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French Tech Podcast - London

By French Tech London

La French Tech London team interviews diverse Tech ecosystem actors.

Listen to founders, investors, academics and regular start-up partners tell you their business challenges and success stories.

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DATA in SPORTS - Pascal GENTIL | Co-Founder of DNA GA | Taekwondo Olympic Champion

French Tech Podcast - LondonMay 10, 2021

CAFE SERRE | Ep.4 | Clement Mauguet from AGICAP
May 04, 202224:06
Startup COHORT Ep. 1 - TWIO | Making sense to Giving

Startup COHORT Ep. 1 - TWIO | Making sense to Giving

Twio's intelligent donation plugin allows online stores to instantly add purpose to every purchase and do their bit for society and the environment.

Cesar Faucheur co-founded TWIO with Barny Dillarstone. Together they joined the 12-month FrenchTech London mentoring program in June 2021. This episode was the opportunity to tell you more about their incredible project and where they're at and more importantly what their plans for the future are! 

We hope you enjoy it!

Early stage startups are invited to apply for the 2022 Program online

Mar 14, 202216:28
AI in Sports - Julien VIDAL, Co-founder AZ MED | broken bones, radiology & AI

AI in Sports - Julien VIDAL, Co-founder AZ MED | broken bones, radiology & AI

AZ MED offers a powerful computer-aided diagnosis tool that detects all types of fractures in radiography. 

We interviewed Julien VIDAL, CEO who co-founder of AZ MED and Dr. Serge SINTZOFF, from IMAGERIVE.

Julien launched AZ MED in August 2018 by Julien VIDAL, Elie Zerbib-Attaland Alexandre Attia, with the aim of optimising the workflow of doctors and improving their performance. They built RAYVOLVE, a software is capable of detecting fractures in standard X-rays. They have had incredible results so far, reducing processing time by 36% and errors by an astonishing 20%. 

Julien is joined by Dr. Serge SINTZOFF, Medical Manager at IMAGERIVE, a Unilabs company which uses Rayvolve and agreed to share his experience and feedback on a technology which has proven to be a game changer for his pro-athletes and extreme sports lover patients.

Hungry for more? 

Order or read online ‘The Core’ by Aki Hintsa. Aki first joined McLaren back in the days of Mika Hakkinen & Kimi Raikkonen and grew particularly close to Lewis Hamilton. He worked on physical and mental preparation of FORMULA 1 champions. An inspiring book shared by Serge during our conversation.

Looking for a job? 

Check out open positions at AZ Med :
Feb 17, 202221:37
Yann LECHELLE - CEO of SCALEWAY | The cloud that makes sense

Yann LECHELLE - CEO of SCALEWAY | The cloud that makes sense

Yann LECHELLE, drives the development & growth of SCALEWAY a full stack and triple-play cloud infrastructure as a service provider alongside its founder Arnaud de BERMINGHAM.

Scaleway is a pioneering cloud infrastructure provider growing its reputation around the world and currently serves business clients in over 160 countries. Scaleway has 4 data centers located in France, 1 in the Netherlands and 1 in Poland. Scaleway is a subsidiary of publicly traded Iliad Group (ILD.PA).

As an entrepreneur, Yann has founded, co-founded or joined a number of startups, developing products that have reached hundreds of millions of end-users globally.

Also back in the 90's he even been the dedicated interpreter to THE LA Lakers' Magic JOHNSON... yes... talk about cool! 

Clearly you'll enjoy listening to his conversation with Raph CROUAN and Mathilde BACHOLLE. 

Check out open positions at SCALEWAY here 

Feb 10, 202228:25
DATA in SPORTS - Raf KEUSTERMANS | CEO, SPORTLIGHT Technology | changing the future of Football

DATA in SPORTS - Raf KEUSTERMANS | CEO, SPORTLIGHT Technology | changing the future of Football

Raf KEUSTERMANS is the CEO of Sportlight Technology, an Oxford-based sports tech startup working closely with several elite football clubs.

Sportlight is using unique, cutting edge, military-grade technology to provide unrivalled insights in the areas of load management, performance monitoring, talent development, technical and tactical analysis.

Raf speaks about how LiDAR, 1st used by the UK military for automated guarding & threat analysis in war zone military bases; was opened to sports technology as officials looked into further expanding the use of such technology.

Tune in and discover how Sportlight Technology creates access to more accurate & believable data sets as opposed to GPS generated metrics which can sometimes come with up to 40-60% errors.

Raf is also an Advisor of StikiPixels and the Former co-founder & CEO of Plumbee, acquired by Sony's GSN Games in 2016.


Not familiar with Lidar?

Lidar is an acronym for “light detection and ranging". It follows a simple principle — throw laser light at an object on the earth surface and calculate the time it takes to return to the LiDAR source (read more here

Jul 05, 202149:59
DATA in SPORTS - Pascal GENTIL | Co-Founder of DNA GA | Taekwondo Olympic Champion

DATA in SPORTS - Pascal GENTIL | Co-Founder of DNA GA | Taekwondo Olympic Champion

Pascal co-founded DNA Global Analytics in 2007 with Bilel CHERIF. DNA GA is working to change the world of marketing with the impetus of AI.

They offer companies the possibility to adapt their communication and marketing strategy in relation to market evolutions thanks to the advanced knowledge of their customers.

Captain of the French national Taekwondo team, double Olympic medallist and triple world champion Pascal enjoys immense popularity which he relentlessly puts at the service of others. One of the first sports ambassadors for peace he actively takes part in #WhiteCard and Peace and Sports, an international programme that uses sport as a vehicle to promote peace in the world in partnership with UNESCO & UNHCR.

Pascal is also Vice-President of La French Tech Beijing and is in charge of International Relations for BEJOC, the consortium in charge of the venue construction for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.

twitter: @gentilpascal1


read: The art of War, an ancient Chinese military treatise by Sun Tzu, Pascal's must read for any entrepreneur thinking of expanding to China.

May 10, 202117:59
DATA in SPORTS - Stéphane HOUDET | Wheelchair Tennis Grand Slam Winner

DATA in SPORTS - Stéphane HOUDET | Wheelchair Tennis Grand Slam Winner

Stéphane HOUDET is a French wheelchair tennis player with an impressive track record and an amazing story. 

He won all the greatest tournaments, winning 4 Grand Slams in Men's Singles and 18 in Men's Doubles, 2 Gold medals in Paralympic Men's Doubles in Beijing and Rio, as well as 1 Silver medal in Men's Singles and one Bronze medal in Men's Doubles in London.

Stéphane was the first player to challenge the status quo when he changed paradigm and started working on his wheelchair, now perfectly adapted to his body, instead of working only on his tennis moves. Having started his career as a veterinarian he has a scientific background and strongly believes that data can help him improve.

In this episode, we cover how Stéphane uses data to improve his moves, his wheelchair, and how changing paradigm can give you a competitive edge or how good coaching can make the difference.

Watch him play and Follow Stéphane: 

Twitter @HoudetStephane LinkedIn 

Apr 16, 202140:38


Not a cute, fragile, little thing. But a kickass, life-biter, adventurer human.
It is part of
Helene's life mission to make both women and men change their vision on what a "woman" is.

She founded WILD.AI in San Francisco in 2017. The team includes female health legend Dr. Stacy Sims, the co-founder of Clue (leading Femtech, c. 20mn MAU), AI Ph.ds and Olympic coaches.

Helene is also the co-founder of, a community of AI researchers and Founders and is an active humanist, helping men reach equality.

She falls nothing short of energy and love for extremes - in every sense of the word. She's done done 100km Ultra Trails, half ironman, is an ice swimmer and cross-continental swimmer. As she puts it: "I can't get enough of breathing nature in while sweating!"

Listen to Helene and Xavier LOUIS, Co-founder of SHARP TX.LIFE and Peak - Brain Training, Board Member of La French Tech London discuss women performance, menstrual cycle monitoring and the future of #FemTech, the next big phenomenon to keep an eye on with market potential of $50 billion by 2025. This series would have been incomplete without Helene's kickass intervention. 

Download the WILD.AI app

Mar 22, 202133:27
DATA in SPORTS - Dr Lutz GRAUMANN | German Ice Hockey Federation Team Dr & CEO of Quaduma

DATA in SPORTS - Dr Lutz GRAUMANN | German Ice Hockey Federation Team Dr & CEO of Quaduma

Dr Lutz GRAUMANN is the Team Doctor for the German Ice Hockey Federation, CEO of Quaduma and Ex-Military 

QUADUMA is an elite digital health & performance consultancy and investment firm. It integrates sports and military medicine and cutting-edge technology to create movement, nutrition, recovery and mindset strategies for work and play.

Lutz has been running performance enhancement programs around the globe since 2005. His clients include Fortune 500 companies, NATO Forces, Olympic Athletes, and business clubs such as EO and YPO. 

From 1995 to 2005 Lutz has been working with Armed Forces and Pro Athletes. Extreme climate, physical and mental conditions are some of the challenges he had to deal with on a day to day basis. One of his career highlights was the implementation of the human performance enhancement program for the fighter pilots of the new Euro-fighter Typhoon - think Mach 2.0 speed here - 

"Fighter Pilots were always a very special breed and the new weapon system Euro-fighter created a new challenge. For the first time in the history of the military the human was the weak link in a system worth more than €130 million per plane, and the solution for this problem was adapted from pro sports."

Athletic trainers, Physios and Doctors were embedded in the squadron to create a perfect infrastructure for peak human performance. Dr Lutz was one of them. Tune in! 

Visit La French Tech London

Mar 19, 202142:32
DATA in SPORTS - Dr Caroline MARTIN | Tennis, Data & Biomechanics (FR)

DATA in SPORTS - Dr Caroline MARTIN | Tennis, Data & Biomechanics (FR)

Dr Caroline MARTIN is a former tennis player and tennis coach, she holds a PhD in Biomechanics and works for the laboratory «Movement, Sport and health Sciences » (M2S) which focuses on exploring the effects of physical activity on human health and sport performance. 

In 2012 Caroline was awarded a National fellowship by the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science foundation.

She has been working with the French Federation of Tennis for 4 years and with Daniil MEDVEDEV, No. 2 on the ATP rankings as of March 2021 and a two-time Grand Slam finalist.

Todd Ellenbecker, Director of Sports Medicine for the ATP tour says:

"Dr Martin is one of the most prolific biomechanists in the field of tennis sport science. Her publications on the tennis serve have provided key insight into the biomechanical characteristics of the tennis serve in both healthy and injured elite players. She continues to publish critically important research in this area and has provided excellent presentations of her research world-wide to aid in its dissemination. Her contribution has been significant for both scientists and clinicians who work with tennis players at all levels."

Together with La French Tech London she discusses Data Science,

- Biomechanical analysis of tennis movements,

- Performance optimisation and injury prevention of tennis players,

- Fatigue influence in tennis matches and how to best prepare the players using Data and Science.


She is interviewed by Baptiste NAEGELEN and Mathilde BACHOLLE for La French Tech London 

Curious to know more?
Caroline has signed numerous articles and co-authored the book “Tennis optimisation de la performance
Visit her website:

Mar 15, 202137:04


CAFE SERRE - 1 Entrepreneur - 1 Hour - Live 


Adrien ZANELLI, Co-Founder at Retail VR is in conversation with Sebastien PAILLET, CEO of Earlymetrics and Board Member of FTL

"When all can see retail is profoundly changing. Stores must rethink how they can meet objectives to thrive in a world where e-commerce is growing ever prominent. Consumers need a more fulfilling shopping experience, whatever the channel. Virtual and augmented reality is the perfect way to address these challenges.

New, richer experiences will give retail the boost it has been desperately looking for. Too often seen as niche, virtual and augmented reality will prove a game changer when used efficiently. By putting emotions at the heart of buying.


La FRENCH TECH London is relaunching this short and intimate format. This is a full replay of the conversation we had. 

Mar 11, 202155:13
April RUDIN - Founder and CEO | The Rudin Group

April RUDIN - Founder and CEO | The Rudin Group

April J. Rudin is widely acknowledged as a top marketing strategist for the financial-services and wealth-management sectors. 

She founded The Rudin Group in 2008, a firm that designs bespoke marketing campaigns for some of the world's leading wealth-management firms, fintechs, and family offices. 

April clearly distinguishes herself by her ability to forecast and leverage critical trends, and by her expertise in digital and traditional media.

Check out :

She is in conversation with Helene Alunni-Botteri, Board member of La French Tech London and Senior Vice President , Innovation Group Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator - EMEA

Oct 29, 202035:38
Ian Hollowbread - Head of RegTech Labs ING Wholesale Banking

Ian Hollowbread - Head of RegTech Labs ING Wholesale Banking

Ian Hollowbread was appointed Head of RegTech Labs, in January 2019, he is globally responsible for RegTech within ING Labs, with a focus on supporting and investing in early stage companies to help address regulatory compliance and pro-actively protect the financial system at large.

Ian is an accomplished change manager, with over 15 years’ experience across service,operations and regulatory environments. He also brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of post-trade infrastructure and innovation.  

Ian is an active member of ING UKs Innovation Council and has had responsibility of defining strategy and transformation under ING’s Chief Administrators office function. Most recently, Ian served as Chair to the Association of Foreign Banks RegTech Group and he promotes ecosystem building efforts to help solve some of the fundamental challenges to technology adoption.

Oct 19, 202043:37
Shruti AJITSARIA - Partner, Head of FUSE | FT top 10 Legal Entrepreneurs

Shruti AJITSARIA - Partner, Head of FUSE | FT top 10 Legal Entrepreneurs

Shruti is the Head of Fuse, Allen & Overy’s tech innovation space which she helped set-up in September 2017. 

Fuse’s philosophy is to identify legaltech, regtech and dealtech companies relevant to A&O lawyers and their clients and to find ways to start working together. Fuse is instrumental in driving the adoption of technology within A&O and more broadly, within the legal sector. The Fuse 4th cohort was launched in June 2020. 

Prior to launching Fuse, Shruti was a Counsel in the Derivatives and Structured Finance group. Shruti was the first person at A&O to have directly been promoted to partner into its Advanced Delivery offering. 

Outside of Allen & Overy, Shruti is a mother of three children, an active angel investor and has built a sector-agnostic portfolio of private investments, many of which have a tech focus. Also, she sits in the LawTech Delivery Panel, an industry-led, government-backed initiative, established to support the transformation of the UK legal sector through tech.

In 2019, Shruti won the Asian Women of Achievement Award in the Professionals category, and was included on in the HERoes Role Model List and the Financial Times TOP 10 legal entrepreneurs. During the course of 2018, Shruti was awarded a TechWomen 50 Award and a Fastcase 50 Award and was also included in the following lists: Lawyer’s Hot100, Brummell Magazine’s 30 Inspirational Women, Management Today’s Power Part Timers, the Inclusive Boards 100 most influential BAME leaders in UK and Innovate Finance’s Standout 35 Women in FinTech.

She is interviewed by Helene Alluni-Botteri, Board Member of La French Tech London

Oct 13, 202041:24
Anthony Woolley from SECRETARIUM | Blockchain in FinTech

Anthony Woolley from SECRETARIUM | Blockchain in FinTech

Anthony is a regular presenter at industry conferences and has become a recognised thought leader on the application of blockchain technology to the regulated financial services industry.

Having spent most of his career with large banks collaborated with a multitude of FinTechs and high growth companies as a Banking CIO - he was leading Société Générale 's innovation function in the UK until March 2020 - , Anthony recently took the opportunity to work independently with a small number of high potential companies that he really believes in. 

These business have some common characteristics - Highly credible leadership teams; a strong vision; disruptive business models and the ability to deliver.

Anthony is now Head of Business Development for Ownera, and on the Board of Advisors of Secretarium

Secretarium enables the processing of highly sensitive data on the cloud, using secure hardware. Co-founded in 2017 by Cedric Wahl and Bertrand Foing. It is a distributed ledger technology with secure-multiparty computing capabilities, bringing together the benefits of a smart contract platform guaranteeing privacy by design and by default.
Ownera is an institutional-grade network for digital securities - building the rails for a new multi-trillion $ digital market co-founded by Ami Ben-David (SPiCE VC - the first fully tokenised fund, Securitize, - 20M users worldwide, Ki-Bi), Diego Besprosvan and Alon Goren

As part of our FinTech podcast series, he is in conversation with Helene Alunni-Botteri, Board member of La French Tech London, and Senior VP Innovation Group for the EMEA startup Accelerator of Wells Fargo, the world's fourth-largest bank by market cap.

Oct 03, 202033:23
Anja ELKAER on New digital business models

Anja ELKAER on New digital business models

Anja Elkær is a digital transformation strategist with comprehensive experience from digital change projects and positions in banking. 

She has a passion for combining customer insight and tech insight to solve real customer problems, smarter and faster! 

For the last 5 years she has been an ambassador for promoting more strategic partnerships between fintechs and banks – for the benefit of both parties – and especially the customers... 

She has been involved in several accelerators in the Nordics and in London and is mentor in Copenhagen Fintech in Denmark. 

She has international outlook and seek inspiration for new  - data-driven - customer value and new digital business models on her travels to US and Asia. She recently left banking and is now involved in 2 startups and allows herself a couple of months with what she describes as an experimentation and learning leave.

Check out the Mad LANGER concert in closed Coppenhagen airport mentioned by Anja ;-)

Sep 09, 202032:12
David THUILLIER & Anthony BLOMET from M.A. London & Barcelona | Matching tech talents with the right project

David THUILLIER & Anthony BLOMET from M.A. London & Barcelona | Matching tech talents with the right project

Matching tech talents with the right projects to build a smart technological future.

French Tech London and French Tech Barcelona join forces to welcome David THUILLIER and Anthony BLOMET, respectively M.D of M.A. and M.D of M.A. Barcelona. 

M.A. is an enterprise staffing technology staffing company previously known as Montreal Associates established in London in the late 1970's by John BOWYER and Louis ALEXANDER. 

David and Anthony are now leading the growth of M.A. as an international actor servicing clients ranging from Start-ups to Listed Companies. Growth you said? Over the last 4 years M.A's operations grew at the steady pace of 20 to 30% yearly.

From Anthony's epic 6 weeks to set up M.A's first European office in Barcelona to their recent Team Building day under lock down, M.A. is never short of inspiring stories.

They are being interviewed by Mathilde Bacholle, Community Lead for La French Tech London.

Visit:     |     |

Aug 09, 202026:56
Karim KADDOURA, co-Founder & CEO, VIRTUO
Aug 03, 202028:29
Jul 27, 202035:01
Vincent GILLES, CIO at CLIM8 | The Future of Green Investment
Jul 18, 202041:21
Cecile Reinaud, Founder & President of SERAPHINE | from Founding to Scaling a Fashion brand

Cecile Reinaud, Founder & President of SERAPHINE | from Founding to Scaling a Fashion brand

Cecile is French-born long time London based entrepreneur. She founded Seraphine in 2002 aiming to revolutionise the maternity wear industry and she did! 

She wanted to create fashionable clothes that women would want to wear even if they weren’t pregnant.

Today Seraphine is the #1 destination for stylish maternity clothes and boasts a celebrity following to rival the biggest fashion houses in the business. To name a few Pipa Middleton, Mila Kunis, Anne Hathaway and of course the Duchess of Cambridge all chose Seraphine 👏👏 

With flagship stores in London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai & New Delhi, Seraphine enjoys a global reputation as the go-to brand for style-conscious mums-to-be.

In the episode Mathilde Bacholle, Community Lead for La French Tech London asks Cecile about her early days founding Seraphine, her first big investment decisions and quite naturally about how her team weathered the Covid storm and what the next normal looks like for them. Good news, they already had a plan to better serve customers online and are just about to activate it. 

A warm thank you for accepting this invitation from French Tech London

Jul 11, 202018:11
Lilian POILPOT, Sr. Partner at EREVENA | The State of C-Level Recruitment after COVID

Lilian POILPOT, Sr. Partner at EREVENA | The State of C-Level Recruitment after COVID

Lilian has over 20 years of experience in executive search internationally. He regularly collaborates with La French Tech London and it was only natural to invite him as a guest to speak about what he knows so well: Recruiting High Profiles for Start-ups and Scale-ups. 

Helene Alunni-Botteri, Board member and Lead on the FinTech Group of La French Tech London interviews him. Their fire chat is followed by a Q&A session with some of the volunteers who regularly collaborate with us. 

A bit more about Lilian: 

He specializes in technology, telco & consulting across high-growth PE, venture-backed, and public companies. He has completed assignments for Board Directors, CEOs, COOs, and Senior Executives across all industries. Lilian also coordinates Erevena’s growing presence in SaaS, ecommerce & Fintech globally, with a focus on EMEA initiatives.

Having executed searches in more than 30 countries he recognizes, and bridges cultural diversities encountered by multinational clients, recruiting executives who can achieve corporate goals and drive change in emerging and growth environments. 

Jul 06, 202041:07
Prof. Alain ASPECT, Nobel Prize French physicist | The Quantum Revolution

Prof. Alain ASPECT, Nobel Prize French physicist | The Quantum Revolution

QUANTUM series - Exploring the 2nd Quantum Revolution

Professor ASPECT is known for his experiments illuminating the most intriguing properties of quantum mechanics. 

He was one of the laureates of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2022. He shared his prize with American John F. Clauser and Austrian Anton Zeilinger for their work on quantum information science.

He is being interviewed by Anne Gaelle Chasles, President of IBM France Financement, Pierre-Frederic Jaffre & Mathilde Bacholle Board members of La French Tech London. Believe us, he makes everything sounds quite simple and straightforward!

He is an alumni of ENS Cachan and Université d'Orsay. He has held positions at Institut d'Optique, ENS Cachan & Collège de France, CNRS. He is currently a professor at Institut d'Optique Graduate School (Augustin Fresnel chair), and at Ecole Polytechnique, in Palaiseau. 

His research has borne on tests of Bell's inequalities with entangled photon (PhD, 1974-1983), wave-particle duality for single photons (1984-86, with Philippe Grangier); laser cooling of atoms with lasers below the one photon recoil (1985-1992, with Claude Cohen-Tannoudji); ultra-cold atoms, quantum gases, and quantum simulators (1992- , in the Atom Optics group he has established at Institut d'Optique).

Access the 2 MOOCs referred to during the episode | not quite the Quantum for Dummies kind as per Professor Aspect's own words!

Quantum Optics 1 : Single Photons and Quantum Optics 2 - Two photons and more

Our QUANTUM series also include

- An interview with Jean-Paul Herteman, ex-CEO and Chairman of SAFRAN who co-authored the report “Quantum, the opportunity that France won’t miss” in January 2020 (+ Paula Forteza and Iordanis Kerenidis)

- A WEBINAR session aired on Tuesday June 30th which will be split into several episodes - to be announced

Those episodes are brought to you thanks to the help of the Volunteers of the DEEPTECH group of la French Tech London.

Jun 29, 202025:23
Francois PAILLIER, Co-founder & CEO of CIRCAGENE | The Future of Genetic Testing
Jun 18, 202020:34
Philippe Gelis, CEO of KANTOX | A leading currency management software company
Jun 15, 202039:15