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Gamify Your Life

Gamify Your Life

By Anirudh Cheruvu

'Boom Boom!' 'Bam Bam!' 'Kapaou!' '+10X Combo!' Feel that adrenaline rush? What if you get the same excitement while seeking goals as you are while you play an engaging video game? Success requires will power and determination, which is for most of us, takes most of our energy. While it is gratifying to accomplish something, the process is usually uninteresting and most seekers are pretty long-faced about it. Getting constant feedback and quantifying the progress through gamification can take a quantum leap to your goals. Human brain can not make a difference between real and virtual incentive
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Ep 11 - Self-Gamification with Victoria Ichizli-Bartels - DONT MISS!!!

Gamify Your LifeJun 08, 2022

BlueRabbit - Gamifying Engagement Platform ft. Bernardo Letayf

BlueRabbit - Gamifying Engagement Platform ft. Bernardo Letayf

In this captivating episode, we delve into the realm of gamified education and discover the revolutionary platform called BlueRabbit. Join us as we explore the fascinating story behind BlueRabbit's evolution, its ability to transform any learning environment into an engaging adventure, and the profound impact it has on the process of learning.

Education has long been seen as a structured and sometimes monotonous journey, but the need for a more interactive and captivating approach has become increasingly apparent. BlueRabbit was initially designed to gamify education, but it has since grown and evolved into a powerful tool capable of transforming the way we learn across various fields.

Through captivating interviews and insightful discussions, we explore the underlying need to gamify education. Discover the benefits of leveraging game mechanics, such as competition, rewards, and immersive experiences, to motivate and inspire learners of all ages. Hear from experts in the field as they share their experiences and shed light on the positive impact gamified learning can have on student engagement, knowledge retention, and overall academic performance.

Unravel the inspiring story of BlueRabbit, from its humble beginnings to its current status as a game-changer in the world of education. Learn how this innovative platform has harnessed the power of gamification to create interactive and dynamic learning experiences that captivate learners and make education truly enjoyable.

Join us as we delve into real-life examples and case studies that demonstrate the transformative potential of BlueRabbit. Discover how educators are leveraging this platform to engage students in subjects ranging from mathematics and science to literature and history. Gain insights into the intuitive design and features that make BlueRabbit a versatile tool adaptable to various learning environments.

Whether you're an educator, student, or simply curious about the future of education, this episode will ignite your imagination and showcase the immense possibilities that arise when gamification and learning merge. Tune in to explore the need for gamifying education, uncover the captivating journey of BlueRabbit, and unlock the key to a more engaging and effective learning experience for all.

Jun 05, 202336:47
Ep 11 - Self-Gamification with Victoria Ichizli-Bartels - DONT MISS!!!

Ep 11 - Self-Gamification with Victoria Ichizli-Bartels - DONT MISS!!!

Life is a fascinating journey, it only becomes as enticing as you make it. Creating a fun-filled life is a choice; Gamifying your tasks or goals not only creates a feedback system to help you track and quantify your progress but also increases your awareness of the things around you and within you. This puts you in a positive emotional state most of the time. 

Come join this incredible journey of Self-Gamification where we learn and implement fun ways to turn our daily routines into joy-filled games by adding simple rules. This improves our productivity and sets up to achieve bigger things in our personal, professional and business Life.

Victoria is an avid self-gamer and advocates gamifying your life in terms of your health, finances, work, family, etc. 

She's an author of more than 20 books.

Grab a few copies NOW!!! from here

You will see that there are more books than the 10 (11) she mentioned on Self-Gamification. Here is the list of her books on Self-Gamification, so that you can find them a bit quicker (But you are also most welcome to check her other books, of course. :D ):

5 Minute Perseverance Game (1st and 2nd Edition) Self-Gamification Happiness Formula The Who, What, When, Where, Why & How of Turning Life into Fun Games (A compressed version of the Self-Gamification Happiness Formula) Gameful Project Management Gameful Healing Gameful Isolation Gameful Writing (the parable I mentioned) Gameful Mind Gameful Blogging on Gameful Habits

All books in Gameful Life series (all that start with the word Gameful) are stand-alone books.

Find out more about Victoria at

Jun 08, 202240:13
Ep9 - Interview with Nick Kellet - Deckible

Ep9 - Interview with Nick Kellet - Deckible

Deckible, an Audible of deck of cards, is going to be the next big thing in interactive apps. Its intuitive interface and captivating diversity of decks makes it the goto place to get bite-sized value. If you think about it, most of the apps that we use on phone can be thought of as decks. Look at Instagram, the Carousels are a deck, each post is akin to a card, where you swipe up-down and sideways, just like you handle a deck. 

Here we get into the mind of creator of Deckible, Nick Kellet, to know what it takes to craft an app like this. A journey to reckon with. Join me in this interesting interview. 

Live Gamefully!

May 31, 202236:28
Ep8 - Tiktok Masterclass with Marcela Kotrcova

Ep8 - Tiktok Masterclass with Marcela Kotrcova

Boost your business/following with Tiktok. Learn from the expert Tiktok coach Marcela Kotrcova from Czech Republic who enjoys a staggering 70k+ followers.

* Unlock the secrets of Tiktok

* Learn simple strategies to grow your following

* How can you build business from Tiktok

* Earn a FREE strategy call with Marcela through this podcast

Mar 09, 202258:20
Ep7 - Power of Personal Branding and Story of Resilience- Interview with Director of XclusivePR, Raj Singh

Ep7 - Power of Personal Branding and Story of Resilience- Interview with Director of XclusivePR, Raj Singh

Let's Spark Valentine's Day with our special guest Raj Singh, an award-winning entrepreneur, director of XclusivePR. 

We will be talking about the following topics:

🎯 Story Of Resillience & Mindset
🎯 How Being In Music Made Him Succeed
🎯 How Can A LayPerson Build Their Brand
🎯 What Beliefs Did He Carry At The Beginning

Valentines Day Special

🎯 3 Most Powerful Actions
🎯 Takeaways From The Episode
🎯 Giveaways From Xclusive PR

Lookout for a FREE giveaway in this episode!

Leverage the potential of XclusivePR at

Feb 22, 202238:40
Ep6 - Speed up your outcomes

Ep6 - Speed up your outcomes

How would your life be if you can speed up your outcomes, learning things faster and acquiring skills faster? What would be the qualitative difference in the way you experience success? The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of time. When you have time working for you, you impact your life and the lives of others deeply. How do we tame time? As Harvey Mackay, a renowned businessman rightly put it, Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it. But you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back. Let’s dissect it a little further - The way we use time determines its price for you, you use it in petty tasks, most times you end up getting nothing. Gifting yourself time means accomplishing things faster so that you can utilize the rest of the time for something even more productive.

One of the ways to gift yourself time is to strategize effectively. Planning can be challenging, but learning to plan well will reduce the time it takes to accomplish your goal smartly. Most people do not achieve their goals or often give up too soon because they don’t have a plan in place. If you feel it is taking too long to achieve your goals, you know where to look now - your strategy. Devise a strategy before you begin taking up your goal or even if you're halfway through your goal. Most importantly, your strategy must be adaptive, meaning it must evolve with minor alterations while keeping an eye at the speed and direction of your progress. If your strategy is brittle, your endeavor breaks when things don’t work in your favor. Make planning and strategy an integral part of your goal-seeking. This will help you examine and quantify your progress closely.

Another way to speed up your goal achievement is by learning how to learn better and more effectively. If you want to learn how to play Piano, spend some time knowing how to learn to play piano, the guide sheets, pro tips, or learning from those who have been playing for 20 years.

Games offer a distinct way to sustain the player’s attention by incorporating what is called an ‘Engagement Loop’. It is simply a cycle that players go through as they play. Let’s take Clash of clans for example, the engagement loop goes like this: Construct buildings, Collect resources, Train army, Battle. As you keep collecting resources, you can construct more buildings or upgrade them and train a better army.

In case of learning to play piano, here’s how you can create your own engagement loop: Learn keys/chords, practice, play tunes. This process becomes a loop: in itself. While practicing you can correct mistakes you make and this will be reduced when you repeat your practice regularly to condition your mind and fingers to play faster fostering musical intelligence. So Creating your own engagement loop will help you learn faster.

In essence, there are three ways to speed up the outcomes of your goals. 1) Have an adaptive strategy in place and make planning a part of your process. 2) Learn how to learn something as it gives you the right pro tips to pace up your learning. 3) Create your own engagement loop for your goal, it’ll help you get into the state of flow.

Feb 22, 202205:34
Ep5 - 3 Reasons to Gamify

Ep5 - 3 Reasons to Gamify

What does it mean to Gamify something? It means there is a piece missing to complete the puzzle in our routine. Most of the activities in daily life are driven by auto-pilot or compulsion and rarely by motivation. Human motivation works in interesting ways. We tend to gravitate towards things we want to do instead of identifying the need. Motivation reminds us of the purpose for which we seek something and everytime we connect to that purpose, the approach towards our goals alters dramatically. Gamification creates a feedback mechanism to bring forth numbers that are invisible in real life, creating extrinsic motivation. Interfaces show numbers that we value; like time on our phone, speed limit of our car, health reports, bank statements, etc. Our brains comprehend numbers as they inform us of the state of an activity.

There are three reasons why you need to gamify your life. 1) lack of feedback

Real-life gives us feedback to a very limited extent. Most of the feedback we get is undesirable or leads us to guilt - when the body loses its competency it is reflected in the health report, when someone is pushed to mid-life crisis, it is reflected in his bank statement, and so on.

2) progress tracking

Progress when it is not quantified, leads to uncertainty. The feeling of making progress must be reinforced with a tracker of some sort to assure us that we are on the right track. This also helps us understand the rate at which we are accomplishing something. What if we are progressing at a snail pace? Doing something about the goal doesn’t mean we are getting closer. It is like sequence numbers in math where each subsequent number is lower than the previous number, the sum of which can never reach the next consecutive number. Can 1 + ½ +⅓ + ¼ + and so on every equal to 10, at least in 100 tries? No.

3) creative ways to accomplish.

There is no one way to accomplish a goal. Creative ways can be explored with gamification. In how many ways can you make an extra $5000 a month? There are many legal, ethical ways to do this. Even if we choose a way, there are different approaches to that way. If you want to crack a certification exam, you can ride through the syllabus multiple times or spend more time mastering each topic or get mentored to know how you are performing and so on.

You can use game elements as effective tools for learning new skills, creating habits, increasing productivity and motivating yourself towards achieving goals that you set out for yourself. The best part about gamifying your goals is that it has been proven time and again as being extremely effective at getting people motivated towards their goals while also providing them with valuable information on how they can improve themselves further down the line when they get stuck or feel like giving up on their goal altogether because it seems too difficult or daunting for them at first glance.

Gamification has become one of the biggest trends in business over recent years because companies have realized just how much value there is in making things fun instead of boring so that people will actually want to do what needs doing without feeling like it's some kind of chore that they’re forced into doing against their will every single day until the end of time! Using game mechanics such as rewards, badges, leaderboards etc., businesses are able to motivate employees better than ever before which leads directly into higher levels of engagement within. This can very well be extended into our personal lives to empower us.

Jan 13, 202207:18
Ep4 - Building Confidence by Gamifying Tasks

Ep4 - Building Confidence by Gamifying Tasks

If there is one thing that propels your goals faster than ever before, it is Confidence. Confidence is the single most important factor in speeding up your goals. If a confidence cappuccino is what you are looking for, then listen on. Confidence gets us through challenging situations and makes our life more enjoyable. However, its not always easy to be confident in yourself because there are many things that can make you feel like you are not good enough or someone else will do it better than you. There are two ways you can have it, by approaching a goal with extreme certainty, like you own it already and by building it as you progress. Both are essential but the former approach makes a tremendous difference in the outcomes. When you discover limited self-esteem in yourself, it makes building confidence more difficult to build. Converting this limitation to extreme certainty needs a bit of excitement and enthusiasm about your goal. Let’s quickly ask ourselves what excites us, making us enthusiastic to take up something and really contain the enthusiasm throughout the process?

Coming to the later part of confidence building, which is through progress, If only you could take simple steps to build momentum and be consistent, confidence builds fast and in turn impacts your progress positively by accelerating your goals.

Let’s see how we can gamify this process. How about gamifying your new skill set? The next time you write yourself a checklist of tasks, reward yourself ‘Confidence Points’ for every set of key tasks that you perform. When you get to your first milestone, count how many Confidence points you earn and look for ways to increase the rate for your next milestone. For instance, if your goal is to learn a new programming language, assign 10 confidence points for every 3 key actions you take to get to the first milestone, say coding basics. For your next milestone, try to earn more confidence points, that way you are able to quantify your confidence. Check how your skills are when you achieve 500 Confidence Points. Let's say expert level programming skills require you to earn 1000 Confidence points, work towards it to increase the pace to hit that target within the timeline you set for yourself. This also shows you how much progress you are making every day. You’ll notice a significant difference in your pace and progress within a few days of gamifying your skills. Why wait? Pick up your gamified diary and start building incredible confidence in the new skill that you wish to acquire.

Jan 02, 202204:22
Ep3: Lil' guys big changes

Ep3: Lil' guys big changes

You see, Gamification is a great way to encourage you to achieve your goals and an excellent self-propelling mechanism to motivate yourself without the necessity of will-power or determination, which add more resistance to really perform at your best. It can be used constructively for generating new habits or building momentum for your goals. Incentive-based rewards trigger neurotransmitters and hence can be used constructively for establishing the habits that you always wanted or get rid of the ones that you don’t desire. You can accomplish your goals easily through a feedback-based system that may contain points, achievements or progress trackers, along with key milestones with potential real-life rewards.

Now let’s dive into how this fun process can trigger Neurotransmitters. These little chemicals send signals from one neuron, that is a nerve cell, in the brain to another. They motivate you, set you in a mood, help you learn or memorize and other cognitive functions. And yes, you can consciously generate these by harnessing the power of game psychology. Firstly, let us understand what these chemicals are. Dopamine drives you to pleasure seeking behavior, like eating sugary foods, or having a vacation. Oxytocin makes you feel good when you connect with others socially. Endorphins make you feel happy after you work out or eat your favorite food. These are some of the most powerful chemicals in the body, but they don’t work alone. There are many more like them working together dancing chemically that can help you achieve your goals faster.

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Dec 14, 202105:15
Ep2 - Dishwashing Game

Ep2 - Dishwashing Game

Here we explore why fun matters and what makes something fun? Finding fun in small things instantly changes our state of mind and empowers us to do other things with more vigor. If washing dishes can be as fun-filled as described in this episode, what other activities would you gamify to live joyfully?

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Nov 24, 202104:17
Splash Intro - Gamify Your Life!

Splash Intro - Gamify Your Life!

Entice your life with Gamification. Come by to check out how you can fuel joy into your goals and accelerate the progress and get more done in less time. Gift yourself time by gamifying your life!

Nov 07, 202103:09
Gamified Journal

Gamified Journal

Maintain a Gamified Journal to get feedback for your progress; helps in accountability and excites you to do more. 

Nov 07, 202104:14