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Radically Human

Radically Human

By Frieda Vizel

- - Critical perspectives on our techno-capitalist age. - -

Frieda lives and works in Brooklyn, New York City. She is a tour guide in the ultra-orthodox Jewish neighborhoods of her roots. But her focus here is on the greater modern city, which is now morphing into a technological mega-machine.

This podcast is an effort to understand these dystopian trends from radically human perspectives.
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Conservatives vs Leftists

Radically HumanMar 17, 2021

With Simon Elmer - "The Ghost of Christmas Past!"

With Simon Elmer - "The Ghost of Christmas Past!"

In the summer of 2021, I had a second conversation with Simon Elmer from Architects for Social Housing. Our first conversation was on biosecurity, crisis, and revolution. Here we talked about the need to fight for a world that is free, that is meaningful and the dangers of living in the digital spectacle.

Many thanks to all of you for being there, writing, sharing, listening, during another year of the institutionalizing of a terrible new normal.

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Dec 15, 202149:09
Addison Reeves on the Need for a New Political Typology
Sep 02, 202153:43
Part 2 / Conversation with Addison Reeves on the Vaccine Mandates and Apartheid coming to NYC

Part 2 / Conversation with Addison Reeves on the Vaccine Mandates and Apartheid coming to NYC

This is Part 2 of my conversation with Addison Reeves from Modern Heretic. 

In Part 1 we talked specifically about the vaccine mandates in NYC. In part 2 that conversation is continued, but we also talk about modern life in general, what we define as success, what we consider a meaningful life, and what drives us.

Blogpost with transcript:

Aug 18, 202152:45
Conversation with Addison Reeves on the Vaccine Mandates and Apartheid coming to NYC

Conversation with Addison Reeves on the Vaccine Mandates and Apartheid coming to NYC

I have another conversation with Addison Reeves from Modern Heretic about the introduction of medical apartheid in NYC. We talk about how shocked we are by the city's embrace of these measures, which disproportionately discriminate against minority communities.

Blog post with links and transcript:

Aug 11, 202101:20:12
In conversation with David Cayley on Ivan Illich and the pandemic response

In conversation with David Cayley on Ivan Illich and the pandemic response

I talk to David Cayley about Ivan Illich and where the response to the pandemic comes from.

David Cayley is a Toronto-based Canadian writer and broadcaster, who is known for documenting the philosophies of prominent thinkers of the 20th century - among them, the work of Ivan Illich. Recently, Cayley has been written several powerful works on the Pandemic, including the Prognosis, which was published in Literary Review Canada. He joined me on my podcast to discuss the philosophy of Ivan Illich and how it might be understood in light of recent developments.

Blog post with transcript and links:

Aug 04, 202101:16:34
Addison on Technology, Illich, Class and the Loneliness of the City
Jul 28, 202101:16:60
Simon Elmer on Bio-security, Crisis and Revolution
Jul 21, 202101:12:12
Movies, Indoctrination and 'My Dinner with Andre'
Jul 14, 202141:46
Conversation with Teacher and Radical Andy Libson
Jun 02, 202158:21
Conversation with Writer Alex Klaushofer

Conversation with Writer Alex Klaushofer

In this episode I talk to Alex Klaushofer, a great essayist on culture, authoritarianism and the lockdowns.

Alex Klaushofer is a British writer newly-based in Lisbon. Her books are a blend of travel writing, reportage and one or two other genres. She’s fascinated by the relationship between people and places and is currently working on a book about Europe through the lens of three of its lesser-known cities.

Link to blogpost for episode:

May 26, 202144:49
The Luddite Bookshop

The Luddite Bookshop

An update on covid in the city + then a proposal for a little Luddite Bookshop in NYC. 

Links here:

May 19, 202129:53
Propaganda of the WW2
May 12, 202142:05
Relocating to Ireland during the pandemic: a convo with Shannon Kuta Kelly

Relocating to Ireland during the pandemic: a convo with Shannon Kuta Kelly

Shannon Kuta Kelly is an exceptionally talented poet, writer, editor and a PhD student at Queen's University Belfast. She also edits my work and runs my social media. Shannon's been between locked down Northern Ireland and fairly-open Nebraska, Lincoln during the pandemic, so I invited her on the podcast to talk about that - and other things!

Blog post with photos and Shannon's poetry:

May 05, 202130:25
Interview with NYC High School Student on Changes in Education
Apr 28, 202142:57
Psychological Lessons from the Onion
Apr 21, 202129:55
Are We Getting Stupider?
Apr 14, 202135:32
The Big Picture
Apr 07, 202151:38
Mar 31, 202124:20
Journal from the year NYC Cancelled Humanness
Mar 24, 202139:43
Conservatives vs Leftists
Mar 17, 202133:41
Political Boxes / Part 1
Mar 10, 202101:00:36
Where Are Their Feelings
Mar 03, 202139:43
BONUS I: Yiddish-English episode on Veker’ Covid article
Feb 25, 202146:22
Extremely Offline
Feb 24, 202148:50
Mazel tov, it's a transhumanist!
Feb 17, 202154:11
Your Attention is their Profit
Feb 10, 202157:18
Tech-dystopian Future
Feb 03, 202143:29
Conforming to Individuality
Jan 27, 202127:55
Netflix Unorthodox Part II

Netflix Unorthodox Part II

Should we criticize entertainment? Should we criticize our common narrative tropes? What’s wrong with the coming-of-age fantasy story? For links to things mentioned in the podcast, see my blogpost on the episode:

Jan 20, 202137:32
Netflix Unorthodox - Part I

Netflix Unorthodox - Part I

Netflix’s mini-series is an ex-hasidic cliched fairytale that is problematic on many, many levels.  Part one is a takedown of the show (be forewarned, I am not a fan) and part two will be analysis of if and why it all matters. 


Jan 13, 202131:36
The Cult of Logic
Jan 06, 202140:32
Lockdowns as Religion

Lockdowns as Religion

Here I compare my former Hasidic community with the 2020 lockdown situation and argue that the two have something in common: a religiousness.

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  • Learn more about my experience in the Hasidic community in my pilot podcast episode. Also a full podcast episode on TLST podcast where I talk about growing up Hasidic: The Longest Shortest Time.
  • Must read mentioned in this episode: The Prognosis by David Cayley in Literary Review Canada.
  • I also talk about David Cayley's writing on his blog on Ivan Illich & quote from him on religion and the lockdown.
  • For the philosopher Giorgio Agamben's translated work and commentary see everything by Simon Elmer like this and this.

PS: upon request, I am working on removing the musical background from the podcast for easier listening. Please stick around for future podcasts.


Dec 30, 202030:22
Why Hasidim Don't Do Lockdowns Masks

Why Hasidim Don't Do Lockdowns Masks

Hasidim have gathered by the thousands and publicly burned masks. Why are they not following orders? In this episode, I dispel myths and put forth new theories. Discussion on the technocracy, community, safetyism, the whole delicious smorgasbord.
Dec 24, 202029:04
Autobiography of a Non-Conformist

Autobiography of a Non-Conformist

In this episode I tell you a bit about my Hasidic upbringing, not fitting in, leaving and my hard education in the modern normal.
Dec 22, 202027:20