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German New Medicine Stories

German New Medicine Stories

By Freya Kellet

It's time to LIBERATE ourselves from the spell of brokenness. German New Medicine is not just one more healing modality. It’s not something you “do.” It’s the ancient language of biology. A translation of the original instructions of the body. An elegant scientific (the real kind) & spiritual map of your bio-logical perfection. A delicious exhale after so many years of searching. Please note, this podcast is a collection of inspiring personal stories, NOT MEDICAL ADVICE.
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EP23 Little Symptoms Big Learnings 🔍

German New Medicine Stories Nov 10, 2023

EP23 Little Symptoms Big Learnings 🔍
Nov 10, 202335:48
EP22 Healing Crohn's Disease 💩

EP22 Healing Crohn's Disease 💩

In this episode I talk with Mike (@healyourgutguy) about how he had a radical shift in his serious digestive symptoms after learning German New Medicine.

Watch LEARN THE LAWS YOU LIVE UNDER a FREE introduction to German New Medicine.



Oct 27, 202329:22
EP21 How I gave myself a sensitivity to blue-light 💡
Oct 23, 202322:07
EP20: Pondering Poisons & Pokes 💉 (from a GNM perspective)
Oct 08, 202353:34
EP19: Heart Attacks at HOME ❤️
Sep 16, 202343:17
EP18 Severe DANDRUFF & wtf to do when you can't find the conflict 🙃
Sep 06, 202344:21
EP17 A Decade of Chronic Migraines GONE 😳
Aug 29, 202356:48
EP16 Breast Cancer, Pets, Menopause, and More!
Aug 24, 202301:20:57
EP15 Dr. Kelly Brogan & Extinguishing Fear
Aug 13, 202356:34
EP14 Trigeminal Neuralgia and TRACKS
Jul 22, 202341:46
EP13 From "Abnormal PAP Smear" to ALL CLEAR 💃
Jul 04, 202347:30
EP12 P*n*s Problems + Eczema + Ringworm
Jul 03, 202346:38
EP11 Goodbye Acne 🌸
Jun 26, 202334:13
EP10 How all my chronic pain went POOF 😳
Jun 20, 202356:53
EP08 Goodbye Fear-Based "Wellness" + Misophonia + Shoulder Pain
Apr 12, 202334:08
EP07 My stories PART ONE
Apr 03, 202353:17
EP06 Raising Children Without Fear
Feb 01, 202330:01
EP05 Fissures, Kidneys + Foot Pain
Jan 25, 202339:50
EP04 Resolving a Debilitating Allergy
Dec 19, 202233:10
EP03 Full Body Eczema + Family Colds
Dec 13, 202241:54
EP02 Skin Cancer In Your Hands
Dec 05, 202221:43
EP01 UTI's, Chronic Pain, and more!
Dec 01, 202257:32
EP09 15 years of knowing German New Medicine 🤯
Nov 01, 202201:08:09