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Feminist Survival Podcast

Feminist Survival Podcast

By Emily Nagoski

A podcast for feminists who feel overwhelmed and exhausted by everything they need to do, and still worry that we're not doing enough - hosted by Emily and Amelia Nagoski, authors of BURNOUT: the secret to unlocking the stress cycle.
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Mini-Episode: How to Coronavirus

Feminist Survival PodcastMar 03, 2020

The Come As You Are podcast is here!
Nov 16, 202224:17
63: How to Listen to Your Body (Addendum)
Jul 26, 202146:10
62: How to Listen to Your Body: Part Five
Jul 12, 202153:03
61: How to Listen to Your Body: Part Four
Jun 28, 202150:43
60: How to Listen to Your Body, Part Three
Jun 20, 202143:01
59: How to Listen to Your Body, Part Two
Jun 14, 202156:23
58: How to Listen to Your Body, Part One
Jun 07, 202138:23
Bonus: Audio Preface to the new edition (3 of 3)
Feb 22, 202126:22
Bonus: Audio Preface to the new edition (2 of 3)
Feb 19, 202122:31
Bonus: Audio Preface to the new edition (1 of 3)
Feb 17, 202125:50
57: 2020 [BETA]
Jan 18, 202151:17
56: Amelia’s Something Larger is a Turkey
Nov 17, 202041:55
55: One Important Thing
Nov 02, 202057:36
54: Music For Stress Management
Oct 26, 202053:36
53: How to Attachment
Oct 19, 202058:58
52: Trust
Oct 12, 202049:14
51: Calling In Amelia’s Covid
Oct 05, 202039:24
50: Number Fifty
Sep 28, 202035:50
49: How to Dreams
Sep 21, 202046:20
48: You’re Allowed to Like the Thing
Sep 14, 202057:22
47: Pause For Pleasure

47: Pause For Pleasure

Can focusing on pleasure help your brain counteract depression? Is it worth taking a moment to enjoy every donut even if it doesn’t? Emily and Amelia discuss.



This episode is brought to you by “The Siren and the Deep Blue Sea,” the latest book in the Embraced by Magic Series by Kerrelyn Sparks.


Entenmann’s donuts:

Episode 03: Human Giver Syndrome:

Iggy Pop, King Biscuit Flower Hour:

How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind:

Episode 41: The Bikini-Industrial Complex:

Episode 10: Rest IS the Revolution:

Disney's Polynesian Resort Music Loop (Full 3 Hour Edition):

A Social History of Background Music:

Sep 07, 202039:40
46: What Even Is Hope

46: What Even Is Hope

What is the nature of hope? Amelia’s off this week, so Emily discusses with her mysterious Marital Euphemism.


How We Hope: A Moral Psychology by Adrienne Martin:

Irascible Appetites:

Episode 08: The Monitor:

Oregon Trail Generation:

Marital Euphemism:

Aug 31, 202044:06
45: Emily’s Epiphany
Aug 24, 202043:25
44: How to Shadow Work
Aug 17, 202042:01
43: How to Bystander
Aug 10, 202048:43
42: Stages of Change
Aug 03, 202051:46
41: The Bikini-Industrial Complex
Jul 27, 202001:08:48
40: Food: It's Complicated
Jul 20, 202045:43
39: Covid Follow Up
Jul 13, 202034:12
38: Amelia has the COVID
Jul 06, 202057:48
37: Ode to Ode to Joy
Jun 29, 202041:46
36: Embrace Tiger
Jun 22, 202040:34
35: Too Much Connection
Jun 15, 202039:30
34: The Madwoman
Jun 08, 202001:05:17
33: Because: Unbreakable

33: Because: Unbreakable

Did you watch the interactive Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? How does making good choices for Kimmy apply to real life? Emily and Amelia discuss. (Tons of spoilers for Kimmy Vs. The Reverend)


Kimmy Vs. The Reverend:

EMDR Therapy:

Emily’s romance novels:

Episode 03: Human Giver Syndrome:

Jun 01, 202026:02
32: The Owl and the Cheese

32: The Owl and the Cheese

What do owls and cheese have to do with surviving the hellscape of 2020? How can we work to run toward the things that make it worth surviving. Emily and Amelia discuss.


Episode 5: What's Your Something Larger?

Pacific Overtures "Someone in a Tree" - Ann Harada, Austin Ku, Kelvin Moon Loh & Thom Sesma:

Love Illuminated (part 1):

Sadie the Dog:

May 25, 202038:04
31: Social Support

31: Social Support

It turns out feelings are real and (spoiler warning) emotional support is really important! Emily and Amelia discuss. There's science to support it. Emily and Amelia discuss.

This episode is brought to you by Kensington’s newest title from Lindsay McKenna, Wind River Undercover.


Gourmet Makes:


(Season 1, Episode 20)

Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges

May 18, 202039:36
30: Voting While Feminist

30: Voting While Feminist

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others” is attributed to Winston Churchill, who wasn't too great himself. And this year it might feel like the Democratic presidential candidate is the worst one on the ballot except for the other one.

What’s a feminist to do?Emily, Amelia, and Amelia's colleague Mark discuss. 

(Content warning: this episode includes discussion of sexual violence )


what to do when someone tells you they were sexually assaulted:

May 11, 202001:17:29
29: Allegra

29: Allegra

Amelia’s friend and fellow musician Allegra joins us this week and shares her perspective on social distancing and burnout.


Wozzeck Trailer (The Royal Opera):

Predictably Irrational:

The Ballad of the Brown King:

The Concert Choir of Georgetown University - Millennium Stage:

Vegetarian JapChae recipe:

May 04, 202001:00:56
28: Foop
Apr 27, 202041:50
27: How to Unfamiliarity

27: How to Unfamiliarity

We're all in uncharted territory these days. Amelia has a music metaphor to help cope with these times of social distancing. Emily helps break it down. Special appearance by Beethoven. (not the dog)

Apr 20, 202001:01:33
26: Masks and How to Wear Them

26: Masks and How to Wear Them

We're all wearing masks now. But why are we wearing them and how can we do so most effectively. Emily and Amelia get into it, cowboy outlaw-style.

Apr 13, 202032:24
25: Even More Social Distancing

25: Even More Social Distancing

Emily (from her bed) and Amelia (from her kitchen) discuss the importance of social distancing, as well as why it's so hard. And Amelia tops it off with a classic 90s Bette Midler jam.


Episode 20: How to Numbing

SOCIAL DISTANCE - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Colin Firth Swimming

Apr 06, 202047:09
24: The Sex Episode

24: The Sex Episode

Emily and Amelia’s first ever guest! They talk with the amazing Peggy Kleinplatz, one of the authors of the new book, Magnificent Sex.


Magnificent Sex
Lessons from Extraordinary Lovers, 1st Edition

By Peggy J. Kleinplatz and A. Dana Ménard

Mar 30, 202052:22
23: Social Distance Duet

23: Social Distance Duet

Emily and Amelia discuss social distancing while social distancing. Plus: Bonus word games and ukulele music.


Mickey Mouse - Ku'u Lei Melody | Song

Mar 23, 202056:03
22: Time Affluence

22: Time Affluence

Time is the only completely limited resource. What matters more to you, time or stuff? Are you willing to compromise to fit the expectations of others? Emily and Amelia discuss.

Mar 16, 202044:58
21: Your Body Will Tell You

21: Your Body Will Tell You

How do you listen to your body? It’s easy for some people and a completely alien concept for others. Emily and Amelia discuss.


The Communication of Emotion by Ross Buck



Singing Redefined by Walter C. Foster

Peggy Kleinplatz

Mar 09, 202049:55
Mini-Episode: How to Coronavirus
Mar 03, 202014:56
20: How to Numbing

20: How to Numbing

Numbing. Emotional ibuprofen. Maladaptive coping strategies. They’re short-term solutions, but sometimes reducing the pain is the only way you can rest enough to heal.

FSP2020 joins the Frolic network:

Gourmet Makes with Claire Saffitz:

Explain Pain Super Charged:

Mar 02, 202035:02
19: How to Entertainment
Feb 24, 202036:29
18: The New Hotness
Feb 17, 202043:20
17: How to Gratitude
Feb 10, 202037:60
16: How to Be a White Lady Who Tries
Feb 03, 202034:32
15: How to Primaries

15: How to Primaries

It's the inevitable politics episode. Amelia is an idealist. Emily's a pragmatist. But guess what? They both want to do the right thing.

Jan 27, 202032:19
14: How to Art

14: How to Art

Amelia takes the lead on this one. How does creative self-expression help you complete the stress response cycle? (Hint: It has to do with recognizing that emotions are real.)

Jan 20, 202044:32
13: Is it Burnout... Or is it trauma?

13: Is it Burnout... Or is it trauma?

Burnout and trauma are not the same thing. Emily and Amelia discuss the difference and some ways to help. (Apologies for the audio quality on this one. We had some microphone difficulties.)

Jan 13, 202035:04
12: How to Sleeping

12: How to Sleeping

How much sleep do you need? What's the "right" way to sleep? Emily and Amelia talk about sleep debt, sleep personalities, and a just a touch of Jane Eyre.

Jan 06, 202041:11
11: The Bubble of Love

11: The Bubble of Love

What makes a relationship safe and renewing? Emily and Amelia explain using Cupcake Economics.

Dec 30, 201933:47
10: Rest IS the Revolution
Dec 16, 201929:22
09: How to Rage

09: How to Rage

Rage. It's a maligned and misunderstood emotion. What's your relationship with your rage? What's your rage's relationship with... poop?

Dec 09, 201945:06
08: The Monitor

08: The Monitor

Frustration. Everybody feels it. Emily and Amelia discuss the science of how frustration works, and strategies for managing it.

Worksheets from their book Burnout are here:

Dec 02, 201938:01
07: Your Racist Uncle, Your Apathetic Aunt, and Your Misogynist Cousin: How To

07: Your Racist Uncle, Your Apathetic Aunt, and Your Misogynist Cousin: How To

It's almost Thanksgiving here in these United States. Emily and Amelia discuss their strategies for dealing with people you disagree with during the holidays. In the words of Luke Skywalker, "This is not going to go the way you think."

Nov 25, 201933:34
06: How to News

06: How to News

Impeachment has begun. What's your relationship with the news right now? Emily and Amelia discuss their strategies. Spoiler alert: It's OK to dial it back and take care of yourself.

Nov 18, 201922:30
05: What's Your Something Larger?

05: What's Your Something Larger?

There's a lot of research that says meaning and purpose is good for your mental health. But how do we define that? Emily, Amelia, and Moana are here to figure that out.

Nov 11, 201930:13
04: The Abyss

04: The Abyss

Today... we’re gonna look squarely into the abyss. We’ve all got one. Let’s talk about it.

Nov 03, 201930:47
03: Human Giver Syndrome

03: Human Giver Syndrome

In this episode, the question is: What’s the biggest cultural barrier between feminists and their ability to complete the stress response cycles?

Nov 03, 201930:31
02: Complete the Stress Response Cycle

02: Complete the Stress Response Cycle

So if solving actual stressors isn’t enough to deal with the stress in your body, what does deal with it? How do we complete the stress response cycle? This episode is a catalog of a dozen concrete, specific, evidence-based strategies for doing just that.

Nov 03, 201940:16
01: Separate the Stress From the Stressor

01: Separate the Stress From the Stressor

Wellness is a state of action. The cure for burnout isn’t self-care, it’s all of us caring for each other. And when we embrace those things, we’re not taking a break from fixing the world, we are already fixing the world.

Nov 03, 201924:31


What is the Feminist Survival Project 2020?

Emily and Amelia Nagoski explain the project and how you can help.

Oct 28, 201905:21