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By Frontiers NEXT Wellbeing

This podcast offers you content from Frontiers NEXT Wellbeing Conference. Created in partnership with the National Program for Happiness and Wellbeing of the United Arab Emirates, Frontiers NEXT is a cutting-edge, future-centric platform dedicated to shaping the future of wellbeing globally.

This exciting conference navigates the drivers and developments surrounding wellbeing towards 2030 and the further future.

Hosted by Frontiers Conferences co-founder and CEO, Matteo Penzo, the podcast will showcase speeches from global thought leaders, entrepreneurs, designers and scientists.
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Fitness: the physical dimension of Wellbeing

FrontiersMar 26, 2021

A naked conversation on the future of Wellbeing

A naked conversation on the future of Wellbeing

We hosted our first Clubhouse event, a naked conversation about the future of Wellbeing. 

Hosted by Matteo Penzo with visionary guests coming from design, digital healthcare, experiential spaces and entrepreneurship. We are welcoming Nicole Stock.Stanley (CEO, Dan Pearlman Group), Paul Papadimitriou (CEO, Intelligencr), Roberto Ascione (CEO, Healthware Group) and Roberto Tagliabue (CEO, Awake).

Jun 08, 202151:14
Corporate Wellbeing and people networks

Corporate Wellbeing and people networks

Marcela Ruas has over 15 years of experience on organizational development with variety of subjects (culture transformation, talent management, leadership development, change management, communication, innovation, knowledge and competency management, human capital strategy). She lived and supported major organizational transformations such as M&A integration, S&OP implementation, system global implementation (SAP, Success Factors, etc).

Marissa King teaches organisational behaviour at Yale University. Professor King’s work examines social influence, social networks, and team dynamics. Her most recent line of research analyzes the individual and group level behaviors that are necessary to implement changes in the (re)design of organizations using wearable social sensors.

May 07, 202115:15
Fitness: the physical dimension of Wellbeing

Fitness: the physical dimension of Wellbeing

Natalia Karbasova is the Founder of the FitTech Summit, the leading conference in Europe devoted to fitness technology and future of wellbeing and active lifestyle attracting 1000+ high-ranking industry executives, investors and startups and featuring Europe’s most promising startups.

Fitness and storytelling has always been her passion. Once a professional athlete, she has always sought for new ways to create narratives around health.

In her spare time, Natalia tries out new fitness gadgets, practices martial arts and functional fitness and enjoys reading sci-fi, alternative history and fantasy books. 

Mar 26, 202118:16
A conversation on the future of Wellbeing

A conversation on the future of Wellbeing

Dr. Nana Bit-Avragim is a digital health transformer and medical sciences expert.  

Nana is passionate about new life sciences technologies and believes that innovation means adapting to the future.   

To translate the latest global technological developments into life sciences and align it with the healthcare industry, Nana has successfully led a broad scope of innovative programs and partnerships between SMEs, NGOs, healthcare industry and academia in her previous roles as Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Charité Foundation and Head of Digital Health & Life Sciences program at the German hub of Singularity University, an executive education organization based on NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley.

Nana sits on the Advisory Board of Frontiers NEXT Wellbeing.

Mar 05, 202126:56
Frontiers - a podcast on the future of Wellbeing

Frontiers - a podcast on the future of Wellbeing

Tune in for our episodes on the future of Wellbeing; hosting thought leaders, entrepreneurs, designers, coaches and Wellbeing experts from all over the world.

Mar 01, 202101:48
Productivity VS Creativity in corporations

Productivity VS Creativity in corporations

Ivan spent 18 years in the corporate world as a marketeer with proven track record and passion for human development.

He has hands-on experience in Corporate Transformation: accountable for a global accelerator innovation program, made to transform an international corporation with more than 60’000 employees through Intrapreneurship programs for senior and mid-level executives.

Ivan offers a unique perspective on innovation: he has an engineering background combined with multiple business ventures: he is the co-founder of 3 start-ups.

Ivan is a NLP and Habit Building Coach.

Feb 24, 202115:38
Corporate Wellbeing and high performance coaching

Corporate Wellbeing and high performance coaching

Lara is the only Certified High Performance Coach in UAE, a contributor to Forbes and speaks regularly at conferences and events. She is a trusted advisor in areas of High Performance, success and motivation, entrepreneurship, wellbeing, stress management, emotional intelligence, communication, aligning with purpose, and managing career transitions.  

Lara comes from a decade of experience in the corporate world where she was involved in strategic and change management transformational roles and spent a lot of time with mid and high management, which gave her tremendous experience in understanding the dynamics and the shortfalls of executing on strategy. 

She is also one of few certified Thetahealing Masters (a form of hypnotherapy) in the world and has extensive experience working with hundreds of people to rewire their brain, change their negative patterns for long lasting behavioral change, and overcome their challenges and psychological barriers to success for more powerful life and business results.  

She works with founders, top and mid management level executives to improve performance and build higher levels of clarity, energy, productivity, influence, courage and resilience to overcome challenges and enable progress towards achieving the strategic vision.  

Feb 15, 202131:40
Wellbeing 2030, which world will we be living in?

Wellbeing 2030, which world will we be living in?

Thomas leads the European design team at frog, a global design and strategy consultancy that helps companies build better futures.  

He is responsible for shaping frog's interdisciplinary capabilities to address emerging needs across industries. He is actively involved as a consultant and advisor for strategic clients.  

He believes curiosity and creativity are intimately connected, and likes to contaminate his work as a designer with ideas and methods from science, business, and engineering.  

Thomas founded frog’s Milan studio in 2005, and previously founded and led the medical device design practice in Flextronics.  His work has led to numerous utility patents and design awards including red dot, IF, and Japan good design.  

Thomas has been adjunct professor at Politecnico di Milano and a mentor at Industrio Ventures. He holds a Bachelor of Design from Victoria University of Wellington.

Feb 03, 202127:18
Future of food

Future of food

Sara is an experienced entrepreneur, thought leader and disrupter in the food ecosystem and security programs. As a seasoned growth expert, she works with globally recognized high-profile think tanks on setting the agenda for the sustainable food industry. 

For the last 10 years, Sara’s focused on inspiring and empowering creative and responsible food entrepreneurs through educational programs and disruptive innovation experiences.  

She is the founder and director of Future Food: a for-purpose organization facilitating evolving positive change in life on earth, promoting food innovation as a strategic element to achieve sustainable and impactful growth. 

Her mission is to take food system leaders, youth and purpose driven entrepreneurs to the next level of achievement through education, research projects, and disruptive innovation experiences.

Jan 24, 202124:14
Superlinear Wellbeing

Superlinear Wellbeing

Paul Papadimitriou is an explorer of human behavior — who we are, what we feel, how we transact, how technology impacts it all, and what it means to us.  Trained in global affairs, serial technology entrepreneur, and creative at heart, Paul advises a variety or organizations, from venture to startups, corporates to public institutions.  

His unique global footprint allows to decipher global mythologies — our experiential journeys shaped around a nomadic, augmented & tribal world. He also is the creator and host of critically-acclaimed shows about the future of travel, the future of finance and the future of startups.  

Paul draws a unique perspective from his multi-cultural background, born in Switzerland, with Greek & Finn heritage, having lived in Tokyo, Geneva, Manila, London, and his ever-going travels on the fringes to discover more.  

Paul has always been at the forefront of understanding what's next, from shaping the first ever commercial mobile website to participating to the rise of numerous startups ecosystems.

Jan 14, 202116:15
Discover the breathing techniques to improve your performance

Discover the breathing techniques to improve your performance

For over 16 years, Richard worked as a performance coach in high performance sport, with some of the best organisations and athletes in the world - from Great Britain, U.S.A and China. This includes supporting teams in preparation for two Summer Olympic Games – London 2012 and Rio 2016 – and most recently the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.  

Richards passion for health and wellbeing came from his own recovery from grief following the loss of his mother to cancer. He needed a complete approach, which led him to learn & experience the incredible positive effects of a fully holistic strategy and shaping life around Flow. This is why wellbeing has become his focus and passion.  

It’s not just about performance – it’s about helping as many people as possible, by encouraging new perspectives and using tools & techniques to optimise life. These practices are part of an evidence-based approach that has been successful on the world stage.

Jan 14, 202122:37