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Geny Caloisi's wellness podcast

Geny Caloisi's wellness podcast

By Geny Caloisi

Find balance on your body mind and spirit with Geny's podcast on yoga, diet and lifestyle, meditation and the ancient science of Ayurveda.
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Yoga Nidra: Connect with your spirit tree

Geny Caloisi's wellness podcastJul 28, 2023

Yoga Nidra: Connect with your spirit tree

Yoga Nidra: Connect with your spirit tree

Feel one with your special spirit tree.

Jul 28, 202326:31
Yoga Nidra - Healing the nervous system

Yoga Nidra - Healing the nervous system

Yoga Nidra, also known as "yogic sleep," is a powerful and deeply relaxing practice that can promote healing and restoration for the nervous system. It is a guided meditation technique that brings the practitioner into a state of conscious awareness between wakefulness and sleep.

This practice lasts around 22 minutes. During this time, the body is completely relaxed while the mind remains alert.

In this Yoga Nidra practice, specifically composed for healing the nervous system, it's essential to focus on relaxation, calming the mind, and releasing tension.


Jul 21, 202323:54
Yoga Nidra - Purity and impurity live within us

Yoga Nidra - Purity and impurity live within us

Indeed, the concepts of purity and impurity are often associated with the human experience. They can be understood in various contexts, such as morality, spirituality, and personal growth. Let's explore these concepts further.

Purity generally refers to being untainted, uncontaminated, or free from moral, physical, or spiritual flaws. It often implies a sense of cleanliness, integrity, and righteousness. In a moral sense, purity may involve adhering to ethical principles and acting in a virtuous manner. It can also relate to maintaining a clear conscience and being free from guilt or wrongdoing.

Impurity, conversely, signifies a state of contamination, corruption, or a departure from what is considered pure. It can manifest as moral failings, unethical behaviour, or actions that harm oneself or others. Impurity may also refer to a lack of spiritual alignment or being influenced by negative emotions, thoughts, or intentions.

The idea that purity and impurity live within us suggests that human beings possess both virtuous and flawed aspects. It acknowledges the complex nature of human existence, acknowledging that individuals have the capacity for both good and bad actions, thoughts, and intentions. It recognizes the inherent duality within us, where we can exhibit kindness and compassion while also experiencing moments of selfishness or negativity.

Furthermore, this concept implies that achieving purity or overcoming impurity is a continual process rather than a fixed state. It suggests that individuals have the potential to cultivate purity by engaging in self-reflection, personal growth, and ethical behaviour. By consciously examining our thoughts, emotions, and actions, we can strive to reduce impurity and foster positive qualities within ourselves.

It's important to note that the interpretation of purity and impurity may vary across different cultural, religious, and philosophical perspectives. Ideas surrounding these concepts can be subjective and influenced by individual beliefs, societal norms, and personal values.

May 19, 202327:32
Yoga Nidra- Prepare the ground to bloom in the Springtime

Yoga Nidra- Prepare the ground to bloom in the Springtime

Bring the warmth of a tea candle and the attention of your loving heart to prepare the soil to bloom this Springtime.

Imagine that your body and mind are like a garden, waiting to bloom with new ideas, creativity, and positivity. Visualize this garden within you, full of potential and ready to burst forth. Take a moment to reflect on any old thought patterns, habits, or emotions that no longer serve you. Acknowledge them without judgment, and then visualise them gently floating away like leaves in the wind. Picture yourself surrounded by the energy of spring, feeling the warmth of the sun and the nourishment of the earth. Embrace the sense of possibility and growth that comes with this season. Take a moment to express gratitude for the upcoming spring and for the opportunity to grow and evolve alongside nature.

Mar 07, 202321:57
Yoga Nidra -  Hoʻoponopono, for reconciliation and forgiveness

Yoga Nidra - Hoʻoponopono, for reconciliation and forgiveness

We are all responsible for everything that happens around us, because we have to be responsible for what's in our minds, and we can only change our surroundings if we are first prepared to change ourselves.

As part of Ho'oponopono, we learn to heal everything by taking full responsibility for what surrounds us - confession, repentance, and reconciliation. In essence, it represents Compassion in Action because it arises from a deep sense of interconnection, of the inter-being of us all, which makes me feel like no matter what has happened, I am part of it and I bear responsibility for it in some way.

The practice of Ho'oponopono invites you to:

  • Step 1: Repentance – SAY: I'M SORRY. ...
  • Step 2: Ask Forgiveness – SAY: PLEASE FORGIVE ME. ...
  • Step 3: Gratitude – SAY: THANK YOU. ...
  • Step 4: Love – SAY: I LOVE YOU.
Dec 15, 202220:25
Candlelite Yoga Nidra - Heart Chakra

Candlelite Yoga Nidra - Heart Chakra

With this meditation, you will have the opportunity to connect with the heart chakra - Anahata. Compassion, empathy, and love are all associated with this chakra. 

In Sanskrit, Anahata means 'unstruck sound' and is represented by the element of air and the colour green. It is also represented by a lotus flower.

Dec 11, 202222:38
Yoga Nidra to find a sense of space within

Yoga Nidra to find a sense of space within

Ayurveda uses the principles of nature's five elements, known as the 'Panchamabhuta'  (the theory of five great elements). Based on the Panchamabhuta concept, everything in physical creation comprises five basic elements that makeup nature. The five elements are earth, air, water, fire, and space.

According to Ayurveda, space, or Akash, is the most delicate element of nature. It is believed by Ayurveda that Akash, or space, was the first element to come into existence.

In this Yoga Nidra meditation, you will be guided to explore the space within.


Aug 04, 202235:11
The Hourglass
May 20, 202126:43
Cultivating patience Yoga Nidra

Cultivating patience Yoga Nidra

Patience is not always present in our lives, but we can exercise the patience muscle.

This yoga Nidra can help.

Practice meditation with Geny Live on Thursdays 21:00 pm

Book fo Yoga Nidra here:

May 06, 202127:34
Opening your third eye chakra
Apr 29, 202126:32
Tranquil lake meditation - Pitta balance

Tranquil lake meditation - Pitta balance

Relaxing in nature can help us develop a deeper level of appreciation for our environment and our surroundings. 

In this meditation, you will be taking a moment for yourself by the side of a tranquil lake. The smoothness of the water can greatly help relieve stress and anxiety, improve focus, and boost feelings of happiness and well-being. 

You will also have a chance to ponder on your reflection.

With the support of this short guided Yoga Nidra meditation practice, anyone can add rejuvenating tranquillity to their busy schedule.

Apr 24, 202137:52
Letting the seed from your heart blossom

Letting the seed from your heart blossom

“Sometimes there is a seed in your heart. It might feel like a stone, or like a bud ready to blossom. It might feel like a heavy little egg, and you have no idea what's inside. It might feel like a hard, burning ember. No seed is the same. But if you let that seed, that feeling-sound, take root, then it will grow. Sometimes it grows quickly, or sometimes very slowly, especially if you don't tend it. It could take months or even years to grow up through your throat and out your mouth. But when you do finally speak it, the birds call that a heart-song.”  ― 

Katherine Catmull, Summer and Bird

This lovely quote expresses my feelings about what we plant in our hearts and how it can blossom. 

On this Yoga Nidra meditation, we work with the Heart Chakra, Anahata chakra preparing for the springtime to come.


Join the live meditation practice on Thursdays at 21:00 pm

You can book your place here:

Mar 19, 202128:09
Visualización de jardín y facelift - Español

Visualización de jardín y facelift - Español

Te sientes desanimada/o? Estas de cara larga?

Esta es tu oportunidad de tomarte 6 minutos, renovar tu energía y rejuvenecer de adentro para fuera.

Ejercitando el músculo de la imaginación, podemos tomarnos vacaciones en cualquier momento! Solo vasta proponérselo y dejarse llevar.

Conectate con Geny para meditaciones diseñadas:

Mar 12, 202106:03
Preparing for the Spring, reducing Kapha meditation

Preparing for the Spring, reducing Kapha meditation

During the winter months, we eat heavier foods and might have done less physical activity accumulate. This can make us feel a bit heavier and more lethargic. A typical consequence of an increase of the Kapha dosha, according to Ayurveda.   

The Kapha dosha is comprised of the Water and Earth elements. Therefore it's heavy and also related to the fluids in our bodies. During the spring Kapha 'melts' and starts moving. If we exercise and cleanse our bodies, Kapha will leave our bodies and we'll enjoy the Springtime totally. If we don't do that, we might suffer from stronger hay fever, heaviness of body and mind and colds or flu.  In the mind and emotions, an excess Kapha may make you feel suspicious of others or have a tendency to hoard material things. 

You are stable, supported and grounded. 

By working to expand the energy in the body, we aim to create lasting balance throughout the entire system.  The Kapha dosha, when balanced influences our strength and stamina. It can give us a sense of security and stability of the mind and emotions. When the Kapha dosha is balanced, you will have a sweet and caring nature, your spirit will be contented and patient, and your heart will be full of generosity and receptivity.  

This Yoga Nidra meditation is to balance the Kapha dosha.   

Mar 06, 202128:44
Fly back in time and improve your memory

Fly back in time and improve your memory

Memory is a funny thing. It's very personal and not always accurate. However, it can be exercised and improved.

On this Yoga Nidra meditation, we visit our recent past and then travel to our origins.

Jog your memory!


Music: “Our peaceful Ocean" composed by Music Of Wisdom - Licensed from”

Mar 01, 202130:31
Meet your younger self

Meet your younger self

Each stage of our lives leaves an imprint and makes us what we are today. Our younger selves sometimes come to the surface when things out of the ordinary happen. We might react to something by crying like a baby, responding like a teenager or laughing it off. We might not even know where it came from. The where is from our past experiences and form what we know.

Being able to observe our feelings and emotions empower us not to identify with them. Sometimes we can even change the course of things by influencing our ourselves form a position of knowledge and balance.

This meditation is dedicated to my friend Geraldine.


You can participate in live Yoga Nidra meditations with Geny by booking here:


Music: “The Inner calling" composed by Music Of Wisdom - Licensed from”

Mar 01, 202128:55
Yoga Nidra, January 2021 Full moon, with positive affirmations
Jan 29, 202126:45
Meditacion Matutina, para empezar el dia con una sonrisa
Jan 29, 202111:37
Letting the light shine within. Chakras activation.
Jan 24, 202127:02
A chat with Geny

A chat with Geny

In 2020 I had to create classes and offerings on the go, there was no real plan and I did my best to provide support and fun to my yoga community. 

In 2021, I am able to give you a wider outlook of what I am doing.

I had a few chats with people about how do my classes and workshops work; whether the live online classes are any different to doing classes on Instagram; what’s on offer; do I send recordings of the classes or not… You get the picture, lots of loose ends.

Wanting to tie the loose ends and show you the type of net I am trying to build to provide you with support, knowledge, a space for reflection and a bit of work with your body too, I did this podcast.

Allow me to re-introduce myself to you and share with you about my Yoga and Ayurveda journey.

Geny xx

Jan 17, 202130:18
Create the state of mind you need to attract what you desire

Create the state of mind you need to attract what you desire

This is the first Yoga Nidra of 2021. 

On this meditation, after connecting with the body and the breath, I guide you to visualise your desires.

It's very important to have wishes and dream big. During this process, we need to learn to select what will bring forth the best of ourselves.

Finally, to find true contentment we must learn to detach ourselves from the outcome of our dreams. 

Developing the mental flexibility to adapt and accept what is, will contribute greatly to our happiness.

For an up to date schedule of live classes and meditations, check

Jan 17, 202128:15
Yoga Nidra - Meditación para sanar el corazón
Jan 17, 202130:23
New moon in Capricorn meditation

New moon in Capricorn meditation

This first new moon on 2021, that January 13th, is in the star sign of Capricorn and brings vibes for creativity.

During the new moon is when the sky is darkest and so the stars can shine the brightest!

The moon has an effect on the tides of the ocean and it influences and influences the activities of all variety of living creatures on our planet. It has also been observed to affect the minds of all variety of life, including humans. This is where the term ‘lunatic’ comes from.

During the new moon, the sky is at its darkest and the stars are able to shine more. Although we might think that the moon is not in the sky, the fact is that it is, but the shadow from the earth over it makes it invisible to the naked eye.

The new moon is the beginning of a 27-day cycle of lunar phases that swell to the radiance of the full Moon phase, before waning back to the darkness of another new moon.

Use this meditation any time you want to start something new, to set an emotional tone the cycle ahead and be receptive to what there is.

Jan 17, 202127:24
Interview with Emma Turnbull. Morning Mantras. What are they & why practise it

Interview with Emma Turnbull. Morning Mantras. What are they & why practise it

This podcasting is an interview with Emma Turnbull from Yoga Wise about her four weeks Morning Mantra challenge, which starts on. January 13th, 2021, at 7 am. (The interview was recorded on Sunday, January 10th).

Mantras are mind tool and as Emma says, a "Mantra is a practice that is imbibed... you don't really need to know the words or meanings but simply listen and join in as they become familiar.  In fact sometimes having the words, which after all are in unfamiliar Sanskrit can be a hindrance."

This free challenge runs for fours week, from New Moon (January 13h) to New Moon (February 10th) on Zoom. We'll meet up Monday to Friday.  At the weekends we can practise by our selves. Join the challenge here.

We will start each day with the mantras listed below. When you chant, you are able to set the tone for the day, sound vibrations from these mantras create subtle changes to the body and mind.

This is why I ask you to truly commit to showing up every day where possible because this will not only help you learn the mantras but also help you create a new habit, a morning practice that will positively affect your day and life. The way we start our day colours it the way we want it - so by avoiding the news and social media first thing ad uplifting our energy and vibration can really make a huge difference to our mental health at these difficult times.

I am also including some audios here to familiarise yourself with the mantras and also they will serve as a useful tool for weekend chanting and if for any reason you miss a morning with me. - MahaMrityunjaya Mantra - Gayatri Mantra - Durga mantra

Like a mood creates a vibration in the body, so to do the sounds from these mantras create certain vibrations that uplift the mind and heart and help to set a more spiritual tone to the day.

These Mantras will not only help you personally but will have a positive and uplifting effect collectively.

If you would like to give something back, you can make a donation to the Epilepsy Thanks once again and remember if you are able to donate too that will be much appreciated however big or small

For Emma's online classes check here

Jan 11, 202125:22
Envisioning 2021 workshop - with Kelly McGuinness and Geny Caloisi

Envisioning 2021 workshop - with Kelly McGuinness and Geny Caloisi

This episode is about creating a vision board for the year that we are just starting. It's a fun and creative activity!

Envisioning 2021 is a workshop with a guest presenter: Yoga teacher Kelly McGuinness. 

Sharing a bit of her story, Kelly talks us through how she uses vision boards and how to create your own. 

She also guided us on a brief Yoga practice that can either be done seated or on your yoga mat. 

Get your board or large sheet of paper, glue, scissors and collection of images and words from magazines that you can use to illustrate what you would like on each area of your life. 

What I love about this workshop is that you can listen to what other people have highlighted on their vision boards and why. It is most enlightening!

Get ready and you can do the workshop while you are listening!

Above all, enjoy the process!

If you want more, join us at 9 am, on June 5t,h 2021 for the Half-year check-up, Envisioning 2021 workshop. 

Book your free place here:


What is a vision board?

A vision board is a visual representation of your goals.

What do I need to have?

  • A board - such as a pound shop canvas. You can also use corkboard or a notice board will work too. Or some large sheet of paper!
  • Glue, scissors, magazines.
  • Photographs.
  • Positive quotes/ words.
  • Felt pens.

Why should I do it?

According to psychology studies, mental practices like visualisation can increase motivation, confidence, and even motor performance.

Creating a sacred space that displays what you want does help to make it a reality and brings it to life. What we focus on expands.

What if I don't know what to do?

It is your vision board, so there is no wrong or right. The fact that you participate in the workshop will already get you started int he right path.

It is about setting your intentions, taking a moment to check in with yourself.

What will I need to do with the board?

You can place your board where you will see it, and visualise it. You can even start ticking the things that come true!

The Teachers

Kelly McGuinness

Kelly is a qualified adult, children, youth,  family, special education needs and disabilities yoga teacher.

She has a love and passion for yoga and learning and love sharing the gift of yoga with everyone.

Kellys Facebook:

Kelly's Instagram: @Kellymcg15

Geny Caloisi


Regular yoga classes



Instagram: @geny_caloisi

Twitter: @CheYoga_Geny

Jan 03, 202101:15:25
Saying goodbye to 2020
Dec 31, 202029:48
 Relajación para calmar el dolor - en español

Relajación para calmar el dolor - en español

This is a yoga nidra relaxation that I composed for my dad in Spanish.

He was going to have a lengthy operation at the dentist and to ease the process I recorded this meditation.

I am sharing it here for anyone that can benefit from it. Even if you don't speak Spanish fluently you could try it out and see if you can get the message or just the spirit of the meditation.

The focus is on easing the pain and taking the mind to a place where it can heal and rest.

Let me know if you've done it and what the results are.


Esta es una relajación de yoga nidra que compuse para mi papá.

Como iba a tener una operación prolongada en el dentista, y para facilitar el aprocess de nacion, le grabé esta meditación en español.

Lo comparto aquí para cualquiera que pueda beneficiarse de él. Incluso si no hablas español con fluidez, puedes probarlo y ver si puedes captar el mensaje o simplemente el espíritu de la meditación.

El objetivo es aliviar el dolor y llevar la mente a un lugar donde pueda sanar y descansar.

Los colores de la tapa de este episodio son marron y blanco como los colores del equipo de futball de mi papa, su adorado Platense.

Avísame si lo has hecho y cuáles son los resultados. Email:



Nov 26, 202027:07
Burn away trauma from the emotional body
Nov 23, 202026:19
Diwali Yoga Nidra
Nov 14, 202027:51
Savasana by a water spring
Nov 10, 202012:19
Yoga Nidra - Internal freedom as we start the second lockdown (5/11/20)

Yoga Nidra - Internal freedom as we start the second lockdown (5/11/20)

On the first evening of November 5th, 2020, 'Guy Fawkes Night' and the start of the second lockdown owing to the Covid 19 pandemic, we got together for a Yoga Nidra practice. Use this meditation to send you to sleep and help you find a sense of internal liberation. Listen to it as many times as you like. Each time you listen to it, you might find something new.

See all current Yoga classes and meditations on:

Nov 06, 202026:37
Yoga Nidra - Life and death, Halloween special

Yoga Nidra - Life and death, Halloween special

I invite you to lean into the dark magic of this season. Ponder about death and it meaning and feel it in your body with this Yoga Nidra meditation.

Though this is a season of death and release, it is also a time that can encourage greater intimacy, a time in which to connect not only to those you love on a deeper level but also to strengthen your relationship with your own inner self.


Geny Caloisi

Oct 31, 202027:42
Yoga Nidra - a passage through the chakras to become a seed

Yoga Nidra - a passage through the chakras to become a seed

Our energy body has seven centres of energy or Chakras.

On this meditation, you will activate the chakras and gather all their energy on a beautiful seed that will provide you with a new start.

Get in touch if you like the yoga Nidra meditations and you would like to do it live together:

Check my website more information about classes, talks and workshops:

Oct 26, 202034:38
Yoga Nidra - using the mantra Sat Chit Ananda

Yoga Nidra - using the mantra Sat Chit Ananda

Sat Chit Ananda mantra evokes the bliss of pure knowledge and consciousness.

  • Sat –  Can be thought of as absolute or pure truth. Sat also represents the eternal and everlasting, ‘that which never changes,’ our spiritual presence.
  • Chit - Chit is related to awareness or consciousness, also interpreted as knowledge.
  • AnandaAnanda means bliss, happiness, or joy. It is our deep true essence.

There is not just one way of interpreting the meaning of a mantra. To repeat it will allow you to experience its power, a feeling of oneness with all things.

Oct 23, 202019:45
Autumn Yoga Nidra Meditation
Oct 11, 202023:37