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By Andrew Torba Free Speech Radio is a podcast hosted by Gab CEO Andrew Torba. Gab's Free Speech Radio covers discussions at the intersection of technology, free speech, and culture.
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Ban TikTok and Other CCP Apps Now Free Speech RadioAug 01, 2020

Gab's New Servers + Twitter's Former CEO Wants You Dead
Oct 01, 202024:36
The Silicon Valley Coup Of America
Sep 08, 202018:00
Will Big Tech Ban Trump? A Chat With NeonRevolt
Aug 24, 202044:52
Publishers Go To War With Apple Facebook Goes To War With Patriots
Aug 21, 202014:17
The Unity Of Big Tech's Censorship
Aug 19, 202015:25
Gab's 4th Birthday
Aug 17, 202021:08
Fortnite Takes On Apple
Aug 14, 202020:16
Big Tech Ramps Up For Big Censorship
Aug 13, 202022:04
Exposing The Kamala Harris Big Tech Connection
Aug 12, 202017:58
VDARE YouTube Ban, Loomer Comcast Ban
Aug 11, 202015:44
Gab's Huge New Update and Notes On GabTV, Our Upcoming YouTube Alternative
Aug 10, 202013:32
Trump's War on TikTok and CCP Spy Apps
Aug 07, 202017:36
Monitoring The Situation
Aug 06, 202014:11
Facebook Censors President Trump

Facebook Censors President Trump

"Facebook has taken down a post from President Trump’s official page, saying it contained “false claims” related to the novel coronavirus."

Andrew Torba discusses the fact that Big Tech platforms now have more power than the President of the United States by nature of the fact that they can control what he can or cannot say. Learn what the solution is and what can be done.

Show notes:

Aug 06, 202009:44
A Warning For Christians About Tech Tyranny
Aug 05, 202020:41
Exposing The "Conservative" Establishment

Exposing The "Conservative" Establishment

In this episode Andrew Torba discusses the cancel culture of the American right wing conservative establishment. Learn how Conservative Inc and MAGA Inc are one in the same and how Andrew turned down a deal with the devil. Which is why Gab has been shunned by the establishment right ever since. 

Aug 04, 202022:43
Why Is Gab's Wikipedia Page Smeared?

Why Is Gab's Wikipedia Page Smeared?

Learn why Gab's Wikipedia page is smeared, who is doing the smearing, and what can be done about it. 

Aug 03, 202018:30
Why is Gab Banned From Apple and Google App Stores?
Aug 02, 202021:34
Ban TikTok and Other CCP Apps Now

Ban TikTok and Other CCP Apps Now

Tiktok is one of the top apps in both Apple and Google’s app stores. Apple and Google have no problem allowing the communist Chinese government to spy on our kids. Silicon Valley has been bending the knee to the Communist Chinese for years now in hopes of breaking past the great internet firewall and into a massive new market.

Last week India banned TikTok and dozens of other Chinese apps, the United States should do the same immediately. TikTok is a national security threat. If you are a parent reading this I encourage you to check your child’s phone for the TikTok app and have it removed.

The Chinese government has the photos, videos, clipboard content, location data, and more on tens of millions of Americas–mostly our children– and this can’t be allowed to continue.

Christian TikTok Videos Are Censored And Deleted In The US, Creators Say

China orders Christians to replace crosses and images of Jesus Christ with portraits of communist leaders

Aug 01, 202019:55
Gab’s Beginning

Gab’s Beginning

<br />
Learn what Gab is, why we started Gab, and about some of the challenges we faced early on. <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
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Jul 31, 202028:02