and relationship dynamics

- Avoiding sneaking knowledge through the side door

- Delegating culture through awareness, biases, norms, boundaries, and trust levels

- Developing a common language to facilitate communication between neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals

- Building awareness and non-judgmental attitudes for trust and group dynamics

- Confidence-building techniques and overcoming overpreparedness

- Increasing awareness of personal superpowers through listening, reading, watching, and engaging in conversations with neurodivergent circles

- Recommendations for communities and resources on LinkedIn, NeuroQueer, YouTubers, NessLabs, and Reddit

- Evolving communication and interaction in the digital age

- Empowering individuals to ask for what they want and work in ways that suit them best

Jun 12, 202301:37:37
s02e020 - How to find Collaboration Partners

s02e020 - How to find Collaboration Partners

Greetings Friends!

Our podacst guest got caught up on a mountain top :)

So we had to freewing this episode and talked about:

How NOT to find a Collaboration Partners - and how to do it in a good way.

Know thyself

what do you

- need

- want

- is fun for you

The Operating Manual of Me

Editing is OK for me but STARTING the editing process ist REALLY hard

Tim Ferriss Five Bullet Friday

Great for Sharon

Too structured can equal boring for Alex

Live Collaborating :-D

Sharon is the right person for podcasting for Alex too

Alex would be not curious enough on its own and too concerned that a topic is not interesting enough.

Sharon is naturally great at getting a conversation started

Some things you CAN do alone but they are better with a partner:

Like sparring or playing tennis

Sharons widsom podcast Wizecracking

Sharon's filter of everthing:

2 choices to start a project with this or with this person

with which person you would like to be stranded for 8 hours in a shady airport in?

Alex story when he did travelling around the world in 80 hours in germany.

Do you feel save saying no?

Does the person has a sense of humor about themselves?

Being adapt plug-pullers

With all that is in our heads:

How do we get these things out?


the Tucker Max - Book in a Box Workshop

and Sharons Happy Meal of Meatball Sundae

Why it is hard to collaborate for Alex in real life

researching, learning, throwing legobricks of content on the floor and build a space station

Montessori Methods in agile companies

Sharons TV-series Recommendation:

Ted Lasso

4th principle

**We Don't know**

We have a Book Title there! :-D

Back to how to find a collabortive partner?

Where to find one?

- LinkedIn and put it out in the universe and see what you get back

- Start your own movement

- WhatApp Story / Status and ask if somebody knows somebody - that is a bit more private

- Write a DM to people on LinkedIn or other contacts and ask them if the would collaborate with you

- join a community like NESS LABS (free or low priced) or cohort courses (often expensive) like altMBA from Seth Godin or the Book in a Box course or Youtuber Academy by Ali Abdaal

- Discord Servers or Reddit Groups

- Start a Working out Loud Circle

Sharons closing question about the opposite thing of

Death by a thousand papercuts



Alex and the ONE word nothing rimes to in german is APFEL

Jun 07, 202301:43:50
028 - Learning Language as a neurodivergent, Notetaking and Consistency

028 - Learning Language as a neurodivergent, Notetaking and Consistency

Learning french

how can neurodiverse people



English as secret language for parents :)

Learning with



What does a learning app need for neurodivergent?

THe concepts of Notetaking:

Architects - Gardeners - Librarians

Tiago Forte

Maggie Appleton

How cool would be an app that finds out about your neurodiversity

Lucy's Cave Children's Story

Dangers of AI

Homogonizing the diversity

How can you convince a CEO to use diversity for an advantage to get ahead

rebellous diverse group of AI designers

Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker


why isn't it ok to be a pebble to make a ripple effect

the long game

infinite games

what are you daily consistent about?

planting and nurturing seeds

posting every day?

taking time for thinking and reflectiing everyday

Sharons consistency gives her a solid structure

Seth Godin - writers block - plumbers block

Monday Models

Lydia's BMW

Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs

Startup Couple

Freakonomics Podcast with Harari

Jun 05, 202301:33:25
s02e19 - Different take on Gratitude and Words to live. Not only live by.

s02e19 - Different take on Gratitude and Words to live. Not only live by.

Greetings friends, in this episode we talk about sayings, quotes, phrases and words to live. Yeah. Word that you can live. Not only live by :)

Sharons experience of talking about things in another language.

Whan Alex talks about Neurodiversities and ADHD, Dyslexia, he uses the english words because it sounds more playful and curious than using the German expressions.

The WW II Squirrel - Eichhörnchen - Story

Sharon's Cheese-Buying-Incident in France

Alex seeking Supermarket Adventures

The loop back to the podacst :) New culture - like starutp culture The difference between being busy and hustling

Transition into something Alex wanted to ask Sharon People use technology to solve problems that came from technology in the first place

Postits with affirmation, habits instead of gratitude

Sharon's take on Gratitude does it come from DOING or BEING? being of value without DOING something

EXPERIMENT: 1 thing in the doing 3 things in the being category

Do you have postits or reminders on your desk, mirror or whereever?

a Commonplace ROOM instead of a commplace book

  • that which i most resist is what most threatens my identity keep your mind open
  • If you are the the smartest person in the room
  • keep seeking the strangeness
  • what am i doing to grow my capacity for sitting in the discomfort of being wrong?

Zip-Lock Bags in the Showers with Sayings

May 30, 202301:05:22
027 - Painting Murals, Neuschwanstein and the Power of Ambience

027 - Painting Murals, Neuschwanstein and the Power of Ambience

Greetings Friends! Here we are beack again after the 2022 summerbreak and the intro is directly interrupted by Alex's daughter to give Alex the update about the budgie bird :-)

And then we meander through topics like:

Castele Neuschwanstein

Ludwig II

Lover of Wagner


How great must it have been to be an artist in that space

Sharon about painting laaarge Wall Murals

Jungle Wall Murals

Was wurde aus den Künstlern in Neuschwanstein?

The power of ambience

Sustainability of a work like this

Alex thinks or is creative in connecting dots and finding patterns

Because of aphantasia

Ken Follett - Buidling a cathedral 

Limitation of Skills

We should write the screenplay about the artistry in Neuschwanstein


How much life can we orchestrate around that

and cooperate with people

and realize amazing projects

May 30, 202301:13:10
s02e18 - Sharon Hurley Hall is our guest about what would need to happen to be equality the standard & Star Trek

s02e18 - Sharon Hurley Hall is our guest about what would need to happen to be equality the standard & Star Trek

Greetings Friends and welcome to this wonderful conversation with Sharon, Sharon and Alex :)

Learn more about Sharon Hurley Hall here

and on Sharon's and her sister Lisa's Introverts Sisters Podacst

Her bestselling Book - I’m Tired of Racism

And her Sharon’s Anti-Racism Newsletter

How Sharon and Sharon met

Misson Equality - where she is Co-founder for Leadership Education

Oooops - when the apology is different

Every week she learns something new - Like Stimming

Flowlab Emily Weltman

diagnosed as autistic a year ago

High masking and low support needs

When certain spaces just feel wrong

Stimming and ability to synthesize information

Figuring out the stage of "is this something that is consistently me?"

The difference when you understand yourself better

it is SO helpful to hear those stories how ADHD and autism manifests in girls and women

because Alex can understand his daughter NOW better when she is 8 years old

to be supportive

There is not enough science and information for and about Black Autistics

Nearly all of the studies are done on white boys

How to learn on Mission Equality

The prussian school system that was exported worldwide

One size fits none


A.J. Singh's Article about The Colonisation of Neurodiversity And How To Break Free: Part 1

Neurodivergent - Neuroperformative - Neuralembodied

Relabelling - Delabelling

Artists are the Muses for society

The idea of Sharons Newsletter

IF WE COULD SOLVE RACISM - we can solve everything!

What could be the next cool crazy steps?


The Mission Equality Black Paper

Star Trek Discovery - All get what they need to do their jobs according to their needs

How do we get to THAT world

Jane McGonigal - Futurist Society - Imaginable

Star Trek Society has overcome the capitalist ecomnic system

The Octopus Movement

Star Trek **is not only about earth people**

it is about **EXPLORATION**

Alex has never thought of star trek in a diverse way

We are wondering how it would be interesting to use the Star Trek narrative much more

because it is exciting, intersting and something a LOT of people like

It's not only about the technology but also about society

Part of being socialized as a woman

Be mindful about new people

Set the bar high enough and some people take themselves out of the equation

how to teach a **NOgotiation** to children

No rudeness - but opinions and clarity

Trust and Decision Making Scaffolding

The school Sharons daughter went to is older than the USA

The pandemic might have influenced the next generation in a very profound and positive way of connective awareness

How COULD the world look like according to Sharon

It's like building a cathedral


Planting seeds for the future

Maybe go back to societies before colonizers arrived

Get people thinking about solutions and

Would need to happen to be equality the standard wherever you are?

May 23, 202301:26:48
026 - Giving others a Manual for Yourself - Neurodivergents in Relationships

026 - Giving others a Manual for Yourself - Neurodivergents in Relationships

Greetings Friends! This Episode revolves around being a Neurodivergent in relationships. Not only romantic relationships but friendships, work relationships and family business.

Have fun and get in touch with us! 


Load on attention

1 1/2 until Sharon hosts her retreat

Being Neurodivergent in a relationship

Sharon's take on relatoinships

Alex is bit responsible for himself and for his girlfriend's reactions


Aren't YOU perfect?

What kind of therapy exist for neurodivergent partners?

In Germany Therapy is REALLY not as accepted as in US

What is therapy for?

You just have to be open to discuss it

Dealing with medicine

Not putting others on the defensive

"I am reviewing who i want to be involved with. i am specifically looking for cooperative healthinsurance partners" - change the dynamics for my self made healthcare plan

Our boundaries

Minimize sensory overload

Example: The Wedding Reception - with earplugs

The reason why it took Alex until he was 40 to have kids

Choose from whom you learn from

Caretaker for older pepople with robots

Ali Abdaal - got the Feedback as a medical Student he had to work on his empathy for bein ga Doctor

Future of medical care

lowering the Egos on both side

"how to be a good patient"

Giving others a user manual for yourself

May 19, 202301:13:33
s02e17 Finding Partners in Crime, Cold feet and Organizing with ADHD

s02e17 Finding Partners in Crime, Cold feet and Organizing with ADHD

Greetings friend! We love to get even more in touch with you! Tell us what you'd like us to talk about or get on the show and talk WITH us!


How to find a tool that is always interesting

- follow out interest to stay involved and focussed

- rotating in and out with intention

- go with the current and follow the lead of the interest

Does the boat come back around?

It is a bit like surfing

Alex Life or Death Trauma with Boats and all things on the water

Kayaking vs Kanooeing

Finding partners in crime

getting projects out of your head into reality

especially with things you are not good at

exercize buddies

social anxiety


getting out of doing something you love

high sensitive persons HSP and cold exposure

cold feet

hyperfocus experience in getting into topics and rabbit holes

Craiglist, ebay kleinanzeigen classifieds and AirBnB

Curate the Experience

how airbnb came along

The brown M&Ms and Iron Maiden

Neurodivergent people and the "Buddy Sytem"

Be current what you want to care about and focus on

Keepi it moving further ahead

"you know what you NEED to do"

Ask people what they would like to be talked to

Cleaning up a room with a system

"Where do you want that?"

OCD or Ritual?

Organizing in Montessori

The guests coming up the next weeks

May 16, 202301:37:55
025 KITTENS & HEROINE: Shame, Blame and Overwhelm about Play

025 KITTENS & HEROINE: Shame, Blame and Overwhelm about Play

Hey! We would love to get in touch with you! 


Feel the FUN and do it anyway :)

Do you need to deserve Fun?

How do you define fun?

The differences between the USA and Poker and Russia and Chess

How does Alex define fun? ( nd he is REAAALLLYY struglling with this question)

Being outside of the rules

What was fun for you and the elements of it as a kid?

How Alex built himself a job consisting of things he had fun with as a kid

Infinite games - finite games

poker US with Chess Russia

The gap between then and now

Why don't more people chose THAT

Do we take or make time

What when time is not there

For Sharon thinking things through is as much fun as executing

creativity is important

thinking is enough

Did she specified if time in the day - short term or time in her lifespan?

What has your family culture encoded in you about play fun?

Work ethic

Erst die Arbeit - dann das Vergnügen

Earn the play

Seriousness attached to games - Pen and Paper Roleplaying and Computer Games

Growth mindset vs fixed mindset

Light heartedness

Didn't play that much

My mom always lost

This is how human animals PLAY



The pre-us way of entertaining ourselves

storytelling - discussing as a form of accessibility of things - things were SO complicated

Experimenting is play

Is not very valued in the workplace

Everything needs a purpose for Alex

He doesn't need permission


The judgement-factor

What do we value?

Mimetic behavior - are we wanting

The balance of fun and destruction

**kittens and heroine - BANDNAME**

paying a price for fun

the tradeoff is time - scarcity

Boredom - baseline of entertainment and calm

learn self calm

Engineering as much interesing and fun things into life results in maximum creativity

May 14, 202301:23:02
S02E16 - Answering your Questions! Guess how many we manage to talk about

S02E16 - Answering your Questions! Guess how many we manage to talk about

Greetings friend! In this episode we answer some of your questions!

We love to get even more in touch with you! Tell us what you'd like us to talk about or get on the show and talk WITH us! and

Ah and at 41 minutes I left in something for documentation for me. There were two really loud BANGS you can hear in the audio that were the result of two Eurofighters breaking through the soundbarrier in Germany on the 1st of may. And it really scared the shit out of me :) No I am glad to have that recording.

And now let's listen :) Here are our notes from the show:

AUA: Ask us Anything! - it is like AMA but with multiple people :-D

It might be painful for us or for you all


Made up power-construct of what is normal.

When there is NORMAL then there is OTHER

The societal construct is an illusion

Being aware of it and create sidedoors

Labelling oneself vs. being labelled by others

Showing neurotypicals how to be able to value the complexity of neurodivergents

How to Citizen

with Baratunde Thurston -

Kinship and inclusiveness


Are you interested in telling me more?

People are scared to ask because then they think the have the obligation to fix something

Shakespeare and Company and people in Wheelchairs

Modern theater as a metaphor for the overhwelm neurotypical feel with neurodivergent people or topics


What's the difference between sensory and emotional sensitivity?

High Sensitve Persons vs people who are victims of there emotions

Baselines - for example for anger

a logical and a very emotional sibling

If you are a sensory type you can turn down a lot of stimulations - turning down EMOTIONAL sensitivy is really hard.

The difference between disappointment and frustration

(Learn to) Know what you need

Giraffe and Wolves Language

Non Violent Communication NVC - Marshall Rosenberg -

Council for Exceptional Children

Self Calming

Long term goal is peace - especially in the Montessori Method


We have an idea for the next round of questios:

Only 5 minutes for each question :-D

May 13, 202301:31:49
024 - Do Artists feel less shame and how to fortify kids against it

024 - Do Artists feel less shame and how to fortify kids against it

We now: the last 3 episodes were released in between 3 days :) LOTS of Sharon and Alex for you this week - but I wasn't able to edit the episodes earlier. Now we are back on track.

If you would like to reach out to us we love to hear from you!

Ask us questions, tell us your stories or get on the show and let's talk together about Neurodiversity in all its facettes: and

And now have fun listening! Here are some of our shownotes what we are talking about in this episode:

Do neurodivergent suffer more or less from Shame?

What are the family implications?

Imposter syndrome

Tv recommendation: Severance - split work and private life

Corporate Cultures

Comparison to other people

What are the difference between coaching and training

Sharon's take:

Emergent learning and client lead exploration


Corporate Artist

Marcus John Henry Brown again :)

part 1 - The Tangible Corporate Machine

part 2 - WORK like an artist

part 3 - Sanctuary

Do Artists feel less shame?

Do they deal with it differently?

or do they become artists because the lack of shame?

Sounds we make in a conversation

Do actors become actors because they want to be someone else?

Alexes 2016 Project: 100 Vlogs a day to 42

How to teach kids to have a healthy relationship with shame

Being judgmental with yourself leads to shame


Level of Delightment

Let others do that better

Fortify Kids for shame

Personality type as receptive

Motivation intrinsically or extrinsically

Neuschwanstein as a metaphor for neurodiverse achievement

May 07, 202301:14:38
S02e15 - Sharon shares her struggle, Stress as a Slingshot and Cat Napping Trance

S02e15 - Sharon shares her struggle, Stress as a Slingshot and Cat Napping Trance

WOOHOO! We surpassed 1000 listeners! (not that numbers matter that much to us - we would also do this just for our pleasure :-D) but we LOVE to know that you are listening to us.

OH! And you can reach out to us if you would like to: and

Ask us questions, give us a hint what you would like us to talk about or come on the show as our guest and let's have a wonderful open and curious conversation about Neurodiversity!

And this is what you can expect from this one:

Our Filter is:

Are we having fun doing that?

WHY we are doing this podcast

one outcome for Alex

Collecting Stones, Rocks, Nuggets

What Sharon is struggling with

Share the pain :-D

Executive Functioning and the way the struggle manifests

How she works through it and with which tools and methods

The voice inside your head - that is puzzling and frustrating

The Evil EXCEL Table for a REALLY cool opportunity of a coaching platform

what makes it so hard for Dyslexic human beings

Stress as a Slingshot

Showing not telling

Self Therapizing

Why does nobody ask:

How do you work best? How would you like to receive this?

Why continue to suffer in a homogenous way of doing things

Support systems for resuce and emergency teams like paramedics and firefighters

You cannot choose colleagues and family members

How does Self-Talk look like

Don't use rewards but making things fun and enjoyable

The brain doesn't notice the difference of being IN a enjoyable situation or thinking about it

Infinite games

Find a good listening-partner

Co-active Coaching

It's like sparring-sessions

Voice in your head


Where does the negative voice in your head come from?

Positive Intelligence - The Sage for the positive voice and Judges for the negative side

Remember that a lot of things are just a sprint.

But a lot of sprints result in a far distance, too

Giggle to yourself and be rebellious

What does your internal supportsystem look like through the choppy waters

Salty water and nutrition

Readjust your expectations

Box Breathing while napping

Cat Napping Trance

## Tools

- snacking Cucumbers so Sharon doesnt eat something that throws her Brain Chemicals off

- lowest possible Dose of Ritalin

- The filter. "when I am 85 how would it look like then?"

- Box Breathing while napping

- Salty water and nutrition

- Giggle to yourself and be rebellious

May 06, 202301:37:59
023 - Neil Gaiman, Skunk Smell, MJHB and Neuschwanstein

023 - Neil Gaiman, Skunk Smell, MJHB and Neuschwanstein

The last was rough on the sickness-side so the episodes are late - sorry.

And hey! You can get in touch with us via Mail:

and :)

Let's go for this almost 2 hour chunk of a wonderful (at least for Sharon and Alex) episode :)

Here are some Shownote:

Neil Gaiman for us at least means:

Lean and smooth writing

There is nothing extra

Sharon models him

Especially when editing

Neil was on Episode 366 of the Tim Ferriss Podacst

Read fiction opens your mind for stepping into possibilities

Get passed those layers of resistance

Workshop as a Fantasy Story - PnP Roleplaying

not without permission

first ask for

Wants, Needs, Fears and Expectations

Keynotes as Theater Performances


The Performance a year before - more a Literature Reading than a solo-character play -

both by:

MJHB - Marcus John Henry Brown -

Agile mindset - Sharon's Keynote for the Female tech conference

Wants vs needs expectations

How does a skunk smell?

And what to do against the smell:

Tomato juice or baking soda


What feels like an adventure

Fountain pen exploration

Sharon's favorite colors for Fountain Pen inks


Olive green

Umbra / brown

Change inks / change of thougts

Sharon's self made Souvenirs

animals from Canvas

Leinen Servietten

The Museum Wäschefabrik in Bielefeld stories

younger people who do not know what to do with their lifes

enjoy what they really want to do

awareness practice

a martial arts coach story

tools of perspective

narrow perspective on the bad feelings

self soothing

Sharon's Tips when you visit Castle Neuschwanstein

Imagine LOTS of artists and musicians in the castle

A full blown Multi cultural artistic Bubble

A Neurodivergent, genderfluide place

and a creative safety bubble

Take the route with the horse coach!

May 05, 202301:55:48
S02e14 - Being raised with abundance and not scarcity

S02e14 - Being raised with abundance and not scarcity

The importance of play

book: Awaken your Genius

by Ozan Varol

Podcast Interview on The Human Upgrade

Sharon mowing the lawn

Being raised with abundance and not scarcity

Abundance of what?

Executive functions and ADHD

Giving us time to play

break out the vicious circle

Lifecoach Schook Podcast - abundance of money

Perception of time for children, animals and adults

Alex Hypothesis of Neurodivergents are often a bit more primal

Timeblindness for ADHD

Misspelling as an Alarm that goes of in one's head

Seeing patterns

Sharon's Filter for Who is this for?


- open

- curious

- interested


we learn how to discard what does not serve us

the difference between abundance and overwhelm?

postwar and postcolonization generation

how to make technology accessiable to everybody?

scott pellet

are we using AI-technology for expanding or for gatekeeping?

Strong believes lightly held

Apr 25, 202301:29:08
022 - Who were your teachers and who are you modelling?

022 - Who were your teachers and who are you modelling?

Greetings Friends!

This one from 2022 was very influenced by the Book Wanting from Luke Burgess and the concept of modelling he describes in the book.

Who am I modelling on?

is really hard for Alex to say - because some things he likes to model had to be separated from the person

- like Steve Jobs

- try to model for example thinking models like Reasoning from First Principles

- Stoicism

- Like to Model or be inspired by people who or whose work I like.

Have to differentiate their Life and Character from the WAY they do things or they think

and then see if it works for me

- Casey Neistat

- [[Quelle - Neil Gaiman]]

- Katy Bowman

- Ryan Holiday

- Seth Godin

- Gary Vaynerchuk

- Ali Abdaal

- Tim Ferriss

- James Altucher

Try to pick

What do children model

Book Luke Burgess Wanting

when Alex was a kid he modelled for example my older cousin and people from movies


ALex doesn't model people he knows personally




George Carlin / Richard Prior

Die 2 - Tony Curtis - Roger Moore

Modelling Karate Kid

and wishing for Mr Miyagi



They are very caring and protective

You can model yourself but not the circumstances

Do nothing - conversations / workshop

Unhurried conversations

Slow food - slow interaction

Blogging for serendipty in ours

Modelling with intent

Writing. - not thinking about a target person for content - modelling neil gaiman for writing fiction conciously to get into the writing

Using neil gaiman's fountain pen

Art Matters

you are what you risk

The Artist's way

Ann Handley Newsletter

Taking notes in a converstaions

Follow multiple conversations

and people who cannot follow

Apr 23, 202301:18:59
S02e013 - Do you have neurodivergent ancestors in your families

S02e013 - Do you have neurodivergent ancestors in your families

Alex Kyushu Green Tea Pot

Stories about Ancestry and Neurodivergent Family Members

Alex remebers his uncles

younger uncle - social avoiding

older uncle - artist - psychologist - real estate agent - box promoter - advertiser

always the same family party schedule

PTSD in german grandparents after world war II

the amount of uncertainty in the lifes of our grandparents

180 years old children's stories

- Struwwelpeter -

- Max and Moritz -

- Grimm's Fairy Tales

Sharon's Rodeo Aunt

Being strict in situations you have no control over

and being very loose and relaxed in around horses for example

Advenureousnous in children of Immigrants to America

Feeling home in Europe as an American


How did people get together back then?

in the village / tribe

How do families are founded today?

Otherness - Wrong to be differnt

Work ethic

Saying something between the lines

implications of living as a neurodivergent in a context of an irish / german ancestorial family in texas

rank and status system in the US


school system in germany

cages made of mars bars

study the family with ancestral glasses

Apr 18, 202301:29:32
021 - Stories for living in a world that is not build for us

021 - Stories for living in a world that is not build for us

Greetings friends! This one is a great example for all those rabbitholes we manage to go down in one episode :)

Here a some Bullet points about the topics we discuss.

Have fun!

Comedians - Deep Questions without bashing someone

Political parties don't work anymore -

Especially not the large people's parties

The result:

One size fits all solutions like Putin, Trump, Berlusconi, Orban

What we need:

Stories that reach a lot of people

Stories that give people ideas and ways to do things

Stories that give people characters they can identify themselves with


Find characters they can wish / look for in their lifes

For example:

Harry Potter

Where Harry himself is identifiable because he is like a blank page


A huuuuuge ensemble of teachers, mentors and concepts he and the reader can identify with

And a lot of characters that work together with him who can offer the same to readers

Sharon's take:

Model after other people

In US: sports stars - celebrities

Wanting by Luke Burgess

Trevor Noah calls people out

gently - but hard truth

some deep thinkers - not all philosophers

see what you've got

and what you are doing with it

unspoken norms

Behavioral Science

How to challenge unspoken norms and be always curious and a little bit unsatisfied

how can this be enhanced?

living in a world that is not build for us

it's not fair - people are chaotic

poeple that are pushing things, enhance them

understand the duality

implementing agile in a company

there is no magic pill

having exponential hope

Silver Lining:

Lots of people coming together

What can we learn from this?

When things are chaotic:

What can you change?

Believe System

sense of identiy and reality

What's important and whats interesting

people in power get to declare what's important

The word repent

changed from greek EVOLVE

to crawl

words twisted by people in power to control people

make discoussions fun, light

and not threatening

invite marginalized and neurodivergent thinking

we are living in a historical phase

how do we handle the pushback of the people in power

we have control about where we put our attention

who we surround ourselves with

who we choose as our models

how many of those five support your dreams and make you seen?

Apr 16, 202301:19:42
S02E12 - Primal Brains, Portals into Thought Kingdoms And: We have an INTRO!

S02E12 - Primal Brains, Portals into Thought Kingdoms And: We have an INTRO!

Yeeees! We ha a musical intro!

Thanks to Faustine and Ajay!

Alex's Lizard brain kicked into fight or flight mode because of a Wildcat on the car radio

That combined with some insights from Our Paleo Diet time

ADHD = the Ancestral-Brain?

as Lactose Intolerant digestion systems are the original ones?

Sedentary Lifestyle vs. Running - Sporty people

Reading and numbers are even only 6000 years old

Neurodivergent people THRIVE in uncertainty

You need a neuronormative persons to build a machine like a plane

but a neurodiverse person to find a really interesting destination to fly to

And now put in the mix

Drugs and candy

The media - not even digital


Sharons Family Stories and Cocktails of Neurodivergents

Problem Solving Skills:

"You gotta outthink it"

Ask kids: "What would you do about it?"

Flying is 98% boring and 2% madness

Sharon's Dad once built "The best antitheft device ever" for someone living on a boat

The great thing of digital tools and toys:

Doing fun stuff for YOURSELF!

and then

Share it with the tribe!

The Story of how Berta Benz drove the first car in the world for thefirst time in history!

Pedestrian to Pilot

Neurodiversity Analogy Flighing - USA tries to get you in the Air - Germany tries to keep you on the ground

Montessori Furniture

Prepared Environment

How order can help people with ADHD

Get a notebook and jot down what you need, want try out

what distracts you or pisses you off

or what sounds like a good idea!

Talk about your experiments

Create you environments


Joy of Junk

Living with Stories and things that remind us of certain ideas

Things that are like Portals


Things like emotional records

Portals into Thought Kingdoms

Airplanes and screeming children

Listen to our beautiful intro in the end again without us talking

Apr 11, 202301:45:38
020 - Can Neurodiversity be a Superpower?

020 - Can Neurodiversity be a Superpower?

Greeting friends and sorry that we can't bring you a higher quality of shownotes this week but Alex is soooo tired.

Greta Thunberg

Superpower - neurodiversity

Media and reality TV don't effect neurodivergent

ND are no slave to the things society dishes up

live content like in Clubhouse or Twitch

Armchair experts

brenee brown hard things - unlocking us

new podcast - the one you feed

about breathing - johnny miller (curious humans) - nervous system mastery - 481

mindful surfer - 76 why some surfers are more stoked

joy - passion - self care

being focussed on ONE thing or multiple things at the same time

seeing patterns

behaviroal science passion


picture of god

ND in the workplace

what can we give - what do we need?

motorcycle analogy

what is the dynamics of getting back on track

bring our childhood bullshit into every situation

Martial arts

practicing under stress

LARP in small groups

braking practicing

brenee brown - vulnerability

what does a proactive vulnerability position feels like?

how can you practice vulnerability?

there needs to be awareness

ease into it

storytelling - choose something like a low hanging fruit

Apr 09, 202346:37
S02E11 - The Art of Giving Gifts - especially for Neurodivergents

S02E11 - The Art of Giving Gifts - especially for Neurodivergents

Giving the gift of the decision

Presents that show you thought about somebody and know them

sending unexpected random stuff in the mail

What brings delight and joy to people

Washing machine manual checklist

Chocolate, Coffee, Tea


The Piglet Birthday :-D

Bad gifts make good stories afterwards in life

The hard things about pawn shops, thrift stores and flea markets

The power of stories for next time

today with an extro!

Apr 04, 202301:12:01
019 - Shame is a shitty motivator

019 - Shame is a shitty motivator

Can neurodivergent people live better with a feeling of being needless in a work environment for example

The 2 meanings of the German word "überflüssig"

People who work in mining and the people in eastern Germany after the german reunion

"My inner life is so rich I dont nessecarily need other people"

Not all neurodivergent people are introvert

Family culture and what you get as a child

Who are you when you do not work?

Extrinsic or intrinsic motivation

Childlike joy of creating

Omagine something for whom this is - blogging for example

Disrupting Flow States

Alex personal knowledge management system

obsidian, bujo, common place book, sketchbook

How to remove shame

Shéhérazade - Saboteurs - Psitive Intelligence PQ program

and the Sage side

Apr 01, 202301:07:29
S02E10 - Grandma's Sushi, Circular Economy and which role Neurodivergents play in there

S02E10 - Grandma's Sushi, Circular Economy and which role Neurodivergents play in there

Alex Recap of the Barcamp "Circular OWL Economy"

Doughnut Economics - Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist

Kate Raworth

How Neurodivergents can play a key role in a curcular economy

what competences and skills

Sustain a high level of curiosity and inspiration

Diversity around Washingston DC

Making your own Sushi

The Hawaiian Grandmother's rice cooking method

Grandma's cooking methods are Recilience in action

The primal aspect of outside cooking

Downhill Parking

a great sport for neurodivergent people

Mar 28, 202301:20:06
018 - Important vs Interesting and Rabbit Holes of Cupcakes and One-size-fits-all

018 - Important vs Interesting and Rabbit Holes of Cupcakes and One-size-fits-all

Hanna Gadsby - Netflix-Specials

#Book : 10 steps to the Net

Female Comedians

Podcast with Glennon Doyle - Words and Languaging

Interesting vs Important - NDs in the first group


Alex Ressource of ideas vs executions

Brevi Manu Store in Bielefeld

Recharge - Hanna Gadsby

A new definition of what's important

Instigate: Fragrance Finder in the Store

HSP are not in the targetgroup

A dillution solution to weaken the smell

Neuroscience and Car Companies

Sense Workshop

planting seeds and instigating conversations

The "I don't care" is really strong in us

Connecting Skills

Specilization is for insects

Ask people / Companie: "What is INTERESTING for you?"

What is the difference between interesting and fascinating?

Benjamin Zander - Work (How to give an A)

Parking Downhill:

How can we make "important" things more easy and interesting to us?

Mar 26, 202301:17:22
S02e09 Implications of Neurodiversities, Montessori and Metaphors

S02e09 Implications of Neurodiversities, Montessori and Metaphors

Greeeetings Friends! We start with a short and graphic ;) description of what is going on on the feline side of Sharon's household Alex shares a slightly dark story.

The Story is about how a Neurodiversity like Aphantasia theoretically could lead to really bad implications.

Especially for rehabilitation in Prison.

How Montessori Teachers are trained in recognizing the neurodiverse skills in Sensitive Periods

We should get a Montessori Teacher on the show.

If you know somebody - please let us know:

Montessori in School

Reading with ADHD and reading to each other


Reading to each other

Goodreads Account

Sharon's segway into


Writing Prose

Alex got a Typewriter - Olivetti Lettera 32


Wonderworks by Angus Fletcher

Yes and,

we have SO MANY more opportunities for telling us anecdotes, metaphors, stories

when stories can be annoying

when they are overused

Storytelling Bootcamp

Not training the Tiktok Algorithm

Digital Garden Metaphor

Building Metaphor Tools

how to write out the best metaphors

to keep us interested

Excessorize me drawings :)

Temple Grandin

who has aphantasia and got read a lot of books to you as a child - let us know your experience


all you engineers and technical people out there:

how are you working with metaphors and stories?

Don't explain something to ALex like he is 5 years old :)

Islands of knowledge

Quantum physics


Exotic sicknesses like in HOUSE MD.

imagine an auditorial learner with a blocked ear and forced to learn visually

Mar 21, 202301:29:03
017 The Indiana Croft and Lara Jones Mindset - or: Treasure Hunt for Mistakes and Resiliency

017 The Indiana Croft and Lara Jones Mindset - or: Treasure Hunt for Mistakes and Resiliency

Greetings Friends! In this Episode of Seasong 01 of FRT we talked about mistakes and resiliency.

How do Kids deal with making mistakes

When does the shame set in instead of curiosity?

What kids can learn from experiments with mudpiles

0The importance of patience and time

Design thinking

Decision making

Tipp / Tool:


What stresses people out about decisions

Buyers remorse

Alex wristwach experiment - treasure hunting (also applicable to fountain pens, typewriters and much more :)

Training out the mistakes

Alex first class experience

Canned decisions

Making decisions with OCD

Own your anxieties

Training of low profile decision making

Writing it down

Differnet types of dyslexia - I just dont care

Bought a REALLY good spellchecker for Mac

Do what we can do

**yes AND mindset**:

it is SO important to be selfaware

to make GOOD decisions

Indiana Jones Mindset:

It is an adventure and a treasure hunt

the TRAPS are more interesting than the ARTIFACT!

Youtube video about how realistic are treasure movies - an Archaeologist breaks down movie scenes:

Neurodiverse people and decision maing

regretting a decision?

When to experiment and when not?

Mar 20, 202301:02:36
S02E08 - Maintain Friendships as a Neurodivergent esp with ADHD

S02E08 - Maintain Friendships as a Neurodivergent esp with ADHD

Greetings Friend! 

Yaay! We have a YouTube channel! And we love you to subscribe and share it!  :)

So you can also SEE us in out cozy recording caves :-D

So we got the inspiration for this episode from a comment on the YouTube Channel called "How to ADHD"

Alex often heard how he changed in the last years especially from his old friends

Friendship making with Neurodiversions

Prinz: Autsmus Pandemie / Ist Autismus jetzt In?

Celebrating the labels or dropping the labels

How Technology can making friendshipmaking even easier

The danger of online friendships all around the world

Finding your tribe

Culture of US High School

Change your group of friends

THe Courage to be disliked

How to make / maintain friendships 

What do I need in a friendships?

Interestingness :-)

Out of sight out of mind

Life is already hard enough

Don't make it harder for each other as friends

Maybe we are suspicious to Neurotypical people

Social anxiety 

Tip: Abstraction

Being social for my daughter

Try PnP Roleplaying

Want to come out and play?

Let's have a coffee?

Sharon's tip on ending social events.

## Links

- YoutTube Comment

- The courage to be dislikedÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=16F0OOEC335VL&keywords=courage+to+be+disliked&qid=1678638620&sprefix=courage+to+be+dislike%2Caps%2C273&sr=8-1

Mar 14, 202301:09:31
016 - When are you an artist? Alex caught COVID and Creativity

016 - When are you an artist? Alex caught COVID and Creativity

Geetings friends! This episode is from our archives after Alex's COVID Infection in 2022. In isolation he found out that he is an somewhat of an artist and has a lot of questions for sharon about the connections between art and neurodiversity. 

Art in Isolation and Neil Gaiman

Bullet Journaling Ryder Carroll Style (Who also has ADHD and his Book about the Bullet Journaling Method)

Doodling in the night with Peter -

Drawing YouTuber Danny Gregory

Ales got COVID _and_ Creativity

Alex Question to Sharon:

When are you an artist?

We are what we ever claim ourselves to be

I am an astronaut!

Tom Sachs

Where your passion lies

selling artwork is not a qualification

Definition of an artist

someone who creates

Geeking out about fountain pens


refilling the cartridges with siringes

Are left handed people automatically Neurodivergent?

Neurodivergents are creative experts in hacking the system.


Life as art

2 Boxes of journals of Sharon's mom's journal

what's the purpose of keeping Art / Archives / Journals

Maybe: Evolution of our thinking

Justifying yourself for your art and joy

A dance with your self

The best form of meditation: 

Being in the now

Are artists always neurodiverse persons?

The invitation to play and make mistakes

The art of people and fascilitation

Moderating workshops

Having Plan A, B and C

The danger of forcing ideas on people


Your bag of Tricks

Mar 12, 202301:41:38
S02E07 - How to think like a connective Futurist - our Wundertüte

S02E07 - How to think like a connective Futurist - our Wundertüte

We start with Sharon's next level French Pastry Leftover Recipe :)

Followed by a brief recap of Sharon's trip to the NFT Convention in Paris

Encouraging underwehelm

Alex's conference tips for neurodivergent people

Sharon is going to reengineer the perfect event for neurodiverse poeple

Dissolving the Pitch Persona

Sharon's profession as an Ambience Alchemist

What are you willing to be surprised with?

A project from the NFT convention: 

Moonpage for writers -

What might be the Facebook for the web3?

Being a resource for a specific group other people

that coaches each other

curating the superskills, energies and inspiration

Innovating the languaging and describing

Butterflies and Bumblebees

Alex Pig butchering re:publica Story

Low Tech behind the scenes allows the Tech to flourish

Give yourself selfpermission to make the switch to connect with the intrinsic motivation.

Designing for all

How to think like a connective Futurist

Equality vs Equity - MacGyvering

Tech for the infrastructure of change

Planting the seed of selfvalue in Kids - especially Girls

Mar 07, 202301:18:40
015 - Mistakes are a bruise - not a tattoo and can turn into resilience

015 - Mistakes are a bruise - not a tattoo and can turn into resilience

How to see the Silver Lining in mistakes

Being punished for doing it different

Resulting in a self-doubt cycle

Introverts and extroverts

Ego and the protectiveness around us

Do we have a headstart as neurodivergent?

Make micromistakes every day

Mistakes are a bruise - not a tattoo

When Alex's daugther is twenty - what would he wish for her

What resiliency tools would i like her to have

Healing habits that are no longer useful, that are only in the neuronormative world

Give people courage and helping them to explore Neurodiversity and name the discomfort

When WE claim our superpower - we can much more easily accept that OTHERS are some kind of different as well and help them to use THEIR superpower

without having the feeling that we are threatened by them

Get us out of shame and give us pride!

"Can't you just..."

"If you would just do a bit..."

Can you just TRY to do X a bit better"

Find the usefulness in your Neurodiversities

School System should have:

Life as an essay - questions

What did you learn on the job

Why does it matter?

What was good


Mining Sharon's experience and survial tactics

Sitting on a goldmine of information of people who are marginalized

People weren't happy before the pandemic

Mar 06, 202301:24:15
S02E06 - Where do you work best? Imagine working in Schloss Neuschwanstein :D

S02E06 - Where do you work best? Imagine working in Schloss Neuschwanstein :D

Being in a BIG convention

as a human sponge

NFT Event in Paris

How Sharon prepared and organized a side-event to let people come to YOU

One day AFTER the event


We should ask Sascha Lobo to be a guest

How to thrive in loud places and at home

Ignorance is bliss

Libraries & Cafes

Working with Music

When Alex worked in front of a band playing in Red Rock Coffee in Mountain Dew


Work in Churches, Tiny Houses, Tree Houses and CASTLES

Imaging working in Schloss Neuschwanstein 

Hundreds of years of experience with solitude in monasteries

Talking to interesting strangers and working while travelling

Not being able to talk on the telephone when there are other people in the room

Where do you work best?

Alex: Working in a completely empty room vs. working in chaos and clutter

Object Permance

Needing visual clues

Sharon's Studio back then in the Black Forest

and the Bullerjan Oven there 

Be careful when you let introverted people who live very remotely pick the vacation appartment :)

The beautiful Bookstores Video by Max Joseph

Live Housekeeping Session of two Neurodiversive podcast people :-D

Feb 28, 202301:30:54
014 - MACGYVERGASM as the ultimate hack to how we can make it easier?

014 - MACGYVERGASM as the ultimate hack to how we can make it easier?

Uh! This episode has a hidden intro :-D We started talking right away, dived into different rabbitholes and interluded the inro somewhere on the way :) 

Have fun listening and we love to get in contact with you! 

Write Sharon on LinkedIn 

or Alex via Mail at 

Here are some topics of this episode:

Why smartphone Alarms are really bad as a Todo-List :)

How to macgyver yourself to do stuff

Find a new word / term für [[Neurodiversity]]


Alternatively Hardwired

Level up human tech

Womens tech neteork 

How did you come up with alternatively hardwired?

Core personal myth

The snow flake method for Storytelling 

by Randy Ingermanson (@SnowflakeGuy)

Listener feedback - you have to turn off the inner judgement

How to have constructive conversations

Did you have any troubles to get through the industrialized school system?

How easy from 1 to 10 is it for you to work in a 9 to 5 job

Sketchnoting - drawing notes

Getting Neurodiversity into schools

The importance of Recipes

and the Experimental Mindset

Martial Arts lesson for the head

Finding your Macguyverism through the catalyst of story

MACGYVERGASM = The Ultimate Hack :)

The Swiss Army Knive 

The pride in solving something with unusual means

Robotic competition

leading to

makers faire

tech camp for girls


What would be the first things sharon would build with mentee-kids?


Flying a drone vs looking through the eye of a drone

Model bashing and Scratchbuilding

Adam Savage build in a day

Sharon's Dad building a complete Apollo Lander Spaceship Simulator in the garage

Talking about Artist Tom Sachs who builds hiw own lifesized Space Missions from Plywood

Alex is a tool user not tool builder

How can we fascilitate the integration of people into our worlds

Feb 27, 202301:37:16
S02E00 - Interlude - No Episode today - we were lost in a rabbithole of Housekeeping ;)

S02E00 - Interlude - No Episode today - we were lost in a rabbithole of Housekeeping ;)

Just a short Greetings friend!

Feb 21, 202303:40
013 - Travelling, Big Cities, Hugging and Hierarchies für Neurodivergents

013 - Travelling, Big Cities, Hugging and Hierarchies für Neurodivergents

Greetings Friend! This is on of our first Episodes, so it might sound a bit different than those you are used to already :) It was recorded on Febrauary 7th in 2022. 

We talk about things like: 

Travelling as a Neurodivergent

Fire house delivery gear

Being born in a multichildren family not diagnosed

Being in a big city like Paris

Do you think differently while travelling in comparison to being at home?

Habits of peole who are not so aware

Neurodivergents, Primal behaviours and hierarchies

What are your models in your Life?

What are the models?

Identifying with characters in stories liek Disneys Raya and the last Dragon

Sometimes it is just not possible for people on the spectrum to walk across the room and hug somebody

Feb 19, 202301:18:32
S02E05 - Garrison vs Combat Mindset - Neurodiversity in the Military

S02E05 - Garrison vs Combat Mindset - Neurodiversity in the Military

Greetings friends. Today we have an interesting topic to talk about. We start out with strong habits since Alex managed to publish on his Blog on 100 consecutive days AAAND:

We started our Free Range Thinking YouTube Channel

First w talk about Brandon Sanderson's 10 years Mindset and the AD(H)D instant gratification mindset inspired by this Video by writer and YouTuber Jed Herne

How do we feel and think about the Babysteps?

How doing a LOT of Babysteps in DIFFERENT directions is the Polymath approach


- A Pile of Ants

- A Bee Hive

- The Drunken Master Steps

That can mean: Walking AROUND a goal instead of towards it in a straight line

Sneaky Sharon tells Alex the idea for the Fantasy Book we have to write.

We got some Feedback:

So Alex started with Yoga - The Yoga-App is called Asana Rebel

On a party someone asked Alex:

"I heard about aphantasia on your podcast"

Then finally we takl about 

Garrison vs Combat Mindset - An idea by Jocko Willink on the Huberman Labs Podcast (around 19:11)

Working as a Chef with Gordon Ramsay

Or FRT as a Food Truck Daily Reality Show :)

HBO Contacts anyone?

FRT is Consistency and Fun for us
Adventurer / Explorer Mindset 

Back to the military :)

The German Military in the 90ies

IBMs method "Capture the Hill"

Premium Cola and Uwe Luebbermann as an example for a democratic company

Hierichal structures are great testing grounds

Autistic Person in the Air Force

24 as a theory as a tool for political influence 

Some Neurodiverse humans are good at Red Teaming


Lateral thinking

Sidedoors and Backdoors 

Red Oceans and Blue Oceans

Book Recommendation: Blue Ocean Strategy

It does not need to be for everybody!

Feb 14, 202301:13:45
012 - No yawning: 24h Watercooler Conversations with Saskia Listle in the collaborative, neurodiverse Startup Household

012 - No yawning: 24h Watercooler Conversations with Saskia Listle in the collaborative, neurodiverse Startup Household

THAT Episode-Title is a mouthful! :-D

And heeeere we are again with a new Interview Episode with Saskia Listle. First we have to say a little sorry: We were so engaged in the conversation that we totally overheard Saskia's connection had some hiccups. It's a minor annoyance but it should be possible to follow our conversation.

How did you find out your brain works differently?

How to see when the other one is maxed out

Logical Aphantasia

Learnings from being a Concierge in a High Class Hotel

How to interpret and act on hostility?


Is there a way to make yourself interested in things?

How to get back into conversations you are not interested in.

Why is it yawning?

Because you are tired?

Or because it is an inappropriate thing to do in most situations?

Important: knowing yourself and your needs

How to live in a collaborative startup household as a source for serendipity

24h watercooler conversations

Accidents are frowned upon

Dying is forbidden

How much is on the  living together side and how much on the collaborating side?

Don't have any unspoken norms!

Get that stuff on the table

- wants

- needs

- fears

- expectations

With HUMOR in it - it can be healthy

Negotiating a personal manual for ourself

The secret smell Saskia can't tolerate in the morning

Here you can find out more about Saskia:

1. Saskia's LinkedIn Profile 

2. Saskia's Podcast: Conversations with my Future Skills

3. Her Newsletter: the grey area

4. And her Website:

Hybrid humans: is one of Saskia's and Sharon's projects 

and PSSST: They offer BEAUTIFUL art on T-Shirts - like NFT-Shirts :) 

Book mentioned:

RANGE - David Epstein - Generalism

Feb 11, 202301:18:00
S02E04 - How important is Laughing in Learning? - especially for neurodiverse people

S02E04 - How important is Laughing in Learning? - especially for neurodiverse people

Greetings friends to Episode 4 of our second season of Free Range Thinking! 

You can reach Sharon's via LinkedIn and Alex via Mail.  

Curiosity is tied in

Anchor important things with humor

Studies about learning and laughing

Is Memorizing useful or not?

Giving speeches or keynotes to neurotypicals

Hic sunt Dracones!


Laughing and fun in Martial Arts - differences between traditional martial arts like TaeKwonDo and more western ones like Boxing and Kickboxing

Laughing while Sparring. And when people are VERY serious it gets even funnier

Sharon's Yoga Teacher Voice 😀

The Yes-And Mindset

Where is the point when people lose their open mindset

...There is the death of a thousand papercuts again

Growing up in a very acidic and heavy household with JOY SQAUSHERS

How did parents(couples) like that ever get together??

Who is more joyful - catholics or protestants?

Emerging humor vs studied humor. Using jokes again and again

Shadow of the Gods humor and neurodiverse implications

Feb 07, 202301:02:33
011 - Being good in a crisis, Hyper Adaption and Universal Design - Pt. 2 with Matthew Bellringer

011 - Being good in a crisis, Hyper Adaption and Universal Design - Pt. 2 with Matthew Bellringer

Here we are again with our second episode with the wonderful Matthew Bellringer going even deeper down some exciting neurodiverse rabbit holes!

You can reach Sharon via LinkedIn
and Alex via
Our Homepage is
find short Clips on YouTube: 

Hyper Adaption 

how we interact with the environment so it meets our needs

and how it's Trauma related

but not specifically Neurodivergent related

"if we don't do THIS - bad things will happen"

Hyper Empathy in autistic people


how we can manage other peoples level of feelings

Differences between Masking and Hyper Adaption

Hyper Adaption are the tools we use to mask


and not saying "sorry i didnt mean that"

Strong Language, Fast Thinking, Shame

being strong but poorly coordinated

ADHDlers are well in a crisis

because we have PRACTICE with crisis :-)

It is a threshold, a transmission point.

Universal Design 

Perceviing signals of change earlier

can intimidate Neurotypical people

We need categories and (helpful) words

Preemptive selfjustification

Object Permanence and ADHD

Environmental Design

We can create an environment that suits as or does NOT suit us

How neurodiversive people might be more like chaos (not chaotic) and neurotypical people are more like order

Another kind of asthetic

Framework and flexible design

Explore specifics and

How people can play around with it

Neurodiversity as an organizational benefit 

Matthew's languaging around neurodiversities

Links to Matthew




Feb 03, 202301:54:27
S02E03 - How would you help people to find out what they are naturally good at?

S02E03 - How would you help people to find out what they are naturally good at?

We start with a question about Self awareness and identity but also really practical.

You can reach Sharon via LinkedIn
and Alex via
Our Homepage is
find short Clips on YouTube:

In German there isn't really a word for Self-Awareness

How would you help people to find out what they are naturally good at?

Intrinsic motivators from our childhood and how it was outcultured through family and culture

Ask: "how do you want to feel?" Not what thing do you want to be or do

Shownotes Glennan Doyle - Doctor Becky Family Dynamics

How to teach kids to trust themselves

Where do you dwell?

How Alex ended upbeing some kind of Detective, somekind of Mac Gyver and some kind of treasure hunter.

Areas of security and privilege

We look for an alternative expression for "Death by a thousand papercuts" but: with a positive connotation

How Alex came up with the idea for this episodes through a Wordpress writing prompt:

Write about your first name, its meaning, its heritage and so on

Identity as a Tag in the clothing

Pronouns and identiy

Gracious Patience :-)

Our new definition for Death by a thousand paper cuts (and ChatGPT helped us with it :-D)

Link to the mentioned Episode of We can do hard things with Glennon Doyle and Dr Becky Kennedy about internal family systems

Jan 31, 202301:21:41
010 Sometimes the right answer IS masking - with Matthew Bellringer 1/2 Creative Innovation Guide and Neurodiversity Advocate who sounds a bit like Neil Gaiman :)

010 Sometimes the right answer IS masking - with Matthew Bellringer 1/2 Creative Innovation Guide and Neurodiversity Advocate who sounds a bit like Neil Gaiman :)

We talk with our third and wonderful guest, Matthew Bellringer, about how to get over the barricades and work with individuals and organizations on complex and wicked problems socially, techy plus human relations.

Matthew's neurodivergent Bingo card:   Dyslexia, ADHD and Autism

Matthew changed how Sharon speaks about high functioning and low functioning.

What is Atypical Autism?

When you meet one person with autism you met ONE person with autism.

If you are a problem for others you are likely to be diagnosed, whereas,
If you are a problem for yourself - you are less likely to be diagnosed.
Diagnostic factors for neurodiversion is how we annoy neurotypical people.

If you are part of a neurominority you tend to distrust your internal state because the world tells you it is wrong.

Differences between hard empathy and soft empathy.

Strategies for how you can turn a "you are functioning in a wrong way" around?

How to develop awareness how to integrate and practice sensory awareness into skillful self-expression.

Fear with bureaucratic authorities up until being at gunpoint with the police because of neurodivergent behavior.

Sometimes the right answer IS masking.

The trick is having the choice!

When you study psychology - how much neurodiversity taking place there already?

Aphantasic - but also hyperphantasic in a way.

Having proceptic sense in space - knowing the relative relationship of things in space without knowing how they look.

How neurodiversity works in other pathways, other journeys and the analogy of the Schiebepuzzle = clusters are moving in the brain.

Is it possible to recreate the creativity in adults?

Flexibility in categorizing: Cognitive piles instead of boxes.

We enjoy the puzzle of things that contradict ourselves. It's our kind of sudoku :)

We become experts in our fields of focused interest, like elite athletes or musicians find pleasure in hours of training or practicing.

When we are doing something different and succeed with it - THAT scares people.

We internalize other people's feelings which leads to:  I learned to be afraid of it because OTHER PEOPLE are fearful of this

Alex's observation:  
Matthew sounds like Neil Gaiman!  :)
And:  Neverwhere works as a great allegory for unmasking
Our Downhill Parking:   Another way of Aesthetic and languaging around universal design

Links to Matthew




Jan 27, 202301:24:09
S02e02 Tools for Neurodivergent Humans, ChatGPT as a dance partner and the Nann-AI

S02e02 Tools for Neurodivergent Humans, ChatGPT as a dance partner and the Nann-AI

“If it works for now: Milk the HELL out of it!” (Jesse Driftwood about tools like Journaling)

Alex: The Idea of constant reinventions and evolving is much easier nowadays because with every new tool out there you can build upon the last steps. 

Some tools we talked about: 

- Zettelkasten

- Obsidian

- Drafts

- Evernote - for the more librarian-like type

- Notion - more for people on the architect-side of knowledge work 

- Obsidian - gardeners and those who want Zombie-proofed vaults :)

There is NO MAGIC BULLET that solves all your problems, tasks or whatever for you 

Sharon played around with ChatGPT for a proposal and found it is a GREAT tool to start on a blank page with an inspiration

Sharon’s using ChatGPT like a “thinking dance partner”

Alex likes to call ChatGPT Captain obvious :)

It is a bit like the neurotypical answer so that you can ADD the Neurodivergent things to it

Interesting and fun ways to use ChatGPT 

Would you rather type with a tool like ChatGPT or talk to it - and let it generate the result in print later?

Voice Dream Reader as a tool that reads books and articles aloud for you almost like an audiobook

Professor Alex's historical view on knowledge-technology like reading :)

How to use tools like ChatGPT constructively against Hate Speech

Links in this Episode

Jesse Driftwood and Levi Allen’s Podcast 

The Make Stuff Club - english community about and introduction to the digital zettelkasten-method and the digital tool thearchive - english site about the analog / paper based method to the zettelkasten

Antinet Reddit - english Community about the method

Douglas Adams 3 rules of technology

Jan 24, 202301:18:20
009 - a (meta)-conversation with our Guest Torsten TROJA Jacke - about High Sensitive People, Polymaths, Neurodiversity in Companies and so much more

009 - a (meta)-conversation with our Guest Torsten TROJA Jacke - about High Sensitive People, Polymaths, Neurodiversity in Companies and so much more

A (meta)-conversation with our Guest Torsten TROJA Jacke  - About High Sensitive People, Polymaths, Neurodiversity in Companies and so much more 

Aaaaaand this here is our biggest Experiment - yet! 

This whopping 3:15 hours Episode has two parts: 

1. The first part is in English - Sharon and Alex talk about a conversation they had with their second guest Torsten Roman Jacke - aka Troja Aktivist42. 

2. And since that conversation was in german we appended the German talk after the English episode at 1 hour and 28 minutes.  

Please enjoy Sharon butchering the German grammer!  ;D

So please tell us if you listened to the German version as well and what you think about our meta-conversation ;) 

You can reach Sharon via her Linkedin Profile and Alex via e-mail:

Aaaaand here are the show notes!:

Alex tries to explain the concept of Flachwitze really briefly and unsuccessfully :) 

How was it to follow the German conversion with an ADHD Brain?

Key Takeaway Alex: Neuro-Utopia

Experiment was to bring people together

DEI - Diversity Inclusion

Companies are saying: How can we make money from these new-fangled Neuro diversities?

We think: How can we help stop the usual “profiting on the backs” of the maginalized?

Moving the needle on ND Culture in a whole culture

Book Recommendation: Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell

…….Back to Torsten Roman Jacke 🙂

Avalanche of Change

What does Sharon think about Troja’s differentiation of high sensitive and high sensible people?

Think how powerful it would be if Tom Cruise’s Maverick in Top Gun would be shown as an ADHD or autistic person!

The Problem with Neurotypical stories and storytelling

The town of Bethel inside the city of Bielefeld

Supermarkets in France who turn lights and music down on ND days

Why don’t people analyze themselves?

Alex’s rant about a family member telling his daughter

“The seriousness of life begins now with school” 

..and Sharon’s advice  :)

Jan 20, 202303:19:28
S02E01 - ChatGPT, ADHD and the struggle to finish things

S02E01 - ChatGPT, ADHD and the struggle to finish things

Greetings Friend! Heeeere we are again 🙂

This is our second season in 2023 and we explain in the intro why and when there are still a lot of episodes coming from season one :)

In this episode we are talking about which new years resolutions of other people Alex adapted, since he does’nt believe in new year resolutions but silly like to use them as inspiration.

We asked ChatGPT an interesting question:

Why is it so hard for people with ADHD to finish things

And the quality of the answer might surprise you.

Sharon shares her Tips and tricks for finishing things with ADHD

The concept of Paying in Energy (Spoons)

Alex often struggles with finding preparation time

Sharon's mom always said: "You don't need to put your foot on the gas - just take your foot off the brake"

Give yourself Permission to experiment

Sharon would like to experiment with AI generated music

Take the time to show you care

Baselines and Cheat days

If we are not aware of something how can we reduce it, accomplish it, know what we want out of it or what we prefer?

The plan: Writing a MANUAL FOR YOURSELF

Sharon is an Ambience Alchemist - being HSP helps her A LOT

Key for Finishing for Alex: #1 is Reducing Friction

Alex Experience with Micronutrients Bloodanalysis


Back on Keto diet, YAY!

How Alex beautified his physical and digital workspace

ChatGPT’s answer to the question:

How do you keep humans from using ChatGPT in a shitty way?

Links we talked about:

Tim Ferriss and Mark Manson

Steve-O and Casey Neistat and how they work

Sharon's and Saskia's ☕️🍰 Hybrid Humans Café!

Jan 17, 202301:31:18