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Unbox Your Living

Unbox Your Living

By Maria Selting

The future of living. A podcast about alternative living, community building, property development and the future of real estate. Hosted by Sweden based tech professional Maria Selting exploring the up and rising smart village and coliving life. Places I've colived in include Stockholm, Australia, South Africa, India, Bali, Argentina and Colombia.

Previously called the Future of Coliving podcast.
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KPIs in Community Building: Four Approaches to Designing Commuity

Unbox Your Living Sep 12, 2020

Unlocking the Power of Vulnerability to Build a Strong Community
Oct 06, 202057:04
KPIs in Community Building: Four Approaches to Designing Commuity

KPIs in Community Building: Four Approaches to Designing Commuity

In today's episode we have Gui Perdrix on the show - a true coliving expert who lives and breathes coliving in everything that he does. After a transformational experience a few years ago, he got hooked into the coliving community and has since then cofounded several coliving initiatives, such as a magazine called Coliving Insights. He also runs Co-Liv which is the world's largest coliving association, a consultancy and educational platform called Art of Co and he is soon about to publish his book Art of Coliving, which will come out in October 2020. 

He is particularly interested in community building and has written some interesting articles about four approaches to building a community - and the financial KPIs connected to each one of them. 

In today's episode, you'll learn more about:

- The four different types of community building and the financial ROI related to each one of them

- How co-living can be a transformational experience and an accelerated growth path

- Future opportunities within property technology and coliving

Sep 12, 202041:11
Conscious Coliving - Sustainable Living With Yourself, Others and the Planet

Conscious Coliving - Sustainable Living With Yourself, Others and the Planet

In today's episode, we have a true co-living guru on the show - Matthew Lesniak - who is specifically interested and specialised in sustainability within co-living, not only from a climate perspective but from all social aspects of life.

He is a co-founder and Head of Impact & Innovation at Conscious Coliving, which means he is designing community experience and impact strategies and measuring the social value of co-living communities.

In this episode you'll learn more about:

- What conscious co-living is 

- The framework "Conscious Coliving Manifesto" and how you can use it to integrate sustainability and consciousness into your co-living space

- What an "intentional community" is and how you walk the talk to integrating sustainability/consciousness into your community

- Future gazing: sustainable co-living trends in the future

Sep 04, 202041:46
Creating Human Connection in a Co-Living Community

Creating Human Connection in a Co-Living Community

In today's episode, we dig into an interesting topic related to co-living. At the end of the day, what creates a strong community is human connection. Strong bonds between humans are what makes people wanting to stay and live together.

How do you then create a foundation for human connection?

In order to investigate this question, we have Philip Jonzon Jarl who is the co-founder of a values-based relationship app called Relate as a guest in today's episode. He is an expert on values and explains the power of shared values and how to create strong bonds between humans that last. He also lives in a co-living place himself, K9 Tech Farm, a strong community with over 50 people from all corners of the world.

In today's episode you'll learn more about:

- Why common values matter and why it is important as a community to articulate them

- The formula to create a human connection

- How a co-living place can live by their values and make community members connect

Jul 07, 202042:59
What Is Co-Living?

What Is Co-Living?

To kick off this show, let's start with answering the obvious question "What is co-living?". 

To answer this question, we have invited two experts within the field, Anton Chernikov and Morgane Oléron. 

Anton Chernikov is a trained architect, an entrepreneur within co-living who runs his own consulting business called Exponentials and has helped to launch several co-living spaces across Europe. Morgane Oléron comes from the community side of co-living and has worked for both co-working and co-living operators. She used to work as the Chief Happiness Officer for a co-living operator and is now developing her own consulting business within the community space. 

In today's episode you'll learn more about:

-What is co-living? 

-The difference between traditional cooperatives and the modern concept of co-living

-Key components needed to succeed within the co-living space 

-How to build a strong culture and great communities from the start - and why it is key to long-term success

May 20, 202056:46
Hubville - Building the World's First Self-Sustaining and Sustainable City District

Hubville - Building the World's First Self-Sustaining and Sustainable City District

In today's episode, you'll learn about a fascinating project - in 2020 the world's first self-sustaining and sustainable city district will be launched in Vetlanda, Sweden. It is called Hubville and the founder of the project, Anders Varger, share his vision on the project and how we can once and for all rethink how we live and work and redesign our lifestyle to create a more sustainable way of living. 

To Anders Varger sustainability is not only about environmental matters. According to him, sustainability is a multidimensional approach including everything from social sustainability, housing, schooling and transport to health and of course also co-living. In order to create a 100% sustainable city district every single detail on how we live and work have to be thought-through. Only then can we create a home where we can, not only survive, but also thrive. 

In this episode you'll learn more about: 

- Social sustainability, and why co-living is an integral part of creating a sustainable living

- What Hubville is and how they are planning on creating the world's first sustainable city district

- The future of sustainability from a multidimensional perspective 

May 20, 202051:06
Why Community Building Is Good for Business

Why Community Building Is Good for Business

Co-founder and CEO of WiFI Tribe Diego Bejarano Gerke has built a successful global co-living company by building a strong community first. Community building is what creates loyalty and barriers to entry and is the strongest asset you can have within the co-living business. After all, it is about living and it is not just a business transaction. If people feel at home, they will stay regardless if something nicer looking comes along.

In this episode you will learn: 

- What community building is and why it is good for business, especially within co-living

- How to build a strong community that follows you throughout good and bad times

- How to build a solid recruitment process

- Diego's thoughts on the future trends of co-living and where we are heading post-corona

Apr 27, 202050:18
The Rise of Coop Living - Live in a Castle at a Fraction of the Cost

The Rise of Coop Living - Live in a Castle at a Fraction of the Cost

Today's guest on the show is Samuel Delesque who is the founder Oasa which is a company specialised in coop living and sustainable living. Instead of living in a studio apartment in the city, they are making it affordable to live in a castle by organising co-owning of properties and cooperatives in castles. 

In today's episode you learn more about: 

- What coop living is
- How you can live in a castle and save money whilst doing it
- The rise of alternative ways of living, for example, co-living on boats 
- Samuel Delesque's thoughts on living post-corona 

Apr 26, 202041:16