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The Funsized Podcast

The Funsized Podcast

By Kierstin Cifelli

No matter your height, weight, or shape, The Funsized Podcast will help you find joy, confidence, and strength in your body. Join Kierstin, founder of Funsized™ for solo episodes and empowering interviews from women under 5'3"(160cm) who are killing the game in beauty, fitness, and life. We're here to help you stop apologizing for what you can't change and start embracing what makes you so unique!
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78. Why the numbers matter more for petite women [who want to shed body fat]

The Funsized PodcastMay 25, 2021

166. How to Handle Unsolicited Comments About Your Weight or Your Plate on Holidays
Nov 22, 202327:12
165. Debunking the the Lose-1-Pound-a-Week Myth + Why It Doesn't Cut It for Petite Women
Oct 31, 202313:37
164. The Pressure of Body Image And Stress of Incorporating Movement For Women with Jaime Glassman
Oct 24, 202337:52
163. Do It Shitty And Find Your Own Voice

163. Do It Shitty And Find Your Own Voice

This short & sweet episode is an about overcoming perfectionism. I talk about where that critical inner voice that tells you "you're not worthy" or "enough" comes from and a little mindset hack you can use to stop feeling so ashamed about the intrusive thoughts that keep you from achieving the goals that YOU actually want to achieve — not the goals you think you should achieve to please others.

Oct 16, 202311:53
162. Reverse Dieting 101
Oct 10, 202334:53
161. A Peek Into My Current Muscle Building & Reverse Dieting Routine

161. A Peek Into My Current Muscle Building & Reverse Dieting Routine

Today, we're deep diving on my personal, current fitness program and nutrition strategy!

Wanna follow my workouts? Subscribe to the Funsized Fitness App

Wanna reverse diet with me? DM me on Instagram or check out my 1:1 coaching program.

Oct 03, 202323:18
160. Calories In vs. Calories Out, Hormones, and Intro to Cycling Syncing
Sep 26, 202328:24
159. How Much Stress Does It Take To Crash Your Fitness Party?
Sep 19, 202322:07
Mini-sode: Getting Fit While Giving Yourself Grace Challenge #4
Sep 11, 202312:02
Mini-sode: Getting Fit While Giving Yourself Grace Challenge #3
Sep 05, 202310:46
Mini-sode: Getting Fit While Giving Yourself Grace Challenge #2

Mini-sode: Getting Fit While Giving Yourself Grace Challenge #2

Ready for assignment #2 of the Getting Fit While Giving Yourself Grace?!

Steal my daily journaling practice: Journal Prompts from Kier

Tune in to get this week's assignment & earn points towards winning The Funsized Formula course PLUS a 1:1 strategy call with me (value: $99).

Remember to subscribe to my email list to be then first to know about the next challenge assignment by grabbing any one of my free resources here:

Challenge ends Sept 10th

Aug 29, 202313:28
158. Living with PMDD: My Personal Journey and Discovery

158. Living with PMDD: My Personal Journey and Discovery

Trust me, this is not your average "craving chocolate and crying during The Notebook" situation!

In this episode packed with insights and emotional depth, I'm delving into the realm of PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder), explaining what PMDD is, how it differs from PMS, some interesting facts about PMDD, why it takes so long to get a proper diagnosis, and my personal period journey of dealing with dismissive doctors, raised eyebrows, and why it takes so long to get a proper diagnosis.

From my emotional rollercoasters to moments of personal victory, I'm peeling back the layers – the good, the bad, and, oh yes, even the breast tenderness.

Aug 29, 202328:13
Mini-sode: Getting Fit While Giving Yourself Grace Challenge #1
Aug 22, 202311:24
157. Funsized Success Story with Liz Ulhman
Aug 01, 202345:17
156. Sun, Fun, and Anxiety Around Food and Fitness Season

156. Sun, Fun, and Anxiety Around Food and Fitness Season

In this special mini-episode, we dive into the hot topic of anxiety around food and fitness during the season of summer.

With a plethora of celebrations, barbecues, and travel opportunities, it's no wonder that many of us find ourselves facing unique challenges when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship with our bodies and nourishment.

Note: Please bear with me as the audio quality in this episode may not meet the usual standards. I'm learning to let go of the perfectionist tendencies and prioritize delivering valuable content over flawless production. I appreciate your understanding and hope you'll still find value in the discussion despite any audio quirks. Thank you for joining me on this imperfect but meaningful journey!

Jul 04, 202313:39
155. WTF Are Macros And Where Do I Even Start?
Jun 27, 202334:16
154. Short Girl Gym Hacks (Part 2)

154. Short Girl Gym Hacks (Part 2)

It's time for part 2! Get ready to take your fitness game to new heights with these six brand new short girl gym hacks that will blow your mind!

⁠1) Pull-ups ⁠

⁠2) Deadlifts ⁠

⁠3) Sumo Deadlifts ⁠

⁠4) Hip thrusts “booster seat"⁠

⁠5) Standing Hamstring Curl⁠

⁠6) Lat Pulldown ⁠

Trust me when I say that these hacks will take your exercises to a whole new level of effectiveness! So, whether you're a dedicated follower of The Funsized Podcast or you're just joining us for the first time, get ready to discover six new short girl gym hacks that will revolutionize your fitness routine.


If you haven't caught Part 1 yet (Episode 95), don't worry—I've got your back! You can easily scroll back or click here to catch up on all the awesomeness.

📸Follow me on instagram: @funsized.life_

💪🏼Funsized Fitness Monthly Workout Subscription:

May 30, 202320:51
153. The Power of Routine: How I Overcame Old Habits and Changed My Schedule

153. The Power of Routine: How I Overcame Old Habits and Changed My Schedule

In this episode, I'm getting personal and sharing my experience with breaking a bad habit that had me stuck in a less-than-ideal routine for years.

I had to face the hard truth that I was unhappy with the way I was living my life and needed to make a change. With some self-reflection and determination, I was able to identify what was holding me back and was able to create a new, more fulfilling schedule - for everyone involved!

Join me as I share this one small thing that changed my paradigm! Hopefully this inspire anyone looking to break free from their own monotony and take control of their lives.

*Heads Up*: I recorded this episode while on a walk in my neighborhood and the audio starts out a little broken-up but it does get clearer about 2 minutes in!

May 23, 202318:24
152. Digging into the Benefits and Basics of Growing Your Own Food
May 16, 202301:15:58
151. Petite Celebs at the 2023 Met Gala + Their Fitness Routines
May 09, 202313:03
150. Golden Rule of Glute Growth, Busting Big Booty Myths, and Favorite Workout Gear for a Peachy Pump
May 02, 202327:01
149. From Binge to Balance: How to Get Back on Track After a Weekend Bender
Apr 25, 202323:42
 148. Unlocking Muscle Growth with Mobility, Stretching, and Self-care
Apr 18, 202358:45
147. Fun Comes In All Sizes: Why We're Changing Our Sizing Codes for Petite Women
Apr 11, 202316:05
146. Spice Up Your Training: 10 Advanced Techniques to Boost Your Gains And Keep It Fun
Apr 04, 202340:02
144. Big Personality in a FunSized Package: Getting to Know On-Camera Host, Actress, Model & Content Creator, Allyson Berger
Mar 28, 202345:05
143. Sugar in Fruit: Friend or Foe for Your Weight Loss Goals?
Mar 21, 202314:21
142. Flexing Your Manners: A Hilarious Guide to Gym Etiquette

142. Flexing Your Manners: A Hilarious Guide to Gym Etiquette

Welcome to our latest episode of "Gym Chronicles", where we (Kier and Jess) share personal stories and laughs about our gym experiences!

In this episode, we're breaking down the dos and don'ts of gym etiquette with a comedic twist AND we're diving into the hilarious and cringe-worthy moments that happen when we hit the gym.

From accidentally dropping water bottles to feeling creepers’ stares, we've all been there, and we're not afraid to share our embarrassing moments for your entertainment.

But we're also tackling some serious issues, like how to handle that person who always hogs the squat rack or what to do when someone tries to chat you up during your workout.

So if you're ready for a good laugh and some practical advice, grab your headphones and join us for another episode of the Funsized Podcast!

Mar 14, 202301:00:55
141. Ladies, Pump Up Your Chest, Wrists, & Forearms with These Top Exercises
Feb 21, 202301:02:57
140. The Surprising Benefits of Keeping a Photo Journal of What You Eat
Feb 14, 202314:32
139. Which Exercises Should You Squeeze Your Glutes On And Why You Have Hip Dips
Feb 07, 202325:23
138. The Best Exercises For A Strong & Sexy BACK
Jan 31, 202345:48
137. Why I’m Breaking Up With MyFitnessPal After A 10 Year Relationship
Jan 24, 202313:04
136. The Secret To Having Nice Arms
Jan 17, 202301:01:11
135. How I Plan, Prep, & Succeed with Nutrition
Dec 27, 202219:47
134. The Shortlist : Classic Petite Styles for 30-somethings
Dec 20, 202227:48
133. The Best Core Exercises for Strong & Sexy Abs [PART 2]
Dec 13, 202201:00:40
132. The Best Core Exercises for Strong & Sexy Abs [PART 1]
Dec 06, 202226:47
131. Top 6 Short Girl Nutrition Hacks
Nov 29, 202217:09
130. How To Deal With Food Anxiety Over The Holidays
Nov 22, 202218:45
129. The Best Booty Building Exercises
Nov 15, 202243:15
128. Working Out While Sick: Should You Rest Or Sweat It Out?
Nov 01, 202211:58
127. Fit-Shaming; it's like fat-shaming, but the exact opposite
Oct 18, 202253:48
126. Breaking Barriers in the Modeling Industry with Britney Wittes - Founder of 'Why Not Petites'
Oct 11, 202229:03
125. This Petite Went Plant-Based and Here’s What Happened
Oct 04, 202201:17:13
124. 'Short Apparel' Petite Activewear with Stephanie Green
Sep 27, 202250:38
123. Unfiltered Stories from Former Bikini/Figure and Women's Physique Competitors (Pt. 1)
Sep 13, 202201:40:45
122. My 3 Year Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) Recovery Anniversary
Sep 06, 202218:15
121. 10 Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill as Prices Increase
Aug 30, 202211:55
120. Learning To Use Macros As A Tool + Not Letting Them Have Power Over You
Aug 23, 202201:21:40