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Design In-Sights

Design In-Sights

By Galiatea by Sophia Clark

An in depth interview series with executives and design creatives.
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Episode 16: Interview with Dea Jenkins

Design In-SightsOct 14, 2020

Episode 16: Interview with Dea Jenkins

Episode 16: Interview with Dea Jenkins

In todays episode, we got to interview Dea Jenkins

Dea Jenkins is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, curator, and CEO of Dea Studios. Though is originally from Houston, Texas, she and her family began moving cross-country when Dea was 10 years old. She has lived in seven states and numerous cities since then. Dea didn’t begin her journey with the arts until she moved back to Houston from Chantilly, Virginia after graduating high school. Through a series of life twists, including deciding not to pursue a career as a professional track runner, Dea “accidentally” discovered an interest and a talent for art making.  

As she discovered the world of painting, drawing, and graphic design, she ultimately chose to pursue an undergraduate degree in filmmaking from The Art Institute of Houston. Filmmaking taught her the value of producing. As a producer she discovered that she could create spaces to share her own work, but also generate opportunities for other creative minds to journey with her on these projects.  

In 2017, Dea moved to Pasadena, California to pursue a dual masters degree in Theology and Intercultural Studies. Her emphasis in Theology and the Arts has grounded her artistic practice, helped her connect her film studies with theology, and prepared her to continue creating spaces for individual and collective healing. Post-graduation, she is currently engaging questions on spirituality, collective consciousness, and social healing through multiple mediums.

Social Media: @dea.artist @dea.studios


Oct 14, 202038:13
Episode 15: Extensive Waste of Materials in the Furniture Industry

Episode 15: Extensive Waste of Materials in the Furniture Industry

Let’s be honest here and talk about both the furniture and fashion industry. What happens to an item? When an item does not sell, it often gets discounted until it sells as cost, and if it can’t be sold it often gets donated- however many donation centers often refuse them because there is a backlog.

This is different for brands,  they will not want their brand and image to be tarnished and to be competing with their own products marked down at significantly lower prices . Brands are very sensitive about their products showing up at discount and resale shops. Their thoughts are “We’ve spent all this time and money creating this image that we’re an upscale retailer, and now suddenly you can buy our products for 20 percent of the price if you’re just prepared to wait long enough and go to a different outlet store.”   So many companies choose to shred, incinerate or simply throw away the stuff they can’t sell. That maybe part of the reason nearly 21 billion pounds of textiles end up in landfills each year, though a lot of that comes from us as customers.

So for the welfare of our planet, Galiatea decided to avoid materials such as plastic or to use factories and large machinery, therefore significantly reducing our footprint. Our goal is to reduce our dependency of these techniques and the use of harmful chemicals and highly processed materials in the production of our products and consequently its pernicious impact on the environment and on those handling it.

Because we care about our earth, our made-to-order model tackles this problem head on. With no stock, we do not need to worry about any unnecessary waste.

We also do so to not waste any of our natural materials. It also would be disrespectful to throw away materials that are often revered in some of our artisan’s cultures such as Alpaca, simply because we need to change a collection.

Just as you may have heard of the term “Fast-fashion”, there is such a thing as “fast-furniture”- companies. This is a term to describe home-goods companies that manufacture many different styles quickly and cheaply with the intent for consumers to purchase a piece of furniture or a decorative seasonal item for a limited time and then easily dispose of it.

What if we created items that didn’t lend themselves to this “throw-away” culture but rather that last years and decades? What if we focused on building things that lasted instead of having the intent of throwing them away after a couple of uses. At Galiatea, that is our commitment, we are building items that you will love and last for years to come.

Learn more:

Oct 01, 202016:52
Episode 14: Connecting the Roots of our Furniture and its Design

Episode 14: Connecting the Roots of our Furniture and its Design

This weeks episode is a little different than other weeks, I wanted to dive a little deeper and highlight our artisans and where they are from...

My name is Sophia Clark and I am Founder and Creative Director of Galiatea, where I curate and design luxury made-to-order furniture and home decor handmade by under-represented artisans globally using locally sourced sustainable materials.

Galiatea is a fusion of cultures and styles, of simplicity and sophistication, of natural beauty and human creativity. The name Galiatea is derived from the word Galatea (the mythical muse of art, created by Pygmalion as the “perfect woman”) and the word Gaia (signifying "mother of earth"). The name Galiatea is intended to be symbolic – the melding of “art” and “earth”, as represented by one-of-a-kind handcrafted furniture and decorations from earth’s natural beauty (from lush alpaca furs of Peru to exotic woods of Brazil). By combining these two elements of art and earth, we believe that unique works of art can emerge, transforming an interior into a singular and fascinating space.

In a world too often uniformed, each decorative element provided in this collection is designed to be absolutely unique. Those one-of-a-kind creations are carefully hand-picked by our in-house interior designer from handcrafted pieces elaborated by artisans, whose savoir-faire was passed from generations past, and whose raw materials are found in their local environment.

Everything you own has a story. Wouldn’t it be nice to know where your products came from and that they were made with love in a sustainable way?

What you wear and how you chose to shop says a lot about who you are. As a socially conscious buyer you are positively impacting the world by enabling rural artisans in underdeveloped nations to support their families and continue to live in their own communities. When you purchase ethically produced goods you are helping to break the cycle of poverty by supporting programs that empower women entrepreneurs and educate children. Fair trade restores dignity to the artisans and assists women to become role models to their communities. The economic empowerment gives them the opportunity to stay in their villages and they will be less likely to migrate to urban areas. All products you purchase have an impact on the social change of our world.

Although we seem worlds apart from these countries, people all over the world generally want the same thing, to be happy, healthy and provide the best for their families. We have the same basic wants, needs, and dreams. Your purchase is part of social change by providing hope and a future for those born into less fortunate economical situations.

Because products are handmade and hand-dyed each piece is special, one of a kind, which means that slight variations occur, enhancing its beauty.

I invite you to discover more:

Sep 22, 202030:55
Episode 13: Interview with Amy Boyle

Episode 13: Interview with Amy Boyle

In todays episode, we got to interview Amy Boyle

Founder of #52phenomenalwomen  Amy Boyle’s keen artistic vision coupled with her genuine and warm personality allow her to photograph subjects in a way that truly captures their natural essence that is authentic to each of their personal stories. Her inspired photos and ability to easily connect with people of all ages bring a unique depth and beauty that rises from print to tell a tale. A photographer for more than 20 years, Amy graduated from Northwestern University where she received a dual degree in art history and marketing. Her body of work includes portrait, theater, PR, special events, as well as fine art photography. Founder of the 52 Phenomenal Women Project #52PWP #52Phenomenalwomen - Brand Ambassador with O, the Oprah Magazine since 2017 #omaginsiders

Social Media: @amyboylephoto



Sep 15, 202037:53
Episode 12: Interview with Amanda Gibby Peters

Episode 12: Interview with Amanda Gibby Peters

In todays episode, we got to interview Amanda Gibby Peters

Amanda Gibby Peters is the the creator and founder of Simple Shui – a modern-day, mission-driven, love-based practice of Feng Shui. She has been teaching Feng Shui techniques and tips for over a decade, witnessing the amazing life transformations of readers and clients alike. And what she knows for sure: This work triggers opportunities, enhances our potential for success, and reconnects us with our own wisdom to influence positive change!

Social Media: @amandagibbypeters



Sep 08, 202050:60
Episode 11: Interview with Shalmai Keim

Episode 11: Interview with Shalmai Keim

In todays episode, we got to interview Shalmai Keim

Interior Designer, momma to 3 boys, born and raised in Puerto Rico, creating beautiful spaces in Northern Indiana. Shalmai Keim is an interior designer located in northern Indiana. She received her interior design degree from the art institute of Fort Lauderdale. She relocated to the Midwest in 2010 where she worked as a wedding and portrait photographer, as well as a watercolor artist. The purchase of her current home, a 100 yr old Victorian with original woodwork, sparked her love for design again, and she decided to follow her passion for design in a small midwestern town. Focusing on modern design with traditional touches, her love of color, vintage, and, texture, creates warm and inviting spaces.

Social Media: @shalmaikeim



Aug 31, 202037:57
Episode 10: Interview with Abigail Marcelo Horace

Episode 10: Interview with Abigail Marcelo Horace

In todays episode, we got to interview Abigail Marcelo Horace

Casa Marcelo, an Interior Design firm, was founded by Abigail Marcelo Horace in 2017. With over a decade of experience designing for notable Interior Design companies, Abigail brings her extensive knowledge, refined eye, and exquisite cultural taste to any space she designs. She uses her skill for aesthetically and structurally sound design to create a hybrid philanthropic business. Abigail’s mission is to give back to her global community, while making a human connection.

In recent years, Abigail has realized a passion for designing for families & overwhelmed, busy moms who don't have time otherwise. As a new mother and coming from a large family, she realized the need to create design systems and functionality within the homes of her clients. She specializes in shaping beautiful spaces that inspire creativity and expand unused potential. Abigail’s previous clients have described her as organized, thorough and solution-oriented, leaving them impressed with her mindful execution of their projects.

Social Media:



Aug 25, 202034:49
Episode 9: Interview with Hannah Oravec

Episode 9: Interview with Hannah Oravec

In todays episode, we got to interview Hannah Oravec

Hannah Oravec is a travel obsessed, avid hiker, vintage lover, + health advocate, who goes through way too many peanut butter jars each week. She is also the principal interior designer of Lawless Design

Social Media: @lawless_design



Aug 17, 202022:14
Episode 8: Interview with Chelsea Vaccaro

Episode 8: Interview with Chelsea Vaccaro

In todays episode, we got to interview Chelsea Vaccaro.

Chelsea is a Chicago-native graphic designer who most recently worked as the Design Director for the nation’s largest luxury media company. She has spent the bulk of her career thus far climbing the ladder in the world of print/digital magazines. She oversaw the editorial design and brand position of 80+ publications, and has managed a team of 22 designers. Like most creatives, she likes to keep her skills sharp with freelance work including various brand-building projects, travel writing and designing for visitor publications in the Caribbean Islands. Traveling fuels her creative energy, so when she’s out-of-the-office you can find her snapping photos in countries across the globe. Chelsea is passionate about continuing her journey in the ever-evolving world of design and becoming a jack of all trades. She enjoys being surrounded by inspiring creatives to constantly push herself further.

Social Media: @designsbychelseavaccaro & @chelseavaccaro


Potfolio Website:

Etsy Shop: “Elza Print Shop” at

Aug 04, 202028:50
Episode 7: Interview with Deborah Mack
Jul 27, 202035:53
Episode 6: Interview with Beli de Sousa

Episode 6: Interview with Beli de Sousa

In todays episode, we got to interview Beli de Sousa of Akalia Swimwear.

Nicknamed Beli or Isa, was born in Venezuela and grew up in Portugal. Graduated from University of Miami in Economics, Marketing and Management and received an MBA from UM. Founded Akalia Swimwear, an inclusive swim brand, in 2019 and sold out within their first our first few months!

Social Media: @akaliaofficial (for 20% OFF send them a DM saying Galiatea Podcast!)


Jul 21, 202028:47
Episode 5: Interview with Lauren Victoria Reyes

Episode 5: Interview with Lauren Victoria Reyes

In todays episode, we got to interview Lauren Victoria Reyes from LVR Studios

About Lauren Victoria Reyes: She is the founder and owner of LVR—Studios, a multi-disciplinary design firm established in Downtown Los Angeles in 2016. Reyes studied Interior Design and received her BFA in New York City, then worked with many leading design firms in NYC and Los Angeles. With over 11 years of experience, she has built and established a design portfolio all over the country.

Social Media: @lvrstudios


Jul 13, 202040:57
Episode 4: Virtual Launch Event

Episode 4: Virtual Launch Event

In this weeks episode, we are featuring our Virtual Launch Event with our Founder & Creative Director, Sophia Clark as she discusses the mission and vision of Galiatea.

We take the time to answer some frequently asked questions regarding the business and its origins.

How do pronounce the name? What does it mean?

Galiatea {Gah-lia-teh-A}

It is the fusion of two words: Gaia ( Mother Earth)  and Galatea, the muse of art created by Pygmalion as the perfect woman and the representation of the perfect work of art, or in other words,  the fusion of nature and art.

What is Galiatea?

Galiatea was founded with diversity, connection and social impact in mind: it provides interior designers and design conscious customers with made-to-order luxury handmade furniture and home decor made with sustainable materials by underrepresented artisans globally while paving the path to increased social consciousness.

"Heart in Art": Helping Artisans Thrive- 10% of profits go back to further education and infrastructure development based on community needs.

What is the mission of Galiatea?

  • Galiatea is committed to offering exceptional quality products with innovative contemporary design while using sustainable practices.
  • Galiatea is committed to showcasing under-represented artisan communities to promote and encourage the safeguarding of cultural heritage.

What is the vision of Galiatea?

  • We believe that design and art can dispel ignorance and stimulate economic growth in developing countries, especially in underrepresented communities.
  • We believe the soul of a culture lies in its artisan crafts, we traverse the globe to share them with you.
  • We are paving the path to increased social consciousness, one handmade product at a time.
  • We are on a mission to redefine what is luxury and where it comes from.

Why was Galiatea founded?

  • Mass Production: Machine made designs leave little room for creativity, uniqueness and customization
  • Market saturation: Brands and stores offer the same style and type of furniture and accessories.
  • No cultural heritage: There is little to no representation of craftsmanship skills and techniques of artisans around the world.
  • Waste: Companies have large quantities of stock that are not on trend and have to be discarded.

How do you accomplish your mission?

  • We aim to reduce our environmental impact by not carrying any stock (nor waste), so all items are made-to-order and custom.
  • All of our pieces are made with sustainable locally sourced materials- either reclaimed or repurposed.
  • We aim to reduce poverty, promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.
  • All of our pieces are handmade by under represented artisans and are either curated or designed by our Creative Director.
  • We educate interior designers and ultimately the masses regarding the culture and craftsmanship and bring awareness about these artisan communities through our e-commerce platform.

We invite you to learn more regarding Galiatea and be part of our community! 


Jul 06, 202029:12
Episode 3: Interview with Gaia Giladi

Episode 3: Interview with Gaia Giladi

In todays episode, we got to interview Gaia Giladi from HILOS

Gaia is a creative designer currently based in Portland, OR. She graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA in 2015 and is now the co-founder of HILOS, a footwear start-up focused on fashion-led comfort. Using 3D printing and on demand manufacturing, her team is reimaging footwear from the factory floor up to make comfortable, sustainable shoes for all sizes.

Social Media: @gaiagirla @hilos_shoes


Jun 30, 202029:31
Episode 2: Interview with Sanya Bolia

Episode 2: Interview with Sanya Bolia

In todays episode, we got to interview Sanya Bolia from Sutra Design Studio

About Sanya Bolia: I am a creative problem solver, an interior designer, and a detail-oriented organizer. I have a degree in Interior Architecture from the Boston Architectural College and about 5 years of experience in both residential and commercial design. My social media feed is always filled with all things design (and occasionally food and fashion) so I am design obsessed to say the least! I was born in India and I love learning about how different cultures affect the design and architecture of different places.

Social Media: @sanyabolia or @sutradesignstudio


Jun 23, 202030:14
Episode 1: Welcome to Design In-Sights!

Episode 1: Welcome to Design In-Sights!

Welcome to Design In-Sights, a podcast by Galiatea, hosted by Sophia Clark (Founder & Creative Director of Galiatea)

As Albert Einstein once said "Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought."

Through this podcast series we will have in depth interviews with design creatives from all types of industries. We will discover what made them want to start in their field, what continually inspires them to be creative, and where they find inspiration. Let's discover what they think and see that nobody else has thought or seen, together let's discover their secret sauce to success.

We look forward to you discovering more from their insights!

We invite you to learn more about Galiatea's mission of redefining socially conscious luxury:

May 27, 202002:33