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From Where I Sit Podcast

From Where I Sit Podcast

By Kristoffer Carter

Welcome to From Where I Sit, a podcast, hosted and produced by Kristoffer Carter, that is dedicated to the views: reviews, interviews and points of view. There will be discussion, laughter, debate and commentary about a variety of topics such as pop culture, music, sports, anime, movies, travel and much, much more. Sit down for a spell, cue up an episode and enjoy! Any questions, comments and/or feedback, feel free to hit me up via: Email: Social media links here >>> <<<
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#CREATIVES: Dawn Bates

From Where I Sit PodcastFeb 02, 2020

Foot(wear) Fiend: How I Learned to Love and Appreciate Sneakers in 2021
Jun 17, 202129:55


A quick and spontaneous pod about a weird and wacky Friday of mine, involving egg yolks, sanitizer and soy sauce!

Let me know if you've ever had a weird day like mine!

Mar 08, 202113:03
FWISPC ReCharged
Mar 02, 202112:02
Albania to Brooklyn to Chicago

Albania to Brooklyn to Chicago

Day 20 of NaPodPoMo is traveling for business and pleasure!

A candid convo between three podcasters about #NaPodPoMo.

Dion, Stephanie and myself talked about the ups, downs and all arounds regarding this month.

(Stephanie hosted our convo so don't be alarmed! Just wanted to share the fruits of our labor!)

Some of the challenges we faced and some of the successes.

Laughs were had and it was cool to chat with people in different time zones! 

Dec 01, 202033:41
Bates Per Minute Volume 2
Dec 01, 202001:03:53
FWISPC reviews Animaniacs (2020)

FWISPC reviews Animaniacs (2020)

Day 18 of #NaPodPoMo is in the water tower today!

Your humble host reviews the rebooted zany, wacky and wild Animaniacs 1st season on Hulu.

Statements were made both positive and negative but one question still remains: 

Who was this show made for? Honestly?

Dec 01, 202017:05
All Shots Through

All Shots Through

Day 17 of #NaPodPoMo is wide open in the corner...pass him the ball!

Just a pod about psychological warfare, couch co-op and competing in sports games on various platforms. 

Leave the trash talk to the amateurs. Let me show you how you really get into the head of your opponents!

Shoutout to Mario Chalmers!

Dec 01, 202014:58
Double Standards

Double Standards

Day 16 of #NaPodPoMo is here and it went to park the car around the'll be back soon!

On this solo pod, I talk about the interesting dynamic of being both a creator of content AND a consumer of other people's content. 

Even as a member of both sides of the equation, demands must be met but not for who you might think!

Stay tuned to find out!

Nov 25, 202009:33
FWISPC reviews Parasite

FWISPC reviews Parasite

Day 15 of #NaPodPoMo is here and it simply won't leave!

On today's episode, I take a stab at a non-spoiler review of Parasite.

A critically acclaimed film from South Korea that's the highest grossing film in that country's history and directed by a man who made one of my favorite films of all time? No way this film could be a dud, could it?

Stay tuned to find out!

Stay sharp, everyone!

Nov 25, 202009:57
Held Hostage

Held Hostage

Day 14 of #NaPodPoMo has arrived. No need to call it's supervisor!

On this particular episode, another solo performance from yours truly regarding the importance of one's time, potential compensation for said lost time and one of the rare calls to action where I want to hear when a company told you to be home for a period of time and NEVER SHOWED UP!!!

Am I bitter about it? Nah...not me....well...maybe, just a smidge, a tidbit....

Let me know if this has happened to you!

Nov 25, 202008:49


Day 13 of #NaPodPoMo is upon us!

On this particular episode I broke down what vulnerability meant to me.  

How vulnerable am I really to those that are around me?

Take a listen to find out!

Nov 23, 202009:01
Affirmative Actions

Affirmative Actions

Day 12 of #NaPodPoMo - fresh out the airfryer - ready for consumption!

On today's episode, I go solo on the topic of Resolution JC-2A, a new initiative that the NFL's already voted on and passed, regarding draft pick compensation for hiring and retaining coaches and front office employees of color. I talk about the potential bad precedents it could set, some tweaks to the process on a macro level and the importance of merit to all candidates involved!

Do you think it's a good idea, a bad idea, somewhere in between? Feel free to respond to me on Instagram, Twitter or via voice message here on the Anchor app!

#affirmativeactions #affirmative #minoritycoaches #legacy #minorityowners

Nov 23, 202017:07
#CREATIVES: Harlynn Harris
Nov 14, 202039:32
#CREATIVES: Harlynn Harris 2
Nov 14, 202045:55
#CREATIVES: Harlynn Harris 3
Nov 14, 202032:27
FWISPC reviews Giant Robo
Nov 14, 202007:50
FWISPC reviews Queen & Slim

FWISPC reviews Queen & Slim

Day 7 of #NaPodPoMo in the books!

Your host decided to get some cinema time in during this busy month and he got himself a doozy of a film.

I recorded this right after the credits rolled so the energy was high and the information super fresh. I might try and do a few more like this as time goes on...but...

Click play to see if I liked, loved or loathed this film starring Daniel Kaluuya, produced by Lena Waithe and directed by Melina Matsoukas!


Nov 07, 202030:20
#CREATIVES: Cendrine Marrouat
Nov 06, 202058:57
Player Haters

Player Haters

Day 5 of #NaPodPoMo! 

A solo pod where I give my two cents on former players on media platforms in the NBA space putting down the product on the court

Let's get the hate out of our hearts and learn to love the content that's out there!

Nov 06, 202013:52
Memories in Hand

Memories in Hand

Day 4 of #NaPodPoMo is upon us!

Just a freestyled episode that fell into my lap a day after working 16 hours the day before at the polls!

A short little pod talking about a farfetched wish -  for the blending of the ability to customize the photos we take today on our phones or DSLRs with the tactile nature and dimension diversity of photos of yesteryear.

A man can dream, can't he?

Nov 04, 202006:31
FWISPC reviews Extinction Level Event 2

FWISPC reviews Extinction Level Event 2

Hey all! Day 3 of #NaPodPoMo!

Today I'm dropping an album review on the channel of the recently released Busta Rhymes album, Extinction Level Event 2: Wrath of God.

Gave the album a full listen, formed some opinions based on what I heard and then decided to drop a podcast about it!


Nov 03, 202017:54
Communication and Connection w/ Tracy Lamourie
Nov 02, 202001:13:29
Marathon, Not A Sprint

Marathon, Not A Sprint

Day 1 of #NaPodPoMo aka National Podcast Post Month is here!

So I'm just kicking it off with a little intro episode to whet the appetite and give an idea of what I'm trying to do for the month!

enjoy this short and sweet episode and come back again on Nov 2nd for another serving!


Nov 01, 202005:15
Dominant Seventh w/Ed Howard

Dominant Seventh w/Ed Howard

Welcome to another conversation had by yours truly!

In this episode, I talk to Ed Howard, who is passionate about acapella music, barbershop quartets, arranging music and directing singers in various size groups!

We covered a few topics along the way including an introduction to barbershop harmony,  some of the benefits of joining an acapella group, the importance of being expressive,  how COVID has changed things for acapella now and possibly in the future, some of his musical interests outside of acapella and how barbershop has changed from then to now!

Come for the harmonious intro and outro, stay so you can understand why acapella helps Ed justify his school loan payments!

El Paso, Texas, come support one of your own!

#EverythingHappensNow  #BeMemorable #FWISPC #VoiceTalent  #FixUpLookSharp #Intersation #DominantSeventh

Oct 28, 202001:24:23
Bates Per Minute Volume 1
Oct 14, 202047:32
The Art of Modern Etiquette w/Nita Patel
Sep 24, 202001:04:43
Productivity, Peace and Purpose w/Neelu Kaur pt1
Aug 29, 202018:57
Productivity, Peace and Purpose w/Neelu Kaur pt2
Aug 29, 202023:35
Productivity, Peace and Purpose w/Neelu Kaur pt3
Aug 29, 202038:04
Productivity, Peace and Purpose w/Neelu Kaur pt4
Aug 29, 202023:15
Productivity, Peace and Purpose w/Neelu Kaur: BONUS
Aug 29, 202009:44
#CREATIVES: Roy Worley
Aug 23, 202001:13:60
FWISPC Replies 1 - Re: Do We Need Sports
Aug 02, 202006:15
#CREATIVES: Chrystal Orduz: Innerview
Jul 17, 202001:25:35
Black Lives Matter (Equity)

Black Lives Matter (Equity)

Welcome to this very special episode of the From Where I Sit Podcast! On this episode, I talked about what the Black Lives Matter movement is and is not,  the importance of equity over equality and the long history of systemic oppression that's been in place since the 17th century. I also talk about what spurred me to make this particular episode, why it mattered so much to me and ended with a few helpful suggestions on how to be of help to those that need it! Let me know what you think about what I sad! Feel free to hit me up via social media or email! Opener & closer: snippets of This is America instrumental #EverythingHappensNow #BeMemorable #FWISPC For all my social media links, head here: >>Linktree<<
Jul 06, 202022:12
Real Girls Get Down On The Floor

Real Girls Get Down On The Floor

Welcome to this solo episode of the From Where I Sit Podcast! There's been some conversation and discourse regarding some of the story elements and plot points regarding The Last Of Us 2. (SPOILER WARNING!) So I took time out to give the game a looksee and I've got some opinions! I talk about what worked for me, some of the beats of the story and offered up a few suggestions on how things played out for Abby and Ellie at the end of this game! Shoutout to Chase (@xchasemoney on Twitter) for his work and to the entire PLG! We looking seasoned out here! Opener and Closer: snippets of Like A Pimp  #EverythingHappensNow #BeMemorable #FWISPC For all my social media links, head here: >>Linktree<<
Jul 05, 202025:59
We Gotta Take A Look At The Poll Worker Process

We Gotta Take A Look At The Poll Worker Process

Welcome to another solo episode of the From Where I Sit Podcast! On this particular episode I wanted to tackle poll work, considering I just had to do my civic duty just a short time ago! I break down the 5 things I think need some tweaks and offer up some handy solutions! Let me know if you've experienced any of the things I did, if you did poll work and if you voted or plan to vote later in the year, do you think my solutions would help smooth out the process?  #EverythingHappensNow #BeMemorable #FWISPC For all my social media links, head here: >>Linktree<
Jul 05, 202026:13
Do We Need Sports Right Now?

Do We Need Sports Right Now?

Welcome to a solo episode of the From Where I Sit Podcast! Just wanted to get on here and give my two cents on the return of professional sports in America...whether it's a good plan or not! I offered up some pros and cons on the matter and then gave my stance at the end! Let me know what you think these professional leagues should do! Opener: Halftime Show instrumental  Closer: To Be Continued music famously used by Jojo's Bizarre Adventure #EverythingHappensNow #BeMemorable #FWISPC For all my social media links, head here: >>Linktree<<
Jul 05, 202020:43
The Least Listened To Episode feat. Jim The Podcast Sherpa
May 25, 202042:01
#CREATIVES: Orson Williams -1- Marxmen Fitness
May 23, 202055:41
#CREATIVES: Orson Williams -2- 8thSeeded Visuals
May 23, 202035:13
#CREATIVES: Jodi Krangle 1
May 12, 202022:45
#CREATIVES: Jodi Krangle 2
May 12, 202036:12
#CREATIVES: Jodi Krangle 3
May 12, 202041:56
#CREATIVES: Jodi Krangle 4
May 12, 202016:25
FWISPC reviews Ozark: Season 1
Apr 25, 202024:04
FWISPC reviews Ozark: Season 2
Apr 25, 202029:50
FWISPC reviews Ozark: Season 3
Apr 25, 202033:12
From Where I Sit : One Year In the Game
Apr 18, 202006:13
#CREATIVES: Nathalie aka Yo' Homegirl CURTAIN CALL
Apr 12, 202019:08