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From Courage to Confidence

From Courage to Confidence

By Britney Thornton-Homco

The podcast for women looking to step into a more confident life by acting courageously. Led by Britney Thornton-Homco, military veteran turned Course Creation Coach.
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S1E3: "God, Chakras, and Orgasms" w/ Julie Blamphin

From Courage to ConfidenceFeb 11, 2021

"You Can Climb Mount Everest" w/ USN vet Lauren Cosgrave
May 18, 202139:32
S1E9: "Dear Mom, I get it now" w/ Lynn Thornton

S1E9: "Dear Mom, I get it now" w/ Lynn Thornton

*Women's History Month Special* This week, I'm bringing my own mother to the show to talk about her journey balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship. 

Lynn Thornton (who we will now refer to as "Mom") is a seamstress and former owner of a small beachside bookstore, where she built a successful business, adapting her brick-and-mortar business to the increasingly digital world as e-commerce platforms such as Amazon shifted our buying habits from storefront to website. 

In this episode, we talk about the challenges of running a business AND mothering, the lessons and impact her example made on how I run my business, and how to navigate running a business with your spouse. 

Mar 25, 202149:47
S1E8: "Positivity & Hard Work" w/ Kristi Godfrey

S1E8: "Positivity & Hard Work" w/ Kristi Godfrey

This week, three-time business owner Kristi Godfrey shares how she's used positive thinking in her business and her life to achieve unthinkable levels of success. A legal secretary, certified life coach, and ecommerce business owner, Kristi balances it all on top of being a mother and devoted partner. She shares both the hard lessons learned and the exciting shifts in her business to show us all that ANY situation is absolutely what we make of it. 

Kristi can be found on social media at @Kristi Godfrey. 

Mar 23, 202132:37
S1E7: "How To Win By Quitting" w/ Amanda O'Rourke

S1E7: "How To Win By Quitting" w/ Amanda O'Rourke

This week, franchise owner turned inner calm coach Amanda O'Rourke shares both her lovely British accent and her story of the tumultuous career shifts that helped her gain an invaluable perspective on loss.

Amanda started off as an insurance claims specialist before diving into the world of franchises. After topping the sales charts with her MollyMaid business, however, she shifted her focus to a different form of entrepreneurship. After developing chronic anxiety and hitting burnout, she knew she had to make radical changes to her lifestyle.

Today, she serves high achieving women in business as an Inner Calm Coach, specializing in mindset, stress management, overwhelm, resiliency, and of course, happiness.

You can find Amanda at or via her LinkedIn account @Amanda O'Rourke.

Mar 12, 202131:18
S1E6: It's Just A Little Brain Science w/ Shannon South

S1E6: It's Just A Little Brain Science w/ Shannon South

This week, stress and anxiety coach Shannon South shares why our brains are so darn good at keeping us safe... and how we can use this evolutionary gift to our advantage in the most stressful of situations.

Shannon's background in drug addiction, chemistry, and neurological diseases makes her the PERFECT person to discuss stress reduction and management. As an Amazon Best Seller known for her book The Young and Beautiful Woman, Shannon combines her no-fluff scientific background with the compassion and creative genius of a woman wise beyond her years.

She serves her audience with her amazing digital course (that I have personally taken and benefited from), the Cut Stress Course, and is committed to helping women cut stress and overwhelm out of their lives to find peace within. 

Shannon lives in Michigan and you can find her on Facebook using the handle @ShannonSouth. 

Mar 04, 202146:18
S1E5: "Salt Water to Soil" w/ USCG veteran Quincey Adams

S1E5: "Salt Water to Soil" w/ USCG veteran Quincey Adams

This week, former Coast Guard officer turned gardener and vlogger Quincey Adams shares why she left her job to pursue something radically different than anything she'd been tasked with before: focusing on her health by gardening.

Quincey's first role was as a shipboard engineer and was stationed, much like myself, in California and Hawaii, protecting and managing waterways and inspecting freight vessels before departing the Coast Guard for the civilian world. After bouncing around a few jobs, most notably helping over 100 veterans file disability claims and get their service-earned benefits, she started to notice health problems that ultimately had her leaving the work force.

Using the power of homegrown food to manage her own health, Quincey has expanded her love of gardening into a full-blown lifestyle and teaches live gardening classes on Facebook. You can find Quincey on her website at or her Facebook and Instagram using the handle @liliesandtomatoes.

Feb 18, 202140:28
S1E4: "You Have the Right to Remain Magnetic" w/ Gaby Abrams

S1E4: "You Have the Right to Remain Magnetic" w/ Gaby Abrams

This week, former lawyer turned mother turned designer turned subconscious success coach Gaby Abrams shares why her journey wasn't really so random and how she's built multiple successful six-figure businesses using every tool in her toolbox. We talk about Impostor Syndrome, launch energy, and dive deep into a discussion of "doing it because you love it."

Gaby is a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) practitioner and business coach and helps women discover what they're struggling with, why, and how to overcome it. Thanks to the power of subconscious rewiring and neuroscience based strategy, she was able to grow her coaching business to her first $20k month in less than 3 months — just by being HER. All of her.

You can connect with Gaby at her website, email her at, or connect with her on Instagram using the handle @gaby.abrams . 

Feb 11, 202146:08
S1E3: "God, Chakras, and Orgasms" w/ Julie Blamphin

S1E3: "God, Chakras, and Orgasms" w/ Julie Blamphin

This week, we get a little vulnerable and explore the more spiritual side of connecting with your power with Julie Blamphin. In this episode, we talk about living our stories, connecting with the inner divine, and balancing the physical and emotional aspects of our performance with the energetic.

Julie is the creator of the digital course, Celebrate the Pelvic Floor, and empowers women to rediscover balance, positivity, and joy in their lives through pelvic floor stability, strength, and relaxation. She loves to laugh, dance, garden, travel, and speak Spanish, and currently resides in Annapolis, Maryland.

You can connect with Julie on her website or on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube under the handle @celebratethepelvicfloor.

Feb 11, 202129:42
S1E2: "Just Start a Summer Camp" w/ Eva Nekovar Payne
Feb 10, 202137:06
S1E1: "It All Starts With You" w/ Rachel Davis Thompson

S1E1: "It All Starts With You" w/ Rachel Davis Thompson

  • This week, we delve deep into Rachel Davis Thompson's story of finding her equilibrium in business. In this episode, we talk about pivoting into entrepreneurship, choosing who we want to work with, and building out a personal brand.
  • Rachel is a Facebook Ad strategist, sales funnel guru, and the owner of Paper Berry Social — a boutique ad agency that helps online coaches and digital course creators expand their audience and amplify their offers through fresh-squeezed funnel strategy and scroll-stopping Facebook Ads.
  • Rachel gets her kicks helping clients attract & connect with the people who need their offers the most — easy-pease and sleaze-free. Whether they're selling or launching a course, membership, or digital product, Rachel helps online entrepreneurs get found and be seen so they can enjoy the fruits of their labor.
  • She's also a proud wife and mom of 3 who resides in a little "laid back" coastal town in South Texas.
  • You can find Rachel at or connect with her on Instagram using the handle @paperberrypress.
Feb 09, 202130:35