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Game Master Monday

Game Master Monday

By Grant Nordine

Hosted by Grant Nordine, Game Master Monday plays a DIFFERENT one-shot TTRPG every single episode with a rotating cast of funny people. From the largest titles to the indiest of indie games, we play them all!

Executive Produced by Grant Nordine

Co-Producer: Jenny Nordine

Game Master Monday Theme by Joey Hines
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I Want Your Bite

Game Master MondayOct 02, 2023

I Want Your Bite
Oct 02, 202302:37:26
Play Ball!
Sep 18, 202302:34:11
Beach Episode ft. The Rainbow Dice Club

Beach Episode ft. The Rainbow Dice Club

This week we play Beach Episode by Legendary Vermin! The heroes from The Rainbow Dice Club are currently adventuring in the Fey. A mysterious harpie beckons Ivy to a magical beach and all of a sudden the gang must learn the most difficult lesson: how to chill.


Ariana as Elara Spinklespark

Dusty as Ivy Nightbreeze

Wayra as Véres Amate

Zoup as Ziva

Beach Episode is by Legendary Vermin and can be purchased right here!

This week we are happy to be sponsoring Magic Academy! Magic Academy is a queer-owned and created live play improve group. As one of the fastest-growing live plays on Twitch, Magic Academy seeks to tell fun and inviting stories with that extra kick of pixie dust.

We are also happy to feature Tabletopped! Join Nick Perron and a bunch of fantastic guests as they talk about rolling dice, telling stories, and forging friendships all around the game table.

Sep 04, 202301:56:46


To wrap up our Summer of Remasters we play Spelljammer! An original adventure for DND 5e! Three thieves sneak onto a ship with one mission: kidnap the captain. Hilarity ensues.


Jenny Nordine as Bisho

Michael Childs as Draco Mouthstuff

Joel Ruud as Jozette Hinez

This week we are happily sponsored by NEON SHADOWS! The exciting new narratively driven TTRPG based on the 9 enneagrams! Due to launch in winter of 2023, support the kickstarter today!

We are also sponsored by Cthonaut! Cthonaut is a single-player tabletop roleplaying game that puts the player in the role of an explorer tasked with charting out the Void. Buy it now!

Aug 21, 202302:35:22
The Witch is Dead
Aug 07, 202301:58:23
Parsely: Sixgun Showdown

Parsely: Sixgun Showdown

This week we remaster the classic episode SIXGUN SHOWDOWN! Jenny saddles up as a cowpoke in the old west in a game inspired by 80s Text Adventures!

This week we are happily sponsored by Tales from the Arclight! Listen to their exciting new arc Hoard of The Cinder King today and tell 'em Game Master Monday sent you!

Did you know we're on YouTube? WELL, YOU DO NOW SO NO EXCUSES! Subscribe today for vod's of our livestreams within MINUTES of the streams ending!

Jul 17, 202356:17
Summer Break ft. The Maybe Four

Summer Break ft. The Maybe Four

This week we play SUMMER BREAK! A remastered classic episode! Join four kids as they build a tree fort, discuss the trouble of growing up, and beat up some cops.

Joey Hines as Knox

Chris Dunn as Rusty

Russell Christian as Gonzo

Manda Lyn as Molly

Summer Break is by Joey Barranco and is available in The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book!

This week we are happy to feature our hilarious friends OF DICE AND THEM! Of Dice and Them is a comedy DND podcast with terrific players and ridiculous situations. Check 'em out today!

We are also THRILLED to be highlighting the upcoming game NEON SHADOWS! Neon Shadows is the future of table top role-playing with compelling characters, gripping stories, and easy-to-grasp mechanics. Join the Kickstarter today!

And our eternal thanks to the fine folks at Wizards Respite! The Wizards Respite offers those traveling through the tabletop role-playing game multi-verse a variety of articles and videos ranging from game reviews, industry news and trends, to tips and tricks for running an enjoyable game night. It’s a space dedicated to the hobby and TTRPG enthusiasts.

Jul 03, 202301:13:40
Jun 26, 202302:19:38
Roots & Flowers

Roots & Flowers

This week we play Roots & Flowers! A solarpunk hack of Lasers & Feelings! In this week's story, four villagers are asked to go on a days long journey in order to gather the needed supplies the town will need for the next year. Hijinks and good times ensue!

Jenny Nordine as Pryce Mizune (Creative Explorer 4)

Dusty as Bell Symphony (Creative Teacher 4)

Lex as Dolidh (Resourceful Engineer 2)

Zoup as Clefairy Totodile (Co-Operative Rebel 3)

Roots & Flowers was created by Gabriel Caetano and can be purchased right here!

This week we are happy to support our pals at Friend & Foe Adventure Co! An actual play podcast using the Borderlands "Bunkers & Badasses" system, the show is a super fun listen and you'd be doing yourself a favor by checking them out!

In addition! Grant has joined the cast of THE 33RD HUNGER GAMES! Streaming every Sunday on at 4pm PST/7PM EST! Starting July 2nd, come see DND and The Hunger Games like never before!

Jun 19, 202301:38:21
Lesbian Werewolf Crimefighters

Lesbian Werewolf Crimefighters

This week we play Duste Hill's Lesbian Werewolf Crimefighters! 3 roommates (who happen to be lesbian werewolf crimefighters) are asked to solve a murder at the governor's mansion! Will they crack the case?

This week's players:

Jenny Nordine as Luna Tsuki

Evanne Offenbacker as Ms. Kae Stewart

Kaity Terry as Fern Sparacello

Vanessa Lopez Aziz as Zele Moods

Lesbian Werewolf Crimefighters was created by Duste Hill and can be purchased right here!

This week we are proud to advertise our good friends at Slay the Stars! If ya like DND, cosmic horror, great world-building, and small tables this podcast is for you!

WE'RE DOING A LIVE STREAM FOR CHARITY! Join us on the Game Master Monday Twitch Channel as we duke it out with Critically Stupid in BATTER ROYALE! The stream begins Saturday, June 17th at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST! All proceeds going to benefit Trans Lifeline!

CW: This episode contains descriptions of violent acts and injuries.

Jun 05, 202302:54:49
Hopes & Dreams

Hopes & Dreams

This week we play Hopes & Dreams by Fari RPGs! A billionaire, a priest, an ace shooter, and a hamster team up to stop the building of a dividing wall in the city. And then it gets weirder.

This week's cast!

Grant Nordine as Ludwig F. King (The Suit)

Jack as John Osborne "Priest" (The Bruiser)

Nick Perron as Hamstead Grimsmoke (The Fox)

Andi as Hunter "Ace" Mire (The Good Eye)

Hopes & Dreams was created by Fari RPGs and can be purchased right here!

This week we are happily sponsored by our pals at The Billowing Hilltop Podcast! Ancient Brits playing DND 5E through the classic Paizo adventure Age of Worms! Listen today for yucks and gags!

We are also pleased to support Two Monsters Rolling Dice! The Fate: Core podcast featuring western action, a great cast, and high quality audio production. Tell 'em Game Master Monday sent ya!

We're going live! Join us, Sabina from Two Monsters Rolling Dice and Mary from Lizards and Locations on May 30th at for an EXCLUSIVE stream of the Game Master Monday original adventure The Thousand-Year Egg! We're playin' it in the Lasers & Feelings systems! Ah!

May 22, 202301:37:32
A Drop in the Ocean

A Drop in the Ocean

This week we play the DND Module A DROP IN THE OCEAN by the God Trials! FEATURING custom homebrew classes by Adam Brown! A group of adventurers finds themselves captured by creatures of the deep! Whatever shall they do?! Something ludicrous I'm sure.


Jenna as Angelica Graves (Changeling Necromancer)

Leah as Kailana (Kalashtar Myths Druid)

Jeph as Kethric (Goliath Combat Medic Rogue)

Brian as Valiant (Lizardfolk Knight Fighter)

DM: Jenny Nordine

A Drop in the Ocean was created by Ammon Hansen for The God Trials and can be purchased right here! In addition, this episode featured homebrewed classes by Adam Brown! Available for purchase here!

This week we are happy to support our wonderful friends at Big Campaign Podcast! GM'd by our very own Jeph, Big Campaign is a Pathfinder podcast about repo workers just doin' their best to make in this crazy, scary world. One of our favorites! Check them out!

We are also happily supported by the hilarious Discount Heroes podcast! If you're needing a heeping helping of chaotic hero work in your life, look no further than the laugh out loud funny troupe over at Discount Heroes!

May 08, 202301:56:14
Defeating the Dungeon: Part 4

Defeating the Dungeon: Part 4

The Blue Dragon Quad has come to destroy Izod's home! Will our brave not adventurers make it? Only one way to find out in the THRILLING conclusion to Defeating the Dungeon!

Jenny Nordine as Datina Kooby (Halfling Ranger/Fighter)

Jacob Moore as Tynlywyrm (Dragonborn Sorcerer)

Evanne Offenbacker as Fernella Barenbadger (Gnome Rogue)

This week we are happy to be supporting TWO MONSTERS ROLLING DICE! Check out their website and their new campaign THE UNCANNY VALLEY!

The good people at Rainbow Dice Club have also been so gracious to support our ENTIRE miniseries! Give them a listen today!

THIS WEDNESDAY April 26th at 7pm PST we will be hosting a Defeating the Dungeon livestream! Join Grant, Jenny, Jacob, and Evanne as we talk all things Defeating the Dungeon! Only on

Apr 24, 202301:35:40
Defeating the Dungeon: Part 3

Defeating the Dungeon: Part 3

The gang goes to therapy!

Jenny Nordine as Dat Kooby (Halfing Fighter/Ranger)

Jacob Moore as Tynlywyrm (Dragonborn Sorcerer)

Evanne Offenbacker as Fernella Barrenbadger (Gnome Rogue)

Give us a listen on ⁠Goodpods⁠!

We are proudly sponsored by ⁠RAINBOW DICE CLUB!⁠ A non-binary & women-led & run actual play D&D 5E homebrew podcast. One of our absolute favorite shows, be sure to check them out and tell 'em Game Master Monday sent you!

Check out our pals at Dude, Where's My Drift! A high flying, high action, high comedy Starfinder adventure!

Apr 17, 202301:42:00
Defeating the Dungeon: Part 2
Apr 10, 202301:39:38
Defeating the Dungeon: Part 1

Defeating the Dungeon: Part 1

WELCOME to our first-ever miniseries Defeating the Dungeon! An original DND Homebrew by Grant Nordine. Three adventurers, at their wit's end, decide to enroll in the self-help program "Defeating the Dungeon", a program promising life after the quest, understanding, and peace. Surely nothing bad will happen!

Jenny Nordine as Dat Kooby (Halfing Fighter/Ranger)

Evanne Offenbacker as Fernella Barenbadger (Gnome Rogue)

Jacob Moore as Tynlywrym (Dragonborn Sorcerer)

Give us a listen on Goodpods!

We are proudly sponsored by RAINBOW DICE CLUB! A non-binary & women-led & run actual play D&D 5E homebrew podcast. One of our absolute favorite shows, be sure to check them out and tell 'em Game Master Monday sent you!

We are also happy to showcase the TABLETOPPED podcast! Each week Nick Perron dives deep into the art of running role-playing games with guest experts to get tips for everyone from first-time players to seasoned veterans. Give them a listen!

Apr 03, 202302:12:28
Defeating the Dungeon: The Interviews
Mar 28, 202311:18
Normal Earth Beings
Mar 20, 202301:31:31
Shrewmanji ft. Slay the Stars

Shrewmanji ft. Slay the Stars

About 20 or so minutes into Slay the Stars episode 41 (Spoilers I guess), Char opens a mysterious book with four shrews on its cover. What happens today's episode! Join the FULL cast of Slay the Stars on an epic adventure through SHREWMANJI! 

Shrewmanji was created by DC Bradshaw and can be purchased here

Couldn't get enough of this cast? Who could blame you? I sure can't! Check them out at!

Loving the show? Why not join our Discord why doncha! Chat with cast members, the GMs, and fans! 

This week we are proud to support our friends with The Homebrew Network and QuasiRealcraft! Be sure to sign up for the Kickstarter for their exciting new TTRPG MYTHCRAFT! Sign up for their Kickstarter now and get prepared for new amazing adventures at your table!

Game Master Monday theme by Joey Hines

The Slay the Stars main theme was composed by Isaac Viars

Mar 06, 202302:33:28
Brains and Brawn (Classic Episode)
Feb 20, 202301:40:59
What A Beautiful Wedding LIVE

What A Beautiful Wedding LIVE

We went live on Twitch to play "What A Beautiful Wedding", a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition adventure written and run by our GM Grant Nordine! Relive the laughs, the drama, and romance in its full unedited glory. With special guests Leah from Slay the Stars and Kae from Dude, Where's My Drift!

Feb 14, 202302:49:38
Noble Beauty in the Tower
Feb 06, 202301:16:39
A Meeting With Obudee

A Meeting With Obudee

This week, Grant DM's an original adventure in Dungeons and Dragons 5e! Two warlocks are called into a surprise meeting with their patron. What could possibly go wrong?!

This week's cast:

Jenny Nordine as Altheria Bloodmoon 

Kae as Valerian Borolt 

We are proudly sponsored by FEATS AND FATES! Feats and Fates combine Lovecraftian horror with dnd sensibilities for a terrifying, high fantasy adventure. Come check out their current arc on the high seas!

Recently, Wizards of the Coast and their parent company Hasbro have announced they will be making changes to their Open Gaming License which previously allowed indie creators to make and sell original content that can be used within Dungeons and Dragons. We stand opposed to the changes that would limit these creators in what they're able to do and the amount of income they can generate. Please join us in signing this petition in support of an #OpenDND

Jan 16, 202301:22:01
Starships & Settlers
Jan 02, 202301:44:04
God Bless Us, Everyone (Classic Episode)
Dec 19, 202201:41:23
Yuletide Kombat Family
Dec 05, 202201:37:55
Together Among the Stars (Classic Episode)
Nov 21, 202201:57:31
Executive Decision
Nov 07, 202201:19:43
Parsley: Spooky Manor

Parsley: Spooky Manor

It's HALLOWEEN and to celebrate, Jenny boots up her 80s computer to play a rousing game of Parsley! You go to deliver a parcel to the famed Spooky Manor and quickly learn of the dangers that dwell within...

This month's cast:

Jenny Nordine

Parsely is by Memento Mori Theatricks and can be purchased here:

Oct 31, 202241:31
Swamp Troll Witches
Oct 24, 202234:00
Saturday the 14th (Classic Episode)
Oct 10, 202202:00:41
Game Master Monday: Trailer

Game Master Monday: Trailer

Welcome to Game Master Monday! Hosted by Grant Nordine and featuring a rotating cast of very funny people; we play a different TTRPG One Shot every single episode! Subscribe today!

Oct 06, 202201:42