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GO Live

GO Live

By GameOctane

Welcome to 'GO Live', the official GameOctane Podcast! We will be sharing video game news, reviews, and opinions throughout all of gaming. You can also expect other topics such as TTRPG development and so much more!

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GO Live - Microsoft Acquisition and Jason's top Games of 2022

GO LiveJan 19, 2022

GO Live - Microsoft Acquisition and Jason's top Games of 2022
Jan 19, 202239:52
GO Live - Black Friday 2021 Part 1 (Walmart and Target)
Nov 19, 202126:45
GO Live - Maybe I'm No Longer a Nintendo Fan?
Oct 29, 202151:05
GO Live - Who's That Gamer? w/ RyWelch6
Oct 15, 202147:16
Go Live - What Would You Tell The Gaming Industry
Sep 22, 202101:17:02
TTRPG Development Episode 1 - Character Creation and Combat
Sep 03, 202101:16:23
GO Live: The Greatest Games...I've Never Finished...
Aug 27, 202133:24
GO Live - Project Updates and the Curse of too Many Passions
Jul 30, 202138:34
GO Live - The Disgusting Side of Gaming
Jul 23, 202155:19
GO Live - What have I gotten myself into...?
Jul 09, 202126:11
GO Live - Hitting the Creative Wall
Jun 25, 202129:56
GO Live - Has Microsoft Finally Welcomed PC Gamers??

GO Live - Has Microsoft Finally Welcomed PC Gamers??

Welcome to another episode of GO Live! This episode's topic: "Has Microsoft Finally Welcomed PC Gamers??".

This was an idea Jason presented to Ryan and John when he was invited to join them on their Enter Code Podcast episode based on our thoughts on Xbox's 2021 E3 presentation. With so many "Day One" Xbox Game Pass for not only the Xbox consoles, but the PC as well, has Microsoft finally welcome PC gamers they've been ignoring for years, under their wing? Jason explains his thoughts around how Microsoft has been ignoring PC gamers over the years, Xbox Game Pass pros and cons, and is this even the right way to bring PC gamers into their Xbox world.

Thanks for listening!

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Jun 18, 202133:31
GO Live - Summer Games Fest Breakdown with Ryan Welch!
Jun 11, 202101:17:51
Table Top RPG (TTRPG) Development Episode 1

Table Top RPG (TTRPG) Development Episode 1

Hey everyone! Welcome back! In this episode, Jason chats about his dabble in Table Top RPG development.  How it started, where the idea manifested, and why he thinks he may be onto something with this system. This is the first episode of the TTRPG development chats, so drop Jason a line at if you have any questions or feedback about learning more about this system!

Jun 04, 202133:30
GO Live - State of the Game
May 28, 202135:02
GO Live - Origin
May 24, 202126:16