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The Genuine Contact way

The Genuine Contact way

By Genuine Contact™

Anna Caroline Türk and Doris Gottlieb talk about organizational transformation and leadership culture - introducing new ways of working - tailored for the needs of the 21st century.
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I Want to be Human – Also in Organizations

The Genuine Contact wayApr 14, 2021

I Want to be Human – Also in Organizations

I Want to be Human – Also in Organizations

In this episode we speak with Mariëlle Cuijpers, one of the members of the Genuine Contact Organization about her experience working with this holistic approach and how it is contributing to her lifelong learning journey.

In our conversation we touch on the importance of spirit as part of what gives meaning and how Genuine Contact allows for spirit to show up in work situations. Mariëlle shares her experience and understanding of Genuine Contact from her rich experience as a public policy researcher, a Yoga Teacher and student of Humanistic Studies. She speaks about what it was like to work as a member of the facilitation team that undertook the Strategic Plan Refresh for the Genuine Contact Organization and how it has been for her to incorporate what she is learning into her current consulting work.

Through its twists and turns across many areas of life Mariëlle shares with us her joy and wonder at exploring the interconnectedness of things, and how Genuine Contact provides beautiful ways to do just that.

Apr 14, 202145:08
How Inviting Multiple Intelligences Benefit the Whole Person

How Inviting Multiple Intelligences Benefit the Whole Person

In this episode we talk with our colleague Dr. Helga Hohn, a psychologist based in the Netherlands. She introduces us to Gardener’s concept of multiple intelligences and we speak about the alignment we experience between his approach and the holistic worldview of the Genuine Contact way of working.

Gardner's theory goes beyond IQ and EQ and distinguishes at least eight different intelligences: Visual-Spatial Intelligence, Linguistic- Verbal Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Intrapersonal Intelligence, Logical-Mathematical Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, and Naturalistic Intelligence.

During our conversation Helga draws on her large body of theoretical and applied knowledge to shed light on the value of recognizing the unique mix of intelligence and wisdom within each person. She also talks about how Genuine Contact has enriched her work providing insights into creating learning containers where all intelligences can come out fully when people work together.

Helga is also a founding Board Member of aMI, the association of Multiple Intelligences (associatie van Meervoudige Intelligenties) and was active on the Board until January 2020. She supports her clients through her organization Mantra Coaching and Personal Development.

Lean more about Helga here:

Dec 16, 202045:27
People Who Are Cherished, Want To Contribute

People Who Are Cherished, Want To Contribute

In this episode we talk with our colleague Tulika from the NIIT Foundation based in  Delhi. NIIT Foundation, is a not-for-profit organization that builds skills and capacities of underserved children and you by offering  educational and skill programs for young people starting from 6 to 30 years of age. Besides this they provide are programs related to digital and financial literacy that are also for people above 30 years of age. For youth, the emphasis is on building leadership skills in order to encourage holistic development so that they can transition into work life and become self-reliant, value-creating human beings

Tulika is the Senior Manager for Innovation and Organization Transformation at the NIIT foundation and as such has played an important role in the Foundation’s Conscious transformation to becoming a Genuine Contact Organization.

During this Podcast, Tulika speaks with us about her personal and professional journey working with and in Genuine Contact.  She talks about how the practices and methods of Genuine Contact impact her life and the life of the organization.

Aug 24, 202043:03
The Gift of Being Open to Outcome - Conversation with Elisabeth GC Trainer and Coach for Personal Transformation
Apr 22, 202043:43
What you need comes to you - Conversation with Vibha - Genuine Contact Trainer & Co-Owner in India
Apr 07, 202040:46
Are ya'll prayed up?! - Conversation with Michael Vinson, Minister and Genuine Contact Pioneer
Mar 18, 202039:05
Beneath Anger and Grief is Love - Conversation with Nancy Wells, IT and GC professional
Mar 05, 202048:50
Leading the Genuine Contact way you’re never alone - Conversation with Eiwor Backelund Jakobson Genuine Contact leader
Feb 27, 202037:59
Happy Leaders, Great Results - Conversation with Sabine Bredemeyer, author and Genuine Contact consultant
Feb 13, 202038:03
I Walk My Talk - Conversation with Thomas Herrmann, Open Space Consulting
Jan 30, 202050:48
Stamina and Generosity are invaluable Leadership Ingredients - Talk with Rachel Bolton, Director GC Organization
Jan 16, 202039:59
People are precious. Introduction of Doris Gottlieb & Anna Caroline Türk.
Dec 18, 201939:56
Teaser - The Genuine Contact way podcast

Teaser - The Genuine Contact way podcast

Welcome to the Genuine Contact way podcast, where we are celebrating 20 years of the genuine contact way of working. 

Dec 18, 201901:45