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We're so glad you're here! Gaming & Gabbing is a podcast about tabletop & video games hosted by us, the magical Dayeanne Hutton (Life is Strange, Emma Approved) and the divinely humble Amber Plaster (Silicon Valley, Splitting Up Together)! We can't wait to level up with you! We basically know *everyone* in the gaming industry and now you get to benefit from our connections! We have actress Valerie Rose Lohman (Wolfenstein: Youngblood, What Remains of Edith Finch), director David Yarovesky (Brightburn), and Hannah Telle (Life is Strange) & more! Logo by Christina Mott
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The new voice of Princess Leia, Shelby Young.

Gaming & GabbingDec 08, 2022

The new voice of Princess Leia, Shelby Young.

The new voice of Princess Leia, Shelby Young.

Gaming & Gabbing is honored to interview the incomparable Shelby Young as a guest!

You may know her TikTok videos where she perfectly impersonates countless tv characters and real-life celebrities. But she doesn't just impersonate voices, she's an acting powerhouse on her own, with countless animation and video game credits, including the voice of lead *playable* character "Soph" in Wolfenstein: Youngblood and the recent LEGO: Star Wars series as the new voice of Princess Leia! 

This episode covers a lot of stuff that was happening right at the start of 2020, so enjoy a real blast from the past!

Dec 08, 202201:00:41
Briana White Part 2: The Gamer Behind the Voice
Nov 30, 202217:50
Briana White Part 1: Becoming Aerith (Final Fantasy VII Remake)
Nov 23, 202224:40
John Eric Bentley aka Barret Wallace (FFVII Remake) is Inspiring AF

John Eric Bentley aka Barret Wallace (FFVII Remake) is Inspiring AF

Baby Barbarians we are here to bring you a podcast with some of the BEST Dad Energy you could ever hope for! John Eric Bentley is a man full of warmth, wisdom, and laughter and you'll just want to keep him forever after listening to this episode. Not only do we discuss his time voicing Barret in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, he also talks about his childhood, love of reading, and being a voice match for Samuel L. Jackson! We had an absolute blast talking with him, and can't wait to see where his career takes him next!  Keep up with John Eric Bentley on Twitter: Nerd of the Week: Lorien Bridal Other notable mentions & Links He discusses Joesph Campbell's books on mythology quite a bit at the top, so for further reading: The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell Audio Book Referral: Libro.Fm Black anime company his son is involved with: Noir Caesar Thank you to our Patreons who help make this podcast possible!
Feb 24, 202101:07:32
G&G does D&D: Session Two - Search Party
Dec 02, 202047:48
Viral Youtuber & Pro VO - Anna Brisbin aka "Brizzy Voices" is here!

Viral Youtuber & Pro VO - Anna Brisbin aka "Brizzy Voices" is here!

If she’s not already one of your favorite humans - she will be soon! 

In this weeks episode we interview the multi-talented Anna Brisbin aka Brizzy Voices! Brizzy is well known on YouTube for her love of Harry Potter and her uncanny ability to do impressions of pretty much every cartoon character in existence. She's also a professional Voice Actor (FFVII Remake, Monster Prom, Popup Dungeon etc!!). AND on top of that she is a D&D aficionado, Twitch Streamer and delightful person!

Follow Brizzy
Twitter - Instagram - Twitch

Thank you to our Patreons who help make this podcast possible! 

Oct 30, 202051:33
An Inside look at Ghost of Tsushima feat. Special Guest: Tohoru Masamune!

An Inside look at Ghost of Tsushima feat. Special Guest: Tohoru Masamune!

A guest from Ghost of Tsushima?! In this episode, Tohoru Masamune joins G&G to discuss his experience with performance capture for Ghost of Tsushima! 

He gives us an inside look at what it’s like to portray one of the outstanding fighters in the game. He also was credited with fight choreography for the game, as he is a practitioner of Japanese Martial Arts. 

We also discuss some of his other roles, including Shredder in Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Emmy winning Twitch show, Artificial!

Thank you so much for listening, and as always - huge shoutout to our Patrons!


Produced by Amber Plaster and Dayeanne Hutton

Interviewed in Los Angeles by Dayeanne Hutton, 2020

Oct 08, 202027:34
An Analysis of TLoU 2 and all it's DRAMA!
Sep 23, 202057:42
From The Last of Us 2, Actor and Potential-Chicken-Farmer... It's Stephen Chang!

From The Last of Us 2, Actor and Potential-Chicken-Farmer... It's Stephen Chang!

Season 2 is here! And so is Stephen Chang! Are you ready to meet the man behind the voice of "Jesse" from The Last of Us II (not to mention, Emma Approved & Shameless)

This gaming podcast is produced and hosted by Dayeanne Hutton & Amber Plaster. This episode of Gaming & Gabbing was edited by Joe Dexter, and made possible by patrons like you!

Sep 09, 202001:16:40
The Very Best of Season 1 ✅
Jul 30, 202037:07
Ghosts of Conventions: Past, Present & Future
Jul 22, 202034:28
The Sims has a New Reality TV Show: "Spark'd" 🔋
Jul 15, 202039:42
G&G does D&D: Session One - Hungover

G&G does D&D: Session One - Hungover

ARE YOU READY FOR SOMETHING SUPER COOL?? Daye & Amber are here to share with you their very own D&D campaign! DM extraordinaire, Elias Thompson, has been recording our session from the start for reference purposes. He and the rest of the campaign members have allowed us to take these recordings and edit them for you ears! (due to this, sound quality isn't as crispy as we'd like it to be - so we apologize - but we know the entertainment value of it all will make up for that!) 

This game is 90% of our players FIRST ever D&D campaign.

So without further ado - we present to you, Session 1 of... THE DRAGON SLAYERS 


DM Elias Thompson

UFESSA Dayeanne Hutton

TUMERIC Amber Plaster 


ZENITH Jo Ann Mendelson 


*additional editing by Joe Dexter*

Jul 08, 202002:52:38
We all get to win, in Dating Sims!
Jul 01, 202034:22
In Game Food. 🍰

In Game Food. 🍰

Daye and Amber cover everything we love about in-game food - and everything  Amber hates about it.  Are you hungry yet?!

Also featuring a discussion on which video game is the best foundation of video game literacy. The best game for n00bs. 

Jun 24, 202032:11
Console Chat - A Look at the PS5 Reveal + Games!
Jun 19, 202041:22
Black Lives Matter: A Celebration of Black Twitch Creatives
Jun 10, 202029:23
Great Expectations - When Games Surprise Us

Great Expectations - When Games Surprise Us

A lively discussion to be sure! Listen as Daye and Amber discuss games that they didn't think they'd enjoy, but ended up liking...maybe even... loving! They also get in a fight over the new The Last of Us Playstation bundle. It's quite hilarious. Buckle up because your favorite loud-mouthed nerds are here for you weekly hangout. 

May 27, 202039:07
Casting the Ideal Video Game Family
May 20, 202041:38
VO Actor Dayeanne Hutton Talks Life is Strange & Emma Approved! 🦋
May 13, 202036:29
Tom Nook Gunna Steal Your Girl - Animal Crossing Tips & Tricks
May 06, 202050:38
Top Rated Skies in Video Games: PART 2

Top Rated Skies in Video Games: PART 2

PART TWO HAS ARRIVED! We know you were eagerly awaiting this installment with bated breath and anticipation - so have at it! 

Did Amber insult your favorite sky? Did facts get pushed aside in lieu of humorous debate? GOOD because otherwise it wouldn't be Gaming & Gabbing now would it!?

We asked YOU "What video games have the most memorable skies?" and boy oh boy, did we get answers! This week's episode became SO massive, SO scientifically astounding, that it must be divided into two parts. This, at long last, is part two.

Join G&G Hosts Dayeanne Hutton & Amber Plaster for a lively debate on which sky is best. Can you guess which one will win?

Apr 29, 202033:46
Top Rated Skies in Video Games: Part 1
Apr 22, 202045:43
Best Video Game Soundtracks Ever of All-Time Definitely
Apr 15, 202047:12
The Quarantine Games
Apr 08, 202035:12
Resident Evil's Nick Apostolides on Hogwarts, Life is Strange, & Fixers

Resident Evil's Nick Apostolides on Hogwarts, Life is Strange, & Fixers

Hyped for Resident Evil 3 Remake?!?? Get prepped with this awesome interview with THE Leon Kennedy! Actor Nick Apostolides joins the ladies to talk all about his voice acting work, passion for building, and everything in between. As the voices of Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil 2 Remake), Frank Bowers (Life is Strange Before the Storm) and Charles Erikson (The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit), Nick talks about all the different experiences he had with each game. He also explains his job as a traveling builder/TV host for the show The Fixers! Listen now to get to know this awesome dude!


Nick's Twitter

Nick's Instagram 

The Fixers TV Show

Nick's Leon Cosplay

Frank's Bean Song by Koethe

Gaming & Gabbing Patreon 

Apr 01, 202053:40
Surviving the Corona Virus with the FF7Remake Demo & Animal Crossing!
Mar 25, 202031:11
The Last of Us: Fan Castings & Everything We Know So Far

The Last of Us: Fan Castings & Everything We Know So Far

THE LAST OF US!! From the 2013 game to the sequel to the new HBO announcement - Amber Plaster & Dayeanne Hutton discuss it ALL!  Listen to their experiences playing the original game, their thoughts and feelings on the crunch culture surrounding the release of the second game, and their speculations and fan-casting of the HBO show. This is your one stop shop for all things TLoU related!!!

Keep the conversation going with us on Twitter and Instagram - let us know your fan-casting picks, what you think regarding crunch culture or just fan-girl with us over the franchise in general - we'll be waiting!!! 


The Last of Us LIVE

Eurogamer Crunch Article

Produced and Hosted by:

Amber Plaster & Dayeanne Hutton

Special Thank You to our Patrons:

Jason P, Joe G, Elias T & Mark P - This podcast is made in part, by listeners like you

Mar 18, 202051:15
Velvet Video Game Voices 🎙 Akie Kotabe: The Japanese Dr. Who

Velvet Video Game Voices 🎙 Akie Kotabe: The Japanese Dr. Who

Guess what?! Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming soon to PC! This means we get to discuss MORE Horizon: Zero Dawn!!

This week, G&G Hosts Dayeanne Hutton & Amber Plaster sit down with actor, Akie Kotabe.  He plays opposite Selma Hayek in the Thriller Feature Film "Everly" and, our personal favorite on Akie's IMDb resume, "The Japanese Dr. Who"  - an absurdly ridiculous film homage.

You might get dizzy from trying to count all the games Akie has worked on! He breaks down every detail from his roles in Horizon: Zero Dawn (OB-vi-OUS-ly) to a rare gem in his resume called "Lesuire Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Never Dry". Yes, you read that correctly.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • The most creative answer to "What Hogwarts House do you belong to", ever!
  • How Akie can spot himself in the game LA Noir
  • Several examples of why Amber needs you to watch the sky in video games
  • Amber & Daye fighting over Rocket League 


In HZD, you can spot one of Akie's voiced characters, Ferl (from the Nora Tribe, in the "Sanctuary" Errand part of the game) here:

The amazing fan-funded documentary on The Making of Horizon: Zero Dawn by No Clip on youtube:

As discussed; the model used for Aloy's character is Dutch actress, Hannah Hoekstra:

Please support Akie's upcoming project, #Decrypted by Substantial Films, by liking the FB page:

Special thanks to @Kibo33100 for the 5 Star Review on Apple Podcasts! Thank you Kibo Sir!!

Mar 11, 202054:59
The Best & Most Popular NPCs!

The Best & Most Popular NPCs!

Welcome to the most scientifically-factual podcast on the planet! This week G&G Hosts Amber Plaster and Dayeanne Hutton discuss their favorite NPCs (AKA "Non-Playable Characters" in video games, Mom).

Gaming & Gabbing also took to Twitter to ask the world to explain why they love their favorite NPCs. And the answers are pretty surprising! Spoiler Alert: Bioshock got a lot of love. We see you, "Edgy-Disney-Princess" Elizabeth!!

Amber apologizes in advance for offending... Well, most everyone this episode. She was just hungry.

Listen along and let us know if your favorites made the cut! 

Mar 04, 202045:58
D&D 101: An Exploration of Dungeon & Dragons - w/ Special Guest: Elias Thompson, Dungeon Master!

D&D 101: An Exploration of Dungeon & Dragons - w/ Special Guest: Elias Thompson, Dungeon Master!


Baby Barbarians, give a warm welcome to special guest, Elias Thompson - friend and DM of Dayeanne Hutton & Amber Plaster! Elias gives a brief overview of Dungeons & Dragons for anyone new or unfamiliar with the cult-classic game from 1974. The crew then discuss their current campaign - DRAGON SLAYERS! - and how Daye and Amber are liking their FIRST ever experience with it. They start rumors about which celebrities are fans, as well as share some thoughts about what they've learned so far from the game. 

Don't miss this super fun episode that's sure to make you smile at least once or twice.

Elias Thompson: Twitter - Instagram - Twitch

TIME CODE OF HONORable mention:

00:05:12 - D&D looks a lot different today. The original four classes are discussed
00:05:59 - "Satanic Panic" of the 80s
00:22:00 - Dice, D20 & Laura Bailey on Critical Role
00:24:00 - Matt Mercer & Pathfinder
00:25:07 - How does Zelda fit in Dungeons and Dragons? Zelda Universe TV - Realms of the Wild
00:30:00 - Gossip about celebrities who we imagine play D&D
00:35:00 - HarmonQuest
00:37:20 - D&D Beyond
00:39:32 - t=The only time Amber will ever be beta
00:41:44 - "I can't wait to make my crown of bones!" - Daye

Feb 26, 202048:54
To All the Bosses I've Killed Before 💕

To All the Bosses I've Killed Before 💕

Welcome back, baby barbarians!

We thought it’d be fun to discuss all the Bosses we’ve killed before! Let’s make all those tears worth it, amirite?

This list isn’t all-inclusive of every game ever played, as we are still learning lots of games… BUT if you’re worried about potential SPOILERS - Here are the games we discuss:

  • Ori and the Blind Forest
  • Pokemon Sword & Sheild
  • God of War
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Nier Automata
  • The Last of Us
  • Portal

Here are the honors we dish out:

  • Most Frustrating Boss
  • Ickiest Boss
  • "WTF-iest" Boss
  • Favorite Boss
  • Easiest Boss
  • Hardest Boss

This gaming podcast is hosted by Dayeanne Hutton and Amber Plaster and contains adult language, on occasion.

Feb 19, 202036:42
Twitch Talk - What Makes a Successful Streamer?

Twitch Talk - What Makes a Successful Streamer?

Oh hello there again, Baby Barbarians! 

Remember how your charming and delightful hosts Dayeanne Hutton and Amber Plaster are both full-time Twitch streamers?? Well, today they're spilling all their thoughts on:

  • Managing mental health
  • Finding your content niche 
  • What makes a stream "successful"
  • Streamers that inspire 
  • When to quit or keep grinding

Here is a list of all streamers mentioned so you can follow them too:

Ashnichrist - GubbaTV - TheStrangeRebel - TonyActsOut - Cardboard_Cowboy - BrickinNick - DrDisrespect

Feb 12, 202053:21
Revisiting "Horizon: Zero Dawn"

Revisiting "Horizon: Zero Dawn"

A completely unbiased review of the best game of all time!

Amber Plaster & Dayeanne Hutton review 2017's critically acclaimed action-adventure-coming-of-age-sci-fi game, Horizon: Zero Dawn. Coming soon to PC! Tweet us your favorite moments, characters or easter eggs and we will RT you! 

Listening Timecodes:

03:24:11 - On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you enjoy HZD?

07:28:14 - Highlights

13:05:14 - Low points 

20:11:00 - Surprises

  • The Proving massacre
  • Levels of GAIA: 23:30:06
  • Genre change
  • Loving in-game animals (Chainsaw XIIV forever!)

28:10:01 - Closing Thoughts

29:01:03 - Death Stranding Easter Eggs


The Frozen Wilds Soundtrack 

Easter Egg Article

Feb 05, 202038:00
Life is Strange: Neuroscience & Music with Hannah Telle!

Life is Strange: Neuroscience & Music with Hannah Telle!

It's not exactly that Kate and Max tea date - but it's pretty close! Baby Barbarians, enjoy this interview with the unique and kind Hannah Telle, aka Max Caulfield from Life is Strange! 

Dayeanne finds out what Hannah's been up to since she stepped away from acting, how she's coping with her mental health, and if she plans to return.  They also discuss Hannah's newest music, and how she's grown since her first album. 

If you've ever wanted a peek behind the curtain of the actress who brought your favorite Max Caulfield to life - this is your chance!

Jan 29, 202042:21
Yay, or Nay? A Look at 2020's Most Anticipated Games

Yay, or Nay? A Look at 2020's Most Anticipated Games

Get the scoop on the upcoming game releases of 2020!

Dayeanne and Amber look through the GamesRadar list of "best" games coming out in 2020 to discuss whether they're excited, on the fence, or underwhelmed by each game. There's laughter, excitement, and a fair bit of confusion. Look no further for your gaming news with side of sass and glass of giggles. You'll be well informed AND entertained, we guarantee it.

  1. Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition  00:03:38
  2. Zombie Army 4: Dead War  00:04:59
  3. Ori & The Will of the Whisps 00:05:52 - Twitch Streamer mentioned: AlyskaPlays
  4. Final Fantasy VII Remake  00:06:43 - Twitch Streamer mentioned: TheStrangeRebel
  5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons 00:10:49
  6. DOOM: Eternal 00:13:31
  7. Persona 5 Royal 00:14:40
  8. Half-Life Alix 00:16:17
  9. Resident Evil 3: The Remake 00:17:28
  10. Cyberpunk 2077 00: 19:12
  11. Dying Light 2 00:21:00
  12. Wasteland 3 00:21:31
  13. The Last of Us 2 00:22:05
  14. Tell Me Why 00:24:38
  15. The Ghost of Tsushima 00:26:04
  16. Halo 00:26:55
  17. Godfall for PS5 00:28:00
  18. Little Nightmares 2 - 00:29:10
  19. Watchdog Legion 00:31:15
  20. Splunky 2 00:32:15
  21. Psychonaughts 2 00:32:50
  22. Spiritfarer 00:35:50
  23. Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 00:36:55
  24. Eastward 00:37:44
  25. Boyfriend Dungeon 00:38:40
  26. Twelve Minutes 00:39:44
  27. Skull N Bones 00:40:52
  28. Gods & Monsters 00:41:30
  29. Sports Story 00:42:06
  30. Everwild 00:42: 25:00
  31. Beyond a Steel Sky 00:43:01
  32. Flight Simulator 00:43:23
  33. Hollow Night Silksong 00:43:50
  34. Ublets 00:44:37
  35. Bayonetta 3 00:45:54:00
  36. Sinuous Saga: Hellblade 2 00:46:30
  37. Diablo 4 00:47:18
  38. Ghostwire Tokyo 00:47:57
  39. Elder Scrolls 6 00:49:07
  40. Overwatch 2 00:49:10
  41. Metroid 4 00:49:15
  42. Starfield 00:49:20
  43. HZD honorable mention at 00:49:44

G&G Gamer of the Week:

Jan 22, 202054:25
Pokemon, Gameboys and Childhood - Oh My!

Pokemon, Gameboys and Childhood - Oh My!

Say a big hello to Amber Plaster as she joins the conversation! Amber is an actress, streamer, Slytherin and your Rogue of Realness on this here podcast. 

Listen along and reminisce as she and Dayeanne (Your Wizard of Weird) take a walk down memory lane discussing their favorite games as children, favorite pokemon (and the ugliest), why they stopped gaming growing up, and what got them back into the gamer lifestyle. 

This episode talks about Pokemon (a lot) along with other games you might remember fondly from the 1990's and early 2000s. 


This episode contains adult language. Produced by Dayeanne Hutton and Amber Plaster.

Jan 15, 202047:52
What Remains of Valerie Rose Lohman?!

What Remains of Valerie Rose Lohman?!

- This is a relaunch of the very first interview Dayeanne conducted for Gaming and Gabbing

Valerie Rose Lohman is an actress best known for her voiceover work as Edith Finch in the acclaimed game, What Remains of Edith Finch. She also recently completed work as Jess in the new Wolfenstein: Youngblood; unfortunately this interview occurred before her involvement was announced.

They compare their experiences working on indie games, Valerie gives us the scoop on the BAFTAs, we learn about her love of Disneyland and beyond!

Jan 08, 202048:21
Friendships and Vomit with David Yarovesky!

Friendships and Vomit with David Yarovesky!

David Yarovesky is a director known for Brightburn (2019) and The Hive (2014)

Brightburn is an immense innovative horror film best described as If the Kent family found General Zod, instead of Clark Kent

We lovingly describe The Hive as America's best film about vomit.  Yes, really.

We found Dave to be a shockingly fun,  silly, and creative horror connoisseur.  We hope you enjoy this episode of Gaming and Gabbing as much as we did making it!

Games discussed:

Bioshock Infinite, Dragonslayer, Overwatch 

This episode contains adult language. Produced by Dayeanne Hutton and Amber Plaster.

Dec 28, 201901:05:13