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Fugitive State

Fugitive State

By Chris Grondin

U.S. citizen Chad Hower was arrested in 2009 by INTERPOL in Bulgaria for a kidnapping he says never happened. A further examination of the facts reveals a complicated custody battle between two parents went dramatically wrong when two different states issued different custody rulings regarding their son. Was one state's ruling right and the other's wrong? Why had the FBI taken an interest in this case? What effect has this had on the lives of those involved? All of these questions and more will be answered.
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Episode 1: From Happy Home to Overseas Divorce

Fugitive StateDec 22, 2022

Episode 1: From Happy Home to Overseas Divorce

Episode 1: From Happy Home to Overseas Divorce

Chad Hower has lived an interesting life by most people's standards. He spent his childhood wandering around unsupervised in a college town. Broke into the software development industry in the nineties with no college degree and went on to become an international spokesperson and software developer for Microsoft in the nineties and two thousands where he oversaw business in over 80 countries. 

He also wrote early age, internet software that is still in use to this day all while having lived around the globe and over a dozen countries. One day. While preparing to speak at a software conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. His world changed forever. He was arrested for international kidnapping. Who would he allegedly kidnapped? His own son.

Fugitive state is a podcast recorded, edited, and researched by me, Chris Grondin an amateur freelance journalist. If you want to learn more about the story from Chad's perspective, visit Alex is not You can contact me at and documents from this episode will be available shortly at

Dec 22, 202244:15


“My brother is wanted by Interpol and the FBI, he’s on the list of Interpol’s red notices, which is the same status Osama Bin Laden had. The difference is the charges brought against my brother aren’t for terrorism, they are for international parental kidnapping”.

This is an excerpt from a TikTok video I came across in early 2022. This was my first glimpse into the fascinating and unfortunate story of Chad Hower.

Follow Along with this podcast where I, Chris Grondin, a TikTok user turned amateur investigative journalist, look into the man who evaded the FBI for over a decade and the legal and interpersonal situations that got him there.

Dec 11, 202203:02