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Educating Frithjof

Educating Frithjof

By Frithjof Petscheleit

Welcome to my Podcast about Adult Education. As I go through my training to become a certified Instructor, I will share what I learned here and on my blog:
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Feedback Instrument

Educating FrithjofMar 21, 2023

To PID And Beyond
Apr 27, 202303:45
Critical Incident Questionnaire
Apr 27, 202303:11
Cultural Safety Education
Apr 17, 202305:40
Solving an Ethical Dilemma
Apr 11, 202306:45
Apr 02, 202308:05
The Balance Of Power In The Classroom
Mar 30, 202304:32
The Gifts And Handicaps We Bring to The Table
Mar 26, 202303:55
Feedback Instrument
Mar 21, 202308:30
Four Core Assumptions of Skillful Teaching
Mar 19, 202304:43
A Safe Space To Learn
Mar 14, 202304:38
My Teaching Philosophy
Mar 08, 202303:52
Fear Is The Path To The Dark Side
Jan 15, 202302:29
Cycling The World
Jan 15, 202302:58
If I Had a Billion Dollars
Jan 15, 202302:16
I Write Because I Can
Jan 09, 202303:36
Maybe We Have A Baking Gene?
Jan 09, 202301:55
Rain on Mars
Jan 09, 202302:32
We Almost Lost These Microorganisms
Jan 04, 202301:49
Snail Hotel
Jan 03, 202301:25
2023 Goals
Jan 03, 202303:34
The Importance of Participation in Trades Education
Sep 17, 202204:27
The Four Traps of Evaluation

The Four Traps of Evaluation

This is the first assignment in the course I am taking at VCC toward my PIDP Diploma.

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Aug 07, 202204:57
Essential Skills in Trades Education

Essential Skills in Trades Education

The second reflective writing assignment explores the question of whether we need to teach essential skills in adult education or focus solely on technical skills.

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Mar 09, 202205:41
The Neurodivergent Owner's Manual
Nov 06, 202104:30
Indigenous Learning Philosophies
Oct 26, 202105:17
Trends in Adult Education
Oct 22, 202119:47