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The Freshman Fundraisers Podcast

The Freshman Fundraisers Podcast

By Kim Teter & Diana Forbus

Hi! We're Kim and Diana, the Freshman Fundraisers. two "elder millennials" who found themselves stuck in the gray area between being an early-career fundraiser and an experienced pro - wanting to learn more about the nonprofit world, and having our own thoughts and ideas to share. AND WE KNOW WE'RE NOT ALONE! On the podcast, we talk to fundraisers, nonprofit professionals, and other experts in all stages of their careers. Our guests are thought-leaders, innovators, problem-solvers, and creative thinkers who want to share their knowledge, first-hand experiences, and a few hot takes with others. Interviews are casual conversations, and we hope that listeners come away having learned something that they can apply to their own careers and work in the nonprofit sector.
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Dust Yourself off and Try Again: Falling forward from failure with Anastasia Schriber

The Freshman Fundraisers PodcastNov 02, 2021

Dust Yourself off and Try Again: Falling forward from failure with Anastasia Schriber
Nov 02, 202131:52
It’s Not Me, It’s You: Turnover, retention, and burnout in the sector with Ben Chambers
Oct 19, 202139:35
Strategery: Components of a Fundraising Plan with Lisa Tarshis

Strategery: Components of a Fundraising Plan with Lisa Tarshis

With the go go go mode that most fundraisers find themselves in, there’s not always time to sit down and write a fundraising plan, but according to Lisa Tarshis, these plans are of the utmost importance. Lisa discusses all the components of a plan and troubleshoots with us some common issues.

From Lisa: I've been learning about philanthropy for as long as I can remember. My grandparents were involved with many organizations and as kids, they would tell us about them and take us to events. If I'm being honest, I understood the sparkle in their eye and the way they lit up when they talked about nonprofits long before I even know the word philanthropy. And today, I feel proud to carry on their legacy of making the world a better place by helping fundraisers, founders, boards, and staff gain the skills they need to raise funds to change their communities for the better.

I believe that planning is key to success. As nonprofit professionals, we are wearing so many hats and running in so many directions. It's a never-ending hamster wheel and without a plan, it can feel impossible to accomplish everything that needs to be done even if you are working a 70-80 hour workweek. This is why I created Plans That Produce, a course that takes fundraising professionals step by step through the process of creating a fundraising plan that is tailor-made to their organization. Orgs with a fundraising plan on average raise 30% more than those without. If you're ready to fundraise more intentionally, focus on the items that will really move the needle, and still find time to have dinner with your friends or family (at a reasonable hour) this course is for you!

Plans That Produce:

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Oct 05, 202134:02
Stop, Collaborate and Listen: Program Evaluation Made Simple with Chari Smith

Stop, Collaborate and Listen: Program Evaluation Made Simple with Chari Smith

Every fundraiser knows the importance of making a measurable impact, but how do you measure what most of us see as intangible? Chari Smith is the Founder of Evaluation into Action and believes evaluation should be accessible, practical, and usable. She founded Evaluation into Action to help nonprofit professionals create realistic and meaningful program evaluation processes. Learn more at:

Book: Nonprofit Program Evaluation Made Simple: Get Your Data. Show Your Impact. Improve Your Programs.  

Are you overwhelmed on how to do nonprofit program evaluation? You’re not alone. 

There are many ways to do program evaluation, making it difficult to know how to start. Funders require data to demonstrate impact, which just adds to the stress. Those stressful and overwhelming days are over. This book outlines a clear approach, filled with real-world stories as well as examples of evaluation plans, surveys, and reports. Chari details exactly how to adopt this simple approach so that you have the data you need to satisfy funder requirements and to make program planning decisions.

·         Workshop: Thursday, October 21, 9 am PST. Program Evaluation Made Simple. If you work with nonprofits or want to understand a collaborative approach to creating outcomes, please join Chari. Info & Registration here.


Connect with Chari:

Newsletter: sign up at or drop Chari a line and she’ll add you.

Twitter: @evalenthusiast

Linked In: Chari Smith


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Sep 21, 202134:35
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Difficult conversations on equity in fundraising

Difficult conversations on equity in fundraising

In this episode, Diana chats (Kim had a family emergency) with T. Kebo Drew, the Managing Director of Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project – QWOCMAP, where she directs capacity building, development, communications, and engagement.

This is a frank conversation about the power structures inherent in Fundraising and nonprofits and the lessons that can be learned by centering equity in your work and from listening to organizers/organizations led by Black, Indigenous, Queer, People of Color.

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Dec 01, 202001:09:04
Authenticity in Fundraising
Nov 17, 202054:47
A Donor's Perspective: Hilary Zalla
Nov 03, 202035:56
Your couch to 5K
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Feet First Peer to Peer Fundraising with Kat Gunsar-Smith
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Women in Nonprofit - Minor Episode
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Pick the cranky donors
Sep 22, 202045:32
Transition to Virtual Learning: Fundraising in the time of Corona
Sep 07, 202034:21
Freshman Orientation - Meet the Freshman Fundraisers
Sep 07, 202015:53