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Friends That Code

Friends That Code

By Friends That Code

Hello world! It’s Mike Traverso with the Friends that Code podcast where I get a chance to showcase some amazing people I know that just happen to write code for a living.

Whether they started off intending to code or just happened into it, we get to hear about the types of people you'll meet, things you'll get to do, jobs you'll have along the way, and advice from some awesome coders along the way!
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03 - Friends That Code ft. Victoria Gonda

Friends That CodeJul 31, 2020

30 - Creating VR games by learning from step 1 with Noble Ackerson
Mar 24, 202101:00:27
29 - Empower your team with shared design language with Sarrah Vesselov
Feb 25, 202157:10
28 - How to be an awesome game developer, author, editor, speaker, etc. with Tammy Coron
Feb 17, 202101:04:03
27 - How to learn by teaching with Nate Ebel
Feb 03, 202101:12:35
26 - Imposter Syndrome: You Do Belong Here & other affirmations and ways to beat imposter syndrome

26 - Imposter Syndrome: You Do Belong Here & other affirmations and ways to beat imposter syndrome

Mentioned papers:

Nitya Narasimhan: I'm a lifelong lifelong beginner, are you?:

Mentioned episodes:

Nitya Narasimhan: Episode 7

Graeme Devine: Episode 25

Resources for help:

Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255   24/7

Crisis Text Line
Text HELLO to 741741   24/7

Veterans Crisis Line

Jan 09, 202128:11
25 - It's GRAEME DEVINE! with Graeme Devine
Dec 18, 202054:07
24 - Preparing for better opportunities. Oh! and pinball too with Stacy Devino
Dec 10, 202001:04:33
23 - Having every job imaginable in technology with Joey deVilla
Dec 03, 202001:09:24
22 - Coding a secure, community driven, open sourced Smash Bros moves app with Kento Kawakami
Nov 26, 202001:00:13
21 - Mentoring developers & fostering the community with Maggie Negm
Nov 18, 202049:10
20 - Dialoging with an Android Developer with Huyen Tue Dao
Nov 11, 202001:18:05
19 - Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready with Jerome Hardaway
Oct 28, 202001:14:09
18 - Development is just another creative outlet with David Khourshid
Oct 21, 202050:29
17 - Creating: Turning static into fantastic with Erica Jacobs

17 - Creating: Turning static into fantastic with Erica Jacobs

Designer, Illustrator, Volunteer, Celebrator of women in the design and tech community, Creator of the Neon Swan Awards and Creative Mind extraordinaire. Ladies and gentlemen, todays guest is Erica Jacobs! Pixadactyl: Pixadactyl TeeSpring: Neon Swan Awards: Orlando Lady Boss podcast: Lore Olympus: Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Have Her Back: #awesometechqueen
Oct 14, 202001:14:32
16 - ABC's of success: Authenticity, Balance and Communication with Bill Conyea

16 - ABC's of success: Authenticity, Balance and Communication with Bill Conyea

Developer, CTO, Investor, Technology Staffer and Entrepreneur. Ladies and gentlemen, today’s guest is Bill Conyea!

Crestview Global:

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Outro: Running from the One Nine - Bill Conyea, Guitar

Oct 07, 202057:29
15 - From design, to coding, to app with SwiftUI & authoring books with Craig Clayton
Sep 30, 202056:37
14 - If someone expresses confidence in you, believe them! ft. Tony Amos
Sep 23, 202001:02:02
13 - Marketing to the right audiences in the right spaces with Robyn Spoto
Sep 16, 202058:21
12 - Why remote work is important for everyone and big hats at meetups with Michele Cynowicz
Sep 09, 202001:05:26
11 - Getting a Masters Degree with a GI Bill, Silly things recruiters say, FANG interview tips ft. Roland Heintze
Sep 02, 202001:00:07
10 - Being a polymath, community, creating, facilitating, welding art together and running a B&B ft. Christi Kapp
Aug 26, 202056:00
09 - Helping new and established developers ft. Jenell Pizarro
Aug 19, 202059:10
08 - Data science in Baseball, advice for interviews and show tunes ft. Ben Gilman
Aug 12, 202052:45
07 - Always learning, building communities, Flutteristas and Sketchnoting ft. Nitya Narasimhan
Aug 05, 202001:30:49
06 - Friends That Code ft. Katherine Trammell
Aug 01, 202056:06
05 - Fun ways to get into Machine Learning ft. Kesha Williams
Jul 31, 202049:08
04 - Friends That Code ft. Sam Edwards
Jul 31, 202001:03:20
03 - Friends That Code ft. Victoria Gonda
Jul 31, 202050:33
02 - Friends That Code ft. Annyce Davis
Jul 31, 202041:02
01 - Friends That Code ft. Brandy Morgan
Jul 31, 202041:14
0 - A Rambling Introduction to Friends That Code
Jul 31, 202002:54