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By Gathered.Church

Gathered Church is made up of MicroChurches, Gathered around JESUS and Scattered around ADELAIDE.

We have no "Church buildings" or employed workers, so as the Spirit leads we support/equip one another to do the work of the Church. We create spaces and opportunities for everyday people to experience Jesus, so each person can participate according to how God has designed them. And we train believers and not-yet-believers to connect with Jesus, building them up in the truth and way of the Kingdom, so as Ambassadors they can be sent to do the same.

We seek to equip The Body to be The Church.
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Formed By Scriptures pt1

Gathered.ChurchFeb 26, 2021

Masks & Conspiracies

Masks & Conspiracies

This is a short response to the concerns many Christians have around restrictions. If you are a follower of Jesus, it is important to address every situation in light of his good news. 

This doesn't answer every concern but instead addresses and responds to two themes that keep coming up in conversations. It is a gentle reminder for us to keep our Kingdom reality/identity in focus during this time. Are we reflecting on Jesus well through our responses? Are we ostracising brothers and sisters for their difference in convictions? For the sake of others watching on, are we causing division or living out love? 

We must take seriously the implications of what it means to be Ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, here and now.

Oct 27, 202116:40
God's Story - As a Chiastic Structure

God's Story - As a Chiastic Structure

Seth introduces us to a fresh way of seeing the Story of God.  It is not new, it's actually very old... but then again, it's not old, it's new (to our generation). 

The Chiastic Structure of the Bible highlights the key focus of the story... Was the main focus the death and resurrection of Jesus? Was it to get us "into" heaven or was it to save us from hell? Or was the focus of God's Story something else? 

In 2018, Seth authored a book called "Picture the Story", where he goes into greater detail, and in this gathered teaching time, we got to scratch the surface of this fresh re-telling and were led into a great discussion that lasted much longer than this recording captures.  

This is part of the ongoing training that we went through at Gathered.Church around Spiritual Practices and the need to be formed by Christ and the full story of his Good News.

Please visit for more resources and top readings around this. 

May 25, 202122:27
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