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Futureproof Brands

Futureproof Brands

By Arcature

Hosted by legendary brand experts Larry Light and Joan Kiddon, Futureproof Brands is a podcast for marketers and C-suite professionals.

With expertise derived from years of global experience on the client side, at ad agencies and as consultants, their provocative insights on current brand news provide authoritative, mini-case histories analyzing brand-building strategies that educate, engage and entertain.

Futureproofing is not foolproof, but an integral step in generating enduring profitable growth. Brands cannot forecast the future. Brands must create a future in which they will win
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Needs-Driven, Occasion-Based Market Segmentation

Futureproof BrandsApr 07, 2023

Needs-Driven, Occasion-Based Market Segmentation

Needs-Driven, Occasion-Based Market Segmentation

This episode of Futureproof Brands focuses on market segmentation fundamentals. Segmenting consumer markets eradicates the notion that all client needs can be met under one umbrella.
The “good-better-best" strategy is relative to what your client wants. Without dissecting those differences, many brands will fail to meet their objective—drowning in an attempt to problem-solve without a strategy that intentionally diversifies their consumers as individuals.
Listen in as Joan and Larry remind us why loyalty and consumer experience reign supreme, and how that mentality secures your brand’s future.

Apr 07, 202322:27
Price Elasticity

Price Elasticity

The post-covid tolerance of price increases has challenged price elasticity, and while loyal customers have remained connected, a brand can only push its prices so far before its consumers snap. When the brand experience falters, the demand for its product falls away.

This week on brand-business building, we discuss the implications of price elasticity, where customers draw the line supporting their favorite brands, and what determines inherently fair brand value.

Mar 02, 202323:29
The Critical Importance of Problem Detection For Brands
Jan 13, 202321:07
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Dec 09, 202219:54
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