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The George Brassea Podcast

The George Brassea Podcast

By George Brassea

The George Brassea Podcast is brought to you by Brassea Global Strategies LLC, a leading political consulting, public policy, government affairs and research firm. Are you interested in running for elected office? Need advice? Call or email George; 708 769 5015, Find me on Facebook: Friends of George Brassea PAC, 5th Ward Business Alliance, Chicago Heights Bicycle & Pedestrian Resource Center and The George Brassea Podcast. Need Psychotherapy online or in person? Check out
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Guest: Dr. Matthew Glowiak

The George Brassea PodcastFeb 05, 2021

Guest: Monee Township Trustee Billy Morgan
Nov 23, 202322:48
Guest: Representative Harry Benton
Nov 23, 202324:39
Guest: Attorney Mike Del Galdo
Nov 23, 202319:58
Guest: Judge John Fairman
Nov 23, 202331:10
Guest: Kankakee County Board Member Larry Kerkstra
Nov 23, 202324:09
Guest: Larry Luster
Nov 23, 202321:28
Guest: Kevin Baron
Nov 23, 202321:17
Guest: Reese Xavier
Apr 20, 202323:31
Guest: Trustee Sheldon Watts
Mar 30, 202322:54
Guest: Anthony McCaskill

Guest: Anthony McCaskill

Anthony McCaskill discusses his run for Mayor of Harvey, the conflicts between the Park District & City he has experienced, crime in the city and what people get wrong about Harvey, Illinois. Need Psychotherapy online or in person? Check out
Mar 28, 202323:12
Guest: Kevin Daly
Mar 28, 202322:43
Guest: Trustee Saad Abbasy
Mar 28, 202323:12
Guest: Dr. Matthew Glowiak
Mar 28, 202327:09
Guest: Trustee Camiella Williams
Mar 28, 202323:28
Guest: Alderman Scott McAdams
Mar 28, 202322:42
Guest: Joshua Travis
Mar 28, 202325:10
Guest: Clark G. Williams
Feb 16, 202332:29
Special Election Day Episode with Guest: State Senator Patrick Joyce (November 8th,2022)
Nov 08, 202222:16
Guest: Mark Peysakhovich
Oct 14, 202228:28
Guest: Michael Smith
Oct 07, 202230:34
Guest: Mayor Jonathan Vanderbilt
Sep 30, 202233:30
Guest: School District 163 President Walter Mosby
Sep 23, 202235:14
Guest: Richard Pocker
Sep 16, 202225:32
Guest: Gary Moore

Guest: Gary Moore

Poet & Author Gary Moore discusses his own biography, his fictional books and shares two original poems. Need Psychotherapy online or in person? Check out
Sep 09, 202230:23
Guest: Valerie Hammond MA, MACP
Sep 02, 202226:43
Guest: Lou Corsino

Guest: Lou Corsino

Author & Professor Lou Corsino discusses his journey from growing up in Chicago Heights, Illinois to becoming a Sociology professor and his book “The Neighborhood Outfit: Organized Crime in Chicago Heights.” Need Psychotherapy online or in person? Check out
Aug 26, 202234:07
Guest: Tommy Zarlengo

Guest: Tommy Zarlengo

Tommy Zarlengo discusses his family’s history in Chicago Heights, growing up in the local punk scene in the 2000s, his work as an artist & the therapeutic use of psychedelics. Need Psychotherapy online or in person? Check out
Aug 19, 202245:41
Guest: Alexandra Eidenberg

Guest: Alexandra Eidenberg

Political activist & business owner Alexandra Eidenberg discusses her activism in the Democratic Party, being a women in the male dominated field of small business and owning her own insurance business. Need Psychotherapy online or in person? Check out
Aug 12, 202228:18
Guest: Pastor Matt Dubensky
Aug 05, 202228:27
Guest: Mike Pankow
Jul 29, 202226:05
Guest: Ron Patton
Jul 22, 202250:55
Guest: Trustee Micaela Smith
Jul 15, 202223:34
Guest: Jill Wolf, LCSW
Jul 08, 202222:39
Guest: Mike Byrne
Jul 01, 202239:37
Guest: 2022 Democratic Party Primary Preview with Alexandra Eidenberg
Jun 27, 202228:47
Guest: County County Commissioner Donna Miller
Jun 17, 202225:36
Guest: Daniel Pogorzelski
Jun 10, 202225:13
Guest: Attorney Ed Mullen
Jun 03, 202222:23
Guest: George joins the The People with Alexandra Eidenberg
Apr 18, 202221:37
Guest: Remembering Frank Zuccarelli with Troy O’Quin
Jan 14, 202224:21
Guest: Aisha Betancourt
Oct 29, 202122:30
Guest: Village Clerk Yumeka Brown
Oct 22, 202119:27
Guest: Dr.Balin Durr
Oct 15, 202128:37
Guest: Jake LaMore
Oct 08, 202137:48
Guest: Jeff Ward
Oct 01, 202124:22
Guest: Trustee Mike Noonan
Sep 24, 202123:11
Guest: Lindsey Paoli MS,MFT Intern,Coach
Sep 17, 202124:21
Guests: Charley Hager & David Miller

Guests: Charley Hager & David Miller

Authors Charley Hager & David Miller discuss their book Chicago Heights: Little Joe College, the Outfit, and the Fall of Sam Giancana. Need Psychotherapy online or in person?Check out
Sep 10, 202125:43
Guest: Trustee Rodrick Grant
Sep 03, 202120:11
Guest: Trustee Gary Daggett
Aug 27, 202126:07