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From Urban to Agriculture

From Urban to Agriculture

By Jacqueline Aenlle

From Urban to Agriculture, and everything in between!
Do you have questions about how your food is produced, harvested, and processed? Have other questions about food, agriculture, natural resources, or human sciences? Let's find some answers!
On this podcast, we take questions from everyday-consumers and present them to industry experts and scientists. Whether you are a consumer who has never seen an agricultural production in person, or if you work in agriculture but want to learn about a different sector of the industry, you're in the right place!
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Living with Fire

From Urban to AgricultureJan 03, 2022

Water Storage and Water Use in California
Mar 07, 202253:37
Things You Have Been Wondering about Sharks
Feb 07, 202234:16
Living with Fire
Jan 03, 202254:56
Introduction to season 3

Introduction to season 3

We are back! Season three of the From Urban to Agriculture podcast will be going live in October, great excited!

We will be talking about wildfires, sharks, chickens, and all things science.

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Activists vs. Agriculture and Agricultural Communications
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The Importance of Cow Comfort & Agricultural Conversations
Jun 26, 202030:25
Dairy Sustainability with the New Mexico Milkmaid
Jun 24, 202029:53
Connecting With Nature Through Urban Agriculture & Botanic Gardens
May 15, 202027:02
Agricultural Communication, Crisis Communication, & Media Literacy
Apr 03, 202028:36
The History of Organic Agriculture & Alternative Agricultural Movements
Mar 17, 202026:58
How Critical Thinking & Conflict Resolution Can Play a Role in Agricultural Conversations
Jan 26, 202028:36
An Overview of Dairy Animal Welfare and Care
Nov 01, 201940:10
Some Things You Might Not Have Known About Honey Bees & Honey Production
Oct 17, 201917:10
Season 1 Introduction
Oct 14, 201909:24